ANOTHER HUGE WALKOUT! - #FIFA20 Road to Glory! #55 Ultimate Team

  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
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  • Lee Pollock
    Lee Pollock 17 days ago

    Big flare is someone native to their league

  • Mateo Canales
    Mateo Canales 18 days ago

    i was gonna leave a like on the video but i woke up and sneezed 3 times so it was a no go. sorry nep

  • ST4R G4M1NG
    ST4R G4M1NG 21 day ago +1

    My team is 2.5mil roughly and I got gold 3 in fut champs, yet I entered with a budget 30k EPL team the week earlier and also got gold 3. Is it even worth investing into high end players because clearly splashing my money out isn’t helping me progress. I know you covered it in the video but any tips would be great 👍 (been watching since FIFA 14 and I love your vids)

  • Flo Junior
    Flo Junior 22 days ago

    Neymar ? You dit not had Neymar in your draft how you score with him and you dont have him in draft

  • dudeson9295
    dudeson9295 22 days ago

    Wait what. Can anybody explain how he does the jump from 10k to 200 and then to 1400 when listing the player at 3:33? oO

  • TK
    TK 22 days ago

    Nep, you’re always spot on about the gameplay. The gameplay of the Fut Draft is way better than Rivals.

  • Strange2330
    Strange2330 22 days ago

    Today on Nep tells us all that Dzeko and Mbappe are the same player.

  • Gabriel Alejandro Mazzeo Galanti

    Hey Nep (and everybody reading this), I'm a really bad player, meaning div 6/5 in rivals, but I won 5 of 5 against AI in Legendary with a full Championship Squad...I actually recommend using some training cards you don't use to improve your bad players for the games, specially shooting with someone like Mitrovic. Besides, you can use 3 subs whenever you want and accomplish the objective easily.

  • Gug Hug
    Gug Hug 22 days ago

    Hey nep i myself haven’t played WL yet and i realy enjoy playing fifa even rivals that i hear so many bad things about do you think WL make people just hate fifa in general or is it just me being lucky enough to not hate the game like pretty much everybody els
    Keep up the good work!!

  • Jordi boy
    Jordi boy 22 days ago +1

    I’m fine playing legendary AI anyway, but if you struggle more, just refresh the SB menu until you get a lower rated team with low chem. I do that for all SB challenges and it just makes the teams so much easier to play against

  • Leonard Leonard
    Leonard Leonard 22 days ago

    Bit ironic seeing Silva in the no room for racism kit

  • Nathan Cutcliffe
    Nathan Cutcliffe 22 days ago

    Skillz bought that dembele haha 😂👏🏻

  • Smell YerMaw
    Smell YerMaw 22 days ago +2

    Every time he says "let's go" a Virgin grows another pube.

  • biblical
    biblical 22 days ago +1

    I don’t know if it’s just because people are messing divisions or not but I go from being a Gold 1/Elite 3 player to not being able to get a win in Div 4, Div rivals is unbearably boring

  • BDC Voltz
    BDC Voltz 22 days ago +1

    Me trying to qualify for my first weekend league
    Div 1 players let’s go ruin this kids fun so he can’t get into fur champs by relegating my self loads of divisions

  • Muhiedine Tannir
    Muhiedine Tannir 22 days ago

    Hi nep love the content
    I just wanted to know ur opinion about weather i should go for steven gerrard from icon swaps

  • Adam Woolley
    Adam Woolley 22 days ago

    I hope the ‘huge’ walkout isn’t a 30k player

  • Pope Leo
    Pope Leo 22 days ago

    i dropped myself from div 2 to div 4, its much better for my health to lose 8 games in 20 mins then to try and win and lose to people not doing the objs with insane teams and get nowhere

  • Matthew Hughes
    Matthew Hughes 22 days ago

    Bernardo Silva isnt a huge walkout :/

  • luke trafford
    luke trafford 22 days ago

    ‘Rare gold packs are trash’
    *packs DDG*

  • finski05 Playz
    finski05 Playz 22 days ago +1

    Hey nep what do u think of this idea. Ea will have objectives to complete but you need to do it in you draft such as make a team with a minimum of 87 rated 100 chemistry and minimum of 8 different card types to unlock a fut draft Wayne Rooney which you could then use into your team. Do u think ea have anything like this in mind? Btw keep up the great work.

  • Zétény Mischler
    Zétény Mischler 23 days ago +2

    19:23 That goal sums up fifa 20 perfectly

  • Gavin. H
    Gavin. H 23 days ago

    Can you use loan players in your icons swaps challenges for first owned

  • usman shafaq
    usman shafaq 23 days ago

    Hey nep been watching your vids for like 4 years now and love your channel, your content is knowledgeable and engaging, keep up the great work. 2 things, I am a casual player who has played around 270 games so far and at times I enjoy the game however at the start of the game I saw the zaha 85 card and decided I really wanted to grind for it, so then the other day I check and suddenly hes not there and season 2 starts and I cant get him now ? Can you please shed some light on this please, lastly I was playing fifa earlier and it's crazy how toxic and capitalistic and ruthless this game is currently, all of this ea have created I think it's just a horrible environment for people especially casual players? Your thoughts on ea taking out the money aspect, eliminating the ability to buy fifa points would even out the entire game it would never happen but can I just get your thoughts?

  • K Sey
    K Sey 23 days ago

    Question on divisions: can’t ea see how ppl are grouped more into say D4 and D5 after these objectives? Do you think it’s just they don’t care ppl are doing it or they just realize it’s nothing they can truly stop?

  • Yannik Last
    Yannik Last 23 days ago

    Hey Nep i bought Dembele for 800k and i think i am not insane. I was in desperate need for a striker with 5 star skills, good weak foot and finishing. The only real options are Neymar, Mbappe or UCL Ousmane. Dembele is the cheapest of the three, will get upgraded, offers the best links and has a 5 star weak foot. Am i really insane for buying him? Love your vids

  • Callum Lewis
    Callum Lewis 23 days ago +1

    Hey Nep, keep up the good work!
    Would you be for the idea of having an “Objectives” game mode next year where you select the specific Objective of which you are looking to complete and therefore only match against someone of a similar skill rating / same Rivals Divison that has also selected THAT objective?
    I think that with it still remaining competitive it will sort out the majority of issues that we are experiencing in Rivals. I would like to know what ideas you have.

  • BrowningLuke
    BrowningLuke 23 days ago

    How do you do the lofted cross for week 1 gold?

  • sina sd
    sina sd 23 days ago

    Nep what do you think about icon keane? Love u Neppo

  • Zem GoldLine
    Zem GoldLine 23 days ago

    Hey nep, you should really invest in the Bundesliga sbcs, the packs pay off. I’ve only done 9 so far and packed sané, alisson and a bunch of other players.
    Keep up the great content btw!

  • Evasive Gunner
    Evasive Gunner 23 days ago

    Every game I play of rivals is awful, the delay makes it unenjoyable and unplayable

  • josh peverell
    josh peverell 23 days ago +1

    I literally play 20 games of fifa a week now, play to Gold 3 in champs and be done with it. In Div 3 in rivals and have no desire to play due to the pure sweat fest in the division that suck all the fun out of the game. I did 11/12 of the first icon swaps set and I’ll do the offline 4 to get 15 from this set and probs end up with Roy Keane. I want Rio but don’t even have the will power to try put myself through hell to win 4 games online. Games in a state, feels bad man

  • markus1904
    markus1904 23 days ago

    I really like the draft mode, but I come along with many guys only killing their draft to start again and I sit there still waiting to play.
    To all this instant kickoff quitters - just show you have got 'cojones' and play the game or allow you opponent to benefit from your quit.
    I do so too, if I want to quit I score an OG or let him score instantly...

  • Ali Dashti
    Ali Dashti 23 days ago

    hey nep, before i used to finish my studying so i can play fifa and enjoy my day but now after playing few games i prefer to go study. im an average player who just wants to enjoy and have fun but with how hard it is to do the objectives and play againts toxic player its impossible to enjoy the game. everytime i play this game i wished i would buy cod instead of this

  • Zey RioT
    Zey RioT 23 days ago

    I think it would be very cool if ea added draft objectives

  • ivan denev
    ivan denev 23 days ago

    hhahahahah Mbappe is not out performing Puki hahahahahah ...its amazing the bullshit you are talking

  • M.R Lime
    M.R Lime 23 days ago

    Im loving the new logo Nep!

  • rowan curran
    rowan curran 23 days ago

    Barcelona will reach at least the semi’s. That’s why dembele is worth so much, being French helps as well. But I agree about the stats etc. Just go buy messi

  • Militobjk
    Militobjk 23 days ago

    What are the benefits of those fitness trainers in the game? because they have no reason.

  • Kabir Hinduja
    Kabir Hinduja 23 days ago

    Hey nep For icon swaps I was choosing between Roy Keane. Or ballack. As I want a player I can use the whole year. On that not. Im hearing Carlos and crespo a better alternative. Although I'm not convinced they can be used the whole game cycle. Thx for the awesome vids. 5 year viewer from india

  • Danguardace17
    Danguardace17 23 days ago

    Bernardo Silva such an underrated card

  • Dan Crab
    Dan Crab 23 days ago

    Get the right amount of coins and just purchase Pele and Van Dijk but if you don’t have the coins then just purchase Kenny Dalgleish and Van Dijk, Love the Vids keep up the good work.

  • John Beeching
    John Beeching 23 days ago

    You said it yourself Nep, they are live. People are paying for the potential. I bought Allan and Militao and couldn’t be happier

    • markus1904
      markus1904 23 days ago +1

      I packed Eder Militao, already had his base card in my squad and was thinking about to sell him. But for me the Upgrade from base to RTTF card is not as marginal as Osmane Dembele or Allan is.
      And if he gets one or two upgrades, will be the best cb in the game by far

  • Jack Selkirk
    Jack Selkirk 23 days ago

    Bernardo silva the huge walkout. Lol.

  • MrJohntresor
    MrJohntresor 23 days ago

    Hello Nep,
    Good job man. I have started enjoying fifa 20 now that I have sold my big name players.
    How do you make that celebration though?

  • Pavan Joshi
    Pavan Joshi 23 days ago

    Honestly I’ve given up on objectives and Rivals gameplay. Exclusively playing Drafts and squad battles, having fun with different cards, getting legit decent rewards and this is what the game should be all about, isn’t it?

  • Lee Chapman
    Lee Chapman 23 days ago

    What's with celebrating every goal with the pigeon celebration. Skip that crap neppo it's as bad as the dab! Keep up the good work love the videos....

  • Sagar Virdi
    Sagar Virdi 23 days ago

    I started the icon swaps yday in div 3 skill rating 1638 now I'm div 2 skill rating of 1745 its mad the game is so up and down at the moment

  • Brilliant Savage
    Brilliant Savage 23 days ago

    To be fair Dembele its one of the most broken cards on the game he's absolute lovely to play I have he's RTTF card and bangs alot of goals same has normal one I have him because I want and if Barcelona go trough even further he will be a banger .like Nepenthez says I know it's 800k but I love playing with him this game about fun

  • shane4894
    shane4894 23 days ago

    That Giacchieniri (or however you spell it..) sells for like 5k as he's the only gold italian player in Serie B for the Nations advanced SBC .

  • Stipe Marijanovic
    Stipe Marijanovic 23 days ago

    Who do I take from icon swaps? I have a good attack and midfield so I’m thinking either zanetti or something like roberto carlos+nesta or only rio ferdinand.
    Who do you suggest i take?

  • patrick hughes
    patrick hughes 23 days ago

    Everyones on full chem..
    except for him,him,him,him,him,him and him...

  • Anthony Joyce
    Anthony Joyce 23 days ago

    Nep I know where you are coming from with the rttf but I'm guessing the people are pricing them at their potential. I know you know this but wanted to comment
    Keep up the good work

  • Petter syrstad
    Petter syrstad 23 days ago

    I am an div5 epicgamer where do i have to relegate too??

  • Attakdarg
    Attakdarg 23 days ago

    Nep I think you just need to make a team you like and play the game, you might have knowledge of the game but you’re not a trader. You say you want to make coins right now because you could 3-4 million but in a month you can then make 7-8 million and so on. We want to see you using the best team possible. I don’t mind you doing a little bit of trading here and there but I don’t think you should be trading with 2 million coins on a RTG. If we wanted to see trading we would watch runthefutmarket.

  • Matthew Baxter
    Matthew Baxter 23 days ago

    I have a cheap team with a couple hundred thousand coins because the market is so unstable

  • Sofus Felland
    Sofus Felland 23 days ago

    Just packet Salah UCL but I dont know what chemistry style to give him! Can anyone help?

  • Craig Glassford
    Craig Glassford 23 days ago

    They should make it that u don’t lose any points when u rage quit

  • Mike Parfitt
    Mike Parfitt 23 days ago

    Literally shouts “LETS GOOO” in every video! 👎🏼

  • Barclay1875
    Barclay1875 23 days ago

    Nep tell us what your doing to make coins