JJ Project "Tomorrow, Today(내일, 오늘)" M/V

  • Published on Jul 31, 2017
  • JJ Project "Tomorrow, Today(내일, 오늘)" M/V
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  • Sherly Fetalver
    Sherly Fetalver 11 hours ago

    A song I would always listen to as I start my college life, which would be a greater struggle than the past school years I spent 😭😭😭 Listening to their voices (especially JB 😍😅😂), I felt I could overcome it all since there would always be someone with me just like how Jinyoung and JB who had been together through the ups and downs of their lives 🐦💚💚💚🍑🌴

  • Mishaela DL
    Mishaela DL 11 hours ago

    Wow hermosas voces!

  • jomjam Su
    jomjam Su 13 hours ago

    Love both 🥰🥰🥰❤️

  • Nopparat Phetpraphai
    Nopparat Phetpraphai 14 hours ago


  • nhya riley princess


  • Cyrine Tasic
    Cyrine Tasic 2 days ago +1

    I still come back to this song.

  • SphinX
    SphinX 2 days ago

    Carai que lindo :')

  • fendiwang
    fendiwang 2 days ago


  • Felisya dewi
    Felisya dewi 2 days ago +2

    I miss jj project

  • Marisa 2
    Marisa 2 2 days ago +2

    I just recently started getting into GOT7 and as I’m getting to know the members I saw somewhere in the comments of a video something about the JJ Project and I was like “wait, what?” I HAD THIS SONG IN PLAYLIST A YEAR AGO BECAUSE I LOVED IT AND I DIDNT KNOW WHO THEY WERE.
    Somehow now that I know who they are and their personalities the song means much more

  • Ahgase-Aroha-Army-Wiz*ONE

    So beautiful! Eternal song!

  • Keya S.
    Keya S. 3 days ago +2

    Verse 2 is honestly my favourite album of all time

  • maria jose Plaza
    maria jose Plaza 3 days ago

    vamos por mas visitas, se que podemos llevar este increíble tema a los veinte millones,

  • OneInAMillion EyesOnMe AllinUs

    You Can see Got5 fanboying over this😂

  • 아가 하트Ahgaheart
    아가 하트Ahgaheart 3 days ago +2

    JJparents! They need another comeback! I can't wait for another five year!!!! Please JYPE! 🙏

  • Russel Togonon
    Russel Togonon 3 days ago +2

    This really is a motivation and what I am feeling while going to college

  • ellie ellie
    ellie ellie 3 days ago +2

    I still don't know which way to go, I'm stuck 😥 I love this song, somehow it comforts me even tho it's sad.

  • Geraldine Elias Magno

    El mejor ship de la historia

  • Thịnh Hoàng Đứcc
    Thịnh Hoàng Đứcc 4 days ago +1

    sweet voice + peaceful sence = wonderfullllll

  • Arwen Elron
    Arwen Elron 4 days ago +2

    JJP 》》》 16,011,058 》》》

  • Liya Lee
    Liya Lee 4 days ago +3

    I need a JJP COMEBACK 🙌

  • Ad Ziq
    Ad Ziq 4 days ago


  • loh agnes
    loh agnes 5 days ago

    beautiful and touching lyrics! Significant!

  • DoubleU A
    DoubleU A 5 days ago


  • BY Any 2010
    BY Any 2010 5 days ago +1

    19.08.16 ..... 16,m TODAY T_T

    keep fighting!!!

  • ahgase’s sunset
    ahgase’s sunset 5 days ago

    shake it shake it for me

  • Ire gómez
    Ire gómez 6 days ago

    JYP ocupamos Comeback De JJP por favor

  • Ire gómez
    Ire gómez 6 days ago

    16M yeah yeah

  • Ilhan Adan
    Ilhan Adan 6 days ago

    Can everyone please stream it to 20 million please and thank you. 😎😎😎👌👌

  • Naomi D
    Naomi D 6 days ago


  • Ingrid Natalia
    Ingrid Natalia 6 days ago +1

    Finally 16. This song is for life and the album have a special place in my heart.

  • Md25 Dm
    Md25 Dm 6 days ago

    Never get tired ask them to coming home 🏠 please make a comeback!!

  • Dorami Lov
    Dorami Lov 6 days ago

    Лучший юнит💚

  • sigyi 311
    sigyi 311 6 days ago

    Why looks so good with 144p quality tho😭

  • Green Apple
    Green Apple 6 days ago +1

    Its August 15, 2019 and I'm here again I'm confused AF in my life decisions. God help me pls

  • Tezobi Yisu_ka
    Tezobi Yisu_ka 6 days ago +1

    เสียงร้องเพราะมาก และก็หล่อมากเช่นกัน

  • สายฝน คุณภู่


  • Quỳnh Trương
    Quỳnh Trương 8 days ago +1


  • Trâm Trần
    Trâm Trần 8 days ago +2

    August 13th 2019

  • graciela maldonado
    graciela maldonado 8 days ago +1

    los amo!!!!

  • vale
    vale 8 days ago +6

    just... thank you. thank you jjp. thank you for putting these feeling, these words into this beautiful song. it's so comforting. i wish all people who can relate to this song, including me, i hope we all can find our path and be happy

  • ติ่ง k-pop
    ติ่ง k-pop 8 days ago +1

    เจบี❤จินยอง /น่ารักกชอบๆ

  • Aobab
    Aobab 8 days ago +1

    ฟังตอนขับรถท่ามกลางอุโมงต้นไม้ ได้ฟีลมากๆ

  • gavin co
    gavin co 8 days ago +2

    I really love this song 💚

  • Restia Tia
    Restia Tia 8 days ago

    this MV is so aesthetic

  • Sugar Plum
    Sugar Plum 9 days ago

    I can't believe its already been more then 2 years

  • Youngjae Bb
    Youngjae Bb 9 days ago

    Toda una joyita

  • Estelle H
    Estelle H 9 days ago

    Still steady💙

  • jessicasy
    jessicasy 9 days ago +1

    I can relate to this song a lot. I'm always looking back at myself. I feel like I'm wasting my youth doing a lot of things that I don't like. 4 years of college learning something that I don't even like to begin with, just because my parents didn't like the idea of me going to university out of town. Graduated with a bachelor degree next to my name worrying what's next. Years of unemployment with a lot of unsure feelings and constantly blaming myself for not trying hard. Finally got my first job that unrelated to my degree, working 8 to 5, taking paycheck after paycheck. Spending time alone at home on weekends doing nothing and starts all over again when Monday comes.
    Life is hard. I'm still here following where the waves take me. I'm still afraid to get out and take the first step to do what I love, to start again without worrying constantly like I am right now. Someone said, "You don't know the outcome if you don't try it yourself." Hey, I want to. I really want to. It's not easy with responsibilities that I have right now after reaching adulthood. But, I will keep trying to pursue that dream even if I don't make it a reality at the end.
    For anyone that have the same experience like me, hang in there. I can't turn back time and neither can you. What we can do right now are live our lives, do whatever we do, and appreciate that we're still listening to all of our favorite songs to this day (if any).
    You're not alone.

  • Passionate OnWork
    Passionate OnWork 10 days ago +5

    This is my 1st time reading a comment section like this. Not about the fandom, not about the views, wins, thropies or anything. Everyone here became as 1 and shared their thoughts as how scary it would be going to next stage or any point of your life where we felt lost, undecided decisions, what to choose or what to take in life in which Teenagers and Adults mostly feel.

  • livia menezes
    livia menezes 10 days ago +2

    I want a JJP comeback
    I miss then

  • Prickler Fo
    Prickler Fo 10 days ago +1

    Not a heartbreak song but literally hits me. Why is this song so relatable in the current situation of my life

  • Josevira Lintang
    Josevira Lintang 10 days ago +1


  • Htxp Yeol
    Htxp Yeol 10 days ago +5

    This song always makes me feel a certain way. I love it so much

  • Tiqui Tita
    Tiqui Tita 10 days ago +1

    Mas bonita su canción...quiero mas de esto!!!!!

  • Always with you EXO
    Always with you EXO 11 days ago +5

    This song being timely because we'll always have that point when we're unsure which steps to take and where to go. Kudos to JJ Project! Shoutout to Jinyoung (and his Catcher in the Rye book). I adore men who loves to read, so I truly love him!!!!

  • S10735306劉少君
    S10735306劉少君 11 days ago +1


  • Kiziah Suzell Usaraga
    Kiziah Suzell Usaraga 11 days ago +4

    This song has been stuck in my mind lately. I love it so much

  • 자라
    자라 12 days ago +2

    somebody let me know , tell me wich way to go ....

  • jaz x
    jaz x 12 days ago +2

    u better be streaming u bitches get her to 16 million

  • Praepraens M
    Praepraens M 12 days ago +5

    omg I've been waiting for VERSE3

  • Ui Ui
    Ui Ui 12 days ago +1


  • Flavor Sixh
    Flavor Sixh 12 days ago +4

    Once again, I listened to this song it really made emotionally mixed. IDK what to say but I recently graduated and I'm in the time of my life of what should be the next decision I should think, on what road should I take. I'm really scared on choosing alone. I'm not ready yet

  • Dytrei Sandoval
    Dytrei Sandoval 13 days ago +3

    One of my fave songssss

  • Zainab Ts
    Zainab Ts 13 days ago +2

    Me during exam : 0:57

  • Imen Kheroua
    Imen Kheroua 14 days ago +7

    July 2019, still the best song ever

  • B_xxarmy95 bb
    B_xxarmy95 bb 14 days ago +8


  • Paolo Velasquez
    Paolo Velasquez 14 days ago +10


    • 星 별Bellamy
      星 별Bellamy 10 days ago

      Paolo Velasquez their contract ended I think

  • Bad boy
    Bad boy 14 days ago +2


  • GOT7 Ảnh Dìm
    GOT7 Ảnh Dìm 15 days ago +2

    Verse 2 - My best summer

  • tormentitah h
    tormentitah h 15 days ago +2

    This song deserve way more views! Gosh! Is so beautiful

  • Ira Park
    Ira Park 16 days ago +2


  • gowons girlfriend hatsune miku

    im watching after so long and the nostalgia is so overwhelming, yet calming somehow. jjp are a match made in heaven

  • broke kid
    broke kid 17 days ago +1

    August, 2019
    Still loving this song!

  • Lê Như
    Lê Như 17 days ago +1

    it's very great and meaningful. Fighting oppa