What If You Try To Lift a Negative Mass?

  • Published on May 18, 2021
  • I show what how negative mass would act in real life. More on the subject ( arxiv.org/pdf/1308.2683.pdf )
    See the full video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAJlg...
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  • Enuma Elish
    Enuma Elish Year ago +17052

    This man just casually asked me what I think as if I'm in any way qualified to be making inferences on the nature of the laws of our universe. I'm flattered.

    • JellyCORE
      JellyCORE 5 months ago

      @James Cipriano I agree with the part about other qualities being really valuable, as well, in situations some peeps might not expect them to "be useful" in, too! ^^ They're really important, too!

    • paras
      paras 5 months ago

      Smartest people don’t make you feel dumb, they make you feel smart

    • Sheeeit Mayn
      Sheeeit Mayn 5 months ago

      @Sgt. Hartman there are most definitely a plethora of scientist that have much fimrwr grasps on the concept than normal people what are you talking about? Haha. I mean there is a difference between not having a clue and actually having data to back your claim and moat normal peolle don't know how to record or use that data so, yeah.

    • Sheeeit Mayn
      Sheeeit Mayn 5 months ago

      He didn't casually ask you anything lmao

    • Thunder Life Studios
      Thunder Life Studios 5 months ago

      But you are, you just will be wrong more than someone who doe understand stuff but maybe you might think outside the box. You just would probably not be able to prove it practically.

  • Opsity
    Opsity 5 months ago +3080

    "What do you think?"
    Me who has no clue what he said: I agree

    • Strine
      Strine 4 months ago

      I reckon theoretically it is possible but how negative mass could come to be is beyond our comprehension

    • Giménez Demian
      Giménez Demian 4 months ago +2

      I concur*

    • Opsity
      Opsity 4 months ago +1

      @Jair M Yeah, I had to join them to feel cool

    • Don't Panic! At the Arctic Monkeys and Tøp concert
    • Jair M
      Jair M 5 months ago +2

      strange that your reply is so like every other comments format here. funny how that works!

  • The Katinator
    The Katinator 5 months ago +1536

    I guess it goes back to the age old question: does the universe adhere to mathematical laws, or are mathematical laws just a useful tool humans created to describe the universe?

    • T G
      T G 2 months ago

      @Emmy Sea This. I believe maths is just our interpretation of reality, and as such is also a language. Or rather, a part of language. It does some specific things, and is absolute pants at most other communication and interpretation.

    • buh ZS
      buh ZS 2 months ago

      The latter sounds more accurate

    • Sazoku Otsutsuki
      Sazoku Otsutsuki 2 months ago

      math is made to help humans comprehend how things work, and not change the laws of universe.

    • FlochBasedKing
      FlochBasedKing 4 months ago

      I think the universe has its laws. And mathematics is the way us humans can interpret, understand and teach them.

      HOMO SAPIEN. 4 months ago

      Mathematics is the ultimate form of universe knowledge.

  • Cupcake’dAt5AM
    Cupcake’dAt5AM 5 months ago +2934

    “What do you think?”
    As if the most complicated scientific think i’ve ever done wasn’t a drawing of the water cycle with a ten pack of markers

    • SusNoJutsu
      SusNoJutsu 2 months ago

      @buh ZS Yes it is. When neutron stars go brr and spin they make pulses.

    • buh ZS
      buh ZS 2 months ago

      @SusNoJutsu isn't a pulsar something about neutron stars or something? (Ik it's unrelated but was just curious)

    • buh ZS
      buh ZS 2 months ago +1

      @Michael Davis that's what some scientist said about imaginary numbers not making sense and look at physics now..

    • Kaya Polizzi
      Kaya Polizzi 4 months ago +1

      @Michael Davis a -1 orange is an invisible force that makes the 1st orange you pick up in a group disappear from your hand ✋ 😀

    • SusNoJutsu
      SusNoJutsu 4 months ago +4

      @Michael Davis There are lots of things once can't imagine, having that be the basis of your argument isn't very good. For example, can you imagine a pulsar? (assuming you don't know it), you can't imagine what you don't know. I can't imagine me having good grades but that doesn't mean it's impossible and doesn't exist. While it's probably true that it doesn't exist, you reasoning is the problem. It probably only doesn't exist in this universe but it can exist in this dimension.

  • Mlg pro player 291
    Mlg pro player 291 5 months ago +456

    That's how I feel living with a Cosmic Eldritch being would be like.
    It just casually asks your opinion on the laws of the universe, with an honest curiosity, expecting you to have the answers. All that while the question itself gives you so much confusion that it's enough to drive you insane.

    • The Potato Sapien
      The Potato Sapien Month ago +1

      New conspiracy theory: this guy is a super intelligent alien that’s coming to share his wisdom with us

    • FlochBasedKing
      FlochBasedKing 4 months ago

      @The Kaz kos, or some say kosm

    • BuruRu
      BuruRu 4 months ago +1

      @Lowkey Lokii giant flying spaghetti god

    • Lowkey Lokii
      Lowkey Lokii 4 months ago +1

      spaghetti monsters

    • Godly Dra
      Godly Dra 4 months ago +1

      Not all of them are tentacle monsters.

  • Ryan T.A
    Ryan T.A 5 months ago +7161

    *"Yo mama so skinny she got a negative mass"* there you go, demonstrated.

    • MediocreMuffin
      MediocreMuffin 4 months ago

      @Riyaadh It’s basically an endless cycle of “Yo mama”, “not my mama Yo mama”, “no not mine, yours”

    • Xertic94
      Xertic94 4 months ago +2

      @Emmy Oh well. You understood what I meant to write though

    • Emmy
      Emmy 4 months ago +4

      @Xertic94 Uh, the negative mass brings it toward you💀 So the person wouldn't really be ugly.

    • Sircloudoof
      Sircloudoof 4 months ago +1


    • colourblind introvert
      colourblind introvert 4 months ago +1

      @NyanboMusic its not mass its the weight that goes to infinity. making my gravity same. its not the stars and blackholes rushing right ? its my shuttle. either you probably missed the part i said its theroretical or i didnt understand that you said :)

  • Dean Aizpuru-Bartlett
    Dean Aizpuru-Bartlett 5 months ago +455

    I love these shorts, filled as physics puzzles to figure out.
    8th grade science Teacher here- Why does the ball appear to go forwards? Inertia. The water has more inertia since it has more mass (more stuff to move in a given space). So it takes more force than the ball to speed it up at the same rate.
    F=ma. The amount of force moving the whole system (ball and water) is the same. What's different? Their mass. The ball, compared to the water, will accelerate more with the same amount of force.
    This can get longer and more boring but if you understand the matter in the universe as tiny particles that don't want to get too close or far it helps. And understanding how Newtons laws play a role (like f=ma)
    Looking up why cold air sinks as opposed to hot air rises might elaborate on some related ideas.
    I'll shut up now- I'm getting rambly

    • Eric Purvis
      Eric Purvis 4 months ago

      @Hunky all relatable coincidences with different masses and density, atmospheric pressure and all that, but I'm saying trying to push a helium balloon in a container cause it's a controllable area and can possibly control what gas you put in the container, especially if you were to use a vacuum chamber, you could easily suck out the air and replace it with pure oxygen, rather than our regular air which consists of so many other gases

    • Hunky
      Hunky 4 months ago +1

      >Looking up why cold air sinks as opposed to hot air rises might elaborate on some related ideas.
      its because cold airs more dense isnt it, thermal expansion or smth?
      just guessing here

    • Eric Purvis
      Eric Purvis 4 months ago

      @Axqu7227 makes complete sense, say the ball is .8oz and the water is 12oz (not fluid), so now I wonder, could there possibly be a similar phenomenon like say putting a helium balloon in a container of oxygen and moving it? Oh action lab! Haha

    • Axqu7227
      Axqu7227 4 months ago +1

      @Eric Purvis Then it becomes a reference frame question! "Negative" in this case would just mean "less than the water." Nobody would ever talk like this, but it's kinda like saying that the number 5 is negative relative to the number 10; that is, "if 10 was defined to be the new 0, then 5 would be a negative number." If the water's mass was defined to be zero, then the ball's mass would be negative. You can make certain calculations a lot easier by changing the reference frame like that.

    • LoonsieOsu
      LoonsieOsu 4 months ago

      @Cohen Smith All military instructors are terrible at being in the military then.

  • Aidan MacDonald
    Aidan MacDonald 5 months ago +78

    I’m far from a physicist but my guess would be that negative mass works as a mathematical concept in the same way that we can use positive currents in our calculations even though they don’t technically exist.

    • onion Man
      onion Man 4 months ago +1

      @Eric Klassen Not so fast. Mathematical modelling has been extremely succesful in predicting physics. Einstein's entire theory of relativity was based on mathematical modelling. The mass-energy equivelance was something that made sense on paper, but he never actually proved it experimentally.

    • Eric Klassen
      Eric Klassen 4 months ago +8

      As a math major, we all know that an equation is a mathematical model and doesn't make things appear in reality lol. I don't know what this guy was thinking with those equations as reasoning

    • Tribune Alpha
      Tribune Alpha 5 months ago +1


    • James Rowe
      James Rowe 5 months ago +11

      Bingo. This video shows the difference between a math major who calls themselves a "physicist" or "scientist" and, ya know, ACTUAL physicists and scientists.

  • Clay Allison
    Clay Allison 5 months ago +14

    In Metaphysics an important distinction to think about is that just because something is mathematically possible does not mean it is always actual, it can help figure out actual things and help us understand it, but it won’t necessarily need to realistically exist in order to do that, one base example would be negative numbers

    • Spice For Spice
      Spice For Spice 4 months ago

      @Jakub Adamczyk positive and negative charges are just opposites and negative charges aren't literally negative iirc (I might be wrong), kind of like how electrons with up and down spins aren't literally spinning up and down. But yeah, debt is a good point there. I meant more in the sense of negative mass though. Negative numbers are definitely useful for things like money, but you can't apply it to mass.

    • Jakub Adamczyk
      Jakub Adamczyk 4 months ago

      @Spice For Spice
      Positive and negative charge? xD
      Cash (positive) and debt (negative)?
      In physics even imaginary numbers are useful.

    • Spice For Spice
      Spice For Spice 4 months ago

      @Vernula Please explain how you can have a negative amount of something.

    • BoaPython
      BoaPython 4 months ago +3

      @Vernula Sure, it *could* be possible, and if so, then it has very interesting potential applications. But until such a point where we have actual evidence supporting this in real life, and not just theoretical numbers, it's moot point.
      You can propose any unfalsifiable claim and then argue that we should keep it in mind as a possibility. There are literally infinite unfalsifiable statements that *could* be made. If we had to constantly keep all of them in mind, we'd never get anything done. So it's much more logical to get evidence first and then propose a theory.
      Which is by no way trying to demean your point. Just trying to expound upon my viewpoint on the matter. Thanks for the conversation! ^_^

    • Vernula
      Vernula 4 months ago

      Is it not actual, or have we not found a way for it to be actual?
      Sorry, not trying Gotcha you, but I find it weird how so many people always seem to discount things that we can't prove but could theoretically work instead of leaving them in the back pocket to be kept in mind as a possibility.

  • MechaMutt
    MechaMutt 4 months ago +8

    I think that negative mass would be a horrifying force- instead of an object slowing down over time, or falling, or resisting being moved, it would fall upward, gain infinite speed, and just... become unstoppable.

  • Lucy Dunn
    Lucy Dunn 5 months ago +6230

    I love how he asked “what do you think?” As if I’m smart enough to have an opinion!! 😂

    • I don't know my name
      I don't know my name 4 months ago +1


    • JayHog1992
      JayHog1992 4 months ago +2

      @Salmon roe Guess so, but doesn't change the fact that even if you're right, lots of people want you to be wrong, regardless of circumstances.
      Internet is just a weird place overall...

    • Henry Johnson-Ville
      Henry Johnson-Ville 4 months ago +1

      I nearly had a heart attack when he showed those hefty math equations 😥😥

    • Salmon roe
      Salmon roe 4 months ago +1

      @JayHog1992 not exactly, people forget about the thinking part and often still are wrong wixh is the worst of both options.

    • JayHog1992
      JayHog1992 4 months ago +2

      @Salmon roe "It is better to think about something and be wrong than not thinking at all."
      I agree with that statement, but sadly the internet says otherwise most of the time. Especially in cesspools like twitter and Reddit.

  • TheProInDaGames
    TheProInDaGames 4 months ago +3

    Ok so, negative mass functions in math, and apparently, it lunges forward instead of dragging behind because of inertia when a force is applied.
    We still don't know what is pulling the universe apart, only that it is, and it's accelerating.
    Maybe negative mass is dark energy, or at least related to its effect, an inquantifiable force that applies constant motion to the spaces between regular matter, i'm no quantum physicist, but in a weird matter that makes sense.
    Has an expert already tried to draw a line between these two concepts? that might be an interesting idea, the concept of negative mass that accelerates when put in motion and excerts an opposite effect to that of gravity in normal mass definetly sounds like something that could explain dark energy

  • IntrinsicHyp
    IntrinsicHyp 4 months ago +5

    Mass is the measure of inertia, in other words, the resistance to a change in motion. If an object has negative mass, it would theoretically self propel when disturbed by an external force, violating the principal that energy cannot be created. Negative mass is therefore extremely unlikely. Also, just because it can fit into the equation, doesn't necessarily mean its true.

    • Kentotron Prototype
      Kentotron Prototype 4 months ago

      WAIT, anyway I think it would end up propelling you, kinda like a helium ballon, if you had a scale and you pushed down on it getting a weight and repeated the same action while pushing down on the top of the ballon (where it is rising) down onto the scale the force that is measured would decrease when compared with the two (assuming that you used the same amount of force for both).

    • Kentotron Prototype
      Kentotron Prototype 4 months ago

      Thats a good point, my assumption was that you wouldn't be able to interact with the object physically and thus you would just go through it, however after a quick google search I realized a object that you cant physically interact with would be light (kind off) which has a zero mass. So to have negative mass? Is it somehow easier to lift than nothing? If you were to try and lift it would it somehow help you propel its self upwards/in the direction you are pulling it from?
      Anyway I love your answer to the question.

  • Eivkiy
    Eivkiy 4 months ago +2

    I think negative mass is impossible, based on the fact that everything that exist has mass, with exceptions being Light and Vacuum.
    The experiment that was shown and kinda explained just shows that things lighter than the mass around it would be pushed in the same direction the container is pushed, as it would take more energy to move the heavier mass in the same direction instead of leaving it at the same place.
    What's bothering me the most in this short is the fact, air is implied to have zero mass, which is wrong as we all should know.
    Just because it's mathmatically possible doesn't mean it works in the real world. Rather it shows how incosistent math can (and cannot) be adapted into practice.
    Additionally, math is just a theoretical piece in the mind of humans, created by humans and nothing else.
    It was created to make these equations and formulas to picture ourselves what the power of anything is and what that means or could mean.
    Simply making numbers negative doesn't mean you can equally easily assume a conclusion to said change.

  • JohnnyNJonny
    JohnnyNJonny 4 months ago +2

    Considering objects that have normal mass often times weigh downwards, I think negative mass would actually float rather than be affected by gravity. The heavier something is, the more it's weight pulls down on you when you lift it up. Something light has the same effect, but less. And if something has neutral mass then lifting it and letting it go would render it remaining in the same position. This can be seen when objects are put in space.
    When you lift an object into space it pretty much experiences neutral mass. Since there's no gravity or enacting forces, then you can lift an object and if you can get it to stay in the same position without moving it at all, it will stay still forever.
    So think about this. If mass weighs down, and neutral mass stays in the same position, then wouldn't negative mass go up? If you tried to lift negative mass, it would likely hoist your arm up into the air at a certain speed depending on the amount of negative mass you're lifting.
    This being said, negative mass cannot exist on Earth. The only place it could be found would be in space where it would have neutral mass.

    • speedbumps
      speedbumps 4 months ago

      Imagine that you tried to push down on a heavy object that was resting on the ground. It wouldn't go anywhere but it would press down on the surface even harder and you would feel a push upwards from it as a reaction.
      If it were less than zero mass it would be trying to rise on it's own and never stop. If you tried to lift it you would simply push yourself away from it - downwards. It would not hoist your arm also upwards.

    • Poldovico
      Poldovico 4 months ago

      That's not necessarily the case. Do we know that a negative mass would produce an inverted gravitational field, or is mass in the laws of gravitation only relevant by its absolute value?
      I don't know the formulae, but if someone does, please elucidate.

  • Sam Da Kid
    Sam Da Kid Year ago +8073

    “Does negative mass exist?”
    Me sitting here being a mass of negativity lol

    • eh why not
      eh why not 10 months ago

      @FunnyGuy operation failed successfully

    • FunnyGuy
      FunnyGuy 10 months ago

      Trying to locate the funny.

    • TotalDan
      TotalDan 11 months ago +1

      Wow this thread is full of negative mass

    • Llama Del Fid
      Llama Del Fid 11 months ago

      @Mrs. Sprite So if someone made a joke about ur weight, u think that's funny?

    • Kulanjay Chavda
      Kulanjay Chavda 11 months ago

      Op 😂

  • Jupiter Assassin
    Jupiter Assassin  5 months ago +6

    I think if we found a negative mass lots of breakthroughs in science would be happening very fast. I think it would be really really cool too

  • Feathers
    Feathers 4 months ago

    sounds like a pretty neat topic, i find the whole "equations work just fine with negative mass" really interesting, im only just learning physics but it seems cool. it also kinda asks the question if math is just something we use to help understand whats around us or if everything around us adheres to math and its principles

  • 2792revs
    2792revs 5 months ago +5

    What do I think? I think you have a fantastic channel and your content keeps me glued to the screen whether it be 60 seconds or your full flix stuff.

  • Abunai Gaming
    Abunai Gaming 5 months ago +5

    The fact the "negative" mass and the normal ball below adjusted by what looked like an equal amount honestly blew my mind more than the concept itself

  • Sharple
    Sharple 11 months ago +34175

    I'm thinking about having tacos for dinner tonight

  • Human Person
    Human Person 4 months ago +2

    If two things with negative mass interact with each other, wouldn't the result look like it had positive mass? What if mass was ± or absolute value?

  • Aperture science guy
    Aperture science guy 4 months ago +2

    Well, to be honest our knowledge of the more intricate workings of the universe is rudimentary at best, it's impossible for us to know right now whether negative mass could be a possibility beecause there's just so much that we might not know yet about it

  • Adam B
    Adam B 5 months ago +1

    Mass exists because of interactions with the Higgs field, and depends on the flow of time as we experience it moving from past to future. Those equations may work with negative mass, because it's implied you are also working with negative time. Negative mass and positive time can't exist side by side because information can't travel faster than the speed of light. When you pull a string attached to a positive mass, that information is passed from atom to atom until it reaches the ball, which is how it "knows" where to go. On the other hand pulling a string attached to a negative mass would require that the information of where it's going to move backwards through time, i.e. faster than light.

  • Ekl Haft
    Ekl Haft 4 months ago

    In university I was taught about negative *effective* mass. This can occur for electrons in a solid as they respond to electromagnetic radiation. They don't actually have negative mass. It's just the interaction with the periodic potential of atoms (it might make an interesting video if you try to visualize it).

  • Psychles
    Psychles Year ago +5495

    Mathematicians: "What if we put a (-) in front?"
    "Dear god what have we done?"

    • Goabnb94
      Goabnb94 5 months ago +2

      Square root has a positive answer, nobody cares.
      Square root has a negative answer, AND EVERYONE LOSES THEIR MINDS!

    • Mr Stuff
      Mr Stuff 10 months ago +5

      *cries in complex numbers*

    • N.C. Pictures
      N.C. Pictures 11 months ago

      @mr sugar dear god, stop, please 😭

      MOHIT POONIA 11 months ago

      @mr sugar guys ..keep the 6 likes on this comment ..i like that am also not liking it .

    • Anuj
      Anuj 11 months ago +2

      You know some sins can't be forgiven, right?

  • Justaway_of_the_Samurai

    Matter as we know it (having positive mass) is bound to have gravitational force pulling between bodies at every scale, even atomic. This pull is represented by the formula F=G*(m1*m2)/r^2. Mathematically, 2 negative masses would still be pulled closer together, because the negatives cancel each other out in the formula. But if you compare a negative mass with a positive mass, the resulting force will be negative pushing the 2 bodies away. Assuming that negative mass atoms and positive mass atoms were equally distributed in the universe originally, the negatives will be drawn closer together while being repelled by the positives, and vice versa. Eventually the entire universe would become divided into 2 equal, and separate, halves, each being negative and positive respectively.

  • SJ Schauer
    SJ Schauer 4 months ago +1

    It's an interesting idea and harnessing it could be the key FTL and numerous other technologies. Negative mass could actually be the "holy grail" that makes even Star Wars Tech "realistic."

  • Crazy at Heart
    Crazy at Heart 5 months ago +1

    in quantum physics you gotta deal with the conundrum of having negative kinetic energy. since kinetic energy's equation is (mv^2)/2 and v^2 can never be negative (because velocity cannot be imaginary, as it's comprised of 3 real quantities: distance, time, and direction), then to get negative KE you gotta have negative mass.

  • Cheddar Shady
    Cheddar Shady 5 months ago +17

    Its just a misinterpretation of the equations to say that they imply negative mass imo. Theres lots equations that can be used with negative time or negative frequency, but that doesn't mean those quantities correlate to anything.

    • Isaiah
      Isaiah 5 months ago +1

      @vendingmachineofkidnapping thanks 👍

    • vendingmachineofkidnapping
      vendingmachineofkidnapping 5 months ago +1

      @Isaiah "imo" means in my opinion in internet slang

    • Isaiah
      Isaiah 5 months ago

      No but if they work with negative mass a pretty good but still low chance that’s what he was implying
      btw what the “imo” for?😄

    • Me King Tiger
      Me King Tiger 5 months ago +1

      "Immeasurable Speed"...

    DEUS VULT, INFIDEL 4 months ago +1

    "What do you think?"
    I think that just because something is theoretically possible doesn't mean it actually exists. Something that can happen may happen, but that it can is no guarantee that it has or will without first being enacted by someone with a will and the requisite technology to so do.

  • Bones Capone
    Bones Capone 17 days ago

    I'm gonna go with just the Newtonian Physics equation, since that's by far the simplest: a negative mass with a positive acceleration would lead to the force also being negative. It is effectively just a reference frame shift from what your hand imparts on the ball/string, to what the ball and string imparts on your hand.

  • Jorge Gutiérrez
    Jorge Gutiérrez 5 months ago

    I love the concept, i have seen this kind of things in videogames programing videos so im kinda familiar with the concept, but i never have thought how would It be in the real life really cool and interesting

  • Ivan J
    Ivan J 4 months ago +17

    The laws of physics don’t govern physics, they’re just theoretical constructs that describe physics. I’m not saying negative mass doesn’t exist, but I am saying we have no real reason to believe it does

  • Rockstar Raccoon
    Rockstar Raccoon 5 months ago

    All I keep thinking is, just because we don't observe something happening in front of us in nature, doesn't mean it can't somehow be done. It's very possible that things like negative mass, or as it effectively implies, faster than light travel, are possible to do, just that whatever mechanism could create them is so complex that we wouldn't observe it in nature.

    CHIME 4 months ago +15

    "What do you think will happen when you lift negative mass?"
    The game crashes

    • Simboiss
      Simboiss 4 months ago +1

      The object, and possibly you, who may stay attached to said object, fly off outside the boundaries of the universe.

  • Diogo Cruz
    Diogo Cruz 4 months ago

    I think it's pretty straightforward: it's like doing pull-ups and handstand push-up. If we had negative mass/weight we would do pull-ups and handstands upside-down so you could still target more effectively the back muscles. Having negative mass would help us in the first instances of the movement (either pushing or pulling) but the efforts/difficulty would increase as we instantly switched directions of the movement (either pushing or pulling) finally feeling the negative mass, now acting as normal/positive mass until the force of the weight "realizes" the new direction it's meant to be going finally helping again the individual to perform and complete the rep. This would repeat it self everytime an individual with negative mass would perform this exercises on the pull up bar. The effects and the performance would be the same ( pull ups and handstand push-up) , but upside-down (so we could pull to perform pull-ups and we could push to do handstand push-ups) so we can target the right muscles demanded by the exercises.

  • Ant Bereishit
    Ant Bereishit 4 months ago +1

    When you lift negative mass what actually happens is that the mass lifts you.
    Yes, thanks, I'll take the Nobel Prize in physics now.

  • IslamJam
    IslamJam Year ago +7791

    Conclusion, the ball just has better ping than us

    • HEYJO77
      HEYJO77 4 months ago

      yeah most probaly!

    • Python Otaku
      Python Otaku 10 months ago +1

      @RobinYourHouse r/wooooooooooooooooosh

    • Hello and good bye
      Hello and good bye 11 months ago

      @Arcangel0723 i mean that the technical way to put but he wasn't wrong u just overcomplicating things when it was correct if u cant even interact with the game because of lag then it isn't smooth not everything needs a full explanation

    • ARTY
      ARTY 11 months ago

      It all makes sense now

    • Diljot Singh Bajwa
      Diljot Singh Bajwa 11 months ago

      @apoorv 438965 ba dum tssss!!!

  • rollypollyolie
    rollypollyolie 5 months ago

    Could this theoretically be used to go faster than the speed of light?

  • The Smart-Casual Gamer.
    The Smart-Casual Gamer. 5 months ago +3

    Negative Mass is like Reversing Forwards. Technically possible, but bugger if we'll ever find out.

  • luca zani
    luca zani 4 months ago

    I love physics and i love this video! Good job!

  • SUPERj 850
    SUPERj 850 5 months ago +1

    As long as it's a solid it's easy to image. Now imagine having a a gas with negative mass inside a baloon: how would it behave with negative pressure inside it?

    • Lucy K
      Lucy K 4 months ago

      It would just be a vacuum

  • Physics Simulator
    Physics Simulator 9 months ago +4291

    Trying to imagine what negative mass actually would be seems impossible. What’s however nature does not care about my cognitive abilities, so I suppose it could exist.

    • Armand
      Armand 5 months ago

      @111Econ To be fair, our understanding of science is paradigm based which is based on observations. So depends if we are arguing sci realism vs constructivism.

    • Liam
      Liam 5 months ago

      So could God :)

    • Alex Delhoyo
      Alex Delhoyo 5 months ago +1

      Reverse the polarity in atoms parts.

    • Akdas
      Akdas 5 months ago +1


  • WHo THe
    WHo THe 5 months ago +1

    This is a very exciting video. You recently have been filling up my feed. All things being served for a reason. Indeed I agree that negative mass is real. We can t have a positive with out the negative. Two sides of all!
    The game is to find what in between both of those? An equanimity mass”?
    Breaking duality.
    Many thought turning around this Casimir plates.
    Yay energy!

  • Lieske
    Lieske 5 months ago +1

    “What do you think?”
    I have no idea what negative mass is and I am still confused how the ball is looking into the future

  • Mr Forest
    Mr Forest 4 months ago +1

    Would that mean if I try to push negative mass upward it would start moving upward by itself resulting in a feedback loop and keep going upward infinitely 🤔

    • speedbumps
      speedbumps 4 months ago

      It would already be going upwards from the beginning

  • Auramaster 206
    Auramaster 206 5 months ago

    Negative only really makes sense when it’s relative right? Like you put “0” in one location and then let’s say you move to the right it starts counting up, but then you move left it goes negative. I guess it’d depend on where the starting point is.
    But when it comes to quantity it’s hard to really imagine let’s say... negative apples, unless of course it’s relative like you owe someone apples so you go into apple debt. But the universe can’t really go into mass debt though, can it? How does one take away mass that isn’t there?

  • None of your Business
    None of your Business Year ago +2028

    For those people wondering why the ball inside the jar moved forward is because water was being moved backward, thus forcing the ball to move forward.

    • Sheldon Cooper
      Sheldon Cooper Year ago

      @None of your Business yes, I know about that. I think I might use wrong words so it might sound confusing. What I want to say is in order to make the ball seems stationary in container's perspective (or you might say have the same speed and acceleration) the total forces need to be like bla bla bla that I have said. I've never said that the ball will not feel any force. Also, idk if you're confused about my first explanation or not. If you do you can tell me. Now you're just explaining concepts that I already know and it will never ends. Idk what topic we are trying to talk.

    • ryan rinn
      ryan rinn Year ago

      @Black Coat yes, the ball is less dense than the water.

    • Pucci
      Pucci Year ago


    • KABIR
      KABIR Year ago

      Inertia of rest I think

    • None of your Business
      None of your Business Year ago

      @Sheldon Cooper imagine you're in a car, and the car then the car starts at 20km/hr speed, at first you'll feel a sudden force but eventually you'll be at rest relative to the car. When the car is always increasing in speed, you'll always feel force because your body has to always adjust due to continues change in speed.

  • shifrel12
    shifrel12 4 months ago

    Maybe it'd fly away from things with gravity, instead of be attracted to it. So all the "Negative" mass is incredibly far away at the edges of the universe and we haven't found it. Or the force of the Big Bang caused it to rapidly compact, rather than fly away.

  • Jamifa007
    Jamifa007 4 months ago

    It works fine conceptually, but doesn't necessarily work in practice, like many other things.
    Antimatter is already a concept that's been floating around for a while, though.

  • Anand U
    Anand U 5 months ago +2

    If there is negative mass, we can actually time travel

  • cody penick
    cody penick 5 months ago +4

    Iam not very smart but what if, a negative mass in mathematics is simply a way to explain the effects of buoyancy on an object.
    Kinda like (gravity - buoyancy = weight of an object)

  • ValensBellator
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    “What do you think?”
    Yeah, I’m not sure I’m capable of contributing anything of value to this particular topic. Thanks for asking though! 😂

    • Buskira
      Buskira 9 months ago

      Yeah I was like hmmmm... what does negative mass even mean?

    • Unknown Alien
      Unknown Alien 11 months ago

      @Grumpy Goose Just be sure to stay vigilant when it comes to the Dunning-Kroogs

    • Grumpy Goose
      Grumpy Goose 11 months ago +1

      Don't beat yourself down. Even uneducated speculation has a lot of value. It's how we learn.

    • Christina Masih
      Christina Masih 11 months ago


    • Justin Dougherty
      Justin Dougherty 11 months ago +1

      Tesla and others started with finished ideas in their head and just failed so many times they got one right here and there.... Concepts are valuable information to the right people.

  • DoragonZX (just your random everyday dragon)

    negative mass would just be the universe itself, or a supernova, constantly Expanding until it reach the energy treshold of a positive mass, then like a black hole it would retract on itself by gainnning more and more positive mass until a colapse and a restart of the cycle

  • BattleFrukerz
    BattleFrukerz 5 months ago

    I think water has mass and the fact that we came up with even the idea of negative mass is brilliant, great job if it does or does not exist

  • Weston
    Weston 4 months ago +2

    Of course it exists i just hope we figure out how to make it soon so we can go out and explore the universe in a reasonable timespan

  • ID
    ID 4 months ago +1

    "What do you think?"
    me: yeah true... anyways time to see why no one has measured the speed of light

  • Joe Harli
    Joe Harli 11 months ago +2433

    My first thought:
    Pulling a negative mass is called pushing

  • Mikey Mac
    Mikey Mac 5 months ago

    What do I think? I think the mass of the water is lagging and the floating ball is just getting out of the way....effectively acting upon its buoyancy against the new direction of the net force....
    So, not "negative" mass...and not weird.

  • Elias
    Elias 5 months ago +1

    As an esteemed scientist myself I can fully back up the idea of negative mass existing in the universe.
    I experienced it first hand and in the form of my ex 🤮

  • Simqer
    Simqer 5 months ago

    That's all relative like the example you showed off the ping pong ball in water. If you set the water as 0, then the ping pong ball has negative mass.
    To us, the water has a mass and space is 0 mass.
    But what if space isn't actually absolute 0 (in terms of mass).

  • Jomale Collier
    Jomale Collier 5 months ago

    If these calculated principles stand true in our own localized planetary experiments, meaning we calculate something and then test it, I don't see why this wouldn't stand true outside of our atmosphere. If we even need to go that far too find negative mass. I think it's true in some aspect but we may be missing some understanding not having actually experienced it.

  • Łukasz Rybkowski
    Łukasz Rybkowski 11 months ago +4846

    "Remember when cars had positive mass? Haha, crazy times!" Flies ayway

    • Unknown Also Unknown
      Unknown Also Unknown 11 months ago

      @AumSome - can u repeat it not the only unknown.

    • Elias.
      Elias. 11 months ago

      this is the funniest comment of the week

    • Abdallah Ahmed
      Abdallah Ahmed 11 months ago

      @Daniel D cool

    • Daniel D
      Daniel D 11 months ago

      @Abdallah Ahmed You don't know what you're talking about.

  • Smörgåsbord
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    If you're not a Dad, you're on track to be an awesome one. You have so much to share. 😊

  • jared keeping
    jared keeping 5 months ago

    Well, if you just make the mass of something negative by removing the gravitational effect on the object, you can make it float upwards away from the earth, making it fall but backwards.

    • Alejandro Pelayo
      Alejandro Pelayo 5 months ago

      There's a few problems with this. Firstly gravity has no effect on mass only weight and secondly in a 0 gravity location, objects wouldn't start floating up unless a force pushed them

  • thisxgreatxdecay
    thisxgreatxdecay 4 months ago

    Would negative mass entail backward causality? I mean, if the ball if moving ahead before the energy from the string transfers to it, doesn't that mean that the effect preceded the cause?

  • Jonas Schwarzkopf
    Jonas Schwarzkopf 5 months ago +1

    I think its possible, because some substances like helium are lighter than others, here air for example. So there could also be one thats somehow negativley heavy and float in a vacuum

    • The Kaz
      The Kaz 5 months ago

      The relationship between helium and the air we breathe is one of density. Not sure if that would apply to negative mass in a vaccum.

  • Joshua Willis
    Joshua Willis Year ago +3176

    I would need “negative mass” better defined before I’m willing to seriously consider it. Geometry allows for negative lengths, but that doesn’t mean they are actually possible in reality.

    • Derek Bauer
      Derek Bauer 9 months ago

      @dood mass is not defined to be a magnitude

    • Giordano Tucci
      Giordano Tucci 11 months ago

      Yeah, and if it's really a thing, is it incorporeal? because I can see how it could be faster than light, but would it just be like a lase pointed at the moon? a few inches on the left and the point would fly faster than the speed of light because it isn't a physical entity

    • sheparddog117
      sheparddog117 Year ago

      @Logic Builder that is making my ethanol fueled brain swim in pain with the grandpa paradox

    • Jupi
      Jupi Year ago

      @Derek Bauer If you don't think it's very hard then give me an example of negative mass is a real world case scenario.

    • Logic Builder
      Logic Builder Year ago +1

      @sheparddog117 I'm not that good at physics, but perhaps something with negative mass goes backwards through time. Just an idea.

  • Jeet Ray
    Jeet Ray 5 months ago

    Wasn't there that video by Kyle Hill stating that negative mass could theoretically be used to open or power wormholes?

  • Joseph Miller
    Joseph Miller 5 months ago

    I mean, what would negative mass look and act like? It would do the opposite of any force applied to it. Would this mean that it would just float away from any gravitational field?

  • Clayton Seker
    Clayton Seker 4 months ago

    I think the most interesting thing about this video is the possibility of how particles with negative mass would react to other objects. Would they essentially create negative gravity, pushing other objects away? If an object with negative mass were to be in contact with an object with mass would there be a negative normal force? If you were able to capture enough objects with negative mass would you be able to create anti-gravity tools?

  • Johnathan Stoker
    Johnathan Stoker 4 months ago

    Would negative mass therefore help with creating stuff in the vein of suspensors (40k doodads that somehow make things lighter) or anti-gravity stuff like hovercraft?

  • Karl M
    Karl M 5 months ago

    Its an interesting concept but those equations are related to time not mass, you'd probably need negative time.

    CHIME 4 months ago +1

    "What do you think will happen when you lift negative mass?"
    We would be one lifted

  • MagmaRock
    MagmaRock 5 months ago

    Ok so first of all I didn’t even know a vacuum(enclosed space with no gravity) existed and know there’s a literal negative mass simulator. That’s crazy

    THE EVIL PATRICK 4 months ago +7

    "What do you think"
    Me: Man that was an amazing burger i wish i could go back

  • zo347
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    The action lab is the 1% that actually makes interesting and meaningful shorts rather than the 99% stolen Tik Toks.

  • Toast Ghost
    Toast Ghost 4 months ago +1

    There's so much of the universe that is a complete unknown to us, and a lot of science's current projections on the makeup of space doesn't match up with more recent data. Long way of saying, why the heck shouldn't we have matter with negative mass?

  • James Garrard
    James Garrard 4 months ago

    Negative mass doesn't violate physics as we know it, but as we haven't been able to observe it or have a compelling case for it like the Higgs Boson did before we found it, we cannot make any assumptions that it does exist. This is also true for the magnetic monopole.

  • Lonely Islander
    Lonely Islander 5 months ago

    It's amazing. How did we get negative mass? The ball still have mass, we just put it in a denser environment. So i don't get it when he said negative mass.🤔

  • TheDedGaming
    TheDedGaming 5 months ago

    Speaking from a totally uneducated perspective, if the mathematical theories of the laws of physics say it can work, wouldn't it just mean that it has just not been discovered yet?
    From my understanding, if the math checks out then it's not a matter of whether it is 'possible' or not, but rather a matter of 'when' or 'where' we will find it.

  • Sonya
    Sonya 11 months ago +2554

    In a couple centuries kids are gonna be making memes about what life was like before negative mass was discovered and it is just everyone sinking into the ground

    • Splitty
      Splitty 11 months ago

      @N.C. Pictures i know that i was just talking about population growth

    • N.C. Pictures
      N.C. Pictures 11 months ago +1

      @Splitty nah, in countries like Nigeria they have a lot of children because the parents don't get any pension so they need a secure income of money, cue in the insane amount of children they have. What would at least somewhat solve this issue is a proper money income after retirement, when unable to work for medical reasons, etc.

    • Nextensi
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      @ZeDankestLettuce Niice

    • The Lonely Skeleton 2001
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      Troll Physics, 5037 Edition

  • the one who pulled the fire alarm

    "What do you think?"
    _as if i understood what just happened!_

  • Vipluv Jain
    Vipluv Jain 4 months ago +1

    mass can never e negative, it can only be negative when compared to another body's mass. its like speed, u cant get negative speed but you can get negative velovity.

  • Янис Чернявский

    Well wouldn’t all objects with negative mass travel above the speed of light, making it impossible to interact with other matter in 4 dimensions?

  • HD Bros
    HD Bros 4 months ago

    Negative mass would theoretically chase positive mass as the negative mass chases it, creating energy out of no where. There’s a law of physics that states energy cannot be created, so wouldn’t negative mass be an impossibility in our universe?

  • Camilo Castillo
    Camilo Castillo 11 months ago +985

    Another way to explain this, the liquid is heavier than the ball, therefore has more inertia. As the jar is moved, the heavier liquid lags behind and propels the ball forward. Really cool!!

    • Daley Fun
      Daley Fun 11 months ago

      Did nobody else see the other ball underneath the jar?

    • zandre hiraga
      zandre hiraga 11 months ago

      @Will Jackson thank God someone was able to clearly explain the explanation from the video lol

    • Ullmans9
      Ullmans9 11 months ago

      This is the answer. The water gets compressed at the back where he is pushing and the air filled ball flies to the front. Why don't you fill a ball with water then put it in the jar and do the same thing

    • Kevin Pan
      Kevin Pan 11 months ago +1

      That’s the answer! Negative mass? Go back physical school! The experiment can not explain that

    • CapnMuff
      CapnMuff 11 months ago

      He showed how it worked. There was a ball hanging out of the container at its bottom counteracting the direction of the ball in the water. When he moved the container the ball outside the containers inertia forced the ball in the water to appear to move in the same direction. At least that's what I saw.

  • Shaan Dave
    Shaan Dave 5 months ago

    what if it’s just about how we define 0 mass? for example if we said the the ping pong ball had 0 mass and we changed everything else around it so that the relative differences still align, some things would have negative mass. would this change anything? what are peoples thoughts

  • EuroPhann
    EuroPhann 4 months ago +1

    Just because when you plug it in equations and it works, doesn't mean it exists tho, right? Like imaginary numbers; yeah they helped mathematicians uncover lots of new math, and plugging imaginary numbers into important functions reveal important detials within mathematics, but this doesn't suddenly mean imaginary numbers must exist, because they worked within functions.

  • Arcile
    Arcile 4 months ago

    Considering that the physics exist to allow simulation of the concept, yes, there's a likelihood of negative mass existing.

  • Antonio Valle
    Antonio Valle 4 months ago

    "What do you think?"
    I think this is the first time I've ever even heard of negative mass lmao

  • Badass BobY
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    "Negative mass is killing your gains"
    - Jeff

    • FireFoxTony
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      @Liqiye athlete? Athlete isn't a term to describe a way of weightlifting?

    • Liqiye
      Liqiye 11 months ago

      @FireFoxTony he trains like a athlete lmao

    • Wolfee
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      @FireFoxTony ohh gotcha.

    • FireFoxTony
      FireFoxTony 11 months ago

      @Wolfee sorry. I meant to say that he trains similar to a bodybuilder. He doesn't train with percentages like powerlifters and doesn't train like a strongman to my knowledge?

  • Clare Shaughnessy
    Clare Shaughnessy 5 months ago

    Ooh, let’s talk further!! I wish this was the introduction to a whole lecture

  • Eva Stickler
    Eva Stickler 4 months ago

    I mean, I’m just a biology student, but I suppose that could imply the existence of negative equivalents to particles in the universe like negative atoms, negative photons, etc. Though that begs the question of what functions these could serve in the big chemical formula of existence, and, for funzies, what would happen in these hypothetical negative particles came into contact with positive particles? Would they just...equalize? Like, would a photon and a hypothetical negative photon cancel each other out and cease to exist? Though that’d be extra weird, however, I suppose it would be cool because then it’d be an instance of matter being destroyed instead of conserved. It would probably feel like a computer glitch irl. Two objects coming into contact and clipping out of the known universe.

  • SauzeE
    SauzeE 4 months ago +1

    "This is... More math that I ever want to see again."

  • Sorren Blitz
    Sorren Blitz 17 days ago

    It works you just have to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.

  • Galerus
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    These are the type of people that makes learning fun and interesting.

    • [AimX]nVn_X_gEnEs!s
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    • Madze
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      @Nonna Urbisness Well that holds true if you watch this video once and are done with it. But if it motivates you into looking deeper into the topic it still makes learning more fun and interesting. See it more as a movie teaser, you still have to go and put the effort in and watch the whole move to understand the story of movie, but the short video tells you that there is something interesting to look into. And more on this videos subject can be found in the video description.

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      @Louder With Chowder How about you? You shut them up for no reason like what is wrong

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      101% agreed

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      You'll forget this shit 2 hours after you're done surfing the internet

  • IrradiatedPacific
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    i think that this is a very interesting thing to discuss with my friends who don't know anything about physics

  • sanjay ganesh sudhakar
    sanjay ganesh sudhakar 4 months ago

    the way you demonstrated clearly shows that the ping pong ball with negative mass moves forward as the surrounding is more denser than the ping pong ball but then in air, ping pong ball is more denser