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  • Published on May 23, 2018
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  • Mikael Eriksson
    Mikael Eriksson 3 months ago

    Here is the pulse. Here is your finger, far from the pulse, in your ass.
    "Fembot is gonna be a favourite character." -LOL

  • CJusticeHappen21
    CJusticeHappen21 3 months ago

    I care more about the Star Wars universe than I do the familiar faces that inhabit it. That's why Rogue One is the best (new) movie.

  • AgentNein
    AgentNein 5 months ago

    Alright bob, late reply I know but I literally just watched this movie and wanted to say holy shit I did not like Lando’s droid.
    She seemed like a total caricature of the “angry feminist”. Really I always thought the droids of Star Wars having personalities and such came into sharp conflict with how disposable the movies treat them, but this movie takes this idea and makes a big joke out of it. I mean sure she ends up starting a droid rebellion on planet whatever but no one else seems to give a shit about it which should tell you that the movie makers really don’t care about it, and then after her death parts of her brain are used as a tool to help them get out of their sticky situation. Because that’s what she always wanted, to be used as a tool. Holy shit. Just had to get all of this off my chest. Honestly as much as I did not enjoy how her character was handled Donald Glover really did sell the emotion surrounding her death. Otherwise more or less agree with this review!

  • liohman
    liohman 6 months ago

    But Firefly did it best :)

  • Jeffery Jones
    Jeffery Jones 6 months ago

    I rewatched it when it came out on DVD and found that I enjoyed it more a second time. I does feel like two or three plots stitched together but it was still fun.

  • Ewan
    Ewan 7 months ago

    L3's fight for rights being trivialized by the film felt sorta gross.

  • GoobieDoobie
    GoobieDoobie 8 months ago +1

    Elden Ehrenreich did a great job acting in this movie. But he failed to be Han Solo. That sounds wierd but Elden was emotive, he hit the right emotional beats and felt like a real character. But It felt like I was watching a great Star Wars scoundrel and not Han Solo. It's like getting a great Guitarist when you needed a great Pianist. Sure the music will still be great but it won't fit the mood you were going for.

  • Dr. Larry Mitchell
    Dr. Larry Mitchell 8 months ago

    Wow. After 40 years, I think I'm done. Not only has Disney screwed up the trilogy franchise beyond repair, but Solo fucked the donkey so artlessly that I don't think I want to contemplate the Star Wars universe at all, in any context.
    Solo was so bad, it made me feel stupid for ever having loved Star Wars in the first place.

  • Matthew Morris
    Matthew Morris 11 months ago

    The Force wasn't actually in the movie. It's weird. We just got our first Star Wars movie without the Force. Not sure how I feel about that yet. As is, to try to find a way to fit it in would feel forced (no pun intended). But if it was written a bit differently, yeah they could have made sure the force was still in all of the Star wars movies.

  • mandarinduck
    mandarinduck 11 months ago +1

    This was really close to being a good tragic backstory for Han. The betrayals don't hit quite hard enough, the biggest one isn't actually even felt all the way. The Han shoots first bit was awesome but lacked impact because he wasn't a starry eyed youth. He THINKS of himself as an outlaw, not a hero, so him shooting someone isn't out of the question. If they showed him trying to help people earlier and getting burned for it, then he gets betrayed, that would've cemented the trust no one character for ANH.

  • NerdyMatt
    NerdyMatt 11 months ago

    I still think this movie is better then Rouge One, but that's my opinion.

  • Robert Bendinelli
    Robert Bendinelli 11 months ago

    Whoever invented the Space Western Firefly F*n NAILED it. Brown Coats forever

  • Jansen Art
    Jansen Art 11 months ago +1 bring 5 shirts. It's not hard.

  • Carly Kat Holmes
    Carly Kat Holmes 11 months ago

    Expected it to be pure shite. But actually enjoyed it in theatres! Agree with bob on most of review.

  • AaronDidIt
    AaronDidIt 11 months ago

    I really enjoyed this movie. Solid space action movie. Was a lot of fun.

  • Will Elliott
    Will Elliott 11 months ago

    Ehrenreich didn't really work for me as Han. I know everyone says he wasn't doing an impression like Glover was for Lando, but I think he really needed to do more to capture Harrison Ford's affect. Don't get me wrong; he was by no mean bad. I think he's a good actor and I think he was good in Solo, but he didn't really feel like the same cocksure character we met in Star Wars. Sure, there's a good argument for that at the beginning, but I feel like by the end he should have felt like the same guy we met at the beginning of A New Hope, and it just didn't work for me.

  • Donovaneagle2098
    Donovaneagle2098 11 months ago

    I actually loved this one. Really good.

  • modolief
    modolief 11 months ago

    Hopefully this nonsense _Solo_ movies will help prevent the studio executives from trying to do a Matrix Morpheus prequel. Can we please have a little originality in our movie making? Thanks.

  • Andrew Mann
    Andrew Mann 11 months ago

    This douche liked the last jedi

    • Zack Akai
      Zack Akai 10 months ago

      Translation: Waaaah, someone has a different opinion from me on the internet so they're a douche, waaaaah!

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 11 months ago

    The way you pronounced Joonas Suotamo's name got a genuine laugh out of me.

  • Xecryo
    Xecryo 11 months ago

    I gotta disagree with you on one thing. I don't think this really ruins the idea of loner Han having a change of heart. See my take from it and previous movies is that Han doesn't really change. He's this character that doesn't mesh with the good/evil dichotomy you always see in Star Wars. As one character in Solo points out Han really does have a good heart. Except he knows from experience you have to get your hands dirty a fact the movie reinforces. You'll notice he's not very big on sparing people even those he could conceivably convince to change. And even the person you think he may have convinced to change still betrays him. I almost wish the movie leaned harder on a sort of loss of innocence theme. Yeah Han was a criminal but he never WANTED to be a criminal. Solo is about how Han effectively resigns himself to criminality once again as a survival method. And this is where I give the film credit because it reinforces the good nature we see in Han but still keeps him in that morally ambiguous life. I mean there's a reason when Kylo goes evil and his marriage breaks apart he resorts to smuggling again AND it almost makes his entire life tragic given he plays the hero one last time to save his son (much how Luke did with Vader) only to die for it. Maybe I'm reading too much into it but like you said this is pretty much what I expected for a Han Solo movie and personally I KINDA want a sequel.

  • Drawing Conclusions
    Drawing Conclusions 11 months ago

    Thank you for this insightful, smart review. You made me think about things I hadn't considered before, so bravo.

  • hybridharris
    hybridharris 11 months ago

    L3 was completely unbearable and it felt like my cinema let out an audible sigh of relief when she died.

  • Horrormaster13
    Horrormaster13 11 months ago

    It's official. Jar Jar Binks is no longer the worst Character in the Star Wars Movie Franchise.
    That honor goes to The Droid L3-37 from Solo: A Star Wars Story.

  • Max Hamilton
    Max Hamilton 11 months ago

    L3-117 AKA Sassy Activist Droid is the best droid and I will fight you on that.

  • GamerFromJump
    GamerFromJump 11 months ago

    I see what you did there...

  • lmfislb
    lmfislb 11 months ago


  • RisingVictor
    RisingVictor 11 months ago

    It's a. okay movie. That's all I got from it. I still enjoyed it though.

  • DunantheDefender
    DunantheDefender 11 months ago

    I found that cold open much funnier than I should have.

  • Joshua Potter
    Joshua Potter 11 months ago

    Bob, would “The Crow” be worthy of a GEMS episode?

  • Mathew Guglielmi
    Mathew Guglielmi 11 months ago

    Another insightful film review Moviebob, full of context! I don't understand the disdain for this film. It was a lot of fun.

  • David Andre
    David Andre 11 months ago

    Damn I said I like the shirt to myself as soon as the video started. Cool shirt Bob.

  • Krakenkritters
    Krakenkritters 11 months ago

    I'm really glad to hear Phoebe Waller Bridge has some good material here, I absolutely ADORE her in Fleabag, her self-penned BBC dark comedy about a woman approaching middle age whose life is a shambles. It would be nice if this got her more exposure.

  • Thought Pool
    Thought Pool 11 months ago

    Isn’t Han's arc the same in the move like in ANH.

    • CaptainRidley
      CaptainRidley 11 months ago

      Not really. In ANH he was a guy out for himself who, by the end, has joined a cause that offers no material benefit for him.

  • Calavera Candy
    Calavera Candy 11 months ago

    L3 is my copilot.

  • f12mnb
    f12mnb 11 months ago

    Agree that it was OK, not great, but politely disagree about Phoebe Waller-Bridge - her character was one note and not that interesting. The cast on paper should be great but the plot and writing were surprisingly weak.

  • Rockemup
    Rockemup 11 months ago


  • Black Guy Movie Reviews and stuff IBMOR

    Wow, shill much?

  • TARINunit9
    TARINunit9 11 months ago +1

    I just realized that this is the movie that the Last Jedi haters have been begging for. Not only is it a classic space western (with a space heist on a space train and a space mine) but it has a bunch of references to those 25-year-old glorified fanfiction stories masquerading as Star Wars novels (Teras Kasi is mentioned, the Maw is a black hole and the Kessel Run has to go around it, etc.)

  • Aaron Kienenberger
    Aaron Kienenberger 11 months ago

    bob please watch this

  • Robert Fantozzi
    Robert Fantozzi 11 months ago

    I actually enjoyed the movie too. And I also disliked last Jedi Like the rest of y’all. Get off bond case about liking last Jedi. He’s aloud to like the movie, and in case you haven’t noticed, the majority of critics did like last Jedi (RT - like a 90 or something). And even though I didn’t like last Jedi either I can see why it got good reviews from critics. So everyone in the comments, please stop giving bob a hard time for his Star Wars reviews and please stop with all the “his opinion on last Jedi invalidates anything he says about Star Wars.” You’d hate for someone to say that about you so don’t say that about him. I didn’t last Jedi and I really enjoyed solo. Is my opinion more valid? even though I basically agree with everything he’s said about solo? Doesn’t that mean my opinion is invalid if I agree with bob? Obviously not. Go see the movie yourself and make up your own mind. Don’t wait for a critic you trust and like to tell you Cos you’re not always going to agree with them (and they are allowed to have a different opinion. And you shouldn’t stop following them for having it). Your appreciation of a critic comes down to if you can respect their view. You’re not asked to agree with them. Watch the movie and make up your own mind.

  • Sergio Campos
    Sergio Campos 11 months ago

    5:31 haha not according to most critics

  • kiba21ryuu
    kiba21ryuu Year ago

    Personally, Solo was a “eh,” movie. It didn’t really feel like a Star Wars and really, really pandering which Bob seems to be trimming the edges with his reviews. The movie really made no sense canonically and narratively. Sad.

  • kiba21ryuu
    kiba21ryuu Year ago

    See, it’s people who use “Nobody cares,” in their arguments is a straw man statement and ignorant of the importance of the discussed topic. People. Do. Care. That is a blatantly disingenuous remark to mark, there are who deeply care for these things. Passionate about it and even some unhealthy. But at least it’s to prove the point of disconnecting the argument from a tangent.

  • Jamin Jedi
    Jamin Jedi Year ago

    One of the best reviews I’ve seen.

  • Lee Currie
    Lee Currie Year ago

    It makes me really sad that Star Wars is being killed by its own fans. If you like the movie then you can watch it again. If you don’t like the movie then don’t watch it again. Not a difficult concept. I personally really enjoy these new movies but that is just my opinion. I’ve always wanted a franchise based off Star Wars, similarly to the MCU. Just makes sense.

  • Candy and Violence

    dat cameo tho

  • Anthony Bangert
    Anthony Bangert Year ago

    I appreciate your opinion, though I disagree. I cant see this as anything than average. I gave it a 6/10

  • Army1601
    Army1601 Year ago +5

    Honestly glad I got turned around to Bob's vids after the whole Last Jedi thing. And he really isnt afraid to piss off the fanboys by being honest about them, major props for that. I'm glad he can actually watch Star Wars films for what they are, blockbuster entertainment.

  • asaka616
    asaka616 Year ago

    L3 was so heavy handed and annoying, im glad she wasnt in the movie that much.

  • FedoraMark
    FedoraMark Year ago

    5:00 - missed opportunity for "Fine, it's fine, here, now, thank you... how are you?"

  • FedoraMark
    FedoraMark Year ago

    My favorite space western: OUTLAND (1981)

  • Cre8 Original
    Cre8 Original Year ago

    Did you see it in 3D?

  • L. T C.
    L. T C. Year ago

    I don't even like Han Solo. he's overrated as hell and I attached way more to Luke than i ever did to Han and he came off as creepy as hell to me in Empire and kinda just there in Jedi. I think i'm gonna skip this and just rewatch Deadpool 2.

  • Tsu 800
    Tsu 800 Year ago

    Hang on, wasn't that Darth Maul at the end? Didn't he die in Episode 1? Wasn't that set 10 years before the Empire was created? Confused? You will be!

  • Phil Detach
    Phil Detach Year ago

    Amazing how you articulated my almost exact thoughts on this film.

  • My Perspective
    My Perspective Year ago

    This is what selling out looks like. All your reviews have lost all credibility. You’re not a critic, you’re a shill

  • XZDrake
    XZDrake Year ago

    As far as I know the first space western was A Princess of Mars, published in 1912. It's basically existed since the second we thought of going to space.

  • XZDrake
    XZDrake Year ago

    Could have used a Boba Fett cameo, definitely didn't need the one we got. The sooner we forget about the Phantom Menace the better.

  • Jardel Elias
    Jardel Elias Year ago

    So... you're saying it's like stepping in dog shit, but its already dry and doesn't smell so bad.

  • Adrian Dezendegui

    I'm a bigger Phil Lord and Chris Miller fan than a Star Wars fan, so eh pass

  • Sable Schultz
    Sable Schultz Year ago

    To be fair, the most interesting things about Solo have always been the Falcon, Chewbacca, and Lando - basically his car and his sassy PoC friends...
    What could anyone really expect in a film about him?

  • Ben Eklom
    Ben Eklom Year ago

    My Solo would have just been Blood Meridian with some droids, fite me irl.

  • charronfilms
    charronfilms Year ago

    #SoloAStarWarsStory was pretty good. Felt awkward during that 5 min uninterrupted dance number with Han singing "I'm Han Solo", but otherwise cool movie.

  • Quentin Croft
    Quentin Croft Year ago

    I love your reviews. Have you considered reviewing 'The Expanse' on Netflix? I think it's great, but I would appreciate some Bob analysis of how it achieves that.

  • Anthony Hoffman
    Anthony Hoffman Year ago

    So basically it’s just useless, is what you’re saying?

  • Sara Samaletdin
    Sara Samaletdin Year ago

    Wow you not only butchered Joonas Suontamo’s name but Chewbacca’s as well (not that I expected you to say the first correctly).

  • Jerry Meehan Jr
    Jerry Meehan Jr Year ago +1

    Ugh. Did they pay you for this one? I saw this in a theater with 16 other people in there who along with me groaned through most of this movie. It was not good and not needed. It felt like 2 different movies. Woof

  • Techpriest Taro
    Techpriest Taro Year ago

    droid named l337
    oh hi hackers 1995, how are your sex life?

  • Dioji Woolf
    Dioji Woolf Year ago

    *Epitomized by Firefly

  • Will K
    Will K Year ago

    Of course Bob liked the droid.

  • aquaphazed
    aquaphazed Year ago


  • iconocast
    iconocast Year ago

    wow bob i was expecting u to destroy it, but im probs gonna see it now

  • apex2000
    apex2000 Year ago

    Oh the Hologram bit right? Yeah. Star Wars Multiverse to be solidified i guess.

  • michael lombardi
    michael lombardi Year ago

    I agree with everything except L3. I thought she was pretty annoying, and the whole chat she had with Q'ira on the falcon could've been cut totally

  • Spawn3X5
    Spawn3X5 Year ago

    Sure it's better than last jedi

  • yuzzem64
    yuzzem64 Year ago

    And clearly some people care about what the expanded universe had to say on the matter otherwise they wouldn't have taken inspiration from it for parts of this movie.

  • yuzzem64
    yuzzem64 Year ago

    I feel like the "Big Spoiler" is going to be confusing or not as exciting to people who haven't watched the Clone Wars and Rebels animated series.

  • Firstname Lastname

    EVERYBODY CARES!!!! moron

  • Llewellyn2844
    Llewellyn2844 Year ago

    Hi-yo, Silver! MovieBob shills again!

  • GunsmokeHGS
    GunsmokeHGS Year ago

    Didn't initially like it as much as the previous three just because I couldn't find much metatextual or intertextual thought to chew on (basically my favorite movies tend to be the ones I can analyze and reinterpret long after the credits roll) but hearing the space cowboy angle helps in that regard.

  • James R
    James R Year ago

    words that come to mind to describe Solo......Meh, Ok and solid

  • Gran Monstruosidad

    Lord and Miller would have made a great movie, what we got was just a barely decent one.

  • fsmetal
    fsmetal Year ago

    Gotta be better than TLJ

    • charronfilms
      charronfilms Year ago

      fsmetal no, im not high. I just really like star wars.

    • fsmetal
      fsmetal Year ago

      charronfilms TJL a 9? Are you high?! It's like...a 5 or 6 at best

    • charronfilms
      charronfilms Year ago

      fsmetal it's not.
      TLJ: 9/10
      Solo: 8/10
      Still good though.

  • Robotic Cynic
    Robotic Cynic Year ago

    So Star Wars Space Cowboys? Okay, I'm on board.

  • Michel van der Molen

    Pretty typical for Bob to love L3, since she is the stereotypical SJW/proffesional victim.

    • Michel van der Molen
      Michel van der Molen 11 months ago

      CaptainRidley Just because the film aknowledges the fact that she is obnoxious, doesn't mean it's less annoying

    • CaptainRidley
      CaptainRidley 11 months ago

      Did you even watch the film? She is an advocate for droids rights and it's played off as a joke. When she first starts Lando says something like "Here we go again.".

  • wopjohn
    wopjohn Year ago


  • G Dog Gaming
    G Dog Gaming Year ago +1

    I was so fucking surprised by this film. Not great but an incredibly fun film and a solid Star Wars film. Even the fan service-y crap was subtle stuff only nerds like myself would pick up on. Well...except for that one scene

  • jedi mackan
    jedi mackan Year ago

    I feel almost the same about movie like you. However I was not a fan of Queen of the Dragons in here. And to me the movie was less Han Solo story and more world bulding to future starwars movies.There were a lot of references to Empire, to Phantom, to Rebels, to even Rerurn of the Jedi. But I liked it.

  • David Sykes
    David Sykes Year ago

    But what were your thoughts on Lando and his story arc? I was supposed to be seeing it right now, but was too ill to go, and not going is killing me too!

  • Sean OBrien
    Sean OBrien Year ago

    Fuck you bob i like the expanded universe. The books and games expanded on things and they werent shit. Disney has been cherrypicking stuff from the eu legends material. They have been reintegrating aspects of the eu legends books into the movies saying its new and well it isnt. Kylo rens character was inspired by han and leias son from the eu books. FUCK YOU.

  • Anya Abusable
    Anya Abusable Year ago

    I really wish they'd just stick with Star Wars versions of genre films on their "story" movies. Dirty Dozen/Seven Samurai for Rogue One, Oceans 11/Cowboy pictures for this one, etc. Trying to make these too much like the other films is an error, IMO. Let them be stand alone films.

  • Klamath 2046
    Klamath 2046 Year ago

    So the breakout characters from the two spinoff films so far were...droids

  • MrEffectfilms
    MrEffectfilms Year ago

    Wow, I gotta say I was not looking forward to this movie AT ALL! But this was a surprisingly positive review and I'm a little interested to see this now. Maybe this weekend I'll check it out.

  • Nikolas Mokalis
    Nikolas Mokalis Year ago

    nailed this review!

  • Dracologist
    Dracologist Year ago

    socio-politics crammed into a movie?
    wow what a thought!

  • Louis Duarte
    Louis Duarte Year ago

    Calling out Firefly in a STAR WARS movie review? Dem's fightin' words.
    But, I'm glad to hear SOLO is just plain FUN. That's what we need right now, FUN. Not subverting tropes or meta-commentary, but good ol'-fashioned adventure.
    Besides, why be mad about a guy's mysterious past being revealed? Mysteries exist to be solved.

  • Babes & Board Games

    Star Wars is done. Its a dead brand. The masses has moved on. Let go people. Grow up

  • KnaveMurdok
    KnaveMurdok Year ago

    WAIT! the DROID is named L337?????
    holy shit. HOLY SHIT!

  • lemosno
    lemosno Year ago

    Lando is one of the gays.