Building a Huge Tie Fighter

  • Published on Dec 7, 2017
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    How did we build this monster, well now you can see. Cake was eaten and tea drunk muhahaha.
    Thanks to eBay for making this a thing and its been great to see people flocking to Burghley House in stamford to see it.
    Sunday the 10th is its last day on display so come and see it, I'll be there from midday it would be great to meet you all.
    See James build the droid here
    See the Reveal video here
    See use build and AT-AT here
    See inside the AT-AT here
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    This project is being made with the support of eBay....Duh
    Check out their HUGE selection of Star Wars products here
    1st track- "Your pretty short for a storm trooper" by Majority Theives"…/the-majority-thieves/id1021605043
    2nd track is "Storm" by "Heroic"
    3rd track "Theres a Man" is by "Her Parents"
    4th track - "Annabel" is by "Brawlers"
    5th Track- "Stay true to yourself" by "Noisy Way"
    6th Track is "Gasoline" by "Braincoats"
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Comments • 2 036

  • DISOP tv
    DISOP tv Hour ago

    That BMW in the intro!

  • Danke Für Nichts
    Danke Für Nichts 3 hours ago

    wow ... why not build it from aluminium? heavy load of steel here.

  • Patman Crowley
    Patman Crowley 3 hours ago

    I enjoyed watching this build. And I have to add that I had really liked the dancing in the storm trouper helmets! That brought a big smile to my old face, thanks, mates!

  • Dodge 78
    Dodge 78 5 hours ago

    Why didn’t you paint the whole thing with a sprayer, like a car?

  • Marc W
    Marc W 6 hours ago

    George Lucus Would probably Shit Bricks of wonder if he saw this piece of ART work.

  • Marc W
    Marc W 6 hours ago

    George Lucus Would probably Shit Bricks of wonder if he saw this piece of ART work.

  • Alexander Wetzel
    Alexander Wetzel 15 hours ago

    love your vids

  • Chris Chris
    Chris Chris 3 days ago

    Na figada...... number one you!

  • Mark Lowther
    Mark Lowther 3 days ago

    Brilliant, lads. Well done!

  • Thedinggoo5
    Thedinggoo5 4 days ago

    That amazing, I want your playlist though

  • Oliver Von arx
    Oliver Von arx 5 days ago

    As an over 50y old ORIGINAL sw fan from WAYYYYY BACK (and absolutely despising the new cr@p movies!!!) i need to say: THIS THING LOOKS SOOOOO BADASS!!! And i LOVE your soundtrack mate!!! 👌😜👏
    BRILLIANT - as you brits would say!!!

  • A Thousand Words Film by Shabazz Abdell

    I see Rock is not dead in great Britain. Good tunes!

  • Jayden Sorsdahl
    Jayden Sorsdahl 6 days ago +1

    who's seen star wars the mandalorian

  • Sky,s Eye
    Sky,s Eye 7 days ago

    Good job

  • GunShy Hobgoblin
    GunShy Hobgoblin 7 days ago

    @5:47 Imperial engineers be like

  • Austin Wirtz
    Austin Wirtz 8 days ago +1

    I want to be this crazy and active when I’m a middle aged man

  • Timothy Neiswander
    Timothy Neiswander 8 days ago

    Sure it looks cool but can it go ludicrous speed?

  • Tony Brock
    Tony Brock 9 days ago +1

    Tesla will be asking you to build a truck soon

  • Rhys B
    Rhys B 9 days ago

    That Victoria Sponge looked incredible.

    Oh the Tie Fighter's alright as well I suppose.

  • New Apostles
    New Apostles 10 days ago +1

    What do you do with these wonderful creations? Please tell me that EBAY has created a museum to display all of them.

  • Benjamin Hertz
    Benjamin Hertz 10 days ago +2

    Where is it now?

  • A OK
    A OK 10 days ago +1

    So 2 years later ...Where is the Tie Fighter today ? did you auction it ?

  • jesus jones
    jesus jones 19 days ago

    What did you do with it once built? Don't tell me you stuck an engine in it.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 22 days ago

    Why didn't you use some aluminum to reduce the weight?

  • Dale Ryan Aldover
    Dale Ryan Aldover 22 days ago

    after watching several clips I believe all of Colin's vids are actually AMVs of rock band songs in disguise

  • dungoist
    dungoist 23 days ago

    Well, that's never going to fly...too damn heavy. ;)

  • matthew baker
    matthew baker Month ago

    What did you all do with this after you built it. Freaking awesome!

  • Idaho k9Trapper
    Idaho k9Trapper Month ago

    You sir are a Beast , you make some amazing things and are very talented . Love the channel and I would love the tie fighter and the imperial walker in my yard .

  • Russell Broom
    Russell Broom Month ago

    If this doesn’t end up at Glastonbury Festival, your life is wasted! 😎

  • Matthias Kritter
    Matthias Kritter Month ago

    Colinfurze has a CO2 footprint like a village with all the fireworks and stuff. Couldn't you built something crazy like a extreme home made power plant or agriculture machine which could be copied or used by your fans. A hydrogen/solar tank/vehicle would be crazy/unique as well.

  • Alfredo Sparviero
    Alfredo Sparviero Month ago

    Mi fai sognare😂😂😂😂

  • asddasasdful
    asddasasdful Month ago

    11:23 I thought they finished the build, or they added something really cool. Turns out this guy's genuine source of happiness was cake :)

  • Sentry service Service

    Can it fly ? I’m shocked if Disney has not approached you yet .

  • Grzegorz Bohonos
    Grzegorz Bohonos Month ago

    pls show how flies

  • Samtheghostcat S
    Samtheghostcat S Month ago

    This is how it's like to build in crossout

  • Perrito Chihuahua
    Perrito Chihuahua Month ago

    For the idiots😎😎 who dislike because isn't going to fly ... There is a COMICON EVENTS this will be very appreciated 😁😉👍👍👍👍👍

  • Jorge Picabea
    Jorge Picabea Month ago

    ...then they realised it won't come out of the door...

  • Black Swan
    Black Swan Month ago

    now what are you going to do with this very expensive lawn ornament? Cant leave it in the grainery?

  • Penny Krueger
    Penny Krueger Month ago

    Idiots !
    All that loose grain laying around... the dust of which is very flammable. Grain bin fires are a farmer's worst nightmare.

  • cobr3n
    cobr3n Month ago

    Wish I had the skills and resources to make that! :)

  • Codarama !!!!!!!!
    Codarama !!!!!!!! Month ago +1

    You should make a fire truck

  • Trapper Bill
    Trapper Bill 2 months ago

    very good project I really wanted to watch it but the music was crap if I turned it down then I would miss the things you were saying

  • keir farnum
    keir farnum 2 months ago


  • marcos placeres
    marcos placeres 2 months ago

    Kylo Ren? Should have picked a better ship. That character is a worthless pussy. Disgrace to Vader's leniage. Waaaaaa! Nobody loves me.

  • Robert Allsbrook
    Robert Allsbrook 2 months ago

    You guys are amazing! I love the welding mask that has the look of Kylo's helmet. Will you donate it to a place kids can play in it? Or will you sell it on ebay???

  • Randy Wilson
    Randy Wilson 2 months ago

    That was totally Awesome Guys, nice project that turned out Excellent, Thanks for sharing

  • scott abbott
    scott abbott 2 months ago

    Yes but can u build one that actually flies

  • Victor Manuel
    Victor Manuel 2 months ago

    Who the hell posts all that work and materials!! It's insane.

  • Adam Hope
    Adam Hope 2 months ago

    Wow you really have way too much free time,and truly dreadful taste in music ,and would be more impressed if you built something useful ,like a home for a homeless family in England, which there's thousands off.

  • Ken Hogg
    Ken Hogg 2 months ago

    That was amazing thank you

  • Daniel Kliemczak
    Daniel Kliemczak 2 months ago

    It Flys...?

  • rune drejer
    rune drejer 2 months ago

    So.... How do we get it out of the barn ??? 😀😁😂

  • HayK47
    HayK47 2 months ago

    Should have built a Tie from one of the actual Star Wars movies instead of Disney’s abominations. That would have cool.

  • The EU Prisoner
    The EU Prisoner 2 months ago

    Now fit it out and get Elon Musk to launch into space. 😁

  • ian ball
    ian ball 2 months ago

    Now make it fly.

  • smidsyonfire
    smidsyonfire 2 months ago

    I think 3 people (approx) and 6 weeks work is astonishing!

  • maurice maurice
    maurice maurice 2 months ago

    I would love for these guys to Me build me a full size millennium falcon out of metal

  • Chip Stanley
    Chip Stanley 2 months ago


  • David R
    David R 2 months ago

    Your one crazy son of a bitch , lol.