Nike React Element 87 vs React Element 55 Sneakers: Is it Worth It?

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018
  • When it comes to Nike Sneakers, nothing has created a buzz like their latest React line up. From the Epic React to the React Hyperdunk, they have been some of the hottest shoes you can get your hands on. Today, we take a look at the Nike React Element 87 and the Nike React Element 55 and see whether the $30 difference is worth it.
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    Jacques @Kustoo Slade is a guy that loves sneakers and creates TheXvid videos about them as well as other things. This channel has sneaker collections from Nike, Jordan, adidas, Yeezy, Reebok, Under Armour and more. He also does sneaker reviews, sneaker shopping, performance reviews, and sneaker history. He also loves technology, music, and pop culture and often mixes the three with sneaker to create one of the few "sneaker" channels that bridges the gap.
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Comments • 136

  • Christopher Hammock
    Christopher Hammock 2 months ago +1


  • Kai
    Kai 2 months ago

    Like the way you review them. Thanks and keep it up!

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 3 months ago

    Of course the $30 difference is worth it. The 55 colourways suck in comparison to the 87 colourways.

  • John Bousley
    John Bousley 3 months ago

    I seen the 55 for 100 bucks I was thinking about getting them I like them

  • Carlos Bermudez
    Carlos Bermudez 4 months ago

    Of course

  • marion salazar
    marion salazar 5 months ago

    sir in your humble opinion which is better 55 or 87..TIA

  • Sherry Heath
    Sherry Heath 6 months ago

    I like black gray lime green pair

  • Patrick Caluag
    Patrick Caluag 6 months ago

    The problem is the 87 is harder to find not the difference in price point.

  • Stuntman Beatz
    Stuntman Beatz 6 months ago

    Unfortunately, Nike only gonna drop fire color ways in the 87s...

  • CarterSauce TM
    CarterSauce TM 6 months ago

    My shoe size is literally my age

  • BennyPaddyCake
    BennyPaddyCake 6 months ago

    Was thinking about getting the 55s until I saw them in person. The 55s upper felt cheap and your feet gets warm. And the release colorway doesn't look dope to me and they feel stiff, but comfortable. Saw the knicks 87s at my local sneaker shop. So I'm might cop them instead

  • John Mansor
    John Mansor 6 months ago +1

    87 - really like the unique look.

  • tCruzin4Lyfe
    tCruzin4Lyfe 6 months ago

    I got 3 pairs of 87's (1 pair from SKRS and 2 from StockX), LOVE THEM. I also got a pair of the 55's as well, both are great on feet. Easily my sneaker model of the year.

  • thedogefogx420 thedogefox420


  • mazig8
    mazig8 6 months ago +1

    just copped my first react 87 in the solar red colorway im so excited

  • SJ 24
    SJ 24 6 months ago

    87's look way better and are worth the $220ish resell price, imo.

  • Charlie Clips pops
    Charlie Clips pops 6 months ago

    I have the original 87 people be on my nuts and the parra air max people have jump out there car to complement my freshness.

  • Scott Pierce
    Scott Pierce 6 months ago

    Hey Jacque you should FOR REAL!! start saying the prices more often that way people who are interested in buying can know how much it they are or in my case how much I need to save up lol. PS I'm a BIG fan I showed my buddy's at work your channel everybody watches your videos at lunch now lol Oh and just saying have to give you mad props on your shoe collection.

  • Milk Bone
    Milk Bone 6 months ago

    The 87 is clear the 55 are not there you go

  • Freezer Sk8
    Freezer Sk8 6 months ago

    I really like his intro, it just feel so natural

  • dahookid323
    dahookid323 6 months ago

    87 had influence from jun of Undercover not virgil off white bro and we r not plugged in to Nike like u to get the 87 so many of us have to deal with the 55 but i wont buy that shit

  • A.J. KICKZ
    A.J. KICKZ 6 months ago

    Do these react element 55’s run true to size cus everyone usually recommends that in the 87’s you go half size down.

  • Damien Jeremy Weir
    Damien Jeremy Weir 6 months ago

    Autobots - Roll Out

  • Axel Foley
    Axel Foley 6 months ago

    Y'all! any recomendation/suggestion for mid price beginner running shoes? 5k-10k distance range on cement. it will be great if I can use as lifestyle shoe too. thx

    • MMZ 11
      MMZ 11 Month ago

      Nike Zoom Strike 2

  • Erik Kveen
    Erik Kveen 6 months ago +2

    I work 12 hour days and I normally go w ultraboost but my feet get sore after 8 hours and I wore my new element 55s to work on a 12 hour shift and I could of worn them for a lot longer it was night and day difference

  • Vincent Anderson
    Vincent Anderson 6 months ago

    J why dont you just review nike, its all you mainly do anyway, zzzzzzzzzz

  • Joshua slosser
    Joshua slosser 6 months ago

    React element 55's vs ultraboost which to get? Go!

    • Joshua slosser
      Joshua slosser 6 months ago

      +Milk Bone I have the eqt boost and those don't hut my feet but they also have an ortholite insole. Yeah I think the react 55s looks doper but it will all depend on which I can get cheaper

    • Milk Bone
      Milk Bone 6 months ago

      Joshua slosser ultra boost are only good for a couple of hours then your feet will start hurting. The are too soft, and not enough support for your feet.

  • Antonio  Woodyard
    Antonio Woodyard 6 months ago

    I Honestly Prefer The Element 55s. Even Tho They're Basically The Same!!😏

  • peter Andrade
    peter Andrade 6 months ago

    both are dope

  • Flash/Jerry
    Flash/Jerry 6 months ago

    it's like the timberland. They got the basic, then premium

  • Bravo Zayas
    Bravo Zayas 6 months ago +6

    I feel like the issue is with the 87 is that it will always fall to resellers so you’re really never gonna get it for retail... not yet at least

  • Christopher Moebus
    Christopher Moebus 6 months ago

    Both are worth their price points. I think that choice in shoes depend on lifestyle choices. Me personally, im not overly athletic, and would pay extra to look a little more premiumish. Thats not to say i couldn't look similarly nice in the 55s. Again its a choice of lifestyle and the models again offer the same dividing choice.
    Thanks jaque or the tech talk, just awsome 🤙

  • Patrick’s Picks!
    Patrick’s Picks! 6 months ago +1

    I gotta go with the 87! the price difference is worth it to me for the better looking upper. The 55 is just so basic!

  • Mubbasher Niaz
    Mubbasher Niaz 6 months ago

    Yes £30 is the 1

  • Jacob Rains
    Jacob Rains 6 months ago

    The all black and neon green were the flame for sure

  • Jacob Rains
    Jacob Rains 6 months ago

    Mr. Slade its your boy jacob again getting at you for a 10.5 11 pair of heat. Either one of the reacts would be super hyper dope to get. man get at me and let me get a pair i know you have just laying around lmao. Come on bro help a struggling dad out put some heat on my feet

  • Marcus Knak
    Marcus Knak 6 months ago

    The see-through upper is what makes the shoe for me. Have to go with the 87's, especially those Undercover ones. The color combinations on those are absolutely beautiful.

  • IamSuave
    IamSuave 6 months ago

    👍🏽 #600, yep that was me.😉

  • Miles pogi
    Miles pogi 6 months ago

    Dope shirt brotha 👍👌✊

  • Mana King
    Mana King 6 months ago

    I am looking for a sneaker connect Email me .

  • Jordan Randolph
    Jordan Randolph 6 months ago +2

    So what I’m hearing is if your a person that wears socks this shoe will make them stand out more👍🏽

  • Rockaway Bully
    Rockaway Bully 6 months ago

    Thanks for the vid I hope to get the element 55 Triple Black colorway one day for work they would be great

  • Muhd Ikram
    Muhd Ikram 6 months ago

    between 55 & 87;i choose the 84
    *optimus shirt

  • PaladioBlaze
    PaladioBlaze 6 months ago

    If they are super narrow it's a no for me on both of them.

  • g1beanmobile
    g1beanmobile 6 months ago +4

    or just go a tad cheaper and get the exp-x14 and still get that see thru look and react in the mid sole

    • CarterSauce TM
      CarterSauce TM 6 months ago

      Im definitely getting those if I can't get 87s for retail

    • Joshua slosser
      Joshua slosser 6 months ago

      Yeah it's like 75 on finish line

    • Robert Scott
      Robert Scott 6 months ago +1

      People seriously slept on the x14's, those shoes are so nice. I have 3 color ways, thinking about getting my 4th pair since nike dropped the price on them.

  • Jason Pol Patulot
    Jason Pol Patulot 6 months ago

    $30 dollars is not their price difference because the element 87 is way overprice on resell. It’s hard to find an element 87 at retail nowadays. So yeah, I’ll rock with the element 55 since that’s the only nike element shoe that I can find and actually pay for retail.

  • Jeremiah Pragas
    Jeremiah Pragas 6 months ago

    Element 55 looks nicer than the 87

  • Gustavo Silva
    Gustavo Silva 6 months ago

    87-55 ~ is around 30$ . That’s why 😂

  • deep23 deep23
    deep23 deep23 6 months ago

    The 55s

  • bukgukbear
    bukgukbear 6 months ago

    87-55=32 nike did their math!

  • Prakher Shrivastava
    Prakher Shrivastava 6 months ago

    simple swoosh is better one.

  • J M
    J M 6 months ago +7

    55s are VERY comfortable, I use my air max 270s for work cause they comfortable but these elements are on another level

    • Orlando Gonzales
      Orlando Gonzales 6 months ago +1

      J M exactly how the 87 feel. Except 87 are more breathable which is nice

  • Ruperto Gutierrez
    Ruperto Gutierrez 6 months ago

    I wish it was just 30$ difference but you have to pay 250+ for the element 87 if you want them now they keep selling out every drop

  • Blassie P
    Blassie P 6 months ago

    87 all day yo.

  • adaboy4z
    adaboy4z 6 months ago

    Bro you almost cracked talking about the $30 difference. You know!!

  • Ronald Webb
    Ronald Webb 6 months ago

    Where did you get your shirt it's cool so are the shoes.

  • Ruthlesskix
    Ruthlesskix 6 months ago +5

    Great video, just picked up my first element 55s. Side note, killing it with that Optimus Prime shirt. Where did you get it?

  • Anson Chiu
    Anson Chiu 6 months ago +18

    Many of us don’t have an option for the 87, since it’s on limited release and ALWAYS sold out. Booo. So that being said... the price gap is much larger than $30 if you need to consider the 87 on the secondary market.

  • John B.
    John B. 6 months ago +3

    Boy Nike ain’t going send you no more of the sweet packages

  • K1ng Kons
    K1ng Kons 6 months ago

    Got the Element 55s but the high back tab rubs into my Achilles heel too much. Have y’all had this issue as well?

    • Spazzer
      Spazzer 6 months ago

      Yup thats a problem with the 87s as well its rlly annoying :/

    • Erik Smalls
      Erik Smalls 6 months ago

      K1ng Kons yes I did also. Ended up returning them because of that...

  • Tan Boon Kiat
    Tan Boon Kiat 6 months ago +9

    The Elements are not for me. Cos not enuff support. But if I gotta choose, I’ll go with the 55. Ain’t worth xtra 30 bucks for the 87. And I don’t wanna fuss over what socks to wear for a translucent upper.

  • GEMINI 605
    GEMINI 605 6 months ago +1

    I stand with the 55.

  • Xander Ali Warthen
    Xander Ali Warthen 6 months ago

    Dope comparison review Bruh and exactly why I flipped the 87s and copped the 55s (exact colorways that you compared); i just wish that I would have did the 55s in 12.5 rather than 13.

  • Jose Olmeda
    Jose Olmeda 6 months ago

    I would buy both

  • Royalty
    Royalty 6 months ago

    55 doesnt have clear mesh or cork insole lol price down cause of that

    • Royalty
      Royalty 6 months ago

      +Jacques Slade They probably just want to have the same margins on each pair; the cork, clear material, and in general more quality material may cost them more to produce. Personally I feel like it's not really worth the $30 price jump but I prefer the colorways and aesthetics of the 87

    • Jacques Slade
      Jacques Slade  6 months ago

      Royalty But $30? That big of a difference?

  • Shoe Junkie
    Shoe Junkie 6 months ago

    Jacques I have a question.
    What's your take on the lifestyle side of the Nike react versus the adidas Boost? What is the better shoe for lifestyle?

  • Brett Haynes
    Brett Haynes 6 months ago +3

    Personally prefer the 55's

  • Shoe Junkie
    Shoe Junkie 6 months ago +2

    Jacques Slade the boss ... of the sneakers game.

  • Alex Illingworth
    Alex Illingworth 6 months ago +16

    I got the React 55s in Solar Red and they are 🔥

    • Robbie
      Robbie 6 months ago +1

      Davion Cooper I have a slightly wider foot and it as a slightly narrow toe box, so I went up a half size

    • 昆虫ヴィンス
      昆虫ヴィンス 6 months ago +1

      +Davion Cooper TTS

    • Davion Cooper
      Davion Cooper 6 months ago +1

      How do they fit

  • Walt Thomas
    Walt Thomas 6 months ago +11

    87, bro. I'm all about that cork.

  • Aidan Wallace11
    Aidan Wallace11 6 months ago


  • Joe Kelly IV
    Joe Kelly IV 6 months ago +4

    Love the shoes but that shirt is fiya lol

  • Syéd Richardson
    Syéd Richardson 6 months ago

    First view

  • kenny duro
    kenny duro 6 months ago +1

    You forgot the insole on the React 55. Is it the same with element 87 with a cork insole?

    • CarterSauce TM
      CarterSauce TM 6 months ago

      No. I feel like you already knew the answer to that question

    • ferbbe02
      ferbbe02 6 months ago

      kenny duro it isnt

  • kwon
    kwon 6 months ago

    What color way were the element 87s?

  • MrWuidart
    MrWuidart 6 months ago +78

    Just for reference 55 and 87, is a nod to Caesium and Francium, which are some of the most highly reactive elements. When exposed to oxygen, just grams of both could basically go off like a bomb... :P

    • Jiang Coughlin
      Jiang Coughlin 28 days ago

      MrWuidart hence the name element react

    • Jacques Slade
      Jacques Slade  6 months ago +10

      MrWuidart Really? I didn’t know that. Good call out. Going to look them up.

  • Øwēñ Pētērsøñ
    Øwēñ Pētērsøñ 6 months ago

    Can't afford either of those lol

  • MikelBuildsFN
    MikelBuildsFN 6 months ago

    Is it a running shoe?

    • OregonDreams NSW
      OregonDreams NSW 6 months ago

      +Supreme Pillow Stop being stupid. Not its not a running shoe. Not even close.

    • Supreme Pillow
      Supreme Pillow 6 months ago

      Mikel Garza yup

  • SelfMade 128
    SelfMade 128 6 months ago

    More for less imo

  • Dan B
    Dan B 6 months ago

    can you please send me those shoes??😂😂

  • Nikolas Espinosa
    Nikolas Espinosa 6 months ago

    He should try and get nine decades. Who remembers those?

  • The C Show
    The C Show 6 months ago

    Wassup Jacques, you inspired me to start a channel

  • Johnston 1245
    Johnston 1245 6 months ago

    Hi your Chanel is awsome

    Lil BROOMSTICK 6 months ago +2


      Lil BROOMSTICK 6 months ago

      +Jacques Slade well its the reply u get jacques Ohh and love ur vids 🖒🖒🖒

    • Jacques Slade
      Jacques Slade  6 months ago

      Not the reply I was expecting, but a reply none the less.

  • cherryc0cac0la
    cherryc0cac0la 6 months ago

    You are a great sneakerhead youtuber. Keep up the good work!!

  • Revin Hoang
    Revin Hoang 6 months ago +2


  • Eric Cuaresma
    Eric Cuaresma 6 months ago

    That are fire

    • Eric Cuaresma
      Eric Cuaresma 6 months ago

      +Jacques Slade these sorry for that sir jac

    • Jacques Slade
      Jacques Slade  6 months ago

      That or these? I think you are talking about the sneakers, but I want to be sure.

  • SwagcerorSupreme
    SwagcerorSupreme 6 months ago

    One of the *First*

  • Thatboi_Jay 24
    Thatboi_Jay 24 6 months ago +1

    First view, first like, first comment

    • Jacques Slade
      Jacques Slade  6 months ago

      I appreciate you stopping by to check it out. What do you think of the shoes? Is the $30 difference worth it to you?

  • Mario Navarro
    Mario Navarro 6 months ago


  • Noodles Lhd
    Noodles Lhd 6 months ago


  • Sebastian Seaman
    Sebastian Seaman 6 months ago

    First and first like

  • Gavin Atkinson
    Gavin Atkinson 6 months ago


  • stinkbomb
    stinkbomb 6 months ago


  • Noah The baller
    Noah The baller 6 months ago


  • Sebastian Trejo
    Sebastian Trejo 6 months ago

    Can I have a shout-out

  • Mario Navarro
    Mario Navarro 6 months ago


  • Noah The baller
    Noah The baller 6 months ago


  • Gwuap Goon
    Gwuap Goon 6 months ago


  • Bobby McQuatters
    Bobby McQuatters 6 months ago +2


    • Bobby McQuatters
      Bobby McQuatters 6 months ago

      HHhhhhiiiiiiiiiii I really like the react all of them

    • Jacques Slade
      Jacques Slade  6 months ago +1

      What up Bobby. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the video. What did you think of the SNEAKerS?