Let's Abstract Paint

  • Published on Jan 17, 2019
  • Here is the lovely channel, SurajFineArts, that inspired me to make this video thexvid.com/channel/UC0DAJW9IjtV4lIz7dDVDBFA
    There are lots of other videos on youtube of this style of painting but over christmas break I was finding myself throwing this channel on and absolutely passing the fuck out to it because it was so r e l a x i n g. I also enjoy people who make content that makes something that seems a little scary (like making art ((DONT LAUGH AT ME ART PEOPLE OKAY YALL WOULD BE SCARED IF I CLOMPED NEXT TO YOU AT 6'11 AND BOWLED YOU UNDER THE TABLE)) seem so accessible to people like me who have absolutely no idea what they are doing or how or where to start. Trying new things is really fun and fulfilling (as you can also see I HAVE BEGUN GROWING THE HOUSEPLANTS, someday maybe I'll give you a plant tour, let me know after you comment "hang it this way" if you'd like to see that someday maybe after their growing season in the spring/summer when they get all luscious and beautiful.). Anyways, it's enjoyable sometimes to just do 32 year old lady things, I appreciate you guys encouraging me to paint and do art even though I'm a little virgo-y at times, a little too much at times, and a little less than confident at times. It means a lot. I'm going to keep trying and maybe someday I'll be an art person with art things surrounded by art so much art I can't even function I'm just swimming in art okay I have to go Kermit is screaming at me because he wants to sit in my lap one of my plants is named Bjork okay bye.
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  • Miranda Pyle
    Miranda Pyle 15 hours ago

    You and Julian are so supportive of each other I fucking love it 💕

  • Rachel Vanderplow
    Rachel Vanderplow 19 hours ago

    Oh definitely hang it this way. If you hang it the other way it doesn’t make as much sense artistically.

  • Hellhound 267
    Hellhound 267 Day ago

    Hang it this way

  • DoubleDecker BeckerPecker

    This is the only time we will see julien calm

  • theruby811
    theruby811 2 days ago

    oh i like when you hang it this way 😊

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa 2 days ago

    Okay but is no one going to point out that Jenna's first painting started out as a literal bi flag?

  • Youssef Abdulkareem
    Youssef Abdulkareem 2 days ago

    hang it this way

  • Dot
    Dot 3 days ago

    Hang it this way

  • T Y
    T Y 3 days ago

    Dont use a lot of black paint esp if you’re still a beginnerrr

  • Chicken Nuggets
    Chicken Nuggets 3 days ago

    4:11 looks like someone shook the camera

  • haha stinky
    haha stinky 3 days ago

    Please hang it this way it looks so cool !!

  • Chris Monsoon
    Chris Monsoon 3 days ago

    you guys should do the DIY dirty pours...that would be cool to watch you do...its kinda messy though

  • Mikayla M.
    Mikayla M. 4 days ago

    Julien Mouthbreather Solamita

  • Lauren Kelly
    Lauren Kelly 4 days ago +2

    why could Julien actually be an artists

  • Bella Smith
    Bella Smith 4 days ago

    Jenna I think you have an amazing eye for color! I think the paint mixing in ways you don't expect is what gets you and makes you hate your art. Why not try digital art on an I pad with an art app that doesn't mix the colors!

  • Nurçin Yılmaz
    Nurçin Yılmaz 4 days ago

    Jenna inspired me to paint again so now at 2 am I'm looking at paints and thinking about what colors I should get after not painting for four years so thanks Jenna for the dent I'm about to make on my bank account

  • alisha
    alisha 4 days ago +1

    julie did so well🥺🖐

  • mango meep
    mango meep 4 days ago

    hang it this way

  • Elksin_93
    Elksin_93 5 days ago

    I think they should hang it this way. You know?

  • Caitlin Marie Bliss
    Caitlin Marie Bliss 5 days ago

    5:50 looks like Julien just created Trix yogurt

  • Claire Hawkes
    Claire Hawkes 6 days ago

    I love this one! I’m going to have a go

  • Ayrisesiran
    Ayrisesiran 6 days ago

    'stop it' is my favourite painting of all of them

  • Katie Collins
    Katie Collins 6 days ago

    hang it this way

  • Sauce
    Sauce 7 days ago

    hang it like this

  • Allison
    Allison 7 days ago

    Stop It honestly looks like it could be in a museum

  • Shelby Lynn
    Shelby Lynn 7 days ago

    oh my fuck I hate the scraping sound

  • Kermit plus marbles equals mermit. science.

    Jenna: this one is called *stop it*
    Me: *stop it get some help*

  • TheJessiGirl12
    TheJessiGirl12 8 days ago

    Rule of thumb for painting: always start with the lighter colors then work your way to the dark....trust me I had to learn the hard way with my own Virgo gene...🤣

  • Celina Nicolas
    Celina Nicolas 8 days ago

    Buying a painting kit rn on Amazon.

  • Linh
    Linh 9 days ago

    her too much genes kick in when she adds another color

  • Natalie Tyler
    Natalie Tyler 9 days ago

    J&J hype each other so much, they are so encouraging of each other, and it is so freaking beautiful to see. So many people, and couples, put pressure on each other and put each other down, even just in a joke, but Jenna and Julien genuinely love what each other does and want each other to do well and believe in themselves.

  • Remi’s Asmr
    Remi’s Asmr 9 days ago +1

    I think you should hang it this way

  • Tanya Scott-Street
    Tanya Scott-Street 9 days ago

    Julien breathe’s really loud

  • ty ty ty
    ty ty ty 9 days ago +2

    5:08 when julien went "heeeeuuughh heeuggh heuuggh" i felt that

  • ThisTinyArtist
    ThisTinyArtist 10 days ago

    Here I am binging ALL of your art videos because I can never get enough of them! I love watching you two create!

  • Larissa  Villano
    Larissa Villano 10 days ago

    when Jenna does the second painting she makes the Instagram icon :0

  • DragonLordMJM
    DragonLordMJM 10 days ago

    Hang it this way

  • Pope BDJ
    Pope BDJ 11 days ago

    Jenna's lil squel at 2:17 is FUCKING ADORABLE and Julien saying "watch your hair" at 14:19 was so coot, ah I love them

  • Kate Whitcomb
    Kate Whitcomb 11 days ago

    hang it this way

  • Madison G
    Madison G 11 days ago

    Hang it this way

  • Sonnet Lucy
    Sonnet Lucy 11 days ago

    Hang it that way

  • Jesus Munoz Sevillano
    Jesus Munoz Sevillano 12 days ago +1

    No one:
    Jenna: I LoVe THe TexTUre

  • BaconPancaakes
    BaconPancaakes 13 days ago

    Hang it this way!

  • Ashleigh K
    Ashleigh K 13 days ago

    After watching every painting video, I can conclude that Jennas has no sense of colour coordination.

  • macaw girl kksc-san chan bts fan

    "This one is called.....STAP IT!"
    I gots a queation, WhErEs ThE NaStY bOi?

  • macaw girl kksc-san chan bts fan

    Hang it this way

  • Clare Corney
    Clare Corney 13 days ago

    Hang it that way

  • Mei Wedding
    Mei Wedding 13 days ago

    Omg “Stop It” is a queeeeennnn

  • Dinkjay
    Dinkjay 14 days ago

    Hang it this way

  • QUEEN. AAliyha
    QUEEN. AAliyha 14 days ago

    I just realized that the video was published on my birthday 🎉.

  • Grace Holt
    Grace Holt 15 days ago

    julen breathes so loud wtf
    asthma gang rise up 💯💯

  • Christina C
    Christina C 15 days ago

    Please do the squeegee technique next!!!!

  • Minnie DaCosta
    Minnie DaCosta 15 days ago

    5:54 the daminals i threw up in the hallway of my elementery school

  • Isabel
    Isabel 15 days ago +14

    jenna: *touches canvas*
    julien: "woooooow"

  • Sarah Caro
    Sarah Caro 15 days ago

    Julian with his dad breathing is like my husband dad breathing.

  • Monika jur
    Monika jur 15 days ago

    Hang it this way

  • Natasha Nadine
    Natasha Nadine 16 days ago

    I have been watching too much Jenna Marbles these last couple of days (I have legit been watching all kinds of her videos for days straight and nothing else)... and after finding all of her painting videos I just came home with 80 dollars worth of acrylic paint equipment.... I have never painted before

  • Isabella Osnaya
    Isabella Osnaya 16 days ago

    Hang it this way

  • genji wenji
    genji wenji 16 days ago

    hang it this way

  • Jacky Nightcrawler
    Jacky Nightcrawler 16 days ago

    Julien: Sometimes the confidence lead me to nowhere