Tee Grizzley - We Dreamin [Official Video]

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
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  • Phantom Salom
    Phantom Salom 6 days ago

    That was the biggest slice of cake I've ever seen!😱

  • Slickz Bison
    Slickz Bison 13 days ago

    Thats a real nigga at the end

  • Abdiwahid Hassan
    Abdiwahid Hassan 15 days ago

    By the time I finish high bought my mom BMW SUV and gave her half of my paycheck every payday you know why because I know I can never repay her for how much she been through to make me the man I am. Respect your mother's and father's no matter how you hate them even when they leave.

  • Donta Kelly
    Donta Kelly 16 days ago +1

    Who else is here from lil tecca’s left right snippet

  • Big Homey
    Big Homey 17 days ago +1

    Man I can't believe how many people are still sleeping on this dude. Str8 fire

  • Jayden Rice-Claiborne
    Jayden Rice-Claiborne 19 days ago

    Dang it just came out

  • RAPTURE's Lounge
    RAPTURE's Lounge Month ago +1

    Most under rated shit in the whole world

  • CBE Bama
    CBE Bama Month ago +1


  • Derrick Bright
    Derrick Bright Month ago

    Lets do it fam

  • Flip Aoussi
    Flip Aoussi Month ago


  • Brooklyn Fizer
    Brooklyn Fizer Month ago

    Felt this shit coming I just couldn’t see it😤

  • Jesse Lee
    Jesse Lee Month ago +1

    No other lyrical rapper better than him.💯🗣

  • oh ok
    oh ok Month ago

    Lol I asked my cuz the other day exactly what his boy asked. Regarding checking the shit talkers. Nice

  • Greg Johnston
    Greg Johnston Month ago

    Damn that a real friend frfr 💯 gave himself up for his boi... Respect frfr 💯

  • Life Of Mxsti
    Life Of Mxsti Month ago

    last part hitted me hard

  • Billy
    Billy Month ago

    Idk boutt you mfs but The end had a nigga tearing up n shit... frfr shoutout the real ones 💯💯

  • Droop Deezy
    Droop Deezy Month ago

    Some a y’all ain’t never had them cereal bowls in yo house n it shows

  • Rodrigo Loreto
    Rodrigo Loreto Month ago

    Who else got the same plates from the begining

  • Tan Man
    Tan Man Month ago

    Come from starvin n feinen

  • Thomsd Lewis
    Thomsd Lewis Month ago +1

    I feel homie I did 13 years in the feds so I know how his moms feel, in the end nothing keeping us from being successful!!!!

  • Houdini Hensley
    Houdini Hensley Month ago

    Tee Grizzley: lets get straight to it
    Everyone: feels richer

  • Jonathan Johnson
    Jonathan Johnson Month ago +2

    How is still listening in 2019

  • SG Nunu
    SG Nunu 2 months ago

    last scene hit frfr💙

  • Radical Kiddo
    Radical Kiddo 2 months ago

    i thought that thumbnail was marshawn lynch lmao

  • johnathan price
    johnathan price 2 months ago +1

    gang gnag boy

  • herb schellenbarg
    herb schellenbarg 2 months ago

    my name is James be for we live this shit we dreaming that some real shit live you dream Grizzley $$$

  • Mari SG
    Mari SG 2 months ago +1

    Sacrificed himself for his homeboy..... REALONE

  • Ryan
    Ryan 2 months ago

    this track was impressive, makes ya feel good, story is real and thats pretty cool too, just another youtube message saying good praises but I am happy you made it since your music is so good

  • William Dowdell
    William Dowdell 2 months ago

    Wait he said when your big sister want fux that mean you know you rich

  • Yoshi Dhillon
    Yoshi Dhillon 2 months ago

    Those 886 people aren’t dreaming

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker 2 months ago +1

    John legend had sex with Obama

  • johnathan price
    johnathan price 2 months ago +1

    liike that man you working on we dreamin man

  • Buck Wild
    Buck Wild 2 months ago

    Aaaaaahhhhhhhh yyyyeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh!!! !!!!!......thas all we been doin Is dreamin up in this muthafucka ...you gp son...say what you gotta say!!!

  • Peanut Plum
    Peanut Plum 2 months ago +1

    Bro he always raps about the realest shii

  • Daddy Crabtree
    Daddy Crabtree 2 months ago

    I still believe 🌎🥜

  • Anime Manga
    Anime Manga 2 months ago

    i feel like a pussy crying at the end when the guy got caught by the police

  • MattMann TheGod
    MattMann TheGod 3 months ago

    If u make it in the D or The Chi oh & Baltimore you can make it anywhere else

    SUB TO PEWDIEPIE 3 months ago +1

    This song got me thru a lot

  • Kyle Wayne
    Kyle Wayne 3 months ago

    this video hits home

  • Marcus Darby
    Marcus Darby 3 months ago

    This street got a real crying that's some real homie love...I went to prison doing the same shit for my homie that had way more potential than me...I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world to know he good in life businessman and father...

  • Highway Robber
    Highway Robber 3 months ago

    Breh eating like yogi bear

  • Emmanuel Crepin
    Emmanuel Crepin 3 months ago

    She fuckin with a legend now she feel like Chrissy Teigen!!

  • Donald true
    Donald true 3 months ago

    Tee grizzly the Only nigga I listen to.

  • LowKey Shawn00
    LowKey Shawn00 3 months ago

    🙏🏽🗣 💰

  • Ryan Goodman
    Ryan Goodman 3 months ago

    Damn man i figured he'd be wayyyy biger by now

  • Typical Aj
    Typical Aj 3 months ago


  • Bugzy jones
    Bugzy jones 3 months ago +1


  • Bugzy jones
    Bugzy jones 3 months ago +1

    Undeniable new Talent hit the link above

  • Martin Rietz
    Martin Rietz 3 months ago

    He is so talented but I fear he isn't being promoted enough hope he stays relevant this year frfr he so lit

  • Alan (JoshuaAlan) Romero

    shit can turn around quicker than you think
    quicker than a blink
    you could do it bro you just gotta believe
    look what I achieved,nigga why you sleep
    pray that you succeed,then go get to where you gotta be
    ME:i believe you can make it so if you do BELIEVE!

  • Maurice Ellis
    Maurice Ellis 3 months ago

    Tee grizzley and polo g

  • Orio
    Orio 3 months ago

    even tho tee traps, he can still make a story, thats greatness fr

  • Daddy Crabtree
    Daddy Crabtree 3 months ago

    Still standing ten toes

  • JoJo Cox
    JoJo Cox 3 months ago

    This that new,some you his hardest, shit,ooo man on repeat,then God first

  • OG Jayflyy
    OG Jayflyy 3 months ago +1

    This song have a message my guy when I first heard this I got my ass up and reaching for my goals some people all ready miss this message only a few will get it

  • Tune Sweden
    Tune Sweden 3 months ago


  • andrew manutdfan
    andrew manutdfan 3 months ago

    Bruh this deep wow 😧

  • Wiseguy Levelup
    Wiseguy Levelup 3 months ago

    Keep Going Neva Give Up Inspiration To Everyone Reading This! 🙏🙏🙏

  • JoJo Cox
    JoJo Cox 3 months ago

    We're the viewzzzz, please

  • ScaryRoth
    ScaryRoth 3 months ago

    God damn bro I felt this shit in my soul !

  • Goat Boy
    Goat Boy 3 months ago +1

    It really felt like you was really just straight talking to me it’s not even funny

  • John Hitchcock
    John Hitchcock 4 months ago

    What it iz

  • sherin v
    sherin v 4 months ago

    Tee is the best

  • sherin v
    sherin v 4 months ago

    "From spot life to spot light
    from nick house to pent house"

  • Geez Gang Kash
    Geez Gang Kash 4 months ago

    Tell me it's a instrumental please? I'll fuckin snap

  • Succs dads420
    Succs dads420 4 months ago

    This gave me chills🙏

  • Jonetta Renfroe
    Jonetta Renfroe 4 months ago

    No bad likes

  • Poptartlover228
    Poptartlover228 4 months ago

    Shits real nigga i swear some people say rap is for gangstars and tbh most people rap about fuckin girls and money guns and drugs but nigga listen to this shit i swear its real

  • Martin Rivera
    Martin Rivera 4 months ago

    Motivation 🔥🔥🔪🔪

  • litty titty
    litty titty 4 months ago +1

    I hope all of you get rich💯

  • JoJo Cox
    JoJo Cox 4 months ago

    Thzzzz shit on repeatttttt

  • JoJo Cox
    JoJo Cox 4 months ago

    I started screaming and trippin win I heard this

  • Brett Carlton Mackie
    Brett Carlton Mackie 4 months ago

    Started screaming win I heard thisssssssss

  • Dice Mafia
    Dice Mafia 4 months ago

    Tee cold dog 🔥🔥

  • Richard Santos
    Richard Santos 4 months ago

    Last scene got me in my feelings like damn

  • Chris Ellis
    Chris Ellis 4 months ago

    Turn on subtitles for the worst lyric video ever. Love your music Tee.

  • Tyler ThaCremator
    Tyler ThaCremator 4 months ago +1

    The boys’ Instagram handles

  • Leya LICIOUS
    Leya LICIOUS 4 months ago

    Tee slept on cuz he talks about motivation and ppl want to listen to lies rappers haven't done!!!!

  • Charlie Ponce
    Charlie Ponce 4 months ago +1

    His homie a real one best believe when he blows up his homie coming up too💯

  • Jase Curtis
    Jase Curtis 4 months ago

    this song reminds me of what happend when i was a kid

  • Joe The Taurus
    Joe The Taurus 4 months ago

    Tee Grizzley > other mumble rappers

    YOLOSOSA 4 months ago +2

    He took one for the bro that’s real 🤧

  • Dank Snoop
    Dank Snoop 4 months ago

    Tee tryna get a feature from John 😂

  • MyNameIs Ritzo
    MyNameIs Ritzo 4 months ago

    I fucks with this video.

  • ジェッセ
    ジェッセ 4 months ago

    Grizzly and Dax

  • Dre'Armani Cartier
    Dre'Armani Cartier 4 months ago

    Ay tee u luckybyo nigga helped u he got arrested 4 u betta still talk to the dude

  • dearll prevost
    dearll prevost 4 months ago +3

    Always felt this shit but I couldn't see it🤔🤫

  • taylor macpherson
    taylor macpherson 4 months ago

    that’s a real ass nigga right there on blood 🙏🔥🔥

  • Tay Off The Top
    Tay Off The Top 4 months ago +1

    I Fuck W/ Tee 🐻

  • Bootz Money
    Bootz Money 4 months ago


  • Frank Magos
    Frank Magos 4 months ago

    Come to CHICAGO!

  • Turbo Official
    Turbo Official 4 months ago

    Aye that momma part n that part at the end sun real shit

  • Austin Desroches
    Austin Desroches 4 months ago

    This is 🔥🔥🔥♨️

  • dangitslityy 88
    dangitslityy 88 4 months ago +1

    “Shit can turn around quicker than u think quicker than a blind you do it bro you just gotta believe” grizzly is heat ✊🏽🔥🔥🚫🧢

  • Saveon YT
    Saveon YT 4 months ago

    2:10 when yo big sister wanna fuck then yo know you rich. Wtf

  • PewDieFry L
    PewDieFry L 4 months ago +1

    Best music video ever make another PLEASE

  • Londonnoods2
    Londonnoods2 4 months ago +1

    This Hard❤️

  • Jacob Turner
    Jacob Turner 4 months ago +1

    My favorite song by him

    #1 UPCHURCH FAN #RHEC 4 months ago

    Sounds pretty good

  • shakeal peters
    shakeal peters 4 months ago

    I'm in the room steaming on this blunt🔥🔥