an EASIER way to chop chocolate

  • Published on Oct 17, 2014
  • Working with chocolate can be easy when you have the correct tools. In this video I show you my technique for chopping chocolate. I go through 100rds of pounds of chocolate every year making English Toffee. That is our most popular item. Check out our website to see what the toffee looks like. The Toffee is a great gift for any occasion!
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  • E.T GropeHome
    E.T GropeHome 10 months ago

    Or just put it in your pocket

  • Jeneric Stewart
    Jeneric Stewart Year ago +1

    love your videos! where can i buy the chocolate bar? TIA

    • Margie's It's No Secret Candies
      Margie's It's No Secret Candies  Year ago +2

      Now that is a bit tricky.I buy chocolate at a bakery supply.This bar came from a company called Stover in Russelton, PaAnd thanks for watching my videos!!!Margie

  • muslimahsista
    muslimahsista 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing

    MUDKIPSYRUP 3 years ago +3

    Cant i just beat the bag of chocolate till it becomes a powder

  • Margie's It's No Secret Candies

    Yes, we have a business.
    Our website is:
    Thanks so much for asking.
    I LOVE Rum cake. I'd bet they were awesome!

  • MsSixty?
    MsSixty? 4 years ago

    Do you have a candy business, or is all that 100 lbs of toffee for Christmas gifts and parties? I have to say, wow, I'm impressed, I used to make rum cakes for Christmas gifts, but certainly not on that scale :) I like your practical approach to breaking up those large blocks of chocolate.

  • Charlene Tyger
    Charlene Tyger 4 years ago +1

    Wow that's a lot of chocolate!

  • Paola Peñafiel
    Paola Peñafiel 5 years ago

    Saludos desde México😀

  • MsSpark111
    MsSpark111 5 years ago

    While chopping the chocolate.. My non knife holding hand, that is, the one on top of the knife hurts a lot while chopping chocolate from all the knife pressing.. Any tips on that?

    • MsSpark111
      MsSpark111 5 years ago

      @Marjorie Vangenewitt Great! I will try standing on a stool next time! Thanks! I have learnt a lot from you and my family has been very impressed with all the skills that I have learnt from you.. I will always be grateful to you

    • Margie's It's No Secret Candies
      Margie's It's No Secret Candies  5 years ago +2

      Yes, I found doing it that way was hard on my elbows. If I stood on a small stool so I was able to use my weight to help push the knife, that helped. The reason we found this way was because I felt it was safer than the knife. My knives were also getting damaged. I hope that helps a little.

  • Andrew Abeles
    Andrew Abeles 5 years ago

    Do you have a website where I can go and order some English Toffee?