Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988) KILL COUNT

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
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  • Dead Meat
    Dead Meat  6 months ago +1330

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  • Sunrise Freezer
    Sunrise Freezer 13 hours ago

    Ally(getting drowned in poop)
    me(Thinking about shit puns)oh That woman really beat the Shit out of Ally
    or: This is a Shitty death for her
    Or: oh no, she's in the Shit!!!
    or: Holy(Ally) Shit!!!
    or: That is a shitty ending for Ally...
    or: her death stink a lot....

  • GD Playz
    GD Playz Day ago

    I wish there were a rebot sleep way camp

  • Carbine M4
    Carbine M4 2 days ago

    I thought Angela said slut

  • don't know what name to pick

    nice girls don't kill

  • I'm One Hell Of A Sebastian Michaelis Knock Off

    10 bucks Anglia is Ace

  • Hpsuperfantimesten wessa

    I love your videos and your jokes. Plus you give me a way to watch horror movies but not scare me to death. I really hope you see this comment. You’re great!

  • rexxyvec !
    rexxyvec ! 4 days ago

    Okay but I liked what they where going for

  • Psykoknight65
    Psykoknight65 4 days ago

    So, they just let a woman who killed an entire camp of kids be a camp counselor?

  • Maddox Greco
    Maddox Greco 5 days ago

    The chainsaw didn't have a chain

  • PannierTankProductions 1929


  • Welcome To McDonald's

    12:12 ayyy IT quote 😂🎈

  • Fire Tarrasque
    Fire Tarrasque 9 days ago

    At least the movie became less transphobic.

    • Fire Tarrasque
      Fire Tarrasque 9 days ago

      I say at least, but it is great, won't lie. The trans murderer just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Noobie2k7
    Noobie2k7 9 days ago

    Realised Angela is pretty much a female Jason Vorhees. Both hang around Summer Camps killing teenagers for drinking, smoking and fucking. They should hook up.

  • Anthony Ferguson
    Anthony Ferguson 11 days ago


  • Rafael Domingus
    Rafael Domingus 11 days ago

    Claire Foy

  • Rafael Domingus
    Rafael Domingus 11 days ago


  • Rafael Domingus
    Rafael Domingus 11 days ago

    Rafael Domingus - KKK Campgrounds

  • Rafael Domingus
    Rafael Domingus 11 days ago

    hey James - are you alright?

  • Gizmo's Graffiti
    Gizmo's Graffiti 12 days ago

    Ayyy cane out on my birthday.

  • Sophie McIntosh
    Sophie McIntosh 13 days ago


  • Terry Hobbs III
    Terry Hobbs III 14 days ago +1

    Hey my dad was in this movie but IMDb got his birthday wrong the was born in 1969 November not not 1972 he played Rob Darrinco. Terry Hobbs was his real name he died this year in april. I miss you dad his obituary says Terry Hobbs Jr though

  • autumn King
    autumn King 15 days ago

    do a joker death count even though it’s not a horror movie

  • Aidan Jones
    Aidan Jones 15 days ago

    But why did they let Angela come back to camp after what happened in ‘you know’

  • Truth Ridgnal
    Truth Ridgnal 16 days ago

    man its a shame they just went and killed uncle joey like that

  • DV CA
    DV CA 17 days ago

    your. hair. was. too. distracting

  • Keegan & Dilly Dog Verster

    Does anyone else notice how stupid the fake head looks when Sean is decapitated?

  • A flyer from gum ball From so snow

    You forgot sleepaway camp Iv the last survivor

    NOAH DUNN 19 days ago

    Pamila Springsteen more Pamela vorhees

  • Joshua Kimball
    Joshua Kimball 23 days ago

    In Sleepaway Camp II, Angela definitely radiates high crackhead energy.

  • Rachel and Riley
    Rachel and Riley 23 days ago

    I love Emilio Estaves

  • Jacko Monster
    Jacko Monster 24 days ago


  • Zegop Mcer
    Zegop Mcer 26 days ago

    Scariest part of the vid was when i forgot i had my volume all the way up.

  • Bitter Boy
    Bitter Boy Month ago

    I'm nominating Angela for queen of the horror fanatic trans kids

  • lucas sharman
    lucas sharman Month ago

    The unkown body called matt was the boy one of the weed and drinking girls was kissing

  • Spongebob Squarepants

    This reminds me of Friday the 13

  • bullsthe mode
    bullsthe mode Month ago +1

    It looks like if Friday the 13th and silent night deadly night had a baby it would be this movie

  • Aiden Orsburne
    Aiden Orsburne Month ago

    Angela is a real backstabber you know that right?

  • Moonlight Stars
    Moonlight Stars Month ago +1

    Teenage Wasteland or Unhappy Campers

  • Band of Brothers
    Band of Brothers Month ago

    Dude I love Bruce Springsteen

  • Sammy P
    Sammy P Month ago

    I’m so confused, isn’t Angela actually a boy?? But she looks so much like a girl because she’s played by a girl, but I wish they used someone like they did in the first movie that looks more masculine

  • Bane Wolf
    Bane Wolf Month ago

    Doesn’t she realize that her killing people is BAD for camp

  • Kr 887
    Kr 887 Month ago

    The mac guy was the perv who slept with one of the shit sisters and angela told him to get out before she burned them alive.

  • NGMonocrom
    NGMonocrom Month ago +4

    Ugh! They never shoulda made a sequel. Just like "Unbreakable."
    Some movies are best in only one installment.

  • _Rat-King_
    _Rat-King_ Month ago

    Shawn(Or Sean) looks like a councilor ay my summer camp,
    *Wait a minute*

  • Ezekiel Kennedy
    Ezekiel Kennedy Month ago

    Why is there is so many sex😰😰😰

  • black picture
    black picture Month ago +1

    *A W I T S F U C K I N L E A T H E R F A C E*

  • Spike B
    Spike B Month ago

    Why does that girl look like shaggy’s sister

  • happy Link
    happy Link Month ago

    Angela is like mix up of Pamela voorhees and billy from sndn

  • Alexander Dorn
    Alexander Dorn Month ago +2

    Bad camper: *exists*
    Angela: I'm about to end this man's whole career

  • Locus Shadow
    Locus Shadow Month ago

    My brother asked next time don’t blur

  • Amber134 Xo
    Amber134 Xo Month ago +1

    The first 3 Sleepaway camp movies are Good
    Sleepaway camp 4 is so terrible

  • Matthew Sales
    Matthew Sales Month ago

    “....he’s not Joe Francis.” I hate that I get that reference.

  • Mateoffvii
    Mateoffvii Month ago

    James: Poor Demi, bet she never expected to leave camp as a ghost.
    Captain America: I understood that reference!

  • Dustin Kennedy
    Dustin Kennedy Month ago

    Why would you let some one who killed like 10 people, back into your camp

  • Alexandra H
    Alexandra H Month ago

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Still no one:
    Not a soul:
    Angela: BAD KID!

  • Frank D'Bello
    Frank D'Bello Month ago

    The picture on this looks really good. My Walmart DVD copy of this and the next one look bad and makes the movies look even cheaper lol

  • JAH B
    JAH B Month ago

    how is Anglia able to go to camp wouldn't he be in jail

  • SkylineEntertainment
    SkylineEntertainment Month ago +8

    Thanos: Kills half of all life in universe
    Angela Baker: “Hold my machette”


    Aw what, she's killing all the fun. No more naked aquatic boy piles.