| MAKING HISTORY | History as G.O.A.T Eliud Kipchoge breaks sub-two hours barrier

  • Published on Oct 12, 2019
  • Breaking history as #EliudKipchoge, world’s greatest marathoner, becomes the first human to run a marathon in under 2 hours.
    Kipchoge finished in 1:59:40. #INEOS159 #IneosChallenge

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  • BossFinale
    BossFinale Month ago

    When he pounded his chest. He knew he whooped that challenge's ass. Come at me bro!

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  • Thomas Ian
    Thomas Ian Month ago

    Congrats Eliud

  • Moreen Ida
    Moreen Ida Month ago


  • buliva Ferdinand
    buliva Ferdinand Month ago

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  • Caroline gacheri
    Caroline gacheri Month ago

    Nani anakata Kara vitunguu hapa

  • Yusufu Mohamed
    Yusufu Mohamed Month ago

    Was he all alone😂😂😂😂

  • lazer pacer
    lazer pacer Month ago

    the 225 thought that was the download button...who can be this jealous of such great feat?..am proud to be kenyan ata kama navumilia..likes 1.59 zije tafazali?..big up kingchoge..

  • brian kimarta
    brian kimarta Month ago +1

    that part when he was pointing😊
    i felt that😀

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  • Joshua Martin
    Joshua Martin Month ago +2

    Uhuruto are makign history with 9 trillion debt

  • sheila tele
    sheila tele Month ago

    Congrats Eliud

  • Peter Waywela
    Peter Waywela Month ago

    Congratulation Eliud

  • Mark marcus Otieno
    Mark marcus Otieno 2 months ago


  • Raelene nobody
    Raelene nobody 2 months ago

    ok ok stop the dickhead comparisons, Edbund Ferking Hillary was NOT the first man to climb Mt Whatever, great civilisations had been living there way before your dumb history. Thats all

  • Raelene nobody
    Raelene nobody 2 months ago

    Neil Armstrong!! are you kidding us.. This is a real achievement! xx

  • Emmanuel Wiyual
    Emmanuel Wiyual 2 months ago


  • Better Tomorrow
    Better Tomorrow 2 months ago

    Wow! Just wow!

  • Idriss Maiga
    Idriss Maiga 2 months ago

    Why were the other guys not competing

    • k0p1k4
      k0p1k4 Month ago

      because it wasn't a race, but an attempt to break a record. those guys were "pacesetters".

  • 1551mel
    1551mel 2 months ago

    Well done brother

  • Faith Wachira
    Faith Wachira 2 months ago

    Wow!!!! Congrats, shujaa yataifa

  • Hussien Ibrahim
    Hussien Ibrahim 2 months ago

    kwani nowadays hakuna kive streaking ama nini mbaya

  • Lucas Burnette
    Lucas Burnette 2 months ago +1

    I don't know if to be bothered that he is not tired at the end or not... 😂

  • Keith Douglas
    Keith Douglas 2 months ago +1

    I'm still getting goosebumps watching this! Delighted for kipchoge, for all Kenyans,and for the sort!

  • Yeoh Seng Huat
    Yeoh Seng Huat 2 months ago

    Dunno how many times I've watched this since yesterday.

  • ZacFisher
    ZacFisher 2 months ago

    Kenenisa Bekele is not going to catch him¡

  • - Skies
    - Skies 2 months ago

    Plot twist: He gets overtaken and finishes 2nd at the last 5 seconds

  • Siti Sarah
    Siti Sarah 2 months ago

    You deserve it kipchoge, u got it. Amazing human

  • Oba Doba
    Oba Doba 2 months ago

    The people racing with him probably did it to

  • Marcus
    Marcus 2 months ago

    Didnt the other pacemakers run under 2 hours?

  • ዳንኤል ተጫኔ Daniel Techane

    ✡️ מזל טוב!
    Mazal Tov Kipchoge, Ethiopians couldn't be prouder. You made AFRICA proud by making HISTORY, we salute you! CONGRATS and Toda Raba, Thank You, እናመሰግናለን, Asante Sana! from ETHIOPIA.

  • lullabby hosny
    lullabby hosny 2 months ago

    What is the word g .o. a. t means

  • cooper
    cooper 2 months ago

    Love how you just suddenly stopped the video straight away. Nice touch there

  • Gikon
    Gikon 2 months ago

    This is trending #14 in the UK

  • Amateyas Kote
    Amateyas Kote 2 months ago

    He is a Kenyan World Ambassador as he keeps our flag flying and breaking records. Our political sycophants and political class are not left behind. They will always try their best to lower the Kenya's dignity as they engage in corrupt deals to enrich themselves.

  • Rick Dacaht
    Rick Dacaht 2 months ago

    Impressive but gl trying to get sub 2hour in an official marathon

  • godwin
    godwin 2 months ago

    Wow wow wow, that's amazing...the feeling am having for this man is incredible....he deserved to be named the champion. Ooh respect, respect to Kipchoge. Proud of him....kudos from +255🇹🇿🇹🇿

  • posterboyuk1
    posterboyuk1 2 months ago


  • Miriam Odurukwe
    Miriam Odurukwe 2 months ago


  • Magabe Peter mwita
    Magabe Peter mwita 2 months ago

    congratulations my brother eliud kipochoges

  • Daouda Fall
    Daouda Fall 2 months ago

    This Sprint is incredible congratulats Eliud🇰🇪🇸🇳👏

  • Haiku Automation
    Haiku Automation 2 months ago

    Simply amazing, paced or not, its a team accomplishment and really simply amazing! Next up, lets put a man on the moon delivering milk at a local market.

  • K J
    K J 2 months ago

    I better see all the sponsorships he can get and the agent better do a damn great job.

  • K J
    K J 2 months ago

    Amazing! More inspired because of the commentator. He knows he'll be heard forever.

  • Joshua Lee
    Joshua Lee 2 months ago

    The ending....so abrupt

  • Xeno Benoit
    Xeno Benoit 2 months ago

    Makes Kantè seem like Berbatov

  • Esther Gathoni Nganga
    Esther Gathoni Nganga 2 months ago

    Am so happy for you Kipchoge. When u win our country Won

  • Coronado 777777
    Coronado 777777 2 months ago

    1:39 I love the way commentator says about this great hero from Kenya

  • Bass Red
    Bass Red 2 months ago

    This mean he ran 4.50 each mile.. Thats unbelievable.

  • Gherie Ftiwi
    Gherie Ftiwi 2 months ago +1

    What a great energy super

  • jonesy 1
    jonesy 1 2 months ago +1

    Abit of a downer tbh, it wasn't a competitive race, and it was set up for him to run under 2hours, still impressive but not quite breathtaking.

  • nun
    nun 2 months ago

    Why do they need to throw their history to make comparisons. Just let the man's achievement be.

  • Peter Lewis
    Peter Lewis 2 months ago

    He has now made claim to the title of the finest marathon runner we have ever seen.
    World titles come and go, they are there to be broken,.
    Your only Olympic champion until the next games are held, where you can regain your title.
    1hr 59min 40sec, may not be recognised as the World record, but it' will still be the target to beat.
    The Sub 2 hr barrier has fallen, and like Roger Bannister, the athlete who achieved it, will go down in history.

  • Eli Eli
    Eli Eli 2 months ago +1

    no sweat? EPO in his blood

    • Bass Red
      Bass Red 2 months ago

      If so, that shit got burnt out around mile 4..

  • mei li
    mei li 2 months ago

    The National Review magazine published the article “China Accused of Harvesting Organs of Uighurs, Falun Gong Religious Group” by reporter Zachary Evans on September 26, 2019.

  • Leon Watson
    Leon Watson 2 months ago

    This is bigger than bolts 9.58 and that was major