Frogfish Feeding Frenzy -The Fish That Walks!

  • Published on Mar 9, 2013
  • Wart skinned Frogfish feeding on shrimps at
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  • Kyo Jane
    Kyo Jane 4 years ago +12

    GOD! I want a frog fish so damn bad. It's so hard waiting but i want a reeeeally well established tank before i finally get my cute little sucker :3

    • I Man
      I Man Year ago

      Did you ever get it

  • Anne Bartells
    Anne Bartells 3 years ago

    I love this fish. I wish I could have one but would have to get another fish tank. This is how I have 13 tanks now. Only 3 are reef tanks

  • rockee06
    rockee06 9 years ago +3

    Thats once of the nicest Warty White I have ever seen and I have had a few...good job...make sure you dont let it gulp air.

  • SDatl404
    SDatl404 8 years ago +6

    Beautiful fish!

  • Fiorella Hornos
    Fiorella Hornos 4 years ago +1

    Hermoso pez..beatyful fish..
    Aguante argentinaaaaaaa

  • corgiology
    corgiology 9 years ago

    wow it's like the chameleon of the sea

  • Liuhuayue
    Liuhuayue 6 years ago +1

    It's not quite as ugly as the hairy frogfish, perhaps because it looks more like a bizarre modern art sculpture than a fish with hairy mold growing on it... XD

  • Andrew Wilner, MD
    Andrew Wilner, MD 7 years ago +1

    Great video. Very cute frogfish. Until he opens his mouth...

  • Juan
    Juan 2 years ago

    I want one but am afraid it will eat everything in my tank

    • st hui
      st hui 2 years ago

      Reefanomics That is why frog fish are the best to be kept alone

  • Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman

    I need help my frog fish don’t want to eat the fish I feed

  • KD3N AL
    KD3N AL 6 years ago

    Tank size?

    • J A
      J A 3 years ago


  • Jesus
    Jesus 6 years ago

    These guys will eat themselves to death. They won't stop. If he ate all this in one day, then he's probably dead by now.

  • Cait Joys
    Cait Joys 6 years ago

    What do you need for these guys, a 10 gal. for one maybe?

    • HMow
      HMow 5 years ago

      I would reccomend 30 for the bigger species. 20 for this guy probably.

    • DevonMeep
      DevonMeep 6 years ago

      +Caitlyn Joys 20 Gallon would be best.