SPENDING A DAY WITH ELEPHANTS! (Incredible Experience)

  • Published on Aug 22, 2017
  • Spent a day at an elephant sanctuary
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    SPENDING A DAY WITH ELEPHANTS! (Incredible Experience)
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 865

  • erin sescourka
    erin sescourka 15 days ago

    this video makes me happy

  • norah ferraro
    norah ferraro 21 day ago

    when Elton Smacked the elephant and missed the fly. lol would have been HILARIOUS if the elephant smacked him ahahahaha elephant* there was a fly on you, i missed! LMBO

  • Marnie May
    Marnie May 22 days ago

    The best video u guys have done elephants are so precious and it’s nice to treat them with kindness because in times of danger elephants will rescue a human because that’s what they are like beautiful creatures thank you guys for the video A big thumbs up to you boys✌🏻👍👍😊💕xx

  • Emily Kaye Porter
    Emily Kaye Porter 27 days ago

    My sister did this and she said it was so crazy!!!! The elephant stepped on her foot by they were standing in mud so she just sunk into the mud!😂

  • Abskadabs blah
    Abskadabs blah Month ago

    the part when they were in the water, i couldnt stop smiling!

  • Kayden ColbyBrock Fan

    Hehe,I Love Animals...Love You Elton,Your Videos are Amazing 😉!

  • Rayi Jamona
    Rayi Jamona Month ago

    this is how it should be done. in nature. not caged and drugged up

  • Victor Segovia
    Victor Segovia 2 months ago

    I want to go this so bad

  • Paola Beltran
    Paola Beltran 2 months ago +1

    My favorite animals are elephants,giraffes,and a baby monkeys my favorite love them so much what are your favorite animals comment

  • Bethy Gacha
    Bethy Gacha 2 months ago

    When the elephant touched the camera it was giving us all a kiss

  • The Magic Turtle
    The Magic Turtle 2 months ago

    10:30 does anyone else think that Elton watches Fitz

  • Kawaii Hinami
    Kawaii Hinami 2 months ago

    The elephants are so cuuuute!~

  • Kim Garrigus
    Kim Garrigus 3 months ago

    This is freaking amazing!!!

  • Detour Nation
    Detour Nation 3 months ago

    I feel like the third one wasn't as good of friends with the other two elephants 😂😂 but good video

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet 3 months ago

    They don’t like the drone because it sounds like the buzzing of bees. Elephants are very afraid of bees 🐝

  • Stormy Thompson
    Stormy Thompson 3 months ago

    This is amazing!! My heart is so full now! 😭😭😭😍😍😍

  • Nerf Shooter
    Nerf Shooter 4 months ago

    If its that easy to take care of elephants and if it pays a lot IM GETTING THAT JOB

  • Danica Moulton
    Danica Moulton 4 months ago

    “iiiii aaaammmmm kinda scared” i’m dead 🤣😂

  • Elle Egrie
    Elle Egrie 4 months ago

    Awww I love this video ❤️ I actually road an elephant before it was so cool!

  • Kimihia Kere
    Kimihia Kere 4 months ago

    me- give meh elephant
    crew- hahahaha
    me - -cries- it sweet and poor thing

  • Virginia Benken
    Virginia Benken 4 months ago

    My nephews would love this, but there's swearing.

  • Alexis Becker
    Alexis Becker 4 months ago

    How do you keep them not angry
    ...... 🤔 same bro

  • Polina Yo
    Polina Yo 4 months ago

    Oh and also fuck the fuckers that lock up the elaphants they fking suck like why would u chai up an elaphants

  • Polina Yo
    Polina Yo 4 months ago


  • Rob P
    Rob P 5 months ago

    I love how these elephants are pampered instead of being abused. MUCH LOVE FOR THIS VIDEO.

  • Joel Berringer
    Joel Berringer 5 months ago

    11:58 is such a wholesome moment I love it

  • Claudia Rocha
    Claudia Rocha 5 months ago

    Love elephants

  • Butcher Butcher
    Butcher Butcher 6 months ago +1

    7:25-7:31. He literally looks like a pineapple

  • You'll never Know my name

    I’m so happy to see this!! They get to interact with humans which is great because they are very smart and very compassionate but they also get to live in open space with wildlife and wild plants but are still protected!! I love this soo much!!!😍😍

  • Alexis Melendez
    Alexis Melendez 7 months ago

    This by far has to be the best video on TFIL, love this so much

  • Lisa Clark
    Lisa Clark 7 months ago

    It was so cute how the elephants were bathing their selves

  • mailife
    mailife 7 months ago

    im only 6 inches shorter than Elton, that elephant is really big. damn 1:58 - 2:04 would be me

  • AlexaNOT Alexis
    AlexaNOT Alexis 7 months ago

    ik this video was posted a year ago...buttttt

    Everyone:Why are elephants your favorite animal?

    Me:*Shows them this video*


  • The Ocelot Channel
    The Ocelot Channel 7 months ago

    Me and my girls on our period
    How do we keep them not angry?
    f o o d

  • Animal9lover4 *
    Animal9lover4 * 8 months ago

    This is so cute the elephants are so smart

  • Wolfie Loves You!
    Wolfie Loves You! 8 months ago

    **Elephant Starts Eating**
    Me: Oh.. this isn’t ASMR?

  • Star Reid
    Star Reid 9 months ago

    Those elephants looked so happy.That makes me happy. And they were in a sanctuary that is well cared for

  • the BonnieLass
    the BonnieLass 9 months ago

    Its when you see stuff like this that really makes u you appreciate life

    TAYLOR GRANGER 9 months ago

    its like there trianing yall how to have a pet elephant.

  • Ayo Its Jasmine
    Ayo Its Jasmine 9 months ago

    Why does the water their playing in look like my Starbucks order lol 😂

  • Crazy gamer Time
    Crazy gamer Time 9 months ago

    What did the elephant say to the naked man?

    That's cute but can you breathe through it.

  • Jayda Posey
    Jayda Posey 10 months ago +1


  • Bryanna Emery
    Bryanna Emery 10 months ago

    I wish I couuldbe there 1 bc Colby is there and 2 bc I LOVE elephants, elephants r my favorite animals :)

  • Stephanie Cahill
    Stephanie Cahill 10 months ago

    wha the diffrence betwwen a piano,tuna,and a pot of glue

    u can tuna apiano but u cant piano a tuna

    what about the glue

    i kne wude get stuck there

  • JA'NAI davis
    JA'NAI davis 10 months ago

    I happy that there free and not like the lions

  • Amelia Hopkins
    Amelia Hopkins 10 months ago

    I have the same elephant bag as u

  • Ziah McIntosh
    Ziah McIntosh 10 months ago

    NOW THAT IS AN ANIMAL GUIDE AND A SANCTUARY! the elephants are incredibly happy you can tell by the head tosses they did when they gave then the food I love that the guide was feeding the elephant in middle of the conversation

  • Rory Amiot
    Rory Amiot 11 months ago

    we hung out with baby and if you said bon bon they would open there mouth and you threw bananas in they also danced when they were happy

  • Rory Amiot
    Rory Amiot 11 months ago

    I've been here in Thailand so much fun we stayed for a few days its an amazing experience so much fun

  • Dragonkiller YT
    Dragonkiller YT 11 months ago +1

    13:18 elephants head looks like a butt

  • Aaron Simpkins
    Aaron Simpkins 11 months ago

    Yay you guys are going to Thailand because I’m half Thai

  • Goddess Of her Flaws
    Goddess Of her Flaws 11 months ago

    Goals 💯😍

  • Shane's Inner woman

    They are so respectful to the Animals and the let them roam free ❤️❤️❤️

  • Madeline4275 Mclaughlin

    We wore some of the same leaf hats lol

  • Madeline4275 Mclaughlin

    Also we took the overnight passenger train from Bangkok to Chang Mia

  • Madeline4275 Mclaughlin

    I went to an elephant sanc this year in Chang Mia too did u go to the night bazaar we stayed at the night bazaar hotel

  • Jamie Teems
    Jamie Teems Year ago

    Elephants are Beautiful Creatures, I Love Them!

  • Jamie Teems
    Jamie Teems Year ago

    I haven't seen a Video yet of y'all going on a Cruise Ship or a River Boat Cruise & I think that would be a Cool Video! I just have 1 request, you have to take the following with you & no body else, please! You have to take Sam, Colby & Corey (if y'all are still friends)! This group is ALWAYS the Most Entertaining & Fun! I don't mean any disrespect to any of your other friends or Girlfriends, I Promise!

  • Jamie Teems
    Jamie Teems Year ago

    Elton, you Really Are Uncle Elton to all the Crew! You're an Awesome Videographer as well! Shit, the Stories that you'll be able to tell for the Rest of Your Life & I Pray it will be a Very Long, Healthy, Happy & Successful one where you can Continue your Adventures! Never Grow Up, it Sucks! But seriously, until I was about 45 years old, I Truely Believed that & I really only Felt 25 years old! I never had the Funding or Cool Friends to go on Adventures with, plus TheXvid or any type of that Avenue, didn't exist back in my day, (oh man, I wish it had), I Never even went Exploring Abandoned Places either. Girls back then just didn't do that kind of Cool Stuff, it wasn't Appropiate, apparently. Also, again the Funds & Friends weren't available in my Life! I have only had 1 True Friend in my 53 years & we even had a Small Business together & still got along really well. She got Pregnant again (her youngest was 8 years old at the time. She thought she was done having kids (her Son & Daughter, the perfect Family if you ask me, are Great, Beautiful Kids, well not kids now. Anyhoo, she had to quit the Business & sadly we drifted apart. The only other True Friends I've had are Literally my 2 Older Sisters (0 Brothers, but all 3 if us wanted a Brother) & my Wonderful Niece (middle sister's daughter) have been Best Friends to even this day. We always spend time together whenever possible, playing games, especially Poker & Trivial Pursuit, which is a Very Educational Game & has taught us sooo much more than you can Imagine!
    Anyway, my point being, you have Lived More in just a couple of years & made more True Friends than the Majority of the World, that is FREAKIN AWESOME!!! I hope that Never Changes & it WON'T IF you DON'T LET IT!
    Also, finding that Special Someone is Always a Wonderful Thing, but please take my sincere advice, Don't Let Them Change Your Love of Life, because They Very Much Likely Will, unintentionally maybe, but Likely! If they start it, Move On, Seriously! If they Truely Love You, they WILL Enjoy it WITH You, if NOT then they DIDN'T Truely Love you in the First place!
    Sorry it's such a Long Lecture, I didn't mean for it to be a Lecture, I Promise, I just wanted to let you know what it is like to feel like you have Wasted sooo much if your Life & Regret it, so that you wouldn't do it yourself!
    Thank you for Taking Me to All the Places & on All the Adventures that I have Missed! You are an Inspiration to Us All! Never Stop & Never Slow Down!

  • 24Isabella Cox
    24Isabella Cox Year ago +1


  • Ashley The Gachatuber

    It's junmaji ZUALIGAI BITCH

  • Thornton’s A family of crazy

    Can u do more animal videos

  • Josi Mullen
    Josi Mullen Year ago +1

    There is “ jurassic Park “

  • YeeYee
    YeeYee Year ago

    If Corbin was there he would want to do a backflip off an elephant

  • David Linn
    David Linn Year ago

    7:04 what'd he say?

  • Oceanic Singing
    Oceanic Singing Year ago


  • World Lyrics
    World Lyrics Year ago

    I’m so happy they are there instead of their skin being used for handbags

  • Boyd Cochran
    Boyd Cochran Year ago

    Very cool

  • dalenna alvarez
    dalenna alvarez Year ago

    OMg i am so happy i got to spend a day with them

  • Maddi
    Maddi Year ago

    Did you know that Elephants think Humans are cute?

  • A Weird Dog
    A Weird Dog Year ago

    Do you watch Jurassic park because the theme tune is now elephant park

  • Joey Klein
    Joey Klein Year ago

    Dumbo is the air force for elaphants

  • tessa
    tessa Year ago

    12:20 god Elton is a beautiful man

  • Lacy Owens
    Lacy Owens Year ago

    I love Thai food so much now I’m hungry