Mika Hakkinen Interview | Beyond The Grid | Official F1 Podcast

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • He's one of the most popular drivers of all-time. A double world champion. And his rivalry with Michael Schumacher is still remembered fondly to this day! In this week's episode of F1 Beyond the Grid, we chat with Mika Hakkinen, the original Flying Finn.
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  • David Price
    David Price Day ago

    The Mika and The Michael
    2 Mika 2 Michael
    The Mika and the Michael: Spa Drift
    Mika and Michael
    Mika Five
    Mika and Michael 6
    Michael 7
    The Fate of the Michael
    Mika and Michael Presents: Norris and Sainz

  • jianh1989
    jianh1989 7 days ago

    19:54 The Michael :)

  • bodie of ci5
    bodie of ci5 12 days ago

    Mika is a gent and a very funny guy.

  • wooloongabba
    wooloongabba 17 days ago

    Probably the only F1 champion in 3 decades who wasn't an asshole . Cheers Mika

  • PhilHenzig
    PhilHenzig 27 days ago

    Wonderful to hear Mika again. Always loved his driving andhim as a person.

  • marshallmarthes
    marshallmarthes 28 days ago

    Senna and Michael get more recognition coz one isn't alive and the other is in a coma

  • marshallmarthes
    marshallmarthes 28 days ago

    1 hit wonders haha

  • Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

    I loved the parts were he talks to and jokes about Schumacher,good raffs....U can tell Mika is sincere,but truly some people my self included don't understand jokes and see racers as a threat. When the race is over,that's another time ,but leading up to and starting the race going in is so important mainly for ur confidence,I d like to think Mika s attitude rubbed off on Mike,but I'm sure he was seen as a threat,by mike....I know racing motocross I was very excited for the starting line 40 riders all even and I'm making jokes and conversation,kidding around because I knew I was gonna get the holeshot,because I worked at it harder than anyone ,most riders are so nervous just a ball of fear...my joking was sincere but they thought it was intimidation and useally had the bad affect....because they were not comfortable....oh poo.THANKS

  • Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

    Wow I had know idea Mika went thru all that,what a great attitude he has ,as always...THANKS....highlighted comment was scrambled and not original sorry for the mix up

  • Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

    Thanks for the love ,the more Mika talks the more I love him.He is truly a great person,thank u I know English is not his strong suit,but I love him any way because he alway finds a way to make me laugh and those around him....thank u so much....hey no problem my grand parent spoke Italian and did a great job of chewing up English to....

  • merc89
    merc89 Month ago

    Damn this is so good interview, i am from finland, and i grow up when Mika Häkkinen was fighting over against Michael Schumacher. i know that nowdays when people are talking about Räikkönen and Bottas. But still Mika Häkkinen is the number one in here in finland!!

  • Jef Damen
    Jef Damen Month ago

    Proper hero!

  • TheBrass18
    TheBrass18 Month ago

    This is one of the most enjoyable podcast.
    It’s when the conversation just flows and interviewee is willingly to talk and tell stories. You don’t have to force the conversation.
    Unlike like Ralf Schumacher, who gave boring ass answers like “ I really don’t remember.” 😒😒

  • RIP427
    RIP427 Month ago

    It would be great if you could show different photos of the driver interviewd, or maybe images of the podcast

  • Big T
    Big T Month ago

    What a fabulous interview!!! Mika unleashed!!!

  • S A
    S A Month ago

    Such a gentleman (apart from winding up Senna!) but its a pleasure.

  • FrontSideBus
    FrontSideBus Month ago +1

    Watching all those Hydraulic press videos has done wonders for my ability to understand a Finn accent :)

  • Al
    Al Month ago

    michael's weakness lack of confidence? lol mika that was a sad statement. leaving the sport after michael is getting his winning streak. how cofident is that?

  • YourFriedly AHole
    YourFriedly AHole Month ago +1

    The Mika is back 😁

  • szewei85
    szewei85 Month ago

    Haha legends forever mike schumi fans here

  • Mr Amin
    Mr Amin Month ago

    Hi Beyond The Grid😃 Amazing interview 👏🏻 but can i suggest you ask all your guests if they listen to beyond the grid or have they even heard of any of these interviews?

  • millsotron
    millsotron Month ago

    I have no interest of ever buying Bose products because of these irritating advert plugs.

  • Michaela Stockbauer

    True legend and a great opponent! 1998-2000 was one of F1's best rivalrys. Hakkinen vs. Schumacher. These two absolutely dominated these years! And Mika was always a great opponent! Great Driver, so much talent, honest, straight, humble and unfortunately underestimated as he is one of the Top 10 Drivers ever! Maximum Respect!
    But i think Mika still did not realize one thing - he still says Michaels rough driving was wrong...but if he would take a look at the most sucessfull Drivers since the "Carbon-Era" started - Senna, Schumacher and even Prost - they all were rough. And because of this they were able to win the Championships multiple times. Not just two times. They had such a desire to win that they just had to drive like that. Thats the secret of these drivers. Even Hamilton today is not very different. Of course he had adopted to the stricter regulations and has to achieve things in a different way, but if you look at his battles with Alonso and Rosberg... - so when things are on the edge - he is pretty similar but in relation to the stricter rules...
    And a fantastic thing is that finally someone of F1 saying something thats so true - THAT TIME IT WAS 24/7!!! Meaning F1 was much harder than today! Today the mechanics and especially the drivers have a much easier job! And being competitive in F1 today is all about the engineers! If a driver is dominant today its because of his engineers! Not because he is working so hard and pushing everything to the limit! Back in these days a driver was able to make the difference! So if a team is dominant today its all about the engineers! Back in these days it was not possible to be dominant for a long time if the Driver was not great in every aspect of the game! Williams is the best example...absolutely dominant in 96 and 97 but they fell of the throne very fast because a Villeneuve, who was extremely talented, was not a hard worker! Today talent is enough as the engineers are the most important! Back in these days talent was not enough! As the driver had to push and bring the team forward, too! A driver like Hamilton, who is extremely talented would not have won multiple Championships if he was lazy! Villeneuve was extremely talented, but he was lazy and had a lot of interest outside F1. But without working 24/7 as a driver - it was not possible to stay on the Top of F1 in these days.
    And great what he says about danger and risk and people complaining after something has happened - Come on guys!!! Motorracing is dangerous! Always! So true! The impression some officials always try to make - that especially F1 is totally safe - bullshit! Thats impossible! Motorracing is and always will stay dangerous!

  • Ramón Ochs
    Ramón Ochs 2 months ago

    The Michael

  • C Marshall
    C Marshall 2 months ago

    This was most excellent. You Actually got something different than the legends of F1 series interview.

  • Paul
    Paul 2 months ago

    When Formula 1 drivers were real men and e-sports was something you did at a rave.

  • Gaan Pagla
    Gaan Pagla 2 months ago


  • ZalDaf
    ZalDaf 2 months ago +1

    i listened to this podcast twice! i so miss mika!

  • Forever Purple N Gold
    Forever Purple N Gold 2 months ago +1

    My idol, the reason I fell in love with Formula 1

  • alxceresa
    alxceresa 2 months ago +1

    The Mika! Yes.

  • Atompilz0r
    Atompilz0r 2 months ago +3

    I am sure if he wouldn‘t have been denied by Prost for 1993 he would have got atleast 5 wdc, he had the killer instinct like the michael

  • Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

    Thanks F1 and Mika for the great interview,I learned a lot...I just started racing Moto GP,here in the USA,and was almost killed in a auto accident driving to lunch...I laid in bed for 3 years trying to figure it out....boy Mika...u were not kidding about snap over steer....as we say in Italian....what da Faac was that twice u showed video ,the second time it looked like something broke....but it made the same move the car....thanks for the raffs.....Mika is so witty and comes up with some great comments u never expect...good fun,and good raffs(gung ho)movie...THANKS...I'm not real good about it when people ask stupid questions stating the obvious and not making a question out of it politely.....great....

  • Tietokone
    Tietokone 2 months ago +2

    I think not many people were/are aware of just how serious the accident was and that he's still dealing with some of the consequences now, some 24 years later. I have so much respect for what he was able to achieve afterwards.
    Thank you for this, his interviews are always a pleasure to listen to. I love his tongue in cheek humor and the way he doesn't take himself too seriously. He just radiates a relaxed, laid-back aura :)

  • Mike Cooper
    Mike Cooper 2 months ago +1

    Next to my parents and my education, this man has had the biggest impact on my life! A lot of things i've learned from watching this incredible one of kind human being. Such class and such driving skills. Twenty years ago was the last time i REALLY supported an F1-driver and everything in my life revolved around F1. Shouting and cheering to the TV. Oh the emotional rollercoaster >> how i miss it. Occasionally these days there are championships out there where you see amazing racing but they don't make rolemodels like they used to.

  • Mark Freeman
    Mark Freeman 2 months ago +1

    Mika may possibly have the best finnglish I have ever heard.

  • Matt JC
    Matt JC 2 months ago +2

    My absolute favourite formula one driver of all time.

  • TheKooster31
    TheKooster31 2 months ago

    Guys, you need to do an interview with old legends such as Sir Stirling Moss and Murray Walker.

    • TheKooster31
      TheKooster31 2 months ago +1

      @Boston VH ah shoot. I missed that one then

    • Boston VH
      Boston VH 2 months ago +1

      TheKooster31 he has done Murray walker

    GTAGIS 2 months ago

    Maybe Hakkinen forgot, but the first option was to go to Willams, not McLaren.
    What happened is that Williams forgot to register for 1993 and they could do it only with unanimity of others teams.
    Peter Collins did not wanted to loose Mika Hakkinen, at least , not without a check, which is negotiable depending on the balance of power between parties.
    So, Keke and Mika had signed for Wlliams but due to the pressure and threat of Peter Collins, Williams finally decided to freeze it and finally to stop there.
    There was Lgier, but the offer seems to have been not enough and there was McLaren.
    Also, and you can find that in a documentary regarding Wlliiams-Renault preparing for 1993 ; in October, Prost already started to test with Willams.
    He signed at around Mexico 1992 for Williams .
    And Prost and Frank Wllams are having a discussion in French for Frank, English for Alan ( out of courtsey, Frank speaks very well French )
    He was discussing the second seat. In one hand, Mika, very quick and having result and some experence.
    In the other hand, Damon Hill who was already in the team and engineers ( Brits) pushing for him.
    Prost was clearly pushing for Hll, saying that maybe it was good to take a bit of rsk in term of driving and having someone who knew the car and the team.
    And Williams talkng about the propaganda organized by Peter Collins within the paddock about the lack of technical understanding from Mika.
    That was another way to keep Mika for Peter Collins at that stage, before the threat regarding the regstraton of Willams for 1993.
    If the registration were automatic, with deduction of the fees from the gains, then probably Mika would have joined Williams.
    If Honda did not retired and there was more clarity in the future of McLaren, Senna would have gone in a +2yrs contract and again, probably Mika would have joined Williams.
    I guess Mika was with Lotus n the classic ( 1+2) 3years contract with option and kind of rebate to pay to be free.
    And yes, at Estoril, Senna was fully focused on the dscussion with Wlliams.
    Prost decided on personal level to take retirement at Spa.
    He announced that to Williams at Monza .
    Senna signed with Williams between Estoril and Suzuka .

  • Swenly
    Swenly 2 months ago +1

    Brilliant, used to love his one word answer interview style. Great driver

  • pate
    pate 2 months ago

    atleast you could spell his name correctly, häkkinen

  • Grunske
    Grunske 2 months ago +1

    Personally, favourite driver of all time

  • martin minshull
    martin minshull 2 months ago

    Just had to love mika my favourite driver a lot of respect for this man what he accomplished in his championship years and his qualifying pace just the best

  • Kevin Talbot
    Kevin Talbot 2 months ago

    Mika is an absolute class act. He is one of the few people that when he speaks, he says something. Niki was another one of those people. When they speak, you listen.

  • LebReps
    LebReps 2 months ago +3

    Man, I was around 4-5 years old when he and Michael were killing it on track, I always cried/hated when he or McLaren just won a race since I was the biggest Schumi fan, but now that I’m grown up, I’m a bigger fan of Mika than ever before, really start appreciating it than my younger days lol

    • allgomesareevil
      allgomesareevil 2 months ago

      I was exactly the same, but for Mika if he did not win and Michael did. I learned to like or say appreciate Michael in 2006 fighting Alonso for the championship.

  • Doug Harvey
    Doug Harvey 2 months ago +1

    Great driver, always gave it everything, but best of all a lovely Human being. I was lucky enough to have worked with him at Mclaren.

  • Daniel Långsjö
    Daniel Långsjö 2 months ago +1

    ''Can I just stop you there?''


  • Adriano Viana
    Adriano Viana 2 months ago +2

    Mika: - "The Trivers...."

  • P B
    P B 2 months ago

    What a man, what a driver.
    As a finn, I would like to know who would you guys rate higher: Kimi Räikkönen or Mika Häkkinen?

    • Avikar Sewpersad
      Avikar Sewpersad 2 months ago +1

      Mika because as a young kid I used to love watching him and Schumacher race. Those two drivers made me fall in love with F1.

  • pabauza
    pabauza 2 months ago +2

    He is still one of my favorite f1 drivers. He seems honest in the inrerview.

  • Tiarnán
    Tiarnán 2 months ago +5

    My favourite thing about Mika is how he always says "The Michael"

  • interceptorm5
    interceptorm5 2 months ago +1

    My favourite F1 driver of all time!

  • Chadley Maggott
    Chadley Maggott 2 months ago +1

    AWS is ruining the race for me with all its graphics and now its even popping up in the damn podcast! Please cut it out!

  • 1988Carlsberg
    1988Carlsberg 2 months ago

    Yesssss Tom!!
    The flying Finn! How nice was that! What a fabulous way to head to work in the mornings...

  • KalleS
    KalleS 2 months ago +1

    The way he says "incredible" hasn't changed one bit in 20 years. Love Mika

  • Wayne Clement
    Wayne Clement 2 months ago

    Can you get the guests to read the interviews please! :)

  • Vylkeer
    Vylkeer 2 months ago

    Hi this is Mika Hakkinen and you’re listening to Peyond the Crid. :)

  • Martin Godske
    Martin Godske 2 months ago +5

    Huge respect to Mika for being such a fantastic driver but also has one of the best personalities ever.

  • Александр Рагозный

    Hakkinen - The Yoda of F1 Unverse

  • Matthew
    Matthew 2 months ago

    Michael Mika best friends 🇫🇮 🇩🇪

  • Eamon Winters
    Eamon Winters 2 months ago +1

    Great vlog Tom! 👊
    Mike is one of the g.o.a.t!