Amber Rudd on why she has left the cabinet | Sunday Times News

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
  • Amber Rudd today announces that she is resigning from the cabinet and quitting the Conservative Party over Boris Johnson’s “purge” of the party and his “failure” to pursue a deal with the EU.
    In a move that will rock the government, the work and pensions secretary says she is quitting because there is “no evidence” Johnson is really seeking a deal with the European Union - despite claims that it is his priority.
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Comments • 2 400

  • JB
    JB 2 years ago +9

    Getting fed up of career politicians saying we want a deal. We voted out, no deal and we can consider a deal after.

  • Lee Nolan
    Lee Nolan 2 years ago +14

    "Unfortunately I can no longer continue to serve because I have been surprised by the lack of preparation by the Government"
    So instead of putting more work in yourself you leave it to the people doing nothing?
    Makes sense

  • Druid Khan
    Druid Khan 2 years ago +46

    Amber Rudd is a political careerist, actively seeking appointments to positions on the basis of furthering her own nest, rather than actually make a meaningful difference to the UK or its people. She is self serving.

    • Primus 777
      Primus 777 2 years ago

      @Roger Newton Capital "T" in thank?

    • Roger Newton
      Roger Newton 2 years ago

      @Primus 777 - thank God for that.

    • Primus 777
      Primus 777 2 years ago

      @Roger Newton How easily impressed you are by privilege and posturing !
      Not worth my time responding further.

    • Roger Newton
      Roger Newton 2 years ago

      @Primus 777 - a winner.

    • Roger Newton
      Roger Newton 2 years ago

      @Druid Khan - completely accurate assessment. As today has just proven. No longer will be an MP but will try to get into NGOs ect. Good riddance to a very bad MP. Totally unsuitable for the job.

  • Colm Fletcher
    Colm Fletcher 2 years ago +81

    "Good, strong conservative MPs with true, moderate, progressive values"
    There's an oxymoron if I've ever heard one

    • Elizabeth Brown
      Elizabeth Brown 2 years ago

      How does leaving her job justify her issue with inaction over Brexit if a job seeker said that their claim would be shut down

    • Chris
      Chris 2 years ago

      Sorry who are you comparing the Tories too ? Labour who took us into a illegal war with Iraq or the lib Dems who promised above ALL else that they wouldn't introduce student fees and then when they got into power allowed student fees to be introduced ? I'm just curious is all.

    • Deep Zepp
      Deep Zepp 2 years ago

      It basically means Blairite values.

    • King Brilliant
      King Brilliant 2 years ago +1

      'progressive' is an oxymoron.

  • Neil Armstrong
    Neil Armstrong 2 years ago +39

    One look at Amber Rudd and her many insolvent businesses on Companies House tells you everything you need to know about this woman.

    • Stuart D
      Stuart D 2 years ago

      @John Smith you realise talking about Finchley road is quite a few members of parliament?
      If it were one or two MPs they'd be in jail by now.
      To big to fail?

    • John Smith
      John Smith 2 years ago +3

      Their problem is, no matter how much misdirection they create, there will always be a trail. If just about anyone else did what they do, they'd be locked up for a long time. We need to force a Finchley Road inquiry and crowd fund Court action against these despicable thieves.

  • Jack Pilcher May
    Jack Pilcher May 2 years ago +8

    Trust her to make a 'matter of principle' into a heavily managed and planned PR exercise.

  • Daemon 71
    Daemon 71 2 years ago +215

    How Amber Rudd voted on Welfare and Benefits:
    Almost always voted for reducing housing benefit for social tenants deemed to have excess bedrooms (bedroom tax) Consistently voted against raising welfare benefits at least in line with prices.
    Consistently voted against paying higher benefits over longer periods for those unable to work due to illness or disability. Consistently voted for making local councils responsible for helping those in financial need afford their council tax and reducing the amount spent on such support.
    Consistently voted for a reduction in spending on welfare benefits. Consistently voted against spending public money to create guaranteed jobs for young people who have spent a long time unemployed.

    • LostBoy
      LostBoy 2 years ago

      @Zoe P Good for you

    • LostBoy
      LostBoy 2 years ago

      @Zoe P pax is basically saying get a job pay your way like everyone else. We get enough benefits in this country working and unemployed, it's never enough for some people. I'm not saying people should be left to rot bit at the same time people shouldn't be expecting the life of riley either if your living off handouts. Some countries get nothing and are left to rot. That's called the real world

    • LostBoy
      LostBoy 2 years ago

      @Pax Britannica you did, nevermind then lol

    • LostBoy
      LostBoy 2 years ago

      @Pax Britannica my bad I thought you was replying to me 2 days ago bit u wasn't, you should put the person's name in the message

  • teriyakov
    teriyakov 2 years ago +32

    This has probably already being said but it smacks of rats leaving a sinking ship. What's absolutely hilarious is the notion that this move is conscience driven given her track record.

  • George Looker
    George Looker 2 years ago +124

    Amber Rudd: *leaves tory party*
    Everyone else: "ok?"

    • George Looker
      George Looker 2 years ago

      @Aphrodite's Child Once upon a time I used to support Labour. Once upon a time I used to support the Conservatives. Now I just want to move abroad. I've lost all my faith in parliament.

    • J Bu
      J Bu 2 years ago +3

      She is getting her 5 mins of fame. I feel she is positioning herself. I don't trust her!

  • Half Baked
    Half Baked 2 years ago +10

    'Moderate, progressive conservatives' = not conservatives. Progressive conservative is an oxymoron. Amber Rudd is talented and will be successful outside of politics, but there's no place in British politics for individuals who don't respect the fundamentals of democracy. The more of you who leave the conservatives the better. We want to know what we're voting for, and when the label is 'conservative' you really ought to have some conservative values.

  • MrGlobbits
    MrGlobbits 2 years ago +4

    This is actually good news. Glad to see the very wide back of her. Was there no one else though Boris?

  • Peter Gough
    Peter Gough 2 years ago +10

    And how is the PM meant to get a deal with the EU if you CNUTS have prevented him from having NO DEAL as an option.

  • syzygy 3
    syzygy 3 2 years ago +176

    Shes running away from a bad situation namely universal credit because she knows the harm it has done .

    • Rhys Cater
      Rhys Cater 2 years ago

      @the man with the green cortina can you provide evidence of that my friend? ...

    • Rhys Cater
      Rhys Cater 2 years ago +1

      @Imran R EY tell your friend if it happens again to go onto her UC profile on the web apply for that INTREST FREE LOAN and not to pick up extra hours as that will effect her benefit money the following month.. I mean if she was listening to her advisor this is all explained buddy...

    • SuperRichio83
      SuperRichio83 2 years ago

      She doesn't care

    • Imran R
      Imran R 2 years ago

      @Rhys Cater now she took loans with interest to pay the gaps as a result her income is going in pay debts when this situation happens more loan more debts more interest and income is at the same level result stuck in worse circle of poverty I do not think it will be easy to break it with this type of situation

    • Imran R
      Imran R 2 years ago

      @Rhys Cater what was her right loan ?
      Next month she has yo work more pitting her kids safety at risk so she can meet £500 gap in bills
      Because she was getting in total about I think £500 as here salaries goes high her amount cut by £500 plus she got council tax £120 and other things with it .
      As a result she has to cut food and other neceities so she can minimum pay direcet debts .
      This system is not fair because it is so called automated and people who salary is every 4 weeks always get caught in it.
      I think it happens 2nd time company can not help as they run one pay cycle UC can not help as it is system . So many excuses to rob someone and then deny to help.

  • Sky-view
    Sky-view 2 years ago +40

    If she could do that job anyone else can easily replace her to do that job twice as better with no problem at all. There is no issues here.

    • Paul Beresford
      Paul Beresford 2 years ago

      "twice as better". What sort of English grammar is that?
      No prizes for guessing which way you voted.

  • A
    A 2 years ago +40

    You will consider your position?...dont worry your constituents will do that for you.

  • james mccann
    james mccann 2 years ago +13

    Tell us again about the offshore investment tax evasion. How your late father was banned from executive positions by the financial ombudsman. 2 million went missing.

  • FoamThyTwit
    FoamThyTwit 2 years ago +9

    Wow no wonder she left she must have been so claustrophobic.

  • John Dicks
    John Dicks 2 years ago +8

    Is that the 21 that voted against their own party? That couldn’t possibly of stood due to the leave manifesto? I mean how could they stand for something they don’t believe in, better having a different candidate that believes.
    You were always remain so when did you change your mind? Oh you never did? Did you.
    Thank god you’ve left another waste of space enjoy your retirement you won’t get re- elected

  • Steve W
    Steve W 2 years ago +36

    'Stand as an independent??' her seat is very marginal, she would be annihilated at a GE..

    • JRTayl0r
      JRTayl0r 2 years ago

      I think its a tory organised move to get her more support ahead of election. If I'm right she will run as tory

    • Carol Hall
      Carol Hall 2 years ago +2

      Here's hoping fingers crossed x

    • Seer Seerwealth
      Seer Seerwealth 2 years ago +2

      38 votes majority.

  • Nigel Moth
    Nigel Moth 2 years ago

    Legend in her own mind ...absolutely amazing the egos of some of our politicians

  • Azureecosse
    Azureecosse 2 years ago +107

    No great loss to the Conservatives and a blessing to us Brits, frightful woman

    • Jay Middleton
      Jay Middleton 2 years ago

      JK 16 Cameron also said a no-deal brexit must be ruled out.
      “Feeble excuse.” The majority of people in this country want to remain in the EU. Which the tories, and people like yourself, know full well.

    • JK
      JK 2 years ago

      @Jay Middleton It was a leave vote, no deal was not on the ballot paper, Cameron told everyone we would leave the customs union and the single market. Typical remainers feeble excuse

    • President Elect Zigenpuss
      President Elect Zigenpuss 2 years ago

      @Jay Middleton how many is countless? 5?

    • Jay Middleton
      Jay Middleton 2 years ago

      Patricia O'reilly you’ve got to be the only person on the planet who thinks Boris is doing “what’s right.”
      Nobody voted for a no-deal brexit.
      And as you well know, as soon as we voted leave, a lot of leavers switched sides to remain. No remainers became leavers.
      That’s another reason conservatives are wrong about everything - Brexit.
      I’ve asked countless real life people why the voted to leave, the top answer was “the EU is trying to take the Great out of Britain.”

    • Patricia O'reilly
      Patricia O'reilly 2 years ago

      James Wood . She was a spy in the camp & did not like that Boris is doing what's right for the people & country. So now they want to destroy him but Boris will always fight back as he is not a paid worm like our Westminster bunch of traitors to the people & country. Shameful times & very sad how low these rat's will go not to Honour the people vote. Hong Kong comes to mind

  • Simon Greenwood
    Simon Greenwood 2 years ago +3

    So when the EU said "we won't renegotiate" and Boris decided "let's not waste time negotiating" you thought... what?

  • Steven Grice
    Steven Grice 2 years ago +3

    So glad to see the Conservative Party ripping its self to shreded. The most amazing thing is that they do not understand just how dead the party has become.
    She knew what Boris stood for, and this is for her leadership bid.
    The Tory party just has so many thick people.

  • Christian Hall
    Christian Hall 2 years ago +3

    "Conservative MPs... with progressive values..." - which is it, Amber?

  • Jon Price
    Jon Price 2 years ago

    Getting a deal with an EU is one thing but having it rejected 3 times in the House of Commons is tragic. That's why there's an urgency preparation into a no-deal Brexit because that looks like the most workable scenario than getting an extension to Article 50, get a good deal from the EU and having it voted for in Parliament by a majority.

  • quadtraxxx
    quadtraxxx 2 years ago

    “Thank you Amber, you will be missed....” said no one ever!!! 😂

  • Connor Handforth
    Connor Handforth 2 years ago +12

    And into the private sector another politician goes...

    • Mr Murphy Piers
      Mr Murphy Piers 2 years ago

      The Tory party is a private company anyway they are al Ltd companies

    • Paul Minshall
      Paul Minshall 2 years ago +1

      She’s still an MP and as she said, may be standing as an independent in any future election.

  • kenneth hickford
    kenneth hickford 2 years ago +11

    Re: 'How did this person get elected'?
    The relevant Party Committees' select the Candidates.
    There are many factors that come before 'Merit' enters the equation of selection!...........But, rest assured, the priority of the 'Committee's Self Interest' is the overriding factor in most cases, amongst other unsavoury factors!
    Until, (And this is NEVER going to happen posters,.....Sadly) the Candidates for the Various Parties present themselves and their credentials to the 'Great Unwashed' for selection, and they can then decide who or whom to vote for, we will continue to get the Candidates that the 'Select Committees' decide who or whom we are 'Allowed' to vote for!
    In other words 'Hobsons Choice' is the name of the game,......Until the Great Unwashed have a say in the Selection of Candidates,......They (The Great Unwashed) will continue to do as they are told! LOL!

  • chris77777777ify
    chris77777777ify 2 years ago +7

    Amber Rudd’s never done a days work in her life.
    Amber go get a job in a factory, you can work with a whole Polish workforce where you can communicate to anyone.
    Maybe then you could be a health & safety officer & shut companies down for know-one can talk to you about safety.

  • Duncan Fenwick
    Duncan Fenwick 2 years ago +2

    Amber Rudd : "It's because I got some money from the EU and they told me to do it."

  • Andrew Clifton
    Andrew Clifton 2 years ago +42

    "Conservative MPs with good, moderate, progressive values".... (Laughs, hysterically)

    • Andrew Clifton
      Andrew Clifton 2 years ago

      ​@Fabian Tarantino Wow, you're a very smart fellow, Fabian! And of course, you're right: I don't understand irony. Not at all.

    • jsbart96
      jsbart96 2 years ago

      Fabian Tarantino wow bad joke haha

    • Andrew Clifton
      Andrew Clifton 2 years ago

      ​@Fabian Tarantino I take it you mean this as a compliment: wildly funny and brazenly uninhibited - in a way that scares the crap out of sexist conservative bigots. How true.

    • Andrew Clifton
      Andrew Clifton 2 years ago

      @Kris Rudecki Unfortunately, I don't need to imagine! We all know who's left - and their voting history is a matter of public record.

  • Charmaine Edwards
    Charmaine Edwards 2 years ago +129

    At least we know who to get rid of at the next General election, Amber you are 1st to go!

    • Piers
      Piers 2 years ago

      Sorry, you think this is the reason not to bite for her??
      Do you not care about poor disabled people?

    • Video Outtakes
      Video Outtakes 2 years ago

      @Mike5 ...but she is going to stand as an Independant....then the voters will decide

    • Mike5
      Mike5 2 years ago +1

      @TheNeverslept She quit the Cabinet not as an MP ? get it now ?

  • Alison Lee
    Alison Lee 2 years ago +11

    Just makes me more determined to back Boris

    • Alison Lee
      Alison Lee 2 years ago

      @frenchie jones Don't you understand sarcasm 😂

    • President Elect Zigenpuss
      President Elect Zigenpuss 2 years ago

      @frenchie jones you really should stop giving your own comments a thumbs up, it's just sad

  • Dom s
    Dom s 2 years ago +14

    Is leaving the cabinet, like coming out of the closet?

    • Bill Gowland
      Bill Gowland 2 years ago

      As long as you leave your skeletons in the wardrobe
      Locked away

    • charles
      charles 2 years ago +1

      Yes .. only it is a lot harder to break the news to your parents "Mum, all these years I was a.... a .. politician.... I didn't know how to tell you, sniff"

  • whysa4
    whysa4 2 years ago +1

    At the time I thought it was the one mistake Boris made to let her have a cabinet position and carry on in her old job , a remainer and has done little to improve the mess known as universal Credit. Glad she has gone of her own volition it will save Boris the future embarrassment of getting rid of her which surely would have had to have happened sooner or later.

  • Killa Fx
    Killa Fx 2 years ago +17

    Well, that's another wet out of the Tory party.

  • Simon Speedo
    Simon Speedo 2 years ago +53

    Hi its Amber here, just to let you all know ive been becoming increasingly aware that i have not featured as a topical subject within the headlines recently, thus this elevates me back into the news again...

    • Piers
      Piers 2 years ago

      @Kenneth Thompson I do hope she tries to join the Liberals and they tell her to get lost, due to the obvious contempt she has shown for people in general.

  • Colin Brown
    Colin Brown 2 years ago +6

    And she covered her self in glory in all her cabinet jobs. I think not. Just look in the mirror xxx

  • Ian Barnes
    Ian Barnes 2 years ago

    I didn’t vote for a “deal” when I voted to leave the EU three years ago. I voted to LEAVE the EU.
    I often wonder if these people who shout so loudly about staying in the EU actually LOOK at the creaking structure the EU has become. If it is such a strong and brilliant alliance between countries, why then is there such economic inequality between countries and record rates of people trafficking and slave labour? To its shame, the EU has spectacularly failed to tackle these issues. Time to face up to the fact that the EU is a burning platform and we should get off it without delay.

  • VanillaJokes
    VanillaJokes 2 years ago +178

    Most cabinets aren't very good. I believe the best ones are from IKEA, though.

    • Piers
      Piers 2 years ago

      I'd pay good money to bring in a Swedish cabinet...

    • Terence Clark
      Terence Clark 2 years ago inanimate object has more intelligence that our true

    • Callum
      Callum 2 years ago +10

      If I had to build my own cabinet I'd leave all the Tory parts in the box.

    • Seer Seerwealth
      Seer Seerwealth 2 years ago +5

      ha ha ha ha good fun.

  • Ditch Head
    Ditch Head 2 years ago

    We love Amber Rudd here in Hastings you still get my vote. Met her once outstanding lady.

  • anynamethatsleft
    anynamethatsleft 2 years ago +4

    Any MP who changes party should hold a by- election. Any MP who doesn't listen to their constituents should hold a by-election.

    • Remy Richardson
      Remy Richardson 2 years ago

      And any government that doesnt serve its sovereign people with their best interests at heart should be ousted

  • Remy Richardson
    Remy Richardson 2 years ago +691

    Please dear God......please please please let her have to sign up to universal credit. 🤞👍

    • si
      si 2 years ago

      @catherine Dee half the problem is people sabotaging their own health to get out of working 🤣

    • catherine Dee
      catherine Dee 2 years ago

      @L G People that will never be able to work shouldnt be on job seekers allowance they should be on disability benefit. Your not meant to live on £73 a wee k for a year your meant to get a job. Its just a stop gap. I think they should pay it in advance automatically unless you request otherwise. They obviously think jobs are out there otherwise why are they still pushing for migrants all the time. Unemployment benefits have always been the bare minimum. There is something sadly wrong with whats going on with people with disabilities from what i have read and that needs to be sorted.

    • Clair Duffy
      Clair Duffy 2 years ago +1

      @L G Yeeeeeup...

    • L G
      L G 2 years ago

      @Clair Duffy No. Not a crime. I hope you got some rest and feel better soon

    • L G
      L G 2 years ago

      @TheOhGodOfHangovers Like your moniker, BTW. GNU Terry Pratchett

  • Andy
    Andy 2 years ago +1

    When has there ever been a time where the Tories have stood for the people?

  • Max Douglas
    Max Douglas 2 years ago

    It’s all going really well for Limp Johnson, very odd to find myself pleased with anything Rudd does but this time it’s good news

  • anthony carter
    anthony carter 2 years ago +52

    She'll still get her golden pension and a payment for 10 years service.

    • 1234567 1234567
      1234567 1234567 2 years ago +2

      Don't you mean 10 years of oppressing the public with her agenda... I wouldn't call it service.

  • carrie-anne King
    carrie-anne King 2 years ago +61

    Now you know how the disabled feel

  • Steve C
    Steve C 2 years ago +2

    If someone tells you to leave a room, you don't just stick your head out the window, leaving most of your body inside the room.....
    We voted to Leave the EU....... so apply the same logic and then defend saying that we didn't vote for no deal.......
    It's not rocket science.

  • solarneddy
    solarneddy 2 years ago

    Rather than an in/out referendum (resulting in a leave majority) we have an endless game of deal, no deal. I doubt the UK will ever leave the EU and that might not be a bad thing.

  • Jeff Pritchard
    Jeff Pritchard 2 years ago +1

    I trust someone is keeping a tally of these traitors.

  • uberdude25
    uberdude25 2 years ago +31

    What were they thinking letting her back into the cabinet?
    She has been one of the most ardent't remainers in May's cabinet right up there with Rory etc.
    The only reason I can think of her accepting the post was to be the eyes and ears of her remaining colleagues.
    She is throwing a hissy fit now because they have been chucked out, and Boris's inner team have thankfully not shared their exit strategy with her.
    What's so difficult for her to understand that if these 22 MP's remained, and if there is another hung parliament then the country will be right back in this damaging stalemate situation again of complete paralysis.
    Good riddance to her!

  • Kenneth Perry
    Kenneth Perry 2 years ago +7

    What a hero this really helps welcome jemima corbum you lady are atraitor

  • Gavin Showell
    Gavin Showell 2 years ago

    I don’t give a damn why Amber Rudd has left the government. I’m just happy that she has actually quit as Work and Pensions Secretary.
    The way that she and her department has treated ill and disabled is absolutely disgusting.
    Even though there are many many people in the UK who are genuinely seriously ill and/or disabled and can prove it and are unable to get employment as a direct result.
    The UK Government have and are still deliberately stopping people’s benefits (welfare payments) because they are more interested in saving money and looking after themselves.
    Rather than serving there own citizens of the UK they only interested in serving themselves.
    Bye Bye Amber Rudd.

  • ju ju ju
    ju ju ju 2 years ago +8

    A 'token' woman that was not up to the job: so good riddance !!

  • Xia Pete
    Xia Pete 2 years ago

    They’ve had plenty of time in working hard in making it look like they want a deal ,when all the time trying to stay in the E.U.
    Boris didn’t have much to work with to bring about Brexit ,now what little he had has been taken away .
    Like careless attackers in a football match causing chaos for their own defence ,or a tailender in a cricket match running out the opening batsman .They have taken away Boris’s bargaining chips to make a deal and then blamed him for not doing so .

  • Carlena P
    Carlena P 2 years ago

    WOW, I thought she had no integrity. Well done Rudd!

  • Lisa Christer
    Lisa Christer 2 years ago +37

    That's some loss to the Tory party.....bit like Diane Abbott resigning the whip....Diane left cheer/Dudd right cheers.

    • Le Sigh
      Le Sigh 2 years ago

      @Lisa Christer Dianne Abbot is highly intelligent. She knows there are only three kinds of people in this world, those that can count, and those that cant.

    • Lisa Christer
      Lisa Christer 2 years ago +3

      @TheNeverslept One you don't know that and two education can be taught, intelligence can't and three I doubt she can count past 10 without removing her tights and four even if you are right about that still doesn't mean I'm wrong.

    • TheNeverslept
      TheNeverslept 2 years ago +3

      Abbott is a lot more highly educated than you.

  • Marshall Maware
    Marshall Maware 2 years ago +1

    "stand as an independent Conservative". Who in their right mind will vote for you after wind rush and your remainerism

  • Chris Wilde
    Chris Wilde 2 years ago +38

    Wonder if she's another one heading for the Limp-Dems?

    • Chris Wilde
      Chris Wilde 2 years ago +1

      @whysa4 lol..

    • Mungo Pearce
      Mungo Pearce 2 years ago

      @President Elect Zigenpuss weird flex, but okay.

    • Seer Seerwealth
      Seer Seerwealth 2 years ago +4

      Monday first thing.

    • charles
      charles 2 years ago +2

      Brilliant Chris - did you get help with this? ... be honest now

  • Bulgarian English Property Translation

    I do not even see the Queen/parliament as legitimate anymore.

    • hinden berg
      hinden berg 2 years ago

      we are all just her 'subjects' dont forget

  • Joseph Dyson
    Joseph Dyson 2 years ago +3

    Not a Brexiteer, but for her continuation of Duncan Smith’s evil universal credit policy, I’m glad she’s gone!!

  • Mansuit
    Mansuit 2 years ago

    Ringing endorsement for the new streamlined Conservative party 👍

  • darren voysey
    darren voysey 2 years ago +3

    she's been someone who knows the inside-out, the desires and home secretary, formerly (yes, and so was theresa may), she is the worst enemy (for the pm)...she doesn't mince her words and could become a pied-piper...aka a domino coup, but will definitely have been a breach of boris' trust...the saga continues!

  • Steve Thomas
    Steve Thomas 2 years ago +19

    Ruddy hell. One thing you can say for Boris is he has a knack for flushing out the traitors. Keep going Boz, get us to an election, we shall do the rest.

  • Albert Rowe
    Albert Rowe 2 years ago +3

    They know the game is up and we would get rid of them anyway, better to know where she is than still posing as something she is not, good riddance, still a few more to "come out!".

  • Гареф
    Гареф 2 years ago

    'well when Boris actually seemed to be going through with his promise of no deal I was surprised as I never normally do what I promise so why should he'

  • Psy crow
    Psy crow 2 years ago +41

    She’s a remainer, who has timed her resignation just to try and cause trouble. If she was genuinely outraged over the enforcement of party discipline then she would have quit days ago.

    • Smoney
      Smoney 2 years ago +1

      She supported the tories, who have been trying to leave, ever since the process started. Why do you see Boris’ actions pushing long-standing conservatives out of the party as them being “remainers causing trouble”?

    • Berty
      Berty 2 years ago +2

      Seeing the world through your eyes must be a very strange experience

    • Joshua Birch
      Joshua Birch 2 years ago +2

      frogmorton it’s laughable that he said that tbf

    • frogmorton
      frogmorton 2 years ago

      lol, "days" ago

  • strange lee
    strange lee 2 years ago +1

    Just exactly WHEN did the CONSERVATIVE party turn into NEW LABOUR?
    Did i miss something?

  • Yankeec
    Yankeec 2 years ago +6

    Must have been a bit cramped in that cabinet I don’t blame her

  • Quag Mire
    Quag Mire 2 years ago +72

    Winging career politicians. Pay back your wages and refuse that entire years salary you get when voted out.

    • Robert
      Robert 2 years ago

      If they just paid tax and national insurance on what they got that would be a good start.

    • Trevor W
      Trevor W 2 years ago

      Did you mean 'Whinging'? Career politician? She had long career before she ever got elected and her seat is not 'safe' so it's unlikely she ever thought that.

    • C b
      C b 2 years ago +2

      Fourty years wage playbacks, it's obvious our politicians havn't been representing their constituencies since the inception of the EU. Our civil service and permanent secretaries have been running the UK via the EU for decades.

  • Bill Bixbey
    Bill Bixbey 2 years ago +10

    No great loss, was always a remainer. More a liberal than a real Tory. The swamp is being cleansed bit by bit.

  • Peter Marden
    Peter Marden 2 years ago

    The Conservatives have spent 3 years trying to get a deal!

  • Dean Mullen
    Dean Mullen 2 years ago +4

    Had a interview all in place all this is just for publicity

  • The Warder
    The Warder 2 years ago

    Anyone else think we will have a Conservative/ Brexit party coalition after the next election?

  • Mahesh Subra
    Mahesh Subra 2 years ago

    Glad she's trying to reclaim the moderate Conservative vibe she initially had.

  • hannah60000
    hannah60000 2 years ago

    To be fair, the EU has stated there is no other deal, so preparation for no deal (that was probably lacking) needed to be done, no?

  • denbydish
    denbydish 2 years ago +26

    Haven't we had enough work on a deal? 3 years? Move on.

    • pindrop
      pindrop 2 years ago +1

      @frenchie jones no we voted to leave.

    • pindrop
      pindrop 2 years ago

      @frenchie jones at a bargain price of 1billion a month... sounds cool?

  • Sibusiso Mngadi
    Sibusiso Mngadi 2 years ago +16

    2019, The rats are leaving the ship...
    What a choice us poor voters have!!!
    Have you ever heard of any politician who came out worse off OR poorer than when they went in???

  • World traveller Tribesman

    Well done Amber.👍👍👍😎

  • Stephen Lambourne
    Stephen Lambourne 2 years ago

    She was always there put in place by those that control her and was ready to stop Boris and Brexit and she jumped when she could do most damage.

  • Kevin Dixon
    Kevin Dixon 2 years ago +16

    Well that's one bit of good news from this government... good riddance

  • Rob W
    Rob W 2 years ago

    I said when she joined the cabinet it was a case of "friends close, enemies closer"

  • mark woodall
    mark woodall 2 years ago +15

    Jumped before the election result if it ever happens she only had a 400 vote majority bye no loss.

  • RM 713
    RM 713 2 years ago +23

    Who will take up her place to clean up the mess of Universal Credit?

    • Honey glazed Gammon
      Honey glazed Gammon 2 years ago

      @CJ aka DirtyBrit Nope, nothing to do with government. At least have the decency to say to say seek taxpayers money.

    • President Elect Zigenpuss
      President Elect Zigenpuss 2 years ago

      @Honey glazed Gammon might help with illegal immigration...

    • Honey glazed Gammon
      Honey glazed Gammon 2 years ago +1

      If only we had a Conservative government who had the balls to abolish it and replace it with nothing.

  • nathan ralph
    nathan ralph 2 years ago +1

    Dont let the door hit you on the way out. God we need an election. These people should resign like real people. Leave with no money.

  • Cork Evans
    Cork Evans 2 years ago

    I’m heartened by all the support she’s getting from the electorate... oh, she isn’t; what a surprise! Career chancer

  • Rogue Fox
    Rogue Fox 2 years ago +4

    dont let the door hit you on the way out amber

  • missmsquare
    missmsquare 2 years ago

    I finally found comments that makes sense....been arguing pointlessly with my coworkers....fed up. We voted to leave. Many MPs area voted to leave yet vote to delay or stop it time and time again. If it was remain I would have respected their vote and moved on.....3 years they are dragging it out and in so doing insulting the people who voted. Yes, call another referendum....I will vote leave again and so will many people....perhaps people would then understand we want to or no deal....I am happy to make sacrifices and can survive on little money and food...been doing it my whole life...nothing to lose....been working hard and paying taxes foe years....went back to work with stitches after surgeries....I can grow food and don't need their cheese or booze....tired of unelected EU dealings....
    If people want to vote remain then add this to the criteria - leave the pound sterling too and use euro and let UK citizens claim benefits and get social housing in other EU countries and vote in EU laws and directives.....

  • R Krw
    R Krw 2 years ago

    conservative MPs with moderate, progressive ideas...? The mysteries of British politics!

  • magalla Madge
    magalla Madge 2 years ago +1

    Well done Amber Rudd. No deal Brexit should never happen. democracy is protecting us from no deal. Folks calm down, Brexit will happen once we have a leader who will communicate will parliament. 💜

    • Potato
      Potato 2 years ago

      Crikey, a sensible comment among a sea of twattery.

  • dcikaruga
    dcikaruga 2 years ago +4

    Has it crossed her mind, that Johnoson was planning on a hard brexit all along?

    • dcikaruga
      dcikaruga 2 years ago

      @cyberman dalek The country and the house is still so divided over everything, she's just an example. Anyway, I wouldn't miss Johnson one bit if he ends up the shortest serving PM in British history, but we're still back on square one!!!!!

    • cyberman dalek
      cyberman dalek 2 years ago

      Yes it did. All done for effect.

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown 2 years ago

    Brexit and the Conservative party imploding. What could be more wonderful?

  • HaggisOfDeath
    HaggisOfDeath 2 years ago +4

    Good riddance. Can we get some MPs who actually do the will of the PEOPLE? The people voted for BREXIT. Give us BREXIT. Parliament is supposed to REPRESENT the PEOPLE. Parliament is not supposed to RULE the people. BREXIT now!

  • Jake B
    Jake B 2 years ago +11

    Good riddance 😀 Boris will be stronger without carrying dead weight. #representthepeople #outmeansout

  • Don't Trip
    Don't Trip 2 years ago

    Conservatives with "progressive values"... Managed to get some lies in even in that short statement, she really is a true Conservative! But at least some of them have had the fortitude to do the right thing for a change, I'll take that.

  • marky marks
    marky marks 2 years ago

    Now the cabinet has had a good clean out I hope Boris has the minerals to see this through and give the people who voted what they want, come on Boris let’s do this for the real people !

  • Markjon Foster
    Markjon Foster 2 years ago

    if we can't get justice in a unit we'll get it by trying them 1 by 1 by 1 and so it beings

  • David Knight
    David Knight 2 years ago +13

    She described mps that were excluded from the party as “good, strong Conservative MPs with true, moderate, progressive values”
    And that is why they don't belong in the CONSERVATIVE party and neither do you. WELL DONE BORIS!

    • David Knight
      David Knight 2 years ago +1

      @Rmx of course it is both labour and the conservatives were voted in on a manifesto to LEAVE they meaning the rebel conservatives and almost all of labour are going against their own manifesto commitments to their electorate..... I.E. a rogue parliment which is working for the EU not the UK

    • Rmx
      Rmx 2 years ago

      @David Knight it doesn't. the parliment isn't 'rogue'.

    • David Knight
      David Knight 2 years ago +1

      @James Simonson this is true tbf and I'd say leaving the EU is a very conservative thing seen as all the far left fanatics have flocked to the other side. Brexit is about 'conserving' out culture, customs and traditions leaving the EU is about conserving power so that it stays in the UK and no laws are passed nor taxes raised except by our own elected representatives that's conservative. And those mps are answerable to US at the ballot box.

    • David Knight
      David Knight 2 years ago

      @Rmx same again it's a law passed by a rogue parliment who are going back on their manifestos at that point it becomes null and void

    • James Simonson
      James Simonson 2 years ago

      You do realise that Boris is socially liberal and progressive in every sense, dont you? Find me one CONSERVATIVE policy which he has supported throughout his political career

  • Chriswhitt 66
    Chriswhitt 66 2 years ago +61

    To little to late. Rats jumping ship springs to mind.

  • lewisner
    lewisner 2 years ago

    A "deal" involves us giving £39 billion of taxpayers money to the EU. That's unacceptable. I hope she enjoys her future career running a cake shop.