Tee Grizzley - We Dreamin [Official Video]

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
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  • Solaris btw
    Solaris btw 17 hours ago

    left right, left right

  • Erin Greenwood
    Erin Greenwood 9 days ago

    First off how the lady you used in the video struggling with a apple i watch on? She better pond that in and buy a 4 steak dinners

  • marc plays
    marc plays 11 days ago

    Why dont rappers like that blow up🔥🔥🔥 we need more rappers like that fuck that mumble crap

  • Dwight Chatman
    Dwight Chatman 16 days ago

    When she gave her son the bowl and ain’t eat I felt that 🤧

  • Dwight Chatman
    Dwight Chatman 16 days ago

    Tee up there

  • zxMikey
    zxMikey 17 days ago

    That’s in my city

  • CashFl0wJay
    CashFl0wJay 17 days ago

    Left right left right im the reason why yo nigga left right he left right

  • Santiago Rojas
    Santiago Rojas 18 days ago +1

    Left right

  • Rea
    Rea 20 days ago

    Left right left right like if you get it

  • Eunice Kola-Idowu
    Eunice Kola-Idowu 21 day ago +1

    left, right -lil tecca lmao

  • CrushMaster7
    CrushMaster7 21 day ago +1

    Who came here after tecca dropped left right to see the beat

  • journey
    journey 22 days ago +4

    Who came back because of Lil Tecca 😂

  • Jxnathan
    Jxnathan 22 days ago

    Left right left right I’m the reason why yo nigga left right?

  • ARSE WIP 3
    ARSE WIP 3 22 days ago +40

    who here after left right by lil tecca

  • Michael
    Michael 22 days ago +11

    Tee grizzly makes beat
    lil tecca: that’s free real estate

    • SupremeBlox
      SupremeBlox 3 days ago

      @Vincent Sjöblom this ass

    • Vincent Sjöblom
      Vincent Sjöblom 6 days ago

      @SupremeBlox shutcho ass up ya'll sleep too much bruh grizzley too fire

    • Michael
      Michael 22 days ago +1

      @SupremeBlox true

    • SupremeBlox
      SupremeBlox 22 days ago +3

      Tecca's was better

  • LilNugget
    LilNugget 23 days ago +1

    Tecca stole your beat

    • Jeremy R.L.
      Jeremy R.L. 18 days ago

      @SupremeBlox it's because you don't know what's real rap

    • SupremeBlox
      SupremeBlox 22 days ago

      Shut the fuck up teccas was better

  • Tarun 294
    Tarun 294 23 days ago +89

    Who’s here from left right by lil tecca?

    • Isiah Guzman
      Isiah Guzman 16 hours ago

      Vincent Sjöblom fuck off tecca made a snippet of this song in September 2018

    • Vincent Sjöblom
      Vincent Sjöblom 6 days ago

      fuck off grizzley been dropped this shit way before tecca. Same sample. But damn yall really sleep on the good rappers

    • RellTheAncient
      RellTheAncient 7 days ago

      i been heard this song before tecca

    • Taysean Jamison
      Taysean Jamison 18 days ago


    • savagedawg 12
      savagedawg 12 19 days ago

      @Javier Oyola fr fr

  • Liza Port
    Liza Port 26 days ago


  • john whick
    john whick Month ago +1

    🤑🤑🤑👏👏👏If u read this ! ! ! I hope u get wealthy🤑🤑🤑👏👏👏

    • john whick
      john whick Month ago +1

      Go subscribe 2 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯chilly4real💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥 😂😂😂

  • john whick
    john whick Month ago +1

    👿👿👿🤑🤑🤑Everyone subscribe 2 🔥🔥🔥🔥chilly4real🔥🔥🔥🤑🤑🤑👿👿👿

  • RellTheAncient
    RellTheAncient 2 months ago +1

    I felt this😩😪

  • wEnDYs buRgeR
    wEnDYs buRgeR 2 months ago +1

    Nigga on that piano going crazyyyyyy😂😂😂!!

  • Phantom Salom
    Phantom Salom 3 months ago

    That was the biggest slice of cake I've ever seen!😱

  • Lil Assassin Tv
    Lil Assassin Tv 3 months ago +1

    Thats a real nigga at the end

  • Abdiwahid Hassan
    Abdiwahid Hassan 3 months ago

    By the time I finish high bought my mom BMW SUV and gave her half of my paycheck every payday you know why because I know I can never repay her for how much she been through to make me the man I am. Respect your mother's and father's no matter how you hate them even when they leave.

  • Donta Kelly
    Donta Kelly 3 months ago +1

    Who else is here from lil tecca’s left right snippet

  • Big Homey
    Big Homey 3 months ago +1

    Man I can't believe how many people are still sleeping on this dude. Str8 fire

  • Jayden Rice-Claiborne
    Jayden Rice-Claiborne 3 months ago

    Dang it just came out

    RAPTURE 3 months ago +1

    Most under rated shit in the whole world

  • CBE Bama
    CBE Bama 3 months ago +1


  • Derrick Bright
    Derrick Bright 4 months ago

    Lets do it fam

  • Flip Aoussi
    Flip Aoussi 4 months ago


  • Brooklyn Fizer
    Brooklyn Fizer 4 months ago

    Felt this shit coming I just couldn’t see it😤

  • Jesse Lee
    Jesse Lee 4 months ago +1

    No other lyrical rapper better than him.💯🗣

  • oh ok
    oh ok 4 months ago

    Lol I asked my cuz the other day exactly what his boy asked. Regarding checking the shit talkers. Nice

  • Greg Johnston
    Greg Johnston 4 months ago

    Damn that a real friend frfr 💯 gave himself up for his boi... Respect frfr 💯

  • Life Of Mxsti
    Life Of Mxsti 4 months ago

    last part hitted me hard

  • Billy
    Billy 4 months ago

    Idk boutt you mfs but The end had a nigga tearing up n shit... frfr shoutout the real ones 💯💯

  • Droop Deezy
    Droop Deezy 4 months ago

    Some a y’all ain’t never had them cereal bowls in yo house n it shows

  • Rodrigo Loreto
    Rodrigo Loreto 4 months ago

    Who else got the same plates from the begining

  • Tan Man
    Tan Man 4 months ago

    Come from starvin n feinen

  • Thomsd Lewis
    Thomsd Lewis 4 months ago +1

    I feel homie I did 13 years in the feds so I know how his moms feel, in the end nothing keeping us from being successful!!!!

  • Houdini Hensley
    Houdini Hensley 4 months ago +1

    Tee Grizzley: lets get straight to it
    Everyone: feels richer

  • Jonathan Johnson
    Jonathan Johnson 4 months ago +2

    How is still listening in 2019

  • SG Nunu
    SG Nunu 4 months ago

    last scene hit frfr💙

  • Radical Kiddo
    Radical Kiddo 5 months ago

    i thought that thumbnail was marshawn lynch lmao

  • yp yp
    yp yp 5 months ago +1

    gang gnag boy

  • herb schellenbarg
    herb schellenbarg 5 months ago

    my name is James be for we live this shit we dreaming that some real shit live you dream Grizzley $$$

  • Mari 1
    Mari 1 5 months ago +1

    Sacrificed himself for his homeboy..... REALONE

  • Ryan
    Ryan 5 months ago

    this track was impressive, makes ya feel good, story is real and thats pretty cool too, just another youtube message saying good praises but I am happy you made it since your music is so good

  • William Dowdell
    William Dowdell 5 months ago

    Wait he said when your big sister want fux that mean you know you rich

  • Yoshi Dhillon
    Yoshi Dhillon 5 months ago

    Those 886 people aren’t dreaming

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker 5 months ago +1

    John legend had sex with Obama

  • yp yp
    yp yp 5 months ago +1

    liike that man you working on we dreamin man

  • Buck Wild
    Buck Wild 5 months ago

    Aaaaaahhhhhhhh yyyyeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh!!! !!!!!......thas all we been doin Is dreamin up in this muthafucka ...you gp son...say what you gotta say!!!

  • Peanut Plum
    Peanut Plum 5 months ago +1

    Bro he always raps about the realest shii

  • Daddy Crabtree
    Daddy Crabtree 5 months ago

    I still believe 🌎🥜

  • Anime Manga
    Anime Manga 5 months ago

    i feel like a pussy crying at the end when the guy got caught by the police

  • MattMann TheGod
    MattMann TheGod 6 months ago

    If u make it in the D or The Chi oh & Baltimore you can make it anywhere else

  • Justaguywhowantsairpods
    Justaguywhowantsairpods 6 months ago +1

    This song got me thru a lot