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The Smashing Pumpkins Oceania: Inkless

  • Published on Jun 27, 2012
  • The Smashing Pumpkins Oceania: Inkless
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Comments • 103

  • psy spy
    psy spy 4 months ago

    The way I see it is that every album was consistently beautiful throughout the 90s and then the Millenium hit and they sucked until they made this. Monument to an elegy did nothing for me but I think the latest one is better but not nearly as good as this or any of the '90s stuff but I'm still getting into it.
    It seems that Billy's magic went towards Zwan and his solo album during the 00s. Also, Oglilala is preferable to most of what he did during that time. They're a very special, magical band and it's great to have them back. Yeah, it's like we almost lost him.

  • No One
    No One 6 months ago

    man , I can just imagine jimmy drumming on this track !

  • Roiy Benkel
    Roiy Benkel 8 months ago

    The stars are out tonight
    And what you need of me you've got inside you
    You just take me home, take me home don't fight
    But drive me home the wrong way
    No loss spared
    For losing you ain't right
    You haunt where
    Spirits take their time
    It's time T can't seem to fight
    The stars are out for us
    And what you feel for me rides beside you
    Just take me home, take me home
    Don't fuss
    But drive me home the right way
    We'll uncover there's no other faith but us
    A faith in love unseen
    Trace the face of love unseen
    Don't shadow up what we mean
    Uncover what we're meant to be
    And come unlace your light
    The stars are out tonight
    The stars are out tonight
    The stars are out
    The stars are out tonight
    The stars are out
    The stars are out tonight
    The stars are out
    The stars are out tonight

  • Brandon Alves
    Brandon Alves 8 months ago

    Groovy drum and bass. I love it. Kinda has the feeling of a serious garage band jam

  • Skyler Lozano Sánchez
    Skyler Lozano Sánchez 9 months ago

    Dude, been wanting to hear them for so long... This albums is fucking golg

  • ItsMeAgain John
    ItsMeAgain John 10 months ago

    How can any Smashing Pumpkins fan not like this? This would fit right on Siamese Dream.

  • Zach Wooton
    Zach Wooton Year ago +3

    I listen to Smashing Pumpkins for the killer guitar tones.

  • portalsofmadnes
    portalsofmadnes Year ago

    Nice song,almost like a mini hummer.

  • Eric Damian
    Eric Damian Year ago

    really nice song,...

  • KDTube
    KDTube Year ago

    Reminds me of their song Plume a little bit during the chorus.

  • Steve Taylor
    Steve Taylor Year ago

    The stars are out tonight
    And what you need of me you've got inside you
    Just take me home, take me home don't fight
    But drive me home the wrong way
    No loss spared
    For losing you ain't right
    You haunt where
    Spritis take their time
    It's time I can't seem to fight
    The stars are out for us
    And what you feel for me rides beside you
    Just take me home, take me home
    Don't fuss
    But drive me home the right way

  • Marcin Prymier
    Marcin Prymier 2 years ago +1

    I love this album, even just for this incredible drummer it's worth to listen it

  • Jonny Ed
    Jonny Ed 3 years ago +12

    Oceania is really under-appeciated. I absolutely love this album. My favourite thing since Billy rebirthed the band

    • John Rios
      John Rios Year ago +2

      Wholeheartedly agree. This track especially captures the essence of what they've always been. As good as anything he's done.

  • WildSky
    WildSky 3 years ago +5

    possibly my favorite sp album. hard to fathom the experience it takes to write an album like this. its not meandering yet expansive, closest thing to it is a pink floyd album, but I like it more

    • grace matherne
      grace matherne 11 months ago

      you misread my comment lol im saying the specific album siamese dream is better than this one but i personally believe floyd is a better band but pumpkins is amazing too and a personal favorite

    • Leo B
      Leo B Year ago +2

      grace matherne true, pumpkins is far better than pink floyd

    • grace matherne
      grace matherne Year ago

      im sorry... but siamese dream is so much better and i dong think this is anything close to a pink floyd album , noooowhere near it. maybe siamese dream you could argue but i dont think so

  • goodboy
    goodboy 4 years ago

    cool riff, kinda like hummer and plume

  • DemonSpeed29
    DemonSpeed29 4 years ago +2

    Absolutely love this album!

  • Joe Tomasso
    Joe Tomasso 5 years ago +6

    The best song on the record and one of Billy's best. I was a little disappointed with Oceania; I thought there were too many songs that sounded like the kind of music that my massage therapist plays for me. But man did this one really hit home with me. There are at least 4 tracks on the album that I like and this is certainly one of them.

  • SuperDungeonBoy
    SuperDungeonBoy 5 years ago

    God I feel endless ....I love you all :) my little pumpkins !

  • SuperDungeonBoy
    SuperDungeonBoy 5 years ago

    Oh man Good stuff!

  • Keith1974
    Keith1974 5 years ago +1

    Production sucks (compression and "loudness wars" are ruining albums) but otherwise this is classic 90s era stuff.

  • Sune Adler Miltersen
    Sune Adler Miltersen 5 years ago +3

    I really don't understand how this track doesn't have +1 mill plays. Totally underrated!

  • Electroshock Therapy for the Soul

    I know, right? How dare he have an opinion that isn't yours? How dare he like this band more than you do?

  • mike .D
    mike .D 6 years ago

    sounds like Marillion with no vocals and no tune !

  • Joseph Lee
    Joseph Lee 6 years ago +2

    Hummer anyone?

  • rvfgfgu5u
    rvfgfgu5u 6 years ago

    id say this album is their best behind mellon collie, sheer beauty

  • LeopoldSoli
    LeopoldSoli 6 years ago

    Is that Billy playing the solo? Sounds very Satriani-inspired. Good stuff!

  • Matthew Viken
    Matthew Viken 6 years ago

    This song is pure genius, straight from 1993

  • MrMidnightDead
    MrMidnightDead 6 years ago

    As a lover of the 90's the last two Pumkins albums have been awesome. As an audio engineer they have made me so fuckin sad. Serious victims of over compression and the loudness wars.

  • avagatamos meep
    avagatamos meep 6 years ago

    The stars are out tonight..

  • Kaylyn Zoe
    Kaylyn Zoe 6 years ago

    Best album since Machina.

  • Santana105
    Santana105 6 years ago

    Greatest song of the new album. Sounds like it could fit right on Siamese Dream.

  • Chaz Schlapkohl
    Chaz Schlapkohl 6 years ago

    Okay first off guy who rips on talented influential music that comes ever so slightly at ever becoming anything known other than history..what the duck makes you think what style/feel of this guitar solo is over the top?

  • Hayden Ball
    Hayden Ball 6 years ago

    get outta here

  • BlackMax58
    BlackMax58 6 years ago

    thanks...great music...

  • Justin Reeves
    Justin Reeves 6 years ago

    This song has it

  • Tomasz Gregorczyk
    Tomasz Gregorczyk 6 years ago +1

    for me they always have one killing head song per CD.
    This one is one of them ;)

  • ari preston
    ari preston 6 years ago

    this is so much like their old sound!!! YES!!!!!

  • LilDudeAndYou
    LilDudeAndYou 6 years ago

    This is how he became seedless.

  • gnargnarhead
    gnargnarhead 6 years ago


  • jsh020
    jsh020 6 years ago

    no he isnt, special K the drug has been around long before the cereal and it makes sense in context that it would be ketamine

  • gnargnarhead
    gnargnarhead 6 years ago

    he could be talking about that diet cereal ... probably is, i think I'm gonna go listen to some Buckethead

  • eron worley
    eron worley 6 years ago


  • BogBoy
    BogBoy 6 years ago

    intro riff is soooo fucking cool

  • jsh020
    jsh020 6 years ago

    special K? thats the word you cringe at that? you do know special K is slang for a drug right? ketamine

  • eeeyyyeee
    eeeyyyeee 6 years ago +1

    couldnt agree more with this... the breakdown might have been with more delay and perhaps quieter though lol. other than that this takes me right back to siamese dream summers.

  • basenjiguitar
    basenjiguitar 6 years ago

    september 23 in my city ¡¡¡¡ Monterrey Mexico , wwwwwwwwwaaaa ¡¡¡

  • ari preston
    ari preston 6 years ago

    too bad jimmys gone :( i like mike byrne but its just not the same knowing thats not jimmy

  • Michal Kaczmarek
    Michal Kaczmarek 6 years ago

    This song deserves to be a single. Not only is the main riff insane the whole song is very innovative and unique. This proves he's still got it.

  • ouackstrax
    ouackstrax 6 years ago +1

    This makes me think of discovering Siamese Dream in an alternate 1993 universe; If Hummer mated with a Summer-fun pop song (in a good way). This song makes me happy -- not sure if it flows with the album but I don't care. I think it'd do well if it got airplay... I'm not sure why everyone's all over Celestials and One Heart for that role (I cringe every time I hear the lines "Special K" and "101 percent".

  • mikeyboii1971
    mikeyboii1971 6 years ago

    What an amazing album, Pumpkins are back in force :)

  • r.d. laing
    r.d. laing 6 years ago +1

    Majestic pumpkins,effortless bliss,the kind billy used to produce in his sleep way back in his god this song takes me back all the way to 1993..all the 90's overdubs n production is here in all its magnifigance n beauty

  • r.d. laing
    r.d. laing 6 years ago

    agree,a lot of Rocket in here...also parts of The Chimera sound Siamese Dream era,thats a good thing.

  • mo money mo bitches
    mo money mo bitches 6 years ago

    If only more songs on this album were like this.

  • spozgirl
    spozgirl 6 years ago

    i thought the same until i saw it performed live in perth in july..amazing!! the whole album is great :)

  • spozgirl
    spozgirl 6 years ago

    my favourite track from the first time i listened to their album.. and to see them perform it live in Perth this year was an absolute privilege.. thank you SP!!!

  • JD Andrews
    JD Andrews 6 years ago

    After about the 20th listen this became my favorite track from Oceania. It sounds very good loud so crank it up. The new album is fan freaking tastaic!!! It has gone beyond what I expected and it only leaves me wanting more, just as soon as I get all these songs tattooed to memory.

  • tessy0504
    tessy0504 6 years ago

    my FAVORITE from Oceania... thank you guys!!!

  • Froylan Ruiz
    Froylan Ruiz 6 years ago

    I absolutely love what Billy has done in this album, he is going back to his old song writing techniques. Particularly in this song, the guitar sounds like it could fit perfectly in Siamese Dream and the drumming sounds like Jimmy's back in the day!

  • Maxx Powers
    Maxx Powers 6 years ago

    THE STARS ARE OUT TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lucas D' Bruno Ancini
    Lucas D' Bruno Ancini 6 years ago

    Is a little bit like Rocket too.

  • Megadethfans Areajoke
    Megadethfans Areajoke 6 years ago

    This sounds like the good old smashing pumpkins

  • timmya4000
    timmya4000 7 years ago

    listen to hummer straight after this, quite similar riffs

  • disturbedtale
    disturbedtale 7 years ago

    instant classic! as soon as I heard the first 5 sec I knew it!

  • Joshua
    Joshua 7 years ago

    You also have to remember Billy ain't twenty any more, hell, he ain't even thirty, he's forty-five. His voice just doesn't sound the same, and that includes his talking too. Nowadays, it's either try to do it perfect, or have it sound terrible. I still think he has one of the best voices ever, no one and I mean no one sounds like him.

  • O5-13 -LDK-
    O5-13 -LDK- 7 years ago

    Over producing has nothing to with how perfect the artist or the producer is trying to get the sound. Billy Corgan is famous for being a perfectionist to an almost overbearing extreme. Over production is completely about how the sound comes across. The best riff in the world either soars or sinks based off of how it is played. While albums like Machina are more stripped down then Siamese, they still come across as more produced, because the riffs on the early albums are played more passionately.

  • Sydney Hernandez
    Sydney Hernandez 7 years ago

    yeah the intro reminded me of Hummer

  • Joshua
    Joshua 7 years ago

    If you don't think good Rock And Roll should have a lot of production than you shouldn't like Gish, Siamese Dream, and Pisces Iscariot. Butch Vig produced the hell out of those albums, if you want raw SP Mellon Collie, Adore, and Machina 2 / The Friends And Enemies Of Modern Music are the ones you should like.

  • basenjiguitar
    basenjiguitar 7 years ago

    amazing,,,,the world need this kind of riffs
    and yes, sounds like the siames dream-piscis iscariot.. but reload .

  • tony ochoa
    tony ochoa 7 years ago

    Turn it all the way up!

  • martin jones
    martin jones 7 years ago

    i fucking love it

  • Jankowski Tado
    Jankowski Tado 7 years ago

    Found it so new and diffrent, but very very proper for the Pumpkins.
    Billy's stainless.

  • SPFrobber
    SPFrobber 7 years ago

    maybe my favorite from the album bit that would be such a hard choice

  • willzer808
    willzer808 7 years ago

    Yep. Just like In Utero. In Utero says it all, and is a masterpiece in its own right. This is sounding good all the same

  • O5-13 -LDK-
    O5-13 -LDK- 7 years ago +1

    I've listened to a few songs off this album so far. Overall, what I heard is not bad, but way too clean and over produced in my opinion. This song right here though sounds like it could have been off of Siamese Dream or Pisces Iscariot, just with a little more polish. So far this is the only song off of Oceania that I feel sounds truly like the Pumpkins. The new stuff isn't bad, but lacks the raw edge of Billy's previous works, which holds it back IMO. Good rock should be rough, not polished.

  • Carlos garcia cabrera
    Carlos garcia cabrera 7 years ago +1

    Lo mejor Smashing Pumpkins siempre!! siempre!!

  • ItsAllCoolio
    ItsAllCoolio 7 years ago

    Anyone else having this song show up as "Inklees" in their media player? I ripped from their cd. Looks like a mistake by the guy inputting the cd info :)

  • Clare Mulholland
    Clare Mulholland 7 years ago

    that guitar riff just sounds so satisfying, it is addicting.

  • MrsClarissaDalloway
    MrsClarissaDalloway 7 years ago

    totally from siamese dream!

  • bobgray666
    bobgray666 7 years ago

    Thoroughly in love with the new album. Glad it came out

  • JSUNnysideup
    JSUNnysideup 7 years ago

    i miss the whiny voice

  • mordor foley
    mordor foley 7 years ago

    1.27 for your goosebump-inducing corgan guitar solo fix....yummy.... collectively and individually, these songs put out a unique atmosphere......well done, you new pumpkin set up ....just wow.

  • Jordan Elcheson
    Jordan Elcheson 7 years ago

    well said.

  • Jordan Elcheson
    Jordan Elcheson 7 years ago

    well said.

    N CYRKLS 7 years ago

    Best album since Siamese Dream...Rock On Billy!

  • ryan martin
    ryan martin 7 years ago

    Best song on the album

  • *HoboSyke*
    *HoboSyke* 7 years ago

    I rate the whole album. This is one of my favourite songs for sure.. I dislike the last song the most. Wildflower.

  • VisciousPhishes
    VisciousPhishes 7 years ago

    I have been an SP fan since Gish and around '91. I was ready to be over it, I've pretty much hung in there with Billy and everything they've done. The Machinas, Zeitgeist, the stuff in between, I've enjoyed it but I figured the musical journey was over for me. This is not so. Oceania is an amazing album. Songs like this, almost pedestrian in a way, simple and elegant and textured all in one; they are still here.
    Long Live the Mighty SP!

  • pirate360
    pirate360 7 years ago

    The rockers on the new album feel a lot like their Siamese Dream era songs mixed with some really strong 70's/80's rock influences, minus some of the My Bloody Valentine influence.

  • Elouise1979
    Elouise1979 7 years ago

    sounds very Zwan and i'm totally okay with that :) please billy tour europe again. come to vienna!

  • Crystal
    Crystal 7 years ago

    Reminded me of the old SP and yet feels renewed!

  • silvertrainx
    silvertrainx 7 years ago

    Billy doesn't really has lost inspiration but his life is really different now, far more happy, saddeness and other problems have gone (i hope) and intensity in his songs has gone too. Theres is something which is nostaglia, deep sadeness and rage you can't find today. But beleive me Billy is a man i respect a lot for his "oeuvre" ;)

  • HarmoniousPolarity
    HarmoniousPolarity 7 years ago

    Now This is "Smashing Pumpkins" SOUND!!!!

  • mdogg094
    mdogg094 7 years ago

    the intro riff sounds like something STRAIGHT from siamese dream. The melody is a later pumpkins one. This combination is the best of both worlds. This whole album really exceeded everyone's expectations. Pumpkins ride on!

  • Guile Quint
    Guile Quint 7 years ago

    I really have to buy this cd!!!!

  • GishDiva
    GishDiva 7 years ago

    loving it yay Billy :)

  • Ape_Insurgent
    Ape_Insurgent 7 years ago

    definitely one of my favorite bands, so good

  • Mike R
    Mike R 7 years ago

    This new stuff with gain added to the guitars sounds a lot like Zwan. I like it~

  • hagener
    hagener 7 years ago

    I like it, actually I like it :)

  • Carlos Cano
    Carlos Cano 7 years ago

    Amazing!! Awesome solo :O