Building a Huge Tie Fighter

  • Published on Dec 7, 2017
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    How did we build this monster, well now you can see. Cake was eaten and tea drunk muhahaha.
    Thanks to eBay for making this a thing and its been great to see people flocking to Burghley House in stamford to see it.
    Sunday the 10th is its last day on display so come and see it, I'll be there from midday it would be great to meet you all.
    See James build the droid here
    See the Reveal video here
    See use build and AT-AT here
    See inside the AT-AT here
    check on my social channels for more
    This project is being made with the support of eBay....Duh
    Check out their HUGE selection of Star Wars products here
    1st track- "Your pretty short for a storm trooper" by Majority Theives"…/the-majority-thieves/id1021605043
    2nd track is "Storm" by "Heroic"
    3rd track "Theres a Man" is by "Her Parents"
    4th track - "Annabel" is by "Brawlers"
    5th Track- "Stay true to yourself" by "Noisy Way"
    6th Track is "Gasoline" by "Braincoats"
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  • foreversecond
    foreversecond 2 days ago

    The Furze is really strong with this one

  • EOS0329
    EOS0329 6 days ago


  • live loud
    live loud 6 days ago

    What the cuck are you going to with the thing now?

  • levi ackerman
    levi ackerman 7 days ago

    It's a tie fighter but it doesn't have twin ion engines and can't fight?

  • Mind Wide Open
    Mind Wide Open 9 days ago

    Mr. Fire, I envy you.

  • Justin Hunt
    Justin Hunt 9 days ago

    Cool Project! the blond dude needs to take it down a few notches though ;)

  • Máscara verde# Os fanzinautas episódio;1

    Nice fantástico

  • KC Nham
    KC Nham 11 days ago

    Might as well build a stem-celled ostrich. Neither can fly!

  • Lanting Farming
    Lanting Farming 12 days ago

    How cool would it be if it could really fly

  • TacShooter
    TacShooter 13 days ago

    Epic, gents.

  • Darkgaming45
    Darkgaming45 13 days ago

    There's only 1 real question...

    How are you going to get it out of the shed?!?!?!!?
    Build a museum of all of your projects that you have made, so people can look at them?

  • Joe Table
    Joe Table 13 days ago

    Only question i have is "WHY?"

  • Alvaro G
    Alvaro G 13 days ago

    Kylo Donald Ren is shit but this is fantastic

  • Skar
    Skar 13 days ago

    Is it just me or do you guys want them to add a detailed cockpit and glass

  • Mgławica G34.3
    Mgławica G34.3 13 days ago

    It working ?

  • Steven JOHNS
    Steven JOHNS 14 days ago

    Could have been bigger.

  • Miku2020
    Miku2020 14 days ago


  • Create -Space
    Create -Space 14 days ago

    We made it well.

  • Creedstar s1000rr
    Creedstar s1000rr 14 days ago +2

    Build Luke Skywalker's X-wing. But seriously guy's you are absolutely MAD!!! Keep it up guys

  • Cborg Mega
    Cborg Mega 14 days ago

    Fantastic! Imagine offering something like this to a school, to place it in the schoolyard... Probably no kid would want to go home ever! :)))

  • warriorpoet
    warriorpoet 14 days ago

    Kylo is a whiny bitch

  • Só Aviões
    Só Aviões 14 days ago

    The masterpiece of the tie fighter of the star Wars, good video.

  • Matt`s Mocs
    Matt`s Mocs 14 days ago +1

    Is this how we are getting into Area 51? And when we come out it will have lasers 😂 looks good despite not being classic

      AFTER LIFE 14 days ago

      Matt`s Mocs I wouldn’t, Area 51 has ewalks. We don’t stand a chance

  • Felipe Uehara
    Felipe Uehara 15 days ago

    Obi-Wan is that you?

  • RuralTowner
    RuralTowner 15 days ago

    Now make it fly. If you haven't already.

  • Cathix 003
    Cathix 003 15 days ago

    Nice!....Just need the engines, avionics, life-support, and weaponry and call it good!

  • TheLpjoe
    TheLpjoe 15 days ago

    The thing probably weighs as much as a star destroyer but the US air force would shit rubber nickles if it flew over area 51.

  • corvus was taken
    corvus was taken 16 days ago +1

    hey tfue

  • jack0cat
    jack0cat 16 days ago

    Spoiled rich kid with too much money too know what to do with making stuff.

  • cent
    cent 16 days ago

    Did you make it wide enough?

  • Arc 5555
    Arc 5555 16 days ago

    That’s a tie silencer not a tie fighter

  • Jonathan marvel saptrasto saptrasto

    You sir are a master of making some masterpiece life size replicas!!!!!!

  • crunchydragon
    crunchydragon 16 days ago

    you should have built it on a car/truck frame so you could drive it around

  • Michael Schön
    Michael Schön 16 days ago

    can it fly? haha

  • Simon Harford
    Simon Harford 16 days ago

    Great Scott!
    Real starships are built of plywood, every space cadet knows that.
    Brilliant video though, a lot of you are gifted with "The
    Farce", those bloody midiclorian gits up to no good.
    Seriously though, well bleeding done.

  • Cyproduction
    Cyproduction 16 days ago

    Next challenge: Fly it over Area 51

  • Malinourn Malinourn
    Malinourn Malinourn 17 days ago

    To all of you who say make it fly are you daft in the head. Do you have any idea how much it weighs. The welds alone would break. Aircraft need to be light for their size and that isn't. Also due to its configuration it would have to be a VTOL. He does not have that much money. Next it would need rockets and turbojets to stay airborne.
    Think its a space craft with some sort of null gravity device. It would fly like a brick. ok enough ranting.

  • Malinourn Malinourn
    Malinourn Malinourn 17 days ago

    fantastic but WYYYYY? I mean you could have used so many lighter materials that wouldn't have cost you any more then it did. Unless the steel was free or nearly so. But could other materials. Now were the heck did you put this 15 ton monstrosity?

  • Ike Davis
    Ike Davis 17 days ago

    0:54 - If you guys were crazy Star Wars fans you would’ve had one of you hit your head on the shed door. This is in reference to the blooper that was left in Star Wars Ep. IV: A New Hope. The blooper of the stormtrooper hitting their head on the door was so funny that George Lucas decided to keep it AND add a sound effect! 😂

  • Sternzerstörer
    Sternzerstörer 17 days ago

    Tie fighter

  • Sternzerstörer
    Sternzerstörer 17 days ago

    Was ist kein tai fihter

  • Kman 881
    Kman 881 17 days ago

    Hey with all that money to blow can I borrow about $50,000 love your videos!

  • marco thommen
    marco thommen 17 days ago

    Fuckin' awesome! And a big YAY to craftsmanship! :))))

  • the Denking Wolfs
    the Denking Wolfs 17 days ago

    How about using musik that is more star wars

  • the Denking Wolfs
    the Denking Wolfs 17 days ago

    Next melenium falcon pls... Most iconik ship.....

  • Your mother and the sand people

    Out of all the tie fighters you could've built you chose shitty kylos?

  • Paul Burns
    Paul Burns 18 days ago

    How did you get it out of the building? Looks too wide for the doors. :o

  • Aurisium Aurisma
    Aurisium Aurisma 18 days ago +1

    That’s a TIE Silencer, TIE Fighters have different wings

  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8 18 days ago +1

    That's GOT to weigh a million pounds lol it's made of the heaviest materials EVER

  • Mark Samson
    Mark Samson 18 days ago

    Absolutely love it.Its a big piece, where is this build now ?

  • Ich Hier
    Ich Hier 18 days ago

    Gotta keep the camera alive :biggrin:

  • Wolf
    Wolf 18 days ago

    Add wheels and drive it on street

  • joe 9990 t
    joe 9990 t 18 days ago

    I always wanted a life size viper from the original Battlestar Galatica

  • Rocky Brown
    Rocky Brown 18 days ago

    Starts video: gets attacked

  • Steve
    Steve 18 days ago

    next step. make it fly.

  • graylag gravity
    graylag gravity 18 days ago +1

    Tie silencer: exists

  • Brian Dugan
    Brian Dugan 18 days ago

    What do you do with it once you build it? Is it now scrap? That'd be really sad.

  • Solaris Moon
    Solaris Moon 18 days ago

    I with that I has your budget!! It must be wonderful to build whatever you want whenever you want without money getting in the way! Very nerdy but at least you guys had fun. I'm only sorry that this isn't the true Star Wars Tie Fighter as everyone including me thought. I guess that it's just as well as that would cost so much more and be more difficult than this was to do. Thank you for sharing this with the rest if us - it show that you can realise your dreams with a little money and creativity.

  • Sandra Vaillant
    Sandra Vaillant 18 days ago

    next film destroyer

  • OMHG A.K.A just a pie
    OMHG A.K.A just a pie 18 days ago


  • no more
    no more 18 days ago

    Kylo's tie fighter is called the tie silencer

  • Matthew Hicks
    Matthew Hicks 18 days ago

    Didn’t really like the movie but that fighter is amazing

  • canna_roll Trip
    canna_roll Trip 19 days ago

    if this machine can fly in a immediate future, you will have my all money. ALL MY MONEY!!!!

  • あるくきつね
    あるくきつね 19 days ago

    Next up:making stardestroyer

  • TwistedSister/Haratiofales

  • Joe Lynott
    Joe Lynott 19 days ago

    What a wanker!

  • Stanley Honour
    Stanley Honour 19 days ago

    No it is not finished. Needs interior design with full flight simulator. For extra realism, add hydraulic actuators. And blasters, gotta have blasters. One thing for sure, it is not gonna fall apart. Oh and landing gear, not posts!
    add electric motors to landing gear so it can taxi around. You got plenty of room for batteries. Yea salvage some Telsa that has been totaled. Brha ha ha ha ha!

  • Cornelia Peppinghaus
    Cornelia Peppinghaus 19 days ago

    Thats an interceptor or kylo rens ship

  • Mov6001
    Mov6001 19 days ago

    Thats a tie silencer not a tie fighter....

  • Spuds
    Spuds 19 days ago

    Colin. Calm down man.

  • The Black Panther Official

    What if you now build a engine to fly this bad Motherf***er? :D

  • azulpiano
    azulpiano 19 days ago


  • Erik Charles
    Erik Charles 19 days ago

    Too bad it can't fly!

  • Donald Sedig
    Donald Sedig 19 days ago

    You see Black painted TIE Fighter landing at your job. " Yup, The Boss Is In."

  • Oscar P
    Oscar P 19 days ago

    Your music sucks