10 Clubs Who Have Had BAD Transfer Windows!

  • Published on Jul 29, 2019
    What team have flopped in the transfer window this summer?!

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Comments • 322

  • Aaxis Rai
    Aaxis Rai 27 days ago

    Bro transfer market is not finished yet... Don't you think you spoke too early

  • Kevin Kermany
    Kevin Kermany Month ago

    Atleti always have efficient and good transfer windows

  • Ronny Quatre
    Ronny Quatre Month ago

    The AC Milan part is completely wrong.... Milan have signed more player than Hernandez and Locatelli is a deal that was done 2 years ago, he was not in the Milan squad in the last Mercato...
    Please go and do some research before making a video!
    Lots of English teams have had worst transfer deal and i haven't seen their name on the list....
    It shows how bias the editor is 🙄🙄

  • Samuel Yee
    Samuel Yee Month ago

    Eintracht had became Frankfurt stock exchange in this summer

  • Systemic Racism
    Systemic Racism Month ago

    How is porto not in here

  • Eshan Eani
    Eshan Eani Month ago

    Shut up!
    A.C. Milan and athletico madrid had a good transfer window!!!

  • Samaritain
    Samaritain Month ago

    update: Ismael Bennacer signed for 5 eyears for AC Milan on 4 august 2019 won Africa cup and Best player of Tournament

  • James Jimenez
    James Jimenez Month ago

    Says Barcelona and atletico Madrid has a bad transfer window while Real Madrid got demolished by atletico Madrid 7-3 and Real has been having a bad preseason not even knowing what to do

  • Skiesgfx
    Skiesgfx Month ago +1

    “There’s no one suitable to back up Jordi Alba at the left back spot”
    Barcelona : sign Firpo

  • Popalone Styki
    Popalone Styki Month ago

    Who were barca supposed to sign? Arguably a CB but they are okay for the coming season. Besides PSG dont have a terrible window. Atletico Madrid invested as much as Real Madrid this window so they make no sense being on this list. And how the fuck did you now mention Bayern? They need a squad overhaul in basically every position. I don't know who made this list

  • Matthew Vassallo
    Matthew Vassallo Month ago

    you have no clue what you re talking about when saying Ac Milan are having a bad transfer season !!!

  • Nep Vape
    Nep Vape Month ago +1

    BARCA GOT JUNIOR FIRPO a young talent to compete ALBA, for just 18 MILLION.They sold MALCOM for profit which open places for other attacking players. SEMEDO in RB and promoted young RB WAGUE as a backup. They are all set for UCL .I guess all the other clubs are still in the market , you can talk after the end of the transfer market. Why bother to make this kind of unfinished videos, when the transfer market is not over.

  • Toni16
    Toni16 Month ago

    De Jong (75 mil) and Griezmann (120 mil), getting rid of shit Malcom (40 fucking million), underrated signing of Firpo (only 18 mil), and potentially Neymar Jr.

  • Ashley McCarthy
    Ashley McCarthy Month ago +2

    Griezmann, Firpo and De Jong.
    Yep. Absolutely terrible that 😬😂

  • T3KKANッ
    T3KKANッ Month ago

    Does this guy knows about football or is it like how IGN """"journalists"""" know about gaming

  • T3KKANッ
    T3KKANッ Month ago

    Atletico Madrid bad transfer window???? More like Real Madrid

  • Dan B
    Dan B Month ago +1

    Ac Milan have got Rafeal Leao looks decent player

  • Marcos Senna
    Marcos Senna Month ago +2

    Fornals was not Villarreal’s greatest player. At the end it was Toko who was the best attacking player

  • nima khalily
    nima khalily Month ago +1

    How is newcastle not on this list? They sold all their strikers (perez, joselu, rondon - which accounted 25 goals) and put their faith into newcomer Joelinton. They are likely to be relegated next season if they don't bring anybody else before the window closes.

    • Sammy 10
      Sammy 10 Month ago

      Cause they r baised towards english clubs

  • Fraser McFarlane
    Fraser McFarlane Month ago

    I mean Barca just haven't had a bad window...signed one of the best young players in the world and one of the best strikers in the world?!

  • Jd king 321
    Jd king 321 Month ago +1

    What about Man Utd 🤣

  • Awesomefolks
    Awesomefolks Month ago

    Milan fans are salty. Do they know this is just a youtube video?

  • Даниел Георгиев

    I dont think barca will drop the title to a team who conceded 14 goals in 4 games

  • Billy Mason
    Billy Mason Month ago

    This channel is done, finished

  • st2838
    st2838 Month ago

    At least do some research. Umsubbing

  • IRS Thot Department

    Yo, who the fuck is in charge of making this list, do they do any research whatsoever on anyone who isn't at the top?

  • Beast Titan
    Beast Titan Month ago

    Arsenal is not on this list???

  • A Moose That Rants
    A Moose That Rants Month ago

    I actually think PSG have had a decent window

  • Magnus Lundgreen
    Magnus Lundgreen Month ago +1

    AC Milan? Only bought Theo Hernandez? Wrong. Krunic for €6M, Bennacer for €17M, A Flamengo Center Back for €11M, Rafael Leao for €35M. This guys facts was so off maaaan

  • Shakkazoolu
    Shakkazoolu Month ago

    You know nothing of AC Milan’s transfers my guy

  • Luke Haverty
    Luke Haverty Month ago

    Atleti has had a bad transfer window? So signing quality players to replace our outgoing players makes our transfer window bad? You just admitted to not knowing anything about Renan Lodi despite calling him unproven.

  • Jake Roberts
    Jake Roberts Month ago

    Barcelona sign the best young midfielder in the world who can potentially become one of that all time greats but apparently that means nothing

  • Pardy house
    Pardy house Month ago

    Sure Lyon has lost some of its key players, but you see they CASH they've made. xD call that a bad transfer window and f*ck me sideways
    5* replacements as well

  • B Lewis
    B Lewis Month ago

    I don't usually comment on YT videos but this is a horrifically put together list and if I was y'all I'd just delete the whole thing.

  • KosyUdochukwu1
    KosyUdochukwu1 Month ago

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Liverpool 🤔

  • Md
    Md Month ago

    I'd maybe put Arsenal in their. If we get Pepe we got one good player who will help us, but for a lot of money. We got Ceballos who will be able to help from the start but we don't have a clause to buy him. If he'd wanted to stay at the end of the season and he performed well we would have to pay massively for him. Would he be a done deal for the 30m that were rumored he'd have been a great transfer. However still our biggest weakness, the defense, was still not addressed. We got Saliba who is an exciting prospect for the future but will not help us out this season, part of the reason being that he was loaned back to ASSE. Should we sign a good CB, when we'd really need a second aswell to replace Koscielny, and get rid of Mustafi it could change everything.

  • Aligator
    Aligator Month ago +2

    This list is a JOKE!
    PSG finally started making logical and relatively cheap trasnfers.
    Schalke added young talent to their squad.
    Milan got 3 new players and is trying to get Leao and Angel Correa whil shipping off the old ones.
    Atletico litteraly bought 8 good players to assist their squad with the money of Griezmann.
    The only ones I agree with are Barca and Frankfurt!

    • Sammy 10
      Sammy 10 Month ago

      They signed lb, now they had great transfer window and now they need offload a lot of players including rakitic

    • Popalone Styki
      Popalone Styki Month ago

      But barca haven't got a terrible transfer window

  • Aligator
    Aligator Month ago +2

    Man how do you forget the signing of Ozan Kabak for Schalke.He was targeted by the likes of Milan and City and you’re forgetting him.

  • Mr.0
    Mr.0 Month ago

    This list is garbage.

  • james foley
    james foley Month ago

    Liverpool & United ?

  • Lwando Madikizela
    Lwando Madikizela Month ago

    Milan had great window. What are you talking about.

  • Hunter Parks
    Hunter Parks Month ago

    Hmmm this isn’t terrible but two of the teams are terrible. A week ago you had PSG as having underrated window and then a week later we’re having a bad window? Interesting. I agree wait until the end and don’t contradict yourself

    • Hunter Parks
      Hunter Parks Month ago

      And everyone else in here has talked about Milan so I don’t think I have to do that

  • K D
    K D Month ago +3

    Would’ve made a lot more sense making this once the windows closed mate...once Barcelona sign a lb(firpo) I wouldn’t call their window bad...

  • muneeb ali
    muneeb ali Month ago +2

    Instead of picking manaco liverpool aresnal he picked atd madrid and ac milan watch boy watch

    • Sammy 10
      Sammy 10 Month ago

      Arsenal had quite good transfer, but man united,monaco had terrible transfer window

  • TJ29
    TJ29 Month ago +8

    Frankfurt at First? Are you mad? Did you forget where Jovic, Haller and Rebic came from. Jovic failed at Benfica because of his attitude, Haller played for a midtable club in Holland and Rebic was basically kicked out by Fiorentina. We're well known for improving lesser known players and no one in their right mind expected us to sign a striker for 20 or 30 million. That's just not our level.
    We improved our weakest area of the pitch, the midfield with Djibril Sow, Kohr and Rode. Strengthened our depth at wingback with Durm and if we can sign Hinteregger or a different CB on a permanent basis and maybe another striker we'll be just fine

  • Fill@PieNo!
    Fill@PieNo! Month ago +1

    Barcelona now has a deep bench but okay Euro Football and they're still linked to Junior Firpo.

  • hey now
    hey now Month ago


  • The Reaper
    The Reaper Month ago

    Manchester United should definitely have been on the list.. they struggled so much towards the end of the season and so far has only brought in Daniel James and Aaron Wan-Bissaka, while they are good signings, isn’t not enough.. what are they going to do if Paul Pogba leaves, as he has stated that wants to? They someone ASAP! And though there is a lot of rumors, nothing seems to be done at the moment..
    Also Hoffenheim signed Robert Skov from FC Copenhagen.. pretty decent signing, though it still doesn’t fix things overall..

  • Matthias Bergmann
    Matthias Bergmann Month ago

    How did Frankfurt losing two players give them top spot as "worst" transfer window, when bigger clubs lost more (and more important) players? That's a bit confusing. XD

  • tyhrome
    tyhrome Month ago

    trash research

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy Month ago +2

    The lack of research is embarassing, AC Milan have signed Theo, Bennacer, Krunic, Duarte and Rafael Leoa. This video needs to be deleted asap.

  • AM PM
    AM PM Month ago

    Psg has had a fine window:
    Marcin Bulka
    Mitchel Bakker
    Ander Herrera
    Pablo Sarabia
    Idrissa Gana Gueye
    Abdou Diallo
    But regardless, why not make this video after the transfer market is closed?

  • SanguinaryBlues
    SanguinaryBlues Month ago +2

    No mention of Arsenal? With Ramsey out without compensation, Koscielny on strike, Mustafi still in, all acquisitions for the attacking part of the team and none for the defense?

  • Mohammad Bakeer
    Mohammad Bakeer Month ago


  • armspify
    armspify Month ago +1

    My team crystal palace...I crai everytim

  • Chileshe Mutale
    Chileshe Mutale Month ago

    ARsenal? Chelsea?

  • Arjun Pant
    Arjun Pant Month ago

    Im unsubscribing for this stupidity

  • Vishal Thiayaka Rajan
    Vishal Thiayaka Rajan Month ago +1

    How have Barcelona had a bad season?? Griezmann was a good addition and they are close to signing Junior Firpo who will lock the LB spot for the next 5 to 6 years and RB we still have Nelson Semedo who looked good in pre season

  • Gliderman247
    Gliderman247 Month ago +4

    I know their Milan coverage was shocking but this channel's analysis is seriously lacking when it comes to Italian teams so I'm not surprised...

  • Rsldyy 17
    Rsldyy 17 Month ago

    Football daily u sucks milan already sign rade krunic and ismail bennacer and soon leo duarte and rafa leao