Push Notifications: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

  • John Oliver explains what type of news should - and shouldn’t - warrant a push notification.
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Comments • 80

  • twoshang
    twoshang 16 hours ago

    "I'm not a 100,000 year old bird"
    No you are a bloke

  • Francis Marino
    Francis Marino 3 days ago +1

    Sorry John, but I do need to be constantly updated on anthropophagous prehistoric birds. It's vital for me.

  • Katie Mue
    Katie Mue 3 days ago +1

    Thanks John Oliver and Last Week Tonight. So much of what you have discussed I have not put enough thought into. Such as Guardianships and the show where people driving somewhere and were stopped by police and had their money confiscated. Not that all your other shows you've done aren't equally important. So big thanks to you and HBO for being for humanity

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats 4 days ago +1

    I've missed him

  • Stalins Soviet union
    Stalins Soviet union 8 days ago +1

    I can’t wait to see the angry mob of children (now adults) who will flood your office screaming that there mother died and you lied to them.

  • Ellora Wilson
    Ellora Wilson 10 days ago

    Very weird to hear him say mommy...

  • Beth Hyde-Smith
    Beth Hyde-Smith 10 days ago +2

    I love when he gets so excited he punches the table and the reflections distort XD

  • Andrea Marcelli
    Andrea Marcelli 10 days ago +1

    Although I found it deeply entertaining, I do not get what is he talking about. I get only a handful notification from apps I allow to do so... Is this an American thing? Was there a real alert, I would not get push notifications, but a straight message from the gov or something like that.
    I am just puzzled

  • Sips of Hell
    Sips of Hell 10 days ago

    where is your video about India you fuk face? You can enjoy an eternal dislike from me

  • Adrian Nillsen
    Adrian Nillsen 12 days ago

    Love to see john’s take on toilet paper and the Coronavirus

  • MK
    MK 12 days ago

    Mr. Oliver is my kinda guy, with his vegetable humor. more. more.

  • A.N.18
    A.N.18 12 days ago +1

    You are a rat. Fuck you

  • Thundawich
    Thundawich 12 days ago

    What is a push notification? I don't phone much.

  • Pudgebert
    Pudgebert 13 days ago

    John Oliver still sucks at this. Pity.

  • Dr.Castor
    Dr.Castor 14 days ago

    John... Handy is very disappointed in your pun!

  • I am a loaf of Bread
    I am a loaf of Bread 15 days ago

    2:34 someone finally talking about shrek's lover.

  • Vladimir4757
    Vladimir4757 16 days ago

    But my mommy is dead....

  • Gredddfe
    Gredddfe 17 days ago +3

    "We're back in February"
    * Checks date *

  • Furious Sherman
    Furious Sherman 17 days ago

    Where I live, the only push notifications I get are for Amber Alerts, which come up whenever there's either been a child abducted or there's severe weather like a tornado in the area. A lot of people hate them, but they're absolutely necessary because they save lives, and the provincial and federal governments know that. They also know not to try and incur the wrath of the people that hate it any more, which is why they've left the push notifications at just the Amber Alerts where they belong. Seems to me like an easy fix for this problem in the States.

  • Not Green
    Not Green 17 days ago

    i just got a push notification about push notifications.

  • PiecesMissing
    PiecesMissing 17 days ago

    Dan? I swear this could almost be an OPCD rant.

    MR SMITHERS 17 days ago

    Why his videos keep being deleted

  • Dr.CockNBalls
    Dr.CockNBalls 18 days ago

    So is the crowd noise fake, or did they bring a whole audience in to shoot a 5 minute short?

    • Malz
      Malz 17 days ago

      Nah they probably just shot this after a filming of a full episode so the audience is still there.

  • Devatheriall
    Devatheriall 19 days ago +1


  • CloudsGirl7
    CloudsGirl7 19 days ago

    My attitude toward this may have been "well, you CAN turn off notifications" before, but recently, my Netflix application has been forcing notifications upon me - with a chime and everything - even though I clearly told it not to in the settings!
    And so, not for the first time and surely not for the last, I say "screw you, Netflix." The best thing you ever did was avoid Georgia like the plague after it started to disrespect women.

  • pratik kumar
    pratik kumar 21 day ago

    Isn’t that Apple news.

  • Tiber Septim
    Tiber Septim 21 day ago +7

    My Boss’s five year old daughter looked at him and said “mom, dad....when will I die?” Then just sat there waiting for an answer.....

    • Gredddfe
      Gredddfe 17 days ago

      "Hopefully when you're 80, or maybe 90. That's a good time to die I think."
      Your boss can have that one for free.

  • Luna Dove
    Luna Dove 22 days ago +2

    I fucking love this show been watching John Oliver for about 4 years now, I wanna go to one of his shows sometime

  • R Task
    R Task 23 days ago

    Romain is the play don’t diss

  • Nguyen Thanh Dat
    Nguyen Thanh Dat 25 days ago

    sorry John, where is the corona song :D

  • Lily J
    Lily J 25 days ago

    Hi John, Here’s a push alert: a substance called Oreganol P 73 when added and taken in your drink or juice, will kill viruses in the body, including apparently, Corona virus.
    You can check it out, and let others know .
    Hope this helps everybody.

  • Shaun Hunter
    Shaun Hunter 25 days ago +1

    You uploaded coronavirus vid but took it down right away....

  • Danar Hassan
    Danar Hassan 26 days ago

    dirty o Newton v. Insurance Co

  • Fred Pohlen
    Fred Pohlen 26 days ago

    Man, I thought that first joke was about to make the punchline about how spider-like his fingers are. It wouldn’t have made sense as an opener... but his hands look like friggin’ spiders.

  • grounds keeper Willy
    grounds keeper Willy 26 days ago

    Absolute liberal hack loser bud

  • Jennifer Mommy
    Jennifer Mommy 28 days ago +2

    Why is it that I can watch every episode except the newest one?! It can't be bcuz of Canada. I can watch them all except the latest one. Wtf. I love this show. This is b.s.

  • Aditya Kadam
    Aditya Kadam 28 days ago +1

    There are major mistakes in almost every 2 minutes of Modi video. He should have avoided this topic when he is incapable of enough research. Just random quotes & news headlines displaying cannot present complete truth. Using Al-Jazeera, idiots

  • Pretty Pixy
    Pretty Pixy 28 days ago

    You really need to check this out Last Week Tonight - would make a great show with heap of fun experiments you could do lol :p

  • Small bean music
    Small bean music 29 days ago

    I remember when I realized my parents were going to die ... I cried for a few weeks as I mourned the loss

  • Crypto U.K.
    Crypto U.K. 29 days ago

    Why you taken Jhon Oliver vid on modi down it’s a disgrace

  • Oscar Coronado
    Oscar Coronado 29 days ago

    The partially eaten kid was the ice age baby.

  • Stacey Louise
    Stacey Louise Month ago +1

    Avid LWT watcher living in Australia. Why have I been unable to watch the first 2 episodes of this season? The healthcare one was "unavailable" with comments disabled and same for the Modi one. Are these censored in Australia??
    Edit: Healthcare one is finally available!

  • American gunslinger

    in who face ?

  • shahzan shaikh
    shahzan shaikh Month ago

    Why is the latest video not available?

  • vipernajem
    vipernajem Month ago +1

    Why can’t I watch his latest episode (Modi) even though in Canada? Censorship much? Huh?

  • Jeff White
    Jeff White Month ago

    I've never received a push notification. 🤷‍♂️

  • balla26091983
    balla26091983 Month ago

    Half truth news with half crap that's JO for you

  • the dysprosium
    the dysprosium Month ago +1

    Samsung send push notification


  • Ajai Paul Singh
    Ajai Paul Singh Month ago

    You are such a disgrace John Oliver...

  • ZionHillCalling
    ZionHillCalling Month ago


  • L. .Poser
    L. .Poser Month ago

    I really hoped he‘d ask to subscribe and hit the notification bell at the end of the video. It would have been a great fit 😂

  • Cecil Brown Media
    Cecil Brown Media Month ago

    The kind of people who allow push notifications on any application are the kind of people that watch John Oliver.

  • HenshinFanatic
    HenshinFanatic Month ago

    Love that dig at anti-vaxxers.

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago

    1% what? Lol

  • SnakesandKitties
    SnakesandKitties Month ago

    i love you john but it may be time to update this delivery

  • Spearka
    Spearka Month ago

    I'd like to see him rip apart the modern jobseeking industry. Not only are Americas hiring practices shifty, dehumanising and grossly ineffective, but every single other nation has taken from the same example, creating a generation of overqualified and underpaid individuals who can't innovate or properly apply their acquired skills (and I'm not even talking about gender studies, people in STEM fields can't get STEM jobs despite a so-called "surplus")

  • blackMAsk
    blackMAsk Month ago

    citizens of the European Union please watch

  • blackMAsk
    blackMAsk Month ago

    citizens of the European Union please watch

    • blackMAsk
      blackMAsk Month ago

      i mean this thexvid.com/video/6pxK1zUyAb0/video.html

    • blackMAsk
      blackMAsk Month ago

      i mean this thexvid.com/video/6pxK1zUyAb0/video.html

  • Mike V
    Mike V Month ago

    I'm a huge fan of John who works in tech and this is the first clip I've seen that I've seen that is factually incorrect. Push notifications as a technology have nothing to do with urgency/importance/etc. They're simply a technology that allows your cell phone to receive information without actually contacting a web server and asking "Hey, any new notifications for me?". (This checking for updates is called polling, and would drain your battery very quickly if you used it for every app on your phone.)

    Everything on your phone that gives you alerts uses push notifications from (most) email to tinder to voicemail to Facebook messenger. Nothing about this was ever designed explicitly for breaking news type alerts.

  • ryan g
    ryan g Month ago +6

    i once saw this."breaking news it's 103rd anniversary of the titanic sinking this weekend"

    • Arne Rademacker
      Arne Rademacker 24 days ago

      Just like the iceberg, literally no one could have seen that one coming ;)

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper Month ago

    What a surprise CNN posts shit...

  • Tevin Richie
    Tevin Richie Month ago

    I love this show. Keep rollin John

  • Tony Meza
    Tony Meza Month ago

    I eat Romaine lettuce every day on my ceasar salad every day! Is there something I should be doing differently?

  • CrazyKT
    CrazyKT Month ago

    John Oliver for President chng.it/d2CRyM94

  • applesandlemoncake
    applesandlemoncake Month ago

    Marketing tips! 🤣🤣

    COZYTW Month ago +4

    That last joke. Oh my god.
    "Mummy lives forever!"
    Yes, a mummy preserved in Egyptian wrappings does. But their mothers won't. Oof, sike on the sike

  • nonamesleftdammit
    nonamesleftdammit Month ago

    How about the security update notification screens that disable the alarm clock on your Android phone? Has anyone ever said, "Shit! I'm two hours late for work, but at least I know that there's a new security update."

  • Alex Brock
    Alex Brock Month ago

    Preach... push notifications are horrible. It’s been weird as soon as I got the Apple news app w/ notifications, I had 99.9% of my notifications from the app (usually CNN). Didn’t think to much of it until I downloaded the yahoo app for my secondary email. It’s even worse, every hour I get at least 3 emails that are nothing but spam. Weird thing is that I haven’t had a single notification from the news app. What’s ap with that?

  • johnkonke
    johnkonke Month ago

    well then.... tomorrow my mother is going in for heart surgery to have her aorta replaced, so that last 60 seconds kinda sucked. lol.

  • Nicolai Veliki
    Nicolai Veliki Month ago

    Some of my webware uses push notifications to send information from the server to the client on the background, kind of like a reverse fetch. It's really a very practical API and doesn't have to be intrusive, at all!

  • Cheesus Cheetos
    Cheesus Cheetos Month ago

    As a mobile developer, when we get a client wanting to bombard the user with push notifications I internally sight and understand that the app will be removed in record time.

  • Sloth on Caffeine
    Sloth on Caffeine Month ago +8

    That was one solid 1% joke. Haven't heard one in a long time.

  • NuSpirit
    NuSpirit Month ago +1

    This is BS! How the hell does John have 3/4 signal from AT&T? The best they can offer is 1/4 when you sit on top of their cell tower. Get your facts straight John! :P

  • Richard Ainsworth
    Richard Ainsworth Month ago

    Am America now. Love me give me money #jonoliboi i love my citizenship plz fk me trump

  • bockhouse
    bockhouse Month ago


  • Alex Carr
    Alex Carr Month ago +2

    Why is 'Medicare for All: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO); not available with comments disabled???

    • Alex Carr
      Alex Carr Month ago

      @jamesk479 just the corporate overlords probably, took it too far for the moneyed interests?

    • jamesk479
      jamesk479 Month ago

      John, is that you?

    • August
      August Month ago +2

      I have no idea I'm here looking for the same answer

  • Rude_i_Wredne
    Rude_i_Wredne Month ago +3

    fake, there is no way that there is a place where AT&T has 3 signal bars

  • Glyne Lewis
    Glyne Lewis Month ago

    Congrats John for the citizenship

  • Buyandelger Davaajantsan

    John Oliver ze Ratface

  • Max keeble
    Max keeble Month ago +3

    If he is off then why is there an audience in the studio laughing?
    Who the hell is getting tickets just to go in the studio and see him deliver a five-minute message?