• Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • If this gets 15k likes we'll do the same for him :)
    Finally did this video after many a request! enjoy :)
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  • Minal Miah
    Minal Miah 15 hours ago

    Taila u two suit for each other

  • Toby Butler
    Toby Butler 2 days ago

    Geez, do you even eat food?

  • Ramenrice69420
    Ramenrice69420 2 days ago

    Sorry but outfit at 9:00 is the best

  • Jkhardy
    Jkhardy 3 days ago

    I think all of the outfits r good and suit talia beautifully That's just casual talia outfit for Simon to buy his gf. That's the prom/nightclub dress. That's like a white girls shopping club outfit too the last one. But I like every outfit

  • Connor dixon
    Connor dixon 3 days ago

    last one looks like a fortnite soccer skin

  • Tortillakid _86
    Tortillakid _86 7 days ago +7

    Talia: 8/10
    Simon: That’s like an A, I didn’t get many A’s
    Everyone: we see why

  • Yasir Haroon
    Yasir Haroon 7 days ago

    Why does it feel like Simon is so uncomfortable? Your girl is hot be happy man

  • Hanna Sabbarton
    Hanna Sabbarton 11 days ago

    Uno when u stop on a video on the home page and it comes up with the subtitles, OMG it said SALMON has picked my outfits 😂😂😂

  • Alyssa Davis
    Alyssa Davis 12 days ago +2

    Last outfit was the best straight 12 like girl sometimes you gotta be outside the box maybe a tighter shirt since you prefer tight clothes but it beautiful like that great job Simone

  • Soriano 173
    Soriano 173 12 days ago

    bet he said prostitute on the last one

  • Benjamin Lahdo
    Benjamin Lahdo 13 days ago

    Sorry but I think the last outfit was shocking

  • Xerox Gamer
    Xerox Gamer 14 days ago


  • saudelli16
    saudelli16 14 days ago

    Talia looking like a snacc

  • Charles Mori
    Charles Mori 14 days ago

    If Simon picked it , does it mean that he also paid for them😂🤣

  • Mercy WolfSamurai
    Mercy WolfSamurai 16 days ago

    Ksi sounded so upset when they chose the other bag

  • Krytwalker
    Krytwalker 16 days ago

    That last outfit had knee pads

  • Krytwalker
    Krytwalker 17 days ago

    The second bag looked like an envelope, to your future wedding??

    GHOULISHCARPET 17 days ago

    Wow it must be hard to be rich.

  • BrownyOCE
    BrownyOCE 17 days ago +1

    Hey talia can u do a chapstick challenge with simon ur so cute together

  • Casper
    Casper 17 days ago +6

    4:06 he looked at ur butt

    • Bugs Bunny
      Bugs Bunny 11 days ago

      TheHamburg1 this is why you are single and lonely

    • Casper
      Casper 15 days ago

      +TheHamburg1 lel

    • TheHamburg1
      TheHamburg1 16 days ago +3

      Yeah I would be fuming if my boyfriend would look at my butt...

  • akezika
    akezika 18 days ago

    He said waw before looking 0:50

  • lee
    lee 18 days ago

    Lmaooo his first reaction was the most ungenuine thing I've ever heard😂 “wawww"

  • Will Harris
    Will Harris 19 days ago

    Simon seemed so awkward 😂

  • MrSmith
    MrSmith 19 days ago

    Talia. You should know, that there`s no difference what u wearing! You always look beautiful :))

  • FrazzledDudett
    FrazzledDudett 19 days ago

    Okay can Simon do me?

  • Dylan
    Dylan 20 days ago

    8:46 fam thats a chug jug

  • IDK lol
    IDK lol 20 days ago +2

    not the best time to be posting this...

  • Solution Jokart
    Solution Jokart 21 day ago

    Last outfit was penggggg

  • Tylor Williams
    Tylor Williams 22 days ago

    7:37 that bag looks like my biscuit tin

  • Meghan
    Meghan 22 days ago

    ‘i don’t like things that aren’t tight’
    i have never not related to something more in my life lmfao

  • tobias gp
    tobias gp 23 days ago

    hi, i just got screwed over by epic games for 4000 v-bucks and now i just watched u. this video made me laugh

  • SDENTS 14
    SDENTS 14 24 days ago

    Certified Snack 00:37

  • DylHalewood
    DylHalewood 25 days ago

    Your clever if you get this I

  • Tofunmi Quadri
    Tofunmi Quadri 25 days ago

    issa trap she was trying to show you her back

  • Aaqib Nawab
    Aaqib Nawab 26 days ago +5

    Don’t press read more

    *read more*

    HJARNOTT _ 26 days ago

    simon actually tried so hard,so adorable :))

  • Clayton Mitch
    Clayton Mitch 26 days ago

    You all know he said porn star

  • Nishit Shah
    Nishit Shah 26 days ago

    Is it me or she looks a little like sumit1g

  • Dominic Lewis
    Dominic Lewis 27 days ago

    Why do I feel like he just doesn’t want to touch her in any vids?😂😂😂😂

  • Harry Blissett
    Harry Blissett 27 days ago

    She got a banging body ya know. What she doing with string bean

  • C0NN0R
    C0NN0R 28 days ago +48

    4:08 Simon wasn't looking at the shirt.😈

    • Rocket docket
      Rocket docket Day ago +1

      C0NN0R I mean like he has every right to look at what he was looking at

    • xx K1LLJ0Y xx
      xx K1LLJ0Y xx 10 days ago +2

      C0NN0R I’m dead😵😂

    • CheshireKat
      CheshireKat 12 days ago +2

      She was flaunting it lol

  • Neil Treves
    Neil Treves Month ago

    'I look like a tent' - Talia 2k19

  • Gherman TheK
    Gherman TheK Month ago

    That bruise on his knee is nasty

  • Ess illusions
    Ess illusions Month ago

    Yeah his like "it's okay yeah" man knows she's ridiculous, mans punching...

  • im a motha fucking starfish

    I won't lie I fapped to the first dress.

  • Ashton Greig
    Ashton Greig Month ago

    Simon kept looking at your tits

  • ismael dukuray
    ismael dukuray Month ago

    the way Simon just sit there

  • ismael dukuray
    ismael dukuray Month ago

    Simon said wow on the first outfit before he even looked at you

  • Cameron Mcloughlin
    Cameron Mcloughlin Month ago

    Simon would probs wear all dem tings

  • Ayub Moallim
    Ayub Moallim Month ago +1

    OMG she does look like gollum LOOOOL

  • manny
    manny Month ago

    Funny how Simon's "wow" came out even before he had seen her.

  • Phillip Offisch
    Phillip Offisch Month ago

    Cutest couple you should start a channel together thnx for the lols

  • layne rodgers
    layne rodgers Month ago

    Lol in America a 9.2 is the lowest A

  • Hey thats pretty good!

    Simon defo said you kind look like a prostitute

  • Nemisis 007
    Nemisis 007 Month ago +2

    True 😂🤣😂🤣😂 8:09

  • Em Carter
    Em Carter Month ago

    The orange jumpsuit looks amazing 😻😻😻

  • Kelyaan
    Kelyaan Month ago

    Only reason this got views is you're wearing things, that's it.

  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith Month ago

    that cylinder bag looks so odd

  • elliot brown
    elliot brown Month ago

    Mmmm talia looking like a snackkk

  • Jack
    Jack Month ago

    7:13 looks like a prostitute with a toilet brush xD

  • ImSoSavage •
    ImSoSavage • Month ago

    Jeeze she is flaming🤤😍 very lucky man

  • Daeja Shimada
    Daeja Shimada Month ago

    The perks of being beautiful; looking good in everything.

  • me rain
    me rain Month ago

    I just stared at the black mark on simons knee

  • VincentCool
    VincentCool Month ago

    TheXvid : Naked shoulders. *TO MUCH NAKED SKIN DEMONETIZED*

  • Rhythmic Heights
    Rhythmic Heights Month ago +1

    4:05 why are u twerking in front of Simon's face

  • Mn21 01
    Mn21 01 Month ago +1

    Someone call the cops , I’d like to report a robbery
    Some one stole talia’s asscheeks

  • Caitlin Olsen
    Caitlin Olsen Month ago

    he’s actually got good taste

  • Nowrin Chowdhury
    Nowrin Chowdhury Month ago

    the way simon looks at talia is so cute

  • Nowrin Chowdhury
    Nowrin Chowdhury Month ago

    i stannnn❤️

  • Kat Veth
    Kat Veth Month ago

    The last one was actually pretty bomb ngl 🥰

  • Gusiii
    Gusiii Month ago

    Wassup with his knee I was looking at it for about 10 mins

  • Lilbittyninja
    Lilbittyninja Month ago

    If only 8/10 was an A

  • Tumbledice
    Tumbledice Month ago

    Idk why but Simon’s legs looking thicc as fuck in this video

  • Adz
    Adz Month ago +4

    Simon's knee looks like it got shot

  • ali hussain
    ali hussain Month ago

    U kinda liok like a prostitute

  • Alpha
    Alpha Month ago

    But honestly though, Talia really is beautiful. Hoping to make her day with this, she deserves a few compliments that she definitely still does get from Simon and Freya and several other people that are close to her. Simon man, you’re a handsome guy, genuinely a person I’d love to meet some day, but you’ve got a banger of a girlfriend, and we don’t even know the half of this relationship. That’s probably the best part, leaves us being curious. Highlight though, *Simon is a handsome, hilarious, enjoyable guy. Talia is beautiful, caring, and genuinely has happy vibes about her.* Hope I made your day Talia, if you’re looking back through your comments. Also, enjoy your vids, loving the concept of your clips and edits. Have a nice day T, and send Simon a hello and my SDMN book just came in the mail today! JJ’s drawing is jokes 😂🙏

  • Alpha
    Alpha Month ago

    Low key can see her nipples in the first outfit. The outline of them anyway. Was it cold, darling?

  • abdu rafi
    abdu rafi Month ago

    add music

  • Alice D
    Alice D Month ago

    Ok talia slayyyyyed every one of them. Legit what i want to look like and be like as a genuine human being. My role model.

  • All U Need
    All U Need Month ago

    I dont like asos

  • Monkey9128
    Monkey9128 Month ago

    From the JJ army STOP

  • Jalani Dante Jairo Limon

    Talia i love you baby

  • Cearrah V.
    Cearrah V. Month ago

    Went from MODEL TO MOM

  • somebody kwl
    somebody kwl Month ago

    Why dont you make him wear your clothes lol

  • Rap Destroyer
    Rap Destroyer Month ago

    Get ready you two for my diss track

  • overcooked doggo
    overcooked doggo Month ago

    shes the most pessimistic person on youtube, she doesnt deserve simon at all hands down

  • Galaxy
    Galaxy 2 months ago

    There high heels not shoes!!!!!!

  • Team Forest 2
    Team Forest 2 2 months ago

    Minimineter is best.

  • Saeed Ahmed
    Saeed Ahmed 2 months ago

    Simon can't compliment his girl 😂

  • Harry Mitchell
    Harry Mitchell 2 months ago

    Why was she holding a biscuit tin in the last one?

  • sanchi
    sanchi 2 months ago

    Why are you guys so awkward around each other?

  • kingbreezy
    kingbreezy 2 months ago +1

    Heyy talia we forgot to tell you our names today when we met at Westfield(Ruben And kharmal)😂and I hope we didn't scare you or anything😅but if you can check out my TheXvid channel and give feed back that will be great thank you☺ for got to say that part I was in the spot😂😂 Yt: driptv

  • Viraaj Darbar
    Viraaj Darbar 2 months ago

    Yo i wanna see a lil' bit of romance in these vids man.......u guys are bare cute

  • Hawk
    Hawk 2 months ago

    46k i guess you gotta do this to him now

  • Brendan Walker
    Brendan Walker 2 months ago

    Bruh she’s so Peng

  • Amiry
    Amiry 2 months ago

    8:11 he said “ you kind of look like a prostitute” 😂😂

  • Beastie Bear
    Beastie Bear 2 months ago

    Is anyone else having issues with the ofra discount code? Mine isn't accepting it :'(

  • Jack Fearey
    Jack Fearey 2 months ago +1

    0:52 he said "wow" before he even looked

  • Jasmine Taylor
    Jasmine Taylor 2 months ago +1

    'DDAAYYUMM GURL!!' lmao😂