Coronavirus in Italy: Cuba, China and Russia send send medical aid | DW News

  • In Italy authorities said on Sunday that a further 651 people had died from the coronavirus. That’s fewer than Saturday’s record number of deaths, but is still the second-worst day so far. Italy has closed non-essential businesses to try to control the outbreak. And outside help is on the way. Doctors from Cuba and China as well as medical supplies from Russia have been dispatched to help support the overwhelmed medical system.

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Comments • 80

    DEEPAK BHOI 3 hours ago

    China destroys the human beings of the world. World should unite against China.

  • Sunil Dhawale
    Sunil Dhawale 3 hours ago

    Indian Dr Greats in world

  • İzzet Can
    İzzet Can 3 hours ago

    One escort had corona virüs

  • Just Ivan
    Just Ivan 4 hours ago

    You see italy has lot of elders and dont want to pay retirement so they let it spread

  • Lina Spiro
    Lina Spiro 4 hours ago

    As a Russian, I really admire Cuba and China. Well done! Our countries for the whole world are empires of evil, but we are all people. Need to help each other

  • tzzupp
    tzzupp 4 hours ago

    It's all a pr stunt....

  • Данил Войтенко

    Thats why Crimea and Donbass vote for Russia!

  • Dmitry Gus
    Dmitry Gus 5 hours ago

    Why are the US making films about fictional heroes? Because there are no real heroes.

  • Rosso Gingo
    Rosso Gingo 5 hours ago

    I would like 2 thanks the people around the world that are aiding each other. But mainly at the moment Russia,China and Cuba! It wont go in vain.

  • Tyson Kane
    Tyson Kane 6 hours ago

    U really cant fix that typo in 5 days.. unofficial.

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy 7 hours ago

    Cuba always in the front line when duty calls. Thank you, Russia and China as well.

  • Святослав Ищенко

    Just Chinese, Cuban and Russian doctors - serve, but American doctors - earn

  • Аскар Кудайбердиев

    Allah will help you inshaAllah patience patience Laa Illaha Illalloh Muhammadur Rasululuh

  • Health and Safety Updates World

    God please save the world. From covid19 corona virus.

  • Jenny WANG
    Jenny WANG 9 hours ago

    Not mention China’s medical help at all? Really surprised. How biased your report is, DW?

  • Leif Nordström
    Leif Nordström 10 hours ago

    Vi resqu your paitons need från unait nation abaut Åre forch F N soda pops ger sina barn

  • Marko Marinovic
    Marko Marinovic 11 hours ago +1

    🇨🇺🇷🇺🇨🇳❤❤❤ love from 🇭🇷

  • Puneet Bhatia
    Puneet Bhatia 12 hours ago

    China and chineese people and community should be boycotted from this world

  • VaDe
    VaDe 13 hours ago

    We know you clicked on this video for the title

  • YoutubSUCKZ
    YoutubSUCKZ 15 hours ago

    where is the medical aid from germany??

  • zoigog gogzoi
    zoigog gogzoi 15 hours ago +8

    У всех разрыв шаблона. Как это плохие коммунисты помогают Италии

  • Prabahar S
    Prabahar S 16 hours ago

    Cuban is most helful treatment from other countries

  • tom smith tom smith
    tom smith tom smith 17 hours ago

    God will bless those people who are kind and grategul,Our China will not remmember ,Italy is the first one of EU countires and join in the One Belt One Road Initiative,I know that was a tough time because many western media try to smear and vilify the initiative,Italian's participation offered the great courage, motivation,and hope to China, Italian government gave the help and donations to Chinese government when the Corona outbreaks early time,I support Chinese gov. and glad to see Chinese gov. to help other countries with Corona outbreak,China need other counties,I know Chinese economic development is highly depend on the world economy, not only our China itself,The world economy is good,Chinese economy will be better.As a young man in Hubei province(so-called severely affected area),China,I suggest you don't go outside frequently,that is really important to help with you,my city shutdown begins from Jan.22-Mar.15,we get some donations from gov.,and shopping on the Internet.I am not a patriot, but I know my city in safe now is closely related to the strict shutdown policy,the affected patients is 36 even if the county with 550 thousand population.

  • Carol ine
    Carol ine 17 hours ago

    US might have to deal with the problem themselves since they’re too proud to accept help

  • Soinas Doyi
    Soinas Doyi 18 hours ago +1

    Cuba also sent doctors to Jamaica. Respect for them 👏🏾

  • M C
    M C 19 hours ago

    We here nothing... and I mean *_NOTHING_* of this in the German media..
    An absolute disgrace, the biased media🤦🏼‍♂️

    • Tosse901
      Tosse901 15 hours ago

      It was in every newspaper and on every news website...

  • Maheswar Mohanty
    Maheswar Mohanty 20 hours ago

    Corona virus is not attacking heart kidney or liver.but only lungs.why? The answer is our lung's are diseased by pollution.All germs thrive on diseased cells and not healthy cells.This is nature's pay back for pumping poisonous gases into air.Think again,The more polluted the city the more affected it is.

  • Rydges Mon
    Rydges Mon 23 hours ago

    Those purporting to be famed heroes set bush fires and help to put them out

    • Soinas Doyi
      Soinas Doyi 18 hours ago

      to ask China release their true reports...Ooops sorry...China heads the presidential position in UN right now.....The whole world is suffering....Why Cuba is silent???

  • guentherstoll1
    guentherstoll1 23 hours ago +2

    Love from Germany to the help to Italy from Cuba and Russia, they are doing a great job!

  • Solange Joseph
    Solange Joseph Day ago

    Oh God! Help us, please!!!

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose Day ago +1

    Our "enemies" help us...but where are our "allies"...? Where are UE, USA, GB and others...?

    • Tosse901
      Tosse901 15 hours ago

      We are sending goods and taking Italien patients, what else do you want? Only because we don't make a pr stunt out of it, doesn't mean we are not helping you.

  • Serge Telnov
    Serge Telnov Day ago +1

    So ... just to clarify, not a single mention of Russia or China in the video ? Now that's high quality journalism !

  • иосиф квантов

    viva Cuba ,China and Russia- real great countries with big hearts

  • Maikol Stevenson

    What are the Russians doing in NATO? How were they allowed to go there?

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose Day ago

      BOICOT a los productos de esos llamados (europeos de primera), la crisis llega para todos.

  • Ritika Chaterjea


  • jes kg
    jes kg Day ago +3

    Thank you Russia. You did what EU can not do!

  • Max Wu
    Max Wu Day ago +1

    Love how the “evil countries” helped out, what happened to the United States and Europe?

    • Tosse901
      Tosse901 15 hours ago

      Germany and France send medical goods and Germany also takes Italien patients.

  • shanazirk
    shanazirk Day ago

    The Future is Communism ... #VivaLeft

  • Keaton Pug
    Keaton Pug Day ago +2

    Russia, China, Cuba, the real axis of dictatorial evil, helps Europe fight the virus, but where are the freedom-loving Americans, the guardians of democracy? When it is profitable for them, they use Europe, and as soon as trouble happens, they are locked on their island, spitting on everyone else.

  • Lorenzo Passero
    Lorenzo Passero Day ago +1

    Russia. China. Cuba. Our "enemies".
    Other EU countries did nothing to help us when they still didn't have critical situations. The US didn't send anything when they still had few cases. And then there's the EU, divided between Northern and Southern countries and useless, as always. Even the Italian government, which is mostly pro-EU, said better on our own. Europe now is a failure, but people in Bruxelles don't seem to realize it.

  • shivraj mahadevan

    Feeling sad man but hopefully i% will reduce

  • Paul Treacy
    Paul Treacy Day ago

    Hats off to Cuba!!

  • siddhant sharma
    siddhant sharma Day ago +1

    Does they have the vaccine??....The "wonder vaccine" the whole world is talking about...Have China provided the vaccine to Russia,Cuba and North Korea???...Please ask UN to ask China release their true reports...Ooops sorry...China heads the presidential position in UN right now.....The whole world is suffering....Why Cuba is silent???

  • Whiskey Whipsaw
    Whiskey Whipsaw Day ago

    Dio benedica l'italia🇮🇹 all the best wishes from Turkey❤️

  • Mathan Nivas
    Mathan Nivas Day ago +1

    Cuba country is good ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ India

  • ab s
    ab s Day ago

    Russia seems to be ok as Europian country to help Italia also Cuba. But What is the job of the country who is creator of corona virus.

  • Andy Parker
    Andy Parker Day ago +1

    Viva la Cuba!!! Che!!!

  • khalid khawaja
    khalid khawaja Day ago

    weeks before I posted the following comments, Now I am repeating them)(Please read full comments and ask
    more and more people to read it)This is the biggest human tragedy. Is it
    possible that there is 'foul play'?
    Meaning is there a human factor in causing the already existing coronavirus to
    mutate, make it extremely virulent see it can propagate, reproduce, isolate it,
    colonize it and then introduce to bats or otherwise? I have feelings that it
    can be done in a sophisticated lab. This is not the time to point fingers who
    did it, but ask look what have you done! This is the excess of money which
    makes people blind. What fearing is not the virus itself but the fearful power
    of human mind. Excess of money does NOT make you rich What makes you rich is if
    you love mankind and you are Loving Peaceful and Truthful person. Then Khuda
    (God) loves you then you are Rich regardless of how much money you have.This
    event is the major sign of apocalypse and End days or Last days. Soon there
    will be Descent of the True Messiah. But what is the identity or recognition of
    the true Messiah? What Khuda (God) told me that there are few extremely
    important things to recognize the True Messiah. He must be Extremely
    intelligent genius , he must have
    achieved something is his life on his own MUST NOT OWN any property or estate
    or any piece of land, MUST have a SINGLE NAME (for example I have single name and that is Khalid). MUST
    be a believer in Major Prophets namely Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad and
    others. He must be truthful PEACEFUL and love mankind regardless of color, race,
    creed, origin religion. There are already many false messiahs around. So wait
    soon he will reveal himself. Thank you for reading all this.

    (You can spread this message without
    change or post it on other media.)

  • miguel ibañez
    miguel ibañez Day ago +1

    GRACIAS CHINA , CUBA y tantos paises, por hacer los que los ricos de EL NORTE DE EUROPA, no hacen, mil gracias , y a esos ricos, de la U.E. ¡¡¡ insolidarios¡¡¡ ... en fin...
    BOICOT a los productos de esos llamados (europeos de primera), la crisis llega para todos.

  • Sandeep Andre
    Sandeep Andre Day ago

    First they export this 'corona virus' globally which Made in china
    Then they export medical equipments to italy and other european nations
    Good chinese business strategy..

  • Nicole Calimpong
    Nicole Calimpong Day ago +1

    Italy is one of my dream place.. good bless Italy and fight this virus

  • deepak agrawal
    deepak agrawal Day ago

    Now time come world together fight against China, China product and Chinese people. China want to become super power and world is paying. Why innocent Italian people died every day without any fault. I hate China..

  • On Jog
    On Jog Day ago

    Corona is stopping me from ejaculate I am worried

  • Vladik On
    Vladik On Day ago +2

    don't let Monica Bellucci die!
    non lasciare morire Monica Bellucci!
    не дайте умереть Монике Белуччи! ❤❤❤

  • Fraxus
    Fraxus Day ago +8

    The US is not helping Italy because It is busy protecting the universe from Iran, guys! Come on guys, It is so obvious!

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu Day ago

    and the money used to rebuild the shattered lives in Europe and beyond.

  • Ana Flores
    Ana Flores 2 days ago

    And where are the bullies of the world
    The thieves, BILDERBERG....

  • Joshua Garden
    Joshua Garden 2 days ago

    America and EU, always there to help! Long live capitalist democracy!

  • Dutch Frisian mud digger.

    Normal people want peace. Politics are war hunger. Go Russia. Greetz from the Netherlands

  • Dmytro Raiskyi
    Dmytro Raiskyi 2 days ago

    Russia again sends "help". Hey will treat the patients with Novichok.

  • Jaydi Santiago
    Jaydi Santiago 2 days ago +1

    I salute those Cuba doctors and China Russia as well
    Love from Philippines

  • Gregosh Breshestekevich

    USA, where are you?

  • tomkramer05
    tomkramer05 2 days ago

    China now provides hope for the rest of the world?
    China has 3 cell phone carriers: China Mobile (-7.25 Milion Users in February), China Telecom (-5.6 Milion Users February), and China Unicom (-1.5 Million User in January). That is roughly 12.8 Million users that went disconnected in one MONTH. Where have all the users gone? Remember there are no prepaid in China - a matter of fact -phone licenses are issued by the government as a form of identification.
    I guess their cell phones JUST DIED.

  • Jitendra
    Jitendra 2 days ago

    China is behind everything...Because he wants to take over the entire world economy

  • malish James
    malish James 2 days ago +1

    God bless Cuba$china for there love for humanity

  • mark monoskop
    mark monoskop 2 days ago

    God in Heaven, Russia on Earth

  • Moon God
    Moon God 2 days ago +1

    As usual...,no video of positive Russian efforts in DW channel.

  • Gani Rocks
    Gani Rocks 2 days ago

    Che Guevara and Castro

  • Bruce Mon
    Bruce Mon 2 days ago

    I am not surprised at all,they just report negative news from China yet ignore positive ones

  • rajteerth Pathak
    rajteerth Pathak 2 days ago

    Save Italy by god

  • om kar
    om kar 2 days ago

    This is a purely Chinese propgenda still working

  • Glenn P
    Glenn P 2 days ago

    Se jodio Italia con todos esos ineptos. Si Fidel no se quiso tratar el cáncer intestinal con ningún médico cubano porque siempre pensó, que eran incompetente. Mira que bien le fue a Chávez. 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤣

  • Texas Willer
    Texas Willer 2 days ago

    A big thank you to the russian,chinese and cuban doctors to help italy , they Will Be able to really tell what really happened in italy . 💝

  • КопНН
    КопНН 2 days ago

    And then don't forget to thank us with sanctions

  • dany
    dany 2 days ago +2

    courage à vous tous de France

    JINGYE LI 2 days ago

    It's interesting that China is the first country to send 3 medical teams and materials to Italy, but not even mentioned in this footage, except the title. But of course, that's what western media does. Shame on you..

  • Cess Cess
    Cess Cess 2 days ago

    You inspire us all. Godbless. My respect. ♥️♥️♥️

  • S500 Triumph
    S500 Triumph 2 days ago


  • S500 Triumph
    S500 Triumph 2 days ago


  • j-l C 52
    j-l C 52 2 days ago

    Made in China 🔥