• Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Jose Mourinho spoke to Spurs TV following Tottenham Hotspur's 5-0 Premier League win over Burnley.
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  • PG Loi
    PG Loi Month ago

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  • me123
    me123 Month ago

    This guy has seriously won me over and then some. He's such a fucking charmer. Feel so lucky having him in our corner.

  • X X
    X X Month ago


  • karl Gilles
    karl Gilles Month ago

    Is He Still Special One....?

  • Hoyun Kie
    Hoyun Kie Month ago

    Mourinho The Humble Spurs The Special

  • Erlan Do
    Erlan Do Month ago

    The winner mentality is now available for Tottenham club

  • wanda suhanda
    wanda suhanda Month ago

    Artinya apaan cok

  • juze 11
    juze 11 Month ago +2

    Where are the haters?

  • kerrangzapplin
    kerrangzapplin Month ago


  • Dodi Reza
    Dodi Reza Month ago +1

    1:18 exactly my point everytime I talked about clean sheets in football talk
    everyone should realize that clean sheets is a TEAM achievement. not JUST goalkeeper, or defender
    While nowadays everyone is just talking so highly of their Club's GK just because of the Clean Sheets

  • Bian Hock Goh
    Bian Hock Goh Month ago

    Jose Mourinho team sometime good sometime no good no so special???

  • Dioses y mitologia,A.C2000

    Son es infitiley the best!

  • Prince Charles
    Prince Charles Month ago

    Dele is better

  • Skyline Romeo
    Skyline Romeo Month ago +1

    The special one

  • Takiowns Poker
    Takiowns Poker Month ago

    I like the happy one, titles are coming!

  • Laugh
    Laugh Month ago

    I've liked Barca and Spurs ever since I started playing soccer

    I started playing when I was 9

  • Kevin Colt
    Kevin Colt Month ago

    son goal was messi level

  • Cool Kris08
    Cool Kris08 Month ago

    Wonderful stuff totenham
    Mind checking my soccer channel

  • cristiana arrogantaldo

    When jose told the reporters that finishing 2nd for utd is his biggest achievement,everyone laugh at him.Well no one is laughing now.

  • Marcos Pérez Davila

    Mou, simplemente, EL MEJOR, quien cuestiona a este mostro, no tiene idea de lo que significa el futbol, The best one a entrenado a los mejores equipos, a entrenado en las mejores ligas, a entrenado a los mejores del mundo, y no solo lo a echo y bien por demas, si no que a ganado ligas , copas, champions, decir algo que no sea , que es uno de los mejore del mundo, es, no querer a este deporte. Me afilie al canal al tottenham solo para disfrutar de sus genialidades. En hora buena , seguidores de tottenham, os lo pasaréis bien.

  • Behzad khan
    Behzad khan Month ago +1

    Damn I still love him. Good luck to him and spurs.

  • 유주로움ujuroum

    누가 번역 좀..😥🇰🇷

  • Rio Tammara
    Rio Tammara Month ago

    what a day for spurs

  • Ggghha Bbbb
    Ggghha Bbbb Month ago

    FH !! Coys

  • Anwar Kadhim
    Anwar Kadhim Month ago

    اكو عرب بالطياره 😆😆

  • Tottenham Fan Chris Cowlin

    Brilliant game, fantastic goals and Son is a magician! 👏👏👏
    #COYS #THFC #손흥민

  • Maestr0
    Maestr0 Month ago +1

    1:43 A rare sighting of Joe Hart lol

  • Takis Sam kulinery
    Takis Sam kulinery Month ago

    Pokok e melu Mourinho... Fans fanatik Mou

    THE SPECIAL ONE Month ago


  • finest yatchman
    finest yatchman Month ago +1

    Son welcome to Liverpool 2020

  • World MultiConcept Solution

    Since the berth of a new era in spurs I have witness some unbelievable breathtaking goals.

  • nainza malinton
    nainza malinton Month ago

    Finally we have Asian player that cant be underestimated....

  • Uygar Uluşan
    Uygar Uluşan Month ago

    Mourinho 🤛🤝👏👏👏

  • Ash Anaz
    Ash Anaz Month ago +1

    Nussink to say!

  • Naong
    Naong Month ago

    Son is unbelievable 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • john lim
    john lim Month ago

    What a way to bounce back from spurs, not even a fan of spurs but i always watch spurs highlights these days because of jose 😅

  • Roastedpig 32
    Roastedpig 32 Month ago +1

    Mourinho: Could be more.....
    Players: Get the ball boy

  • Mike Morrison
    Mike Morrison Month ago +1

    This is the same Mou from inter

  • Nguyen Duy
    Nguyen Duy Month ago

    Like Mourinho

  • sarif samudra
    sarif samudra Month ago +1

    Please the admin give us the subtitle cause I can’t hear the English Jose Mourinho said because it need high volume I can’t adjust the sound
    Must view with minimal sound cause working in workplace

  • Rohan Kumar
    Rohan Kumar Month ago

    Son:So anyways , I started BOOSTING.

  • Pos 2gosis
    Pos 2gosis Month ago +1

    Wingback son -> Sonaldo

  • xDog .SoldieRx
    xDog .SoldieRx Month ago

    We always knew Spurs have the firepower to blast in the goals. It was just the defensive aspect that screwed things up and got the Poch fired. Hopefully Jose can tighten the defense up and keep this up. Anything less than a top 4 from this team and this coach is unthinkable.

  • Robert Lindz
    Robert Lindz Month ago

    messi from korea

  • Athay Phom
    Athay Phom Month ago

    Another Award 🏆 for SonHeungMin at the end of the season 👍

  • prangipani
    prangipani Month ago +1

    Love so much!! Super Son n Kane🔥

  • Rich Richie
    Rich Richie Month ago

    first time i heard Jose praise his squad.

  • Christian Roi Molina

    I hope Tottenham will win the UCL with Mourinho

  • CASG Game
    CASG Game Month ago

    very very well spur 😍

  • CASG Game
    CASG Game Month ago

    very very well spur 😍

  • Nafluk Jamatia
    Nafluk Jamatia Month ago

    Finally 2 Goal Conceade is over great Performance

  • ajmal aju
    ajmal aju Month ago

    Good goal from a messi

  • Rolling Charity Boy


  • Adeeb Basha
    Adeeb Basha Month ago +1

    I Love Jose.... He will do wonders at Spurs. They need to just let him do what he does best. Win trophies!

  • Prasad m v
    Prasad m v Month ago

    Offensive attacks are taking breath out of the players, so any fast counter is not getting defended properly, aurier shd improve his defenceive skills, so many McNeil s balls were too dangerous

  • Amin Saja
    Amin Saja Month ago

    Good joob jose

  • freaker126
    freaker126 Month ago

    everyone is talking about Jose losing to man u the other day. I find it actually suspicious. And, thinking about Jose setup I'm wondering if he purposely wants tot to lose. Like one of his experiments to see how the players react. How the players react to his tactical change playing players, not in their favorite position, etc. Fans will of course only see it as one of Jose's weird choices. But, makes one wonders eh? He's a cunning manager. With all of his experience handling players. And, people still doubt him. It's not as if he hasn't won any trophies throughout his career.

  • Luffy Nepec
    Luffy Nepec Month ago +1

    Son remind me about cristiano
    Am i right?

  • asian2012 nguyen
    asian2012 nguyen Month ago

    Wonder.i think TOT can top 3 when season finish.Sony goal very amazing.from Vietnam.

  • 김일환
    김일환 Month ago +1

    Happy to see his ability to fix what was missing from the last match. The left side works way better than last time. It shows how much he knows what he's doing. In that respect he owes my credit.