minecraft monday w/ james charles (full stream) [swearing]

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
  • what is this, a crossover episode?
    minecraft monday week 4
    incredible thumbnail by MSoul88
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  • Technoblade
    Technoblade  4 months ago +5255

    [spoiler alert, don't read until you've seen the ending]

    to be clear, Vikk played the best this week and deserved to win, he would have won with a different teammate too

    ... but that wont stop him from getting MEMED

    • I am Hooman
      I am Hooman 9 days ago

      When will u post a video again you haven’t posted since the stream you did with skeppy, plz tell your subscribers where have you been, we miss you

    • Emo Face
      Emo Face 15 days ago

      Technoblade ur cool

    • mboO
      mboO 25 days ago

      You and James teaming are so wholesome.

    • • NotQuiteLeilani •
      • NotQuiteLeilani • Month ago

      TOLIT technoblade more like technobald

    • Minecraft Moments
      Minecraft Moments Month ago

      preston and vik balanced

  • Bobby Wibowo
    Bobby Wibowo Day ago

    this week was a scam bois

  • Elliott Nuttall
    Elliott Nuttall 3 days ago

    Petition for diss track on phill

  • Just Jos3ph
    Just Jos3ph 4 days ago

    🤯🥊♊ gemini ♊🥊🤯

  • Just Jos3ph
    Just Jos3ph 4 days ago

    Yo no cap if you hear James you can't stop from smiling

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James 8 days ago

    I ship this

  • Karola Tammemägi
    Karola Tammemägi 9 days ago

    52:38 *Wow DanTDM dances are great!!* *Yes perfect*

    And BadBoyHalo is so sweet! He said sorry 😊 @ 1:48:41

  • Kaden Cr
    Kaden Cr 10 days ago

    why arent u single block jumping!!!

  • • NotQuiteLeilani •


  • GodTierGamerr
    GodTierGamerr 15 days ago

    How did you do 3 to 4 hours with him omg

  • puposaurus rex
    puposaurus rex 16 days ago

    lol james just singing the whole time

  • Emo Face
    Emo Face 16 days ago

    Mm vids are long

  • Kinetic Lucas
    Kinetic Lucas 17 days ago

    why is this in the childhood theme song playlist?

  • Dora On Discord
    Dora On Discord 22 days ago

    *did i just see a vid with the "swearing" tag in 2019?*

  • Jace Bareng
    Jace Bareng 22 days ago

    I like how james charles kills a youtubers and then he freaks out

  • bam bob
    bam bob 23 days ago

    3. Discord will automatically sync with your TheXvid account, and you'll find all the streamers you're sponsored to right in the Connections tab! You can hit the "Join Server" button
    note: for new sponsors, it may take up to an hour for discord to sync with YT and know you're a sponsor, so stop yelling at me. please. MY FEELINGS D:

  • Nooby
    Nooby 24 days ago

    they should have bedwars in minecraft monday

  • mboO
    mboO 25 days ago +1

    "Smp live is good at something?" Lmao💀

  • mboO
    mboO 25 days ago

    "Potato mic quality"

  • mboO
    mboO 25 days ago

    Throughout the vid i just feel bad for James mic 😂

  • mboO
    mboO 25 days ago

    8:47 Jerome asked if anyone wants bacon and techno didn't notice 😞

  • Kittygirl :3
    Kittygirl :3 26 days ago

    Start at 19:00

  • Redemption
    Redemption 28 days ago +1

    53:08 "ok, I do have the hard on" damn James chill

  • Fire voltage
    Fire voltage Month ago +1

    Little did little techno know he could *EAT* *HIMSELF*

  • Mr. Danger Noodle
    Mr. Danger Noodle Month ago

    he missed iron at 1:41:50 that’s pretty sad 😞

  • Faze Sickens
    Faze Sickens Month ago


  • Streaky Beast
    Streaky Beast Month ago

    James talking about beauty
    Techno: erm, ok....incredible...

  • Kelly
    Kelly Month ago +2

    James is only eight days older than Technoblade

  • Mr. Johnson
    Mr. Johnson Month ago +1


  • YvngDaggerLipz ϟ
    YvngDaggerLipz ϟ Month ago

    I’m rooting for the x man

  • Dong Luo
    Dong Luo Month ago +1

    Anyone else realise when techno called skeppy bald jerome said oh my and said anyone want bacon

  • Risen Matyr
    Risen Matyr Month ago

    June 13th Gemini's for the win!!!

  • Mountaindewdz
    Mountaindewdz Month ago +1

    This chat is so wholesome

  • Jamvo Enaje
    Jamvo Enaje Month ago +3

    Thank you for putting a warning swear on the title. My sensitive ears wasn't ready for a swear.

  • ISpill Fishy
    ISpill Fishy Month ago +1

    Lol just imagine Technoblade playing Tower of hell on roblox

  • MattieThe GachaTuber
    MattieThe GachaTuber Month ago +2

    Chris last week: "I'll try to be humble for the Christian moms"
    James this week: " *$#*% €@&$ £*#@!!!* "

  • SandGbros Chvany
    SandGbros Chvany Month ago

    Skeppy pulled a Woofless am I righy

  • A McC
    A McC Month ago +1

    Imagine gamerboy09 and Technoblade teamed in minecraft monday and it's only bed wars.

  • Assboi
    Assboi Month ago +1

    James Charles x technoblade

  • Maddox Norlin
    Maddox Norlin Month ago


  • A McC
    A McC Month ago +3

    Everyone: salty cause of techno
    Anyone that gets techno: yey

  • Epixplayz Roblox And More!

    techno: *"it makes you thirty percent better at minecraft"*
    me: mAY i bUY 30 bILliON oF thEM pWEasE

  • Gurkan Olof
    Gurkan Olof Month ago +3

    The games start at 19:00

  • Marmar tan
    Marmar tan Month ago

    Preston if you kill him you get 200 $

  • Michelle Cullen
    Michelle Cullen Month ago

    This is some high quality content right here

  • happysumo
    happysumo Month ago +1

    Techno did well to land third on the individual list considering his partner wasn't quite Vikkstar/Preston.

  • Xx_MYTHic_xX Boi
    Xx_MYTHic_xX Boi Month ago +1


  • Masked Gamer
    Masked Gamer Month ago


  • Michelle 0
    Michelle 0 Month ago

    I pity you for having to suffer

  • Crystal Heart Fox
    Crystal Heart Fox Month ago +1

    face reveal?

  • Agent Bacalhau
    Agent Bacalhau Month ago +7

    “They tried to kill me in real life and I /top-ed to the moon” - Techno, 2019

  • Agent Bacalhau
    Agent Bacalhau Month ago

    God Vikk and Preston is nostalgic

  • Undestructable_cocx

    James Charles: *earrapes people*

  • iabdulrehmank
    iabdulrehmank Month ago

    Wait.. James plays minecraft??

  • Chad The Disappointment

    i honestly only clicked this due to the cover-

    *I never knew how much i needed to see technoblade in fishnet stockings until now-*

  • Ph03n1x_ Dylan
    Ph03n1x_ Dylan Month ago

    Itz 15 plus for winning

  • Aquanote
    Aquanote Month ago +1

    Is it me or when James yells, it sounds like he's dropping the fattest duce.

    • That One Guy
      That One Guy 9 days ago +1

      He's been constipated for months, then suddenly

  • Tess Crelli
    Tess Crelli Month ago

    I N C R E D I B L E

  • When you
    When you 2 months ago +2

    Hearing techno say 'yaas' honestly felt like I've been stabbed.

  • Firehawk Productions
    Firehawk Productions 2 months ago

    Omg Technoblade my mom grounded me forever because you swore