Chimp Living Alone on an Island For Years Gets A Big Surprise | Dodo Heroes

  • Published on Jul 10, 2018
  • Chimp Living Alone on an Island For Years Gets A Big Surprise | This abandoned chimp has lived alone on an island for years - but these rescuers are about to introduce him to someone special. Watch the season finale of Dodo Heroes this Saturday (7/14) @ 9pm EST on Animal Planet or stream ALL episodes, available on the Animal Planet GO app. #DodoHeroes
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Comments • 433

  • 5426 5426
    5426 5426 4 days ago


  • CrookedShorts
    CrookedShorts 7 days ago

    Wow, thanks for cutting the end.

  • gillespiegroves
    gillespiegroves 14 days ago

    what? Show the meeting.

  • Venkatesh B
    Venkatesh B 27 days ago


  • Linda Christensen
    Linda Christensen Month ago

    Videos with no end opting out

  • Adrian K
    Adrian K Month ago

    WTF, *seriously* why even bother to put this up without an ending..... or at the least *PART FUCKING 2*

  • MegaGary1960
    MegaGary1960 Month ago

    I wont be watching anymore thanks

  • JSJ L
    JSJ L Month ago

    OMG .... The lonliness he must have felt. Seriously, I f--cking hate those that left him there to suffer.

  • ufaira zakia
    ufaira zakia Month ago

    his pack death by him self...chimps is carnivore....the dominant...will be kill others

  • 108johnny
    108johnny Month ago

    Clickbaiting bastards!

  • jay long
    jay long Month ago

    Some people enjoy being alone maybe the same with chimps

  • Boss man1984
    Boss man1984 2 months ago

    WHAT happened to the end !!!!!

  • Caleb Gardner
    Caleb Gardner 2 months ago

    Poor chimp

  • Gamer Izzy xo
    Gamer Izzy xo 4 months ago

    *The beginning tho* 😍😍💕

  • mary al
    mary al 4 months ago

    Bless you and yours ❣️ LOVE ❣️💞💞

  • Patricia Howard
    Patricia Howard 4 months ago

    seriously??? screw you guys you are assholes!!!

  • MrElPoderozo1
    MrElPoderozo1 4 months ago

    I hate the zoo. We have no right as humans to cage this animals so that someone make money of them. Sorry but I think is wrong.

  • ApplePie 2019
    ApplePie 2019 4 months ago

    Just be careful. Chimps can rip you apart. They're very unpredictable. Thank you for introducing them.

  • alphadawn2015 lennon
    alphadawn2015 lennon 4 months ago

    well, that was an anti climax

  • One Lonely Boi
    One Lonely Boi 4 months ago

    epic games

  • rawdog42
    rawdog42 4 months ago

    We didn't evolve from monkeys.
    We de-evolved.

  • KLJF
    KLJF 5 months ago

    capitalists dont understand DOES NOT COMPUTE

  • Lisa May
    Lisa May 5 months ago +1

    Why did they cut it off at the most critical moment?? UUGGHH!!

  • Filzah Mahmood
    Filzah Mahmood 5 months ago

    Why the hell are they in cages???

    • Errol
      Errol 4 months ago

      For transportation purposes

  • captain Cracker
    captain Cracker 5 months ago

    Oh. Don’t worry about the ending, fucking cocksuckers.

  • KL G
    KL G 5 months ago

    Thank you for trying!

  • g C
    g C 5 months ago

    I mean I know they need to do research to save human fly lives

  • g C
    g C 5 months ago

    It's actually better just to put them to sleep and put them out of their misery

  • g C
    g C 5 months ago

    Who did this to him... Why would they leave him by himself was he psycho after they got through with him couldn't they have put a couple of more out there I'm sure they have more they've been experimenting on why did they wait this long

  • Daniel Madden
    Daniel Madden 5 months ago

    These people have no knowledge or experience with chimps. Why do they hire a bunch of know nothing's who are emotional wrecks. Get people who know what there doing this is embarrassing. Go play with your dolls. Stop making videos about you.

  • meena Vedi
    meena Vedi 6 months ago

    N Letting them into cage ???

  • Serenityafterall
    Serenityafterall 6 months ago

    The Title said...........😐

  • Jeff Cranford
    Jeff Cranford 6 months ago

    Where is the other half to the story? What happened?

  • Jason Harris
    Jason Harris 6 months ago

    Well that was pointless

  • Kassu
    Kassu 6 months ago +2

    I'll shed some light on the ending here.
    Both chimps are well, but it seems like Ponso will stay a hermit on his island and Nikla will have to get used to life at the zoo, at least for the time being.

  • ally haze
    ally haze 6 months ago

    Sick bastards. Do you really believe your doing the best for them. Keep telling yourself that, twisted sicko 's. Why are they on a island. What did you do to them that they can't mix with there own. The people in this video should b shot. God will not forgive. & shame on dodo for this vid

  • michelle rosemarie flynn


  • leslie phipps
    leslie phipps 6 months ago

    i bloody hate it when thay make it a two part why you do that not bothering with 2nd part

  • Lotto
    Lotto 6 months ago

    This video is much more sad rather than uplifting. Look at them "jail cells" they keep them chimps in. This is actually disgusting. Let them go. Anything is better than having them spend their lives in there.

  • Astute Bella
    Astute Bella 6 months ago +1

    So what happened? Where is the ending,? You're kidding, right!?

  • carmen capa
    carmen capa 6 months ago

    I'm pretty sure all animals look back at you. Like not chimps necessarily

  • Jim Crow
    Jim Crow 6 months ago

    We have no right to treat other creatures like this.

  • mongo0606
    mongo0606 6 months ago

    I thought the surprise was going to be smallpox

  • scoot
    scoot 6 months ago

    You're out of your fucking mind to go near a lonely adult chimp

  • Purple Orchid
    Purple Orchid 6 months ago

    Oh i love these videos! !! I see real intelligence and transparent emotions. 💕💞💓💋💋🌹🌷 falling in love nikkela and ponso!!!

  • sunrasusan
    sunrasusan 6 months ago +1

    bs not to show us. This is click bate.

  • Bri Goose
    Bri Goose 6 months ago

    What happened?????

  • ViridisAmbrosia
    ViridisAmbrosia 6 months ago

    Don't leave them alone!

  • Mel Yatsko
    Mel Yatsko 7 months ago

    When he reached his hand out, my heart melted!

  • Lexicon Capacitor
    Lexicon Capacitor 7 months ago

    Chimpanzees as a whole should be exterminated from The face of the Earth they are vicious savage nasty ass hole of animals

  • Dj Luminol
    Dj Luminol 7 months ago

    Seriously? This is not a good thing unless there was no other option. 2 chimps isn't enough for an effective social group. Ponso had the option to go to another sanctuary. Instead the female chimp came to him traumatising her with a poor social environment instead of sending them both to a place with a proper amount of chimps. Not only that but Ponso is alone because the 8 or 9 other chimps he was living with just disappeared or were found dead for unexplained reasons. Ponsos area isn't safe unless that was explained satisfactorily. I recognise finding perfect isn't reality but there was nowhere else the female chimp or Ponso could go either alone or together? If not this is better than nothing otherwise a disservice to both chimps was done.

  • Fedora Harris
    Fedora Harris 7 months ago

    How could they leave us hanging like that?

  • Simon Tuffs
    Simon Tuffs 7 months ago

    Can you imagine 16 years of peacefulness....... and then some woman turns up.

  • huge creature
    huge creature 7 months ago

    had to dislike because I get no cable and I live in the usa

  • Someone's snatched weave.

    Me: *CRIES LIKE A BABY* That was in "Planet of the Apes!" T_T

  • Tammy Stratford
    Tammy Stratford 7 months ago

    The meeting with Nikla must have gone badly. Please update the story.

  • Anne Taylor
    Anne Taylor 7 months ago

    There are 410 sub humans here that I dont ever want to know or meet.

  • Leanne Moores
    Leanne Moores 7 months ago

    How could the lab just abandon him to his fate. Thank God these rescuers found him and rehabilitated for a return to the wild. I hope Ponsonand Niklia get along. 🦍🦍

  • Thomas P
    Thomas P 7 months ago

    I got baited so hard at the end...

  • Mike Mcdonnell
    Mike Mcdonnell 7 months ago

    I'm afraid of chimps th hey ripped off that womans face remrmber

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 7 months ago

    Why are they wearing masks. Do the chimps have viruses or something?

  • Paulie Walnuts
    Paulie Walnuts 7 months ago

    they say they should be free yet they encage them still....smh

  • Imgonnagogetthepapers getthepapers

    I'm no zoologist DAFUK do you think it wise to introduce at night?

  • Midnight Excess
    Midnight Excess 7 months ago

    They did not finish the story coz there's no story .. Nikla never been able to approach his friend and ponso still live alone on his island .. Poncho never accepted her

  • Regina Wilson
    Regina Wilson 7 months ago

    Why do you have them in cages/prison?why?

  • Sherry Jackson
    Sherry Jackson 7 months ago

    This is very sad to be alone like that all by yourself for 5 years everything works out in the end so greatful for this amazing video thanks for sharing

  • king Monkey
    king Monkey 7 months ago

    Ponso didn't except her and she went back

  • Richie Anthony
    Richie Anthony 7 months ago

    Why cant they just realese them they will come together on thier own god made perfect in his image but i see man destroy everything and control everything how sad.

  • Steve Chevy
    Steve Chevy 7 months ago

    I took my son to the zoo as he climbed up the fence to get a better look a baby oranatang climbed up his fence to look at my son when I and the ape mother at the same time pulled our babies down from fence their special animals really special to hurt one or kill one in my mind it's pure murder

  • Doug H. in VA
    Doug H. in VA 7 months ago

    yeah... talk baby-talk to a lonely chimpanzee and the brand new one. fucking over-educated idiots.

  • texabara
    texabara 7 months ago

    What happened!!!!???!!!!??!!

  • I Play 2 Win Truth Seeker

    This is so awesome !!

  • Nova Yellow
    Nova Yellow 7 months ago

    What a scam. I will never watch Animal Planet now

  • Enat P
    Enat P 7 months ago

    Oh the disasters us humans create by interfering with nature - something that most seem to have completely lost touch with a long time ago. This to me is not even close to a happy story.

  • Shay Hawkins
    Shay Hawkins 7 months ago

    Animals don’t belong in a damn zoo !

  • Blossoming Reason
    Blossoming Reason 7 months ago

    What kind of 'zoo' puts ist chimpanzees apart from one another?

  • Scribble Artie
    Scribble Artie 7 months ago

    Well guess I'm going to imagine that they all get along just fine and have lots of babies and all live happily on their island. Why not give an update for all the people who don't live in the US, huh? Its not just US citizens who follow Ponso's life - he has fans ALL over the world.

  • Alexis Kasperavičius
    Alexis Kasperavičius 7 months ago

    If this channel keeps up this clickbait it will soon be extinct like its namesake. Blocking from feed.

  • Luz Renteria
    Luz Renteria 7 months ago

    wtf they take an animal to a deserted island when they are used to human companionship and being fed. what are they going to eat now? another miserable video, never watching them again.

  • sweiland75
    sweiland75 7 months ago

    ...still watching...waiting...

  • Andy
    Andy 7 months ago

    WTF.., thats like reading a book to find some cunts ripped the last 7 pages out.

  • 1kallay
    1kallay 8 months ago +1

    Dodo can stick their half stories up their arses, they won't get me again.

  • Amy Bee
    Amy Bee 8 months ago

    Cut it with the stupid clickbaity cliffhangers, Dodo, you've been awesome for so long, don't piss off your fans.

  • portgas d. audrey
    portgas d. audrey 8 months ago

    If we have to watch it somewhere else at least tell us what episode to look for

  • Mr. NotSoCreative
    Mr. NotSoCreative 8 months ago

    Zoo? Looks like a prison. Y’all can’t afford some dirt or shrubs in the corner?

  • prolo
    prolo 8 months ago

    Fucking labs...what they do to these smart lil dudes..

  • Magd. S.
    Magd. S. 8 months ago

    Not at all clear what is happening and how these two chimps do meet...a pity....

  • Lance Manyon
    Lance Manyon 8 months ago

    Why not show the first contact ? To much jumping around and not showing the process of bringing her to her new home.

  • Caroline Siegel
    Caroline Siegel 8 months ago


  • Christopher Morrissey
    Christopher Morrissey 8 months ago

    the ending was greeeeaaaat.

  • Anna Summers
    Anna Summers 8 months ago

    I worry about you being part of Animal Planet. They are owned by ALEC now. ALEC all works for each other's interests. The NRA, Safari Club International are now all ALEC members. That is why Animal Planet, History, and Discover have become so brutish and dishonest when it comes to wildlife... Be careful. These globalist corporations seem to have decided to make people fear, and hate animals..

    • Sally Lemon
      Sally Lemon 8 months ago

      if they can swindle on animal news.. now i can see why the BBC CNN political news are even more bullshitting including accusing Muslims terrorists

  • Free Conomics
    Free Conomics 8 months ago

    Oh great, another civilization where patriarchy will be established. Feminist will hate this set up.

  • Vic Toria
    Vic Toria 8 months ago +1

    I just unsubscribed.

  • Nini N
    Nini N 8 months ago

    Humans are the scourge of the planet!!

  • ThatOneGuy _02
    ThatOneGuy _02 8 months ago

    I like how they talk about this big supervise but never show the clip of it leaving us with pure disappointment

  • A Freeman
    A Freeman 8 months ago

    Don't let their children inbreed.

  • Darrin Ros
    Darrin Ros 8 months ago

    Buddies see God want us to help his creation. Good job folks. You will be rewarded in heaven,

  • vinc robinso
    vinc robinso 8 months ago +1

    i expectd the meeting, smh dislike......... dodo your a ass

  • Momo H
    Momo H 8 months ago +1

    Dodo, at the time of ur posting, you knew it didnt work out and Nikla was seriously injured. Why give us false hope?

  • lucy girl
    lucy girl 8 months ago

    Man, I really despise chimps. Thank goodness for those people