• Published on Mar 8, 2016
  • While riding through one of Detroit's toughest neighborhoods, I stop and I ask a local young resident a few questions about the neighborhood.

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  • CharlieBo313
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    • Aaron C
      Aaron C 2 months ago

      You need to make a patreon. Or the TheXvid subscription. Better yet. Do these live and get super chats. Just asking for people to PayPal you money is worse then these beggers at a gas station

    • Kenneth Ledford
      Kenneth Ledford 5 months ago

      Lance Rattie it’s twilight zone shit, nobody lives here anymore lol.

    • Joe Music
      Joe Music 8 months ago

      In other for your vacation. I support enough people as it is. No thanks.

    • What is Jonesing?
      What is Jonesing? 9 months ago +1

      2:12 I'd be like, "Jeremy! That shirt is a classic!" Lol.
      Maybe a channel fund raising product? I want a 4x just in case they run small.
      Seriously though, people wonder why the issue of vacant houses continues.. Go on and try to buy these properties from the Detroit Land Bank. I couldn't afford not one of these. You have to prove you have the funds to restore these. Such high dollar amount that you probably would rather spend elsewhere building brand new. You'd be taking a big risk as some of these properties are not affordably insurable because of the high risk of vandalism and fire. So... That's why you see so many burned up houses, they had no insurance and had to walk away and let it go. Forgive them even if you don't understand.. You would be surprised how high it is to rent a home near vacant houses. The landlord can't help it. The taxes on a property that you don't live in are double. I'm looking for people with solutions and faith. I love Detroit.

    • RapiidBG 9
      RapiidBG 9 10 months ago

      Bitch you getting a million plus on every video fuck outta here with that money shit

  • MrRol52
    MrRol52 20 hours ago

    sorry i enjoy your vids man but why are the burned?

  • FingerPickinGood _
    FingerPickinGood _ 23 hours ago

    Why are these houses empty

  • David Lotti
    David Lotti Day ago

    All single home properties w/decent yard and some garages. Many people earning median wages in US have a hard time purchasing and keeping similar properties.

  • Maureen Barnes
    Maureen Barnes 2 days ago

    It would be cool to see how these houses originally looked

  • Maureen Barnes
    Maureen Barnes 2 days ago

    Love the pheasant

  • YZERMAN #19
    YZERMAN #19 3 days ago

    Unreal what a certain kind of behaviour can do to a city.

  • Madan Mohan
    Madan Mohan 4 days ago

    One for eating and another for bating.

  • Rylan Macdonald
    Rylan Macdonald 4 days ago


  • my email
    my email 4 days ago

    Im Canadian and have been to detroit ONCE !! Why ANYONE would choose to live in this city is beyond my understanding. Even the absolute worst slum in Canada isnt nearly 1/2 as bad as Detroit

  • Андрей Андрей

    you should have asked the dude, what time is it now ? 🤣🤣

  • Virus VR
    Virus VR 5 days ago +2

    - Кварталы домиков сделанных из фанеры
    -🤠 oh yes america is the coolest country.
    - 👎🤣

    • Virus VR
      Virus VR 16 hours ago

      @crazyhomer777 Do not make me laugh, we never had such a nightmare in big cities, and whole streets with homeless people are generally a curiosity for civilized people from the east, less listen to what they say in such garbage cans as CNN and BBC. 💪🐻

    • crazyhomer777
      crazyhomer777 21 hour ago

      @Virus VR You need to apologize right now! Lest I bring up all the problems your country has, and how Putin is creating diversions to distract people from them! LOL!

    • Virus VR
      Virus VR 5 days ago

      @crazyhomer777 yes

    • crazyhomer777
      crazyhomer777 5 days ago

      Virus VR russia?

  • Jason Schneider
    Jason Schneider 7 days ago

    Michigan is a shithole

    • Proud2be White
      Proud2be White 6 days ago

      Everywhere the black man is the majority that is true.

  • johny hoxa
    johny hoxa 7 days ago

    Can’t believe such places are underdeveloped in a nation that produces multi-millionaires and billionaires who can spend a good amount on developing them and yet not lose a lot. Makes me truly feel sad.

  • Tony Makarony
    Tony Makarony 8 days ago

    This is average village in Ukraine. People live in worse houses than those abandoned ones

  • Lance Goerner
    Lance Goerner 9 days ago +1

    Black people know how to keep $hit real!

  • d c
    d c 9 days ago

    Great video - I’m old and there’s something about looking at neighborhoods that are not full of corporate signs. I feel nostalgic. It also shows how much the big corporations have gobbled up all the gravy. Great channel. I hope young Charlie is OK. Greetings from Alaska

  • ML Fitz
    ML Fitz 11 days ago

    like a shack in a cucumber field -

  • Jeff jones
    Jeff jones 11 days ago

    Why does everyone keep their doors and windows open?

  • Michael Morris
    Michael Morris 12 days ago

    Soooooo, beautiful y'all

  • Brandon Ali
    Brandon Ali 13 days ago

    LOL niggas wearing 2 watches

  • Pralka TV
    Pralka TV 14 days ago

    I feel like keeping You company visiting the places You show :)

  • Marcin Prus
    Marcin Prus 14 days ago +1

    Wydaje mi się że kiedyś była to ładniejsza okolica. Myślę że w większości nie ma tragedi, wystarczy odmalować itp i było znacznie lepiej. Ulica szeroka SUV stoi przed domem. Mnie na takiego nie stać. Gdyby było słońce byłoby o wiele ładniej.

  • Carole Nash
    Carole Nash 16 days ago


  • joe hutt
    joe hutt 16 days ago

    Let's make America metal again.

  • David Stutz
    David Stutz 16 days ago +1

    If you live in a neighborhood like that be sure and vote Democrat to make sure it stays that way.

  • babalu soares
    babalu soares 17 days ago +1

    Cool nigga

  • mattsunk98
    mattsunk98 17 days ago +2

    The people in detroit dont wanna work
    Or they dont have work ?

  • 15 DurangoRT
    15 DurangoRT 17 days ago +2

    If I lived in these neighborhoods I would do ANYTHING in my power to get out!

  • Theo Ribeiro
    Theo Ribeiro 17 days ago

    Nature recovering all she has lost.

  • user2kffs
    user2kffs 17 days ago +1

    Looks like the gypsy areas in Slovakia

  • José Manuel Romera Esteban

    Viva el sueño americano. 😆😆😆

  • Billy Calhoun
    Billy Calhoun 19 days ago

    California’s future if governer Newscum doesn’t get out of office

  • Remo Gaggi
    Remo Gaggi 19 days ago

    Very interesting to see these places. Im from the UK, and you rarely see the decay of the supposed worlds richest and most powerful nation.

  • kensley94
    kensley94 20 days ago

    i watch these at least twice a day

  • Adam Zahariuk
    Adam Zahariuk 20 days ago

    Is everywhere in America a giant shit hole

  • Tikumoni Nath
    Tikumoni Nath 23 days ago +1

    Look like this place was once attacked by ZOMBIES.

  • Chef Caliboy-ie
    Chef Caliboy-ie 23 days ago

    Ain't nothing like Cali....boring af out there

  • Powerfull Warrior
    Powerfull Warrior 23 days ago

    Even at a economic "poor" area they have far better cars, streets and even some buildings than a lot of people at the middle class and highly middle class in Brazil lol they have cars that many of those I mentioned from here couldn't buy, our government rob us a lot with unnecessary taxes

  • Samuel Fink
    Samuel Fink 24 days ago

    Wearing a pair of Rock Revival jeans and walking the streets, life ain't all bad.

  • MissAmazanda
    MissAmazanda 24 days ago +1

    Why doesn't the United States Government just go in and level all these houses and let this area return back to it's natural state of forest and wildlife? The jobs are never coming back and the land is of no use in this condition.

  • wall eye
    wall eye 24 days ago +1

    They have their voters right where they want them. Begging for food stamps and welfare. People need to wake up.

  • wall eye
    wall eye 24 days ago

    Democratic success.

  • souhail benaser
    souhail benaser 24 days ago

    Deam shit............negga

  • Sals Furniture
    Sals Furniture 25 days ago

    Detroit is just one example how corporations take from the earth, turn it into sh!t, and leave it for someone else to clean up. Over and over and over. They never stop.

  • Brandon Clements
    Brandon Clements 25 days ago

    Another Democrat ran city!

  • Ted Johnson
    Ted Johnson 25 days ago

    I thought Donald Trump was gonna make America better he could start by cleaning out those ghetto places in re build better houses Instead investing billions on a wall to stop Mexicans coming to the border.

    • Ed Hunter
      Ed Hunter 25 days ago

      Yeah, Trump's fault lol....good grief.

  • Lael Lewis
    Lael Lewis 26 days ago

    This guy who made this video was only doin propoganda. Notice he avoids the street signs. Shuts his camera off at dude sayin no recent killins. This guys an idiot

  • Lael Lewis
    Lael Lewis 26 days ago

    Bullshit... oh since he said no recent killins you stop the interview. Ya kinda a bitch tryin to process an agenda. Dugan is doin well. ..look dude kwame fell into it. He didnt have to. It sucks. But hey. He is corrupt

  • Ròbert Papp
    Ròbert Papp 26 days ago

    Ez getto? Gyere el magyarországra! 🤣

  • bb77077
    bb77077 27 days ago

    Don’t worry, the feminists are on their way to help.

  • TONY Harris
    TONY Harris 28 days ago

    America say the economy is getting better for who foot up for the rich or for the poor America need to stop lying to to all the Americans and we need to see this we need to show this all these Americans lies Oliver Craddock Democratic and Republican Liars both of them say America is getting better that there is no more depression with how can I see burned-out buildings broken down houses broken down promises and black people living under the bridge if there is no man Left Behind law why is we are the ones left behind because we won't get up off the ground by self we put our self on the ground your laws your Antiquated laws your lost put us in poverty you're lost cause us all types of time or you think slavery was something to just get over some people are resilient enough to walk away and say hey I don't need anything from the American people but there are some people that need help that need to know that hey you know what we done their ancestors wrong so let's do them right so they could live a good life because guess what America Charlie living a good life how would you feel if all of us just turn and say f*** it we going to take what we want everybody you better hope that we stay on the straight and narrow

  • KnVsMom
    KnVsMom 28 days ago

    Feel sorry for the dog, probably used for fighting.

  • TONY Harris
    TONY Harris 28 days ago

    All is open land in America don't want to do the right thing for the black man they're open up their borders they're open up the books they all say send me your tired your hungry I will build my city with them but weighed your city of already been built on the backs of slaves but yet you still don't want to make amends for it do you think God should forgive America for building a city on the backs of slaves and not making up on me not even making an effort to forgive them or not making an effort to give them their 40 acres and a mule if I was God I will destroy America because America has done the worst thing that they can possibly do they lied to these people they lied and they lie Todd and they lied and they kept lying and they became Cain and Abel and now we're stuck trying to figure out how can I build and how can I get up off this ground but America will not give up 40 acres and a mule there are so many lands that they could give up Detroit Michigan Island all these places got all this free land in America don't want to give it up in America want us to pay taxes why should I pay city taxes state taxes when I don't get no protection under the sun from the federal government from the state government from anybody I can have a car in the front of my house and it could get it could get vandalized and nobody cares I can have a mirror in front of my house and it get broken but nobody scared all this free land America want me to pay taxes every every year on land that's not mine if it's mine and the deed is in my name why should I have to pay taxes when my ancestors were slaves I mean think about that for a minute my ancestors was slave we are all just three or four generations away from slavery because they don't took away the chains and whips but they don't put the Restriction oh you can't get a job unless your credit score is 650 you can't get a job unless you're off of drugs and alcohol you can't get a job for the state or if you got a convicted felon on your record think about that for a minute all these different entities out here to keep the black man from getting a job order for him to get a job he got the become a career criminal and work in the internment camp that he's being assigned to guard or being doing life at and he's going to work there for Fifty Shades not your dad Fair yeah thank you America just like the people in Florida that allow these people to learn how to drive airplane but not laying down but they landed those airplanes and 911 and they did a they did a bad thing to America 2 2 from Florida all the way to to the New York City Pedro those planes into the World Trade Center those people had nothing to do with the

  • Alejandro Fernandez
    Alejandro Fernandez 29 days ago

    Viven mucho mejor que en Lima, son casas bien confortables, estupendos jardines con árboles, buena pistas, veredas, con sus propias movilidades de transporte , no hay congestión de tránsito como sucede en Lima( Perú), ni viajen a Lima ( Perú).

  • B TheMan
    B TheMan 29 days ago

    All of these neighborhoods used to be nice when white people lived there. Look what happens when you leave it to the blacks. It’s the same every time

  • The ToeCutter
    The ToeCutter 29 days ago

    FallOut: Projects wasteland.

  • Gene Murphy
    Gene Murphy Month ago

    Keep voting Democrat????????

  • Zak Thanos
    Zak Thanos Month ago

    All of this breaks my heart. Grew up here as a teen. Seeing school districts close. Crime, poverty and unemployment up under the Democrats. We need the city to get behind president Trump, Dr. Ben Carson and Candace Owens❤️🇺🇸

  • fuck Anderson miles kelly brown walker foster

    Virginia hoods don't look like Detroit but they grimey doe don't kum