• Published on Jul 19, 2019
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  • Hoovies Garage
    Hoovies Garage  Month ago +1942

    I was just told today that my television show, Car Issues, is getting a special showing on the History Channel THIS SUNDAY, July 21. Tune in at 10am (9 central) for a 2 hour special! 4 episodes!!!

    • Jay Quan
      Jay Quan 7 days ago

      Problem is that most Laws are tyrannical, provide no value to actual safety to the public and thus the Police either need to ignore the Laws and not enforce them or be a tyrannical terrorist.

    • mahi mahi 106
      mahi mahi 106 17 days ago

      These people aree scammers....i can see it from theirfaces and body language; they know the care is dump broken and they are taking you for a fool. I hate dealsers like this.....

    • Reign
      Reign 20 days ago

      Hoovies Garage Please dont allow Tavarish to touch your car. His spite is showing.

    • Claire Price
      Claire Price 28 days ago

      I have a question for you hoovies garage

    • pizzas 6068
      pizzas 6068 28 days ago

      Your on inside edition

  • Sam Skoloff
    Sam Skoloff Day ago

    “My Lamborghini seems to have developed a few problems” this could be the next video

  • cpt awesome
    cpt awesome Day ago

    Never really understoof why people thank a cop for a ticket. Not guilty until you fight the ticket and are proven so. Never admit guilt. Yes or no answers.

    FLIP THE SCRIPT 3 days ago

    Please let me buy your Lambo when you sell it!!!!

  • 85rx7se
    85rx7se 4 days ago

    So how many MPH over the posted limit and how many Points will that be on your License ? And what will that do to your Insurance ?

  • Dude...Are you sure??

    Wow, get a speeding ticket and make a donation to the organization that gave you the ticket, ifs a perfect example of get slapped on one side of the cheek turn the other side for the same…. Tavaresh doing the turbo immigration had me rolling on the floor

  • Derek From Boston
    Derek From Boston 4 days ago +3

    Same instrument cluster and climate controls as my Supercharged A6 😁

  • Lewis Newell
    Lewis Newell 5 days ago

    You see mclarens doesn’t just randomly explode and don’t break just because you fill them up with fuel

  • Robert Van Hoy
    Robert Van Hoy 5 days ago

    So your in a Lamborghini speeding, get pulled over without your info. Then you proceed to show the officer who makes maybe $35,000 a year give or take a few $$$ a picture of a McLaren you traded in while also telling him you were distractedly driving filming a TheXvid video. This gets filed into the "What the fook did you think was going to happen" category.

  • HandyMan101
    HandyMan101 5 days ago

    Revenue generators for the state.

    Fucking leeches.

  • pk87
    pk87 6 days ago +1

    7:04 someone's ebay notification on the phone chimed up :)

  • Kevin Singh
    Kevin Singh 6 days ago

    I think the officer let you off easy. Not having a license on you could've gone much worse!

  • Brian McGaffigan
    Brian McGaffigan 6 days ago

    Thank u very much wtf he gave u a ticket say fuck u very much

  • User Bots
    User Bots 8 days ago

    Wizard want to put nitro on the gallardo 🤣

  • supersayianjim
    supersayianjim 8 days ago

    cops who write tickets, are robbing from citizens. not a fan of that aspect

  • supersayianjim
    supersayianjim 8 days ago

    hoovie you need to invest in a valentine one radar detector

  • mightbegenius
    mightbegenius 11 days ago

    Cops like yep you're right you're both a cliche and a dumbass.

  • Bulletcore
    Bulletcore 11 days ago

    Euro car the check engine light must stay on all the time.

  • NathanielEssex
    NathanielEssex 11 days ago

    You're so lucky dude, they would have shot me.

  • Joe Stiffcock
    Joe Stiffcock 11 days ago

    yeap... im upgrading my Garrett to Tavarish Turbo ;)

  • Ville Seitsonen
    Ville Seitsonen 12 days ago

    Well it's VAG...what else to expect than check engine light :D

  • Doc Dela Cruz
    Doc Dela Cruz 12 days ago

    Wow. You could talk like a normal human? Haha why talk like a dufus in the channel. Lol.

  • Frans Bunschoten
    Frans Bunschoten 12 days ago

    Check engine light came on right after you filled it up? Perhaps it os related?

  • Zach Gonzales
    Zach Gonzales 12 days ago

    Only Hoover would donate money to the cops after getting a ticket.

  • Will Wallace
    Will Wallace 13 days ago

    Donating to the Pigs? Damn, fuck you Hoovie. Hit a tree.

  • TheMildGamer
    TheMildGamer 14 days ago

    Oh screw the laws! Lose the guilt and floor it!

  • YaggaYagga
    YaggaYagga 14 days ago

    Do you also support the families of people innocently killed by police too?

  • Tim Dixon
    Tim Dixon 15 days ago

    hoovie + tavarish = greatest 80's buddy cop series ever! the wizard can be the pissed off police captain that grudgingly respects their unorthodox crime fighting! Im thinking hbo

  • Rylan Brown
    Rylan Brown 15 days ago

    Saw this on the news lol

  • Jorge Chiu
    Jorge Chiu 15 days ago

    kissin ass to police? what a disapointment Tyler, It grinded my gears hearing you that I coudnt finish the video.

  • a claudiu
    a claudiu 15 days ago

    i want to take hoovies garage home:))

  • Brandon Tileston
    Brandon Tileston 15 days ago

    “Reliable up until the fire”. 😂 😂

  • KingChooêt
    KingChooêt 16 days ago +28

    Literally nobody:
    Hoovies: Donates money to police after getting a ticket.

  • dave the mr.tinman
    dave the mr.tinman 17 days ago

    Wow did you suck the cops cock off by plugging there. Charity. Lame asf

  • ShowMe
    ShowMe 17 days ago

    Cop just trying to meet his quota

  • raring auto
    raring auto 17 days ago

    I live in Kansas where is this😂?

  • rolon96 2810
    rolon96 2810 17 days ago +4

    Check engine light goes on. Wizard thinking,” there goes more money for me.”

  • Bob Smithereens
    Bob Smithereens 17 days ago

    13:55 I thought the white car behind you was the police.

  • Manny
    Manny 17 days ago +1

    This is why you have to do this kind of stuff in Miami Beach, where you are just one of many.

  • Shill Destroyer
    Shill Destroyer 17 days ago

    if u learn law vs legal you won't enter into contracts verbally with policy officers. No victim no Crime! ;)

  • B. ACTS
    B. ACTS 17 days ago

    Only 4k miles on it but with an extensive service record in order to fight depreciation...Average in exotics a mile costs 1.5 dollars...

  • 72Disco1998
    72Disco1998 18 days ago


  • Crazy Jake
    Crazy Jake 18 days ago

    I started laughing when I noticed how many EXTRA clips the cops has on his belt.. Los Angeles PD cops dont even carry that much. What the heck goes on out there!?

  • Johnny Walker
    Johnny Walker 18 days ago

    1:08 💭...pls dont give me a ticket😢

  • Missouri Man
    Missouri Man 19 days ago

    The dual tank's have issues after you run them low on fuel and fill them up completely on a hot day. First question I'd ask is did you let the pump handle click on it's own or did you do the top-off to round up to the nearest dollar? ..if topped-off then you pulled the purge valve into safety mode and/or the evap/tank vent line has issues. Should be a simple fix and a beautiful car.

  • rory
    rory 20 days ago

    hoovie's a bootlicker lmao

  • Tripp426
    Tripp426 20 days ago

    9:26 the Car Wizard's expression is priceless.

  • Shultz
    Shultz 20 days ago

    Woah the interior is ugly tho

  • Reign
    Reign 20 days ago

    Tavarish is amazingly annoying.

  • Auto Energy
    Auto Energy 20 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 the cop wasn’t going

  • 4wd some
    4wd some 20 days ago

    Tavarish: this part is made by Volkswagen
    Me (a long time independent VaG performance technician and tuner): the whole fucking car is made by Volkswagen

  • saltyjustice
    saltyjustice 20 days ago

    That Lambo dash looks as chincy as a Toyota.

  • Elektrokinesis
    Elektrokinesis 22 days ago

    nice 710 cap there

  • Anointed
    Anointed 23 days ago

    Nice and I agree with on on the Mclaren comments. If you drive because you love the experience and thrill of driving then a manual, loud exhaust V10 is a great idea. Question...why does the Lambo sound so much meaner than the Audi? Do they do something different with the cam? Headers?

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 23 days ago

    ‘They are reliable...up until the fire..” best line ever!

  • Kyle Caswell
    Kyle Caswell 23 days ago

    Ehhh... Fuck the police

  • Fuzz Ball
    Fuzz Ball 23 days ago

    I swear I've seen this same exact car on Craigslist before, beautiful car, definitely number one choice if I got one of these.

  • Coffin Man
    Coffin Man 23 days ago

    I got done for riding my 1934 Brough Superior with no tax or insurance once.

  • sho942000
    sho942000 23 days ago +2

    I don't think people realize how important this video is.

    Every day, the zelots in the media and certain activist organizations denounce, degrade, and threaten police because they don't agree with an outcome of an incident no matter how right that outcome may be.

    This video illustrates so may things that our society has lost. But the two most important are:

    Being polite and courteous and
    Take responsibility for your actions

    Thank you Tyler for this video and your donation. You are a man among men.

  • william dawkins
    william dawkins 23 days ago

    You moron, you can’t glance at your goddamn speedometer once in a while to see how fast your going!

  • Blue Finch
    Blue Finch 23 days ago

    "They ARE reliable... up until the fire."

  • Richard Ward
    Richard Ward 23 days ago

    Dont break under pressure hoovie f.the police

  • andre vautour
    andre vautour 23 days ago

    "they are reliable up until the fire "

  • Jimmy 2016
    Jimmy 2016 24 days ago +1

    G'day mate
    I live in Australia and I've been watching your videos on TheXvid, and i think you have the best car videos out there, I've even got my old dad watched your videos and he thinks they are good as well
    Keep them coming
    PS; i think the wizards great to.

  • mutsa ushewokunze
    mutsa ushewokunze 24 days ago

    Well at least you didn't get shot for rummaging around in your pocket for a phone. That's a win

  • Dave's 2005 modified Mustang Gt

    Great video its awesome to see someone that can have money and still be a decent human beingkeep up the great videos

  • Jackson Butler
    Jackson Butler 24 days ago +2

    Thanks for the positive law enforcement support, Tyler. Your humility about the whole situation is really appreciated and shows good character.

    • AppliedWay Company
      AppliedWay Company 23 days ago

      Jackson Butler that cop was a lowlife scumbag kid with tattoos coving his arm

  • Jackson Barinowski
    Jackson Barinowski 24 days ago +1

    I was zoned out and thought he said "I've been spending the last few days driving a 1600 horsepower Mazda Miata..."

  • King Keating
    King Keating 24 days ago

    Whatever happened to his Mercury Marauder? Was a super tuff car but I never see him using it or it even in the garage

  • Pod
    Pod 24 days ago

    5:48 id take that mid engined beast on the left any day over a lambo

  • rosario bonsignore
    rosario bonsignore 24 days ago +3

    Hoovie, you're recording? And you tell him? In the middle of Smallville? Of cousre he's going to be professional. Valiant try 👍

  • davidgibsonhm
    davidgibsonhm 24 days ago

    I have a 1996 Saturn SW2 that won't get you in trouble even if you put the nitros on it! Let me know, real reasonable, might need some work but I know you don't mind that!

  • Synikal
    Synikal 26 days ago

    People who are disrespectful to cops immediately drop to the bottom of my list.
    Thanks Hoovie, more respect to you!

  • Simeon Dunev
    Simeon Dunev 26 days ago

    Why does a traffic police officer have 2 guns ? One of these is a tazer ?

  • Viking
    Viking 26 days ago +1

    Wy is Freddy called Tavarish?