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  • Banana Republic Co.
    Banana Republic Co. 8 hours ago

    As a Korean, I can say this is far from a typical/traditional Bibimbap, but it looks delicious.

  • Glitchy Squid
    Glitchy Squid 11 days ago

    Little Korean secret, instead of using brown sugar, use 1/4 can of Cola or Pepsi, the carbonation softens the meat quicker (that's my mom does for bulgogi). I would also replace the carrots for beansprouts, and add a dollop of red pepper paste on top of the cucumbers.

  • Aykay Games And Mods
    Aykay Games And Mods 15 days ago

    Wtf is soy sauce

  • Rj Pogi
    Rj Pogi 21 day ago

    This is stupid u dont ever cook shit on sesame oil that shit is going to burn retard you add that in the end to have that sesame flavour.

  • M&M
    M&M 22 days ago

    This dish looks so delicious

  • 欲homunculus 貪
    欲homunculus 貪 22 days ago

    I would put three more eggs cuz I love eggs

  • fattymoko
    fattymoko 27 days ago

    We use beef, not chicken. Never used butter in this dish, ever. Where's the gochujang? Psh. No bean sprouts and cucumbers should be julienned, not in rounds. Go see Maanchi.

  • Amon Ra
    Amon Ra 29 days ago

    Kiss from Marseille...👍👍👍

  • WhatIThink
    WhatIThink 29 days ago

    So who eats bibimbap with a fork and a knife?

  • GH KIM
    GH KIM 29 days ago

    Bibim means mixed, and Bap means rice or a meal. That means it can be called Bibimbap if you put anything what you want and mix together with some rice, sesame oil, and gochujang. My father don't like gochujang, so he just put some sesame oil and soy sauce. But, we call it Bibimbap. It just depend on what you wanna eat and mix together,normally a lot of veges, with rice. The major difference between Bibimbap Japanese Katsudon or some food end "-don" is mix or not. Katsudon is also one bowl meal and put eggs and sauce but never mix together.

  • A K
    A K Month ago

    The egg ruined it🤢

  • Ysmn Sa
    Ysmn Sa Month ago

    im sorry but where is the gochujang?

  • Tuxvo
    Tuxvo Month ago

    *_G O C H U J A N G_*

  • ꧁ Shyaira  Senpai꧂

    2:08 its an AI

  • Audrey Wong
    Audrey Wong Month ago

    no it needs *gochujang*

  • Why do I have six subscribers

    Who tf cuts into bibimbap? Wtf cutting pasta would make more sense than that

  • cincychris1
    cincychris1 Month ago

    Use every pan in your kitchen for your new favorite dish.

  • Katywu Ste
    Katywu Ste Month ago

    My mouth watered all the way through. Looks absolutely delicious

  • Overlord Gaming
    Overlord Gaming Month ago


  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname Month ago

    I'm half asleep and with the music this reminds me of Cooking Mama

  • PYTiktok Funny
    PYTiktok Funny Month ago


  • Legslipsandlashes
    Legslipsandlashes Month ago

    I wanna make this but I would have to scramble thst egg. Can't do the runny.🍳🍳🍳🍲🍲🍲

  • TheRedSummer
    TheRedSummer Month ago

    Should have made cucumber kimchi tbh...

  • Ur favorite Asian
    Ur favorite Asian Month ago +1


  • minkyu lee
    minkyu lee Month ago

    U gotta get the Korean hot red pepper paste with it

  • kakuella
    kakuella Month ago +1

    It really bothers me that there's no gochujang or yangnyumjang (special soy sauce mixture) in this so called "bibimbap" recipe 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Can't Stop
    Can't Stop Month ago

    Would you like some chicken to go with your sesame oil?

  • Julia Jo
    Julia Jo Month ago

    Well, that's brilliant! I like it but we don't usually use sesame oil to fry something.

  • protizemo s
    protizemo s Month ago

    The best chicken salad you'll ever eat probably - Title Translation

  • Rahma Ben
    Rahma Ben Month ago +1

    What is the name of your cameras because I like your photo

  • Oli
    Oli Month ago

    If I cannot hear my rice, it's not a bibimbap

  • syarafina shahar
    syarafina shahar Month ago

    lol.. the ad is gfriend sunrise new comeback.. really happy.. hahahh

  • Marie-Ève Trottier

    I feel like Rye provide authentic japenese recipe, but they don't have someone to provide authentic korean recipe.

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  • Nad Z
    Nad Z Month ago

    no gochujang? and not in a bowl? bibimbap is supposed to be in a bowl bcause they mix the ingredients together before eating

  • BangtanArmy
    BangtanArmy Month ago

    But what about the gochujang? It is tastier mixing it all in with it

  • Suu
    Suu Month ago

    The egg is just unnecessary

  • Suu
    Suu Month ago

    Ive seen better dishes.

  • Lance Ortega
    Lance Ortega Month ago

    Where is the fckin gochujang??

  • XgamerPlayz
    XgamerPlayz Month ago

    I got an ad for a bottle of powder that makes anything taste like bacon.

  • Tyler Whorff
    Tyler Whorff Month ago

    Is it really a bibimbap if it doesn't have the crispy rice? (No)

  • armanistar3
    armanistar3 Month ago

    Not at dis caucafyed version of 비빔밥

  • LuckyTeem0
    LuckyTeem0 Month ago

    오이 에반데;

  • Jason Chen
    Jason Chen Month ago

    if you guys want a good sauce combine 2 tablespoons of gochujang, 1 table spoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of rice wine vinegar, and 1 table spoon of sesame oil : )

  • abc decorating paradise

    Soy sauce and sugar is always a good combination!

  • Ean Amog
    Ean Amog Month ago

    she forgot the gochujang

  • Sandy Simon
    Sandy Simon Month ago +1

    Nice but you forgot the gochujang sauce ?

  • Tina’s Healthy World

    This looks so good!! Easy, simple, and delicious. I love it

  • Chaia's Curations
    Chaia's Curations Month ago +1

    I just started a channel please give me feedback!!!

    III YOTIKA III Month ago

    Can’t y’all mother duckers use some god damn chopsticks ... ?

  • jeon jungkook
    jeon jungkook Month ago

    Where's red chili paste?!..

  • Kevin Liu
    Kevin Liu Month ago

    Sounds like a howtobasic video

  • Patrícia lea
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  • Mike Jiggetts
    Mike Jiggetts Month ago

    Can someone tell me what the name of that portable stovetop is?

  • Help
    Help Month ago

    What about AAAAAAAAAA

  • Kiyaaa
    Kiyaaa Month ago

    오이에서 걸렀다

  • Lee Bond
    Lee Bond Month ago +1

    Stop with the olive oil already. Man, what a greasy mess.

  • Dan 821
    Dan 821 Month ago

    I would Love to make this, but someone put the card for diet recipes right at the 0:12 mark and covered a few of the first ingredients.
    It's hard to do this if you can't read the recipe ingredients.
    Still love what you do.

  • michele Cromers
    michele Cromers Month ago

    didn't show the kimchi 🙄

  • Ados Ados
    Ados Ados Month ago

    I like bibimbap 😋 from 🇹🇷 🤗

  • Callista Markham
    Callista Markham Month ago

    My favorite part of this video is trying to read the ingredients through the flag that pops up at the top. 👌

  • 09PomyGranite09
    09PomyGranite09 Month ago

    Let’s slap some kimchi on this and call it Bibimbap. Like no that’s not how it works! 🙈

  • Angellia Yang
    Angellia Yang Month ago

    eat it with a spoon ya heathen

  • Jeremiah Chung
    Jeremiah Chung Month ago

    What was the point of the 2nd egg

  • MrPcanfly
    MrPcanfly Month ago +4

    Warning: Korean weeb experts below.

  • Michealcraft
    Michealcraft Month ago +1

    Can someone tell me who
    Can eat that whole plate?

  • massivefanofmc
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  • Killer Dog
    Killer Dog Month ago

    man you must really like sesame oil !

  • Rashmi Singh
    Rashmi Singh Month ago

    Bet this was Rie!!!👏😊😊
    Love her anyway 💝😘

  • Manny Perez
    Manny Perez Month ago

    Recipes, please!

  • Gillian Smith
    Gillian Smith Month ago +1

    too much sesame oil and salt

  • La Sauce Productions
    La Sauce Productions Month ago +2

    This looks great. Hope my channel looks as good as your one day!

  • E Y
    E Y Month ago

    Overall, it's a nice recipe. But don't put too much oil on looks very oily. Also add a spoon or two of gochujang, or at least soy sauce.

  • Jina지나
    Jina지나 Month ago

    아니 저 오이랑 파썬건 뭐야; 아 안사요~

  • NightLight
    NightLight Month ago

    me(is watching while eating bibimbap):oh wow looks better than mine
    also me:*finds cucumber* ok thats it im outta here

  • Vforfettuccine
    Vforfettuccine Month ago

    Wow what a simple dish!!! And it could be simpler if you grab a spoon and shove that knive in someone else's butter 😬

  • Crystal Kinda
    Crystal Kinda Month ago

    Love this video

  • NOUR
    NOUR Month ago

    easy they said try it will be your fav they said

  • NOUR
    NOUR Month ago

    easy they said try it will be your fav they said

  • Bitch Please
    Bitch Please Month ago +1

    bibimbap with no Gochujang? *CANT RELATE*

  • Jessie150
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  • Diviertetealcocinar con ElRobarecetas

    Yumm, delucius and goid recipe!!

  • Elsie Xo
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  • minna Alnhass
    minna Alnhass Month ago

    I beg u guys go and see this short film and share it

  • Bxr
    Bxr Month ago

    NEVER come here hungry.

  • Shahjahan Bano
    Shahjahan Bano Month ago +1

    Wow nice video

  • IchKocheEinfach
    IchKocheEinfach Month ago +1

    Nice Video 👍

  • Jamie Kim
    Jamie Kim Month ago

    The best way to enjoy bibimbap is put every leftovers in your fridge(and rice)to giant bowl and add a huge spoonful of GOCHU-JANG and mix it up. The best time to enjoy it; after midnight.

  • heyitsme lol
    heyitsme lol Month ago

    is this rie's hard or what

  • KonradTheWolf
    KonradTheWolf Month ago

    This makes me Hungry

  • rizzo69ca
    rizzo69ca Month ago

    not enough sesame oil... jk

  • Stephanie J
    Stephanie J Month ago

    It looks delicious but I need gochujang too.

  • juyun song
    juyun song Month ago

    Theres a reason why we use beef for bibimbab. And got sake why kimchi IN the bab(rice) are you kidding me?

  • Maximom 5
    Maximom 5 Month ago

    Do profoshenal chef vs kid chef

  • DJ L
    DJ L Month ago

    Bibimbap without gochujang still taste good. I prefer bibimbap without gochujang but i must put radish namul(mu namul).

  • Aaina
    Aaina Month ago

    Wheres the gochujang?

  • Rizka Ayuningtyas
    Rizka Ayuningtyas Month ago

    Where's the gochujang?

  • gyumin tak
    gyumin tak Month ago

    맛있어보여요^.^살짝 고추장 넣으면 더 맛있을꺼 같아요 ~

  • Anushree Datta
    Anushree Datta Month ago

    First time seeing Bibimbap without gochujang. Wow Tasty.

  • trinity343
    trinity343 Month ago

    where did you get the Kimchi from? did you make it yourself or buy it jarred? if you made it PLEASE make a video on it :)