Gaia's Melody EM2 Performance Test MZ (RPG Maker MZ)

  • Published on Sep 2, 2020
  • A quick performance test for running my(very performance-heavy ram-eating) MV game in MZ.
    (not porting, no resources changed, just running through the MZ editor & exe)
    -Do note that apparently I recorded the footage at 30frames, so it doesn't look quite as smooth as it actually feels here.
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    Other music by:
    Battle/Boss Theme Schematist
    Other other music by me
    Video effects:
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  • koruldia
    koruldia Year ago +10

    What's happening here is you're running a newer version of NWJS (the game "player" if you prefer) with your game. Something you could have done YEARS ago under MV already to see the same performance boost (sorry for the FOMO lol) it has nothing to do with "MZ engine" or anything. There's no such thing as an "MZ game exe", since MV, rpg maker is using some open source stuff under the hood like NWJS, which is basically an offline Chrome browser, to simplify a lot. Here in MZ they even put a 64bits version of NWJS, way better for RAM.. It's very good for your game then. Good luck with the dev. ;)

    • koruldia
      koruldia Year ago +3

      @kaeBR Pixi isn’t the engine here, PIXI is an open source LIBRARY, you can update to pixi5 in MV (check some tuts it takes like 5 minutes of copy pasting some files, you even have some playable demos with MV using pixi5, no big differences tho) but that's not the point here since she doesn't take advantage of that anyway in that example.
      She's just running an MV project under an updated NWJS (through MZ, but it’s basically an illusion, the “playtest button” only launches the version of NWJS that is in the specific folder) and it's still under MV’s Pixi4, the only difference is the NWJS folder in MZ is more recent, you can literally copy that folder in MV to see the exact same results.
      Speaking of Pixi4, the latest version (4.8.9 or something) is from January 2020 (about 3 years more recent than vanilla’s MV Pixi4 (4.3? don’t remember), similar as NWJS actually even if it doesn’t have nowhere near the same performance impact to update that thing, but you can get access to new fancy shaders), I wouldn't call it “very outdated” then, but indeed 5 is better of course.
      One of the biggest differences with MZ is the optimized core JS stuff (what can qualify as “the engine”) again something that she doesn't take advantage of here since it's basically just like copy-pasting a newer (and 64bit) version of NWJS into an MV project. If you try to copy-paste the new JS core files from MZ to MV in your project, it won’t work.
      No big deal, still nice to edit your MV game under the slightly improved MZ editor, at least we can enjoy the QoL stuff or.. the new icons :) they look much better and serious than those in MV.
      And maybe later some people (still finishing stuff on MV today) will start new projects with MZ to really take advantage of the updated core, because it seems more efficient when it comes to image/sound loading. Good!

    • kaeBR
      kaeBR Year ago

      It's not just that. MZ is also running PIXI v.5, which has major rendering improvements compared to the very outdated version MV is stuck with. That would be considered "an updated engine", and definitely isn't something you could easily update yourself.

  • Gabe
    Gabe Year ago +5

    NOTE: Updated the corescript from the RPG Maker MV version to MZ version WILL break TONS of plugins. But if you have it use MV's corescript, they work fine!

  • LittleGameDev
    LittleGameDev Year ago +2

    I didn't realize MVs plugin scripts would work in MZ. I thought I would have to wait for everything to be updated again to run games on it. This makes me more excited to work in the engine!

  • Gabriel Dias - Game Designer

    I missed you a lot Echo!
    I wanna see more games!

  • Smaulic_
    Smaulic_ Year ago +8

    Echo: There has gotta be a catch here!
    Me: Nope. There is a Kachie tho

  • Nikolai123
    Nikolai123 Year ago +8

    This might be worth it to buy mz for the engine alone, a big problem i've always had with MV is how it slows wayy down when using a lot of scripts (I'm looking at you mog, atelier.) Although I think it's still better to wait for MZ to update more (and wait for when it goes on sale XD)

  • Holo. Mino
    Holo. Mino Year ago +1

    now i wonder if you will continue the game on mz after all or not, either way the game is going to be amazing!

  • poodlestyle33
    poodlestyle33 Year ago +1

    Wow, that's way better. Thanks for showing us!

  • Matthew Cenance
    Matthew Cenance Year ago

    Interesting. I knew you could put the RPG Maker MZ project file into an RPG Maker MV project and run and edit it in RPG Maker MZ since day one. However, the fact that it apparently increases your performance is something I did not know about.

  • StreetLore
    StreetLore Year ago +2

    My 7 year old and I watch your videos all the time she is so excited to try and make her own game!

    • LUKE lcs
      LUKE lcs Year ago +2

      Well I wish her the best of luck.
      (I mean, I'm just a random guy on the internet browsing through the comments section, so I guess that doesn't mean much, but still.
      Making games can be fun, and stressfull, but worth it in the end if you stick it through. Even though most of my old stuff is now cringy in my eyes, it was fun to make, and I learned from it. Live and learn I guess. At any rate, if she wants to, heck, if you want to, go for it. You never know unless you try :D)

  • LtBenjamin
    LtBenjamin Year ago

    Wow nice! Are you using mode 7 for your world map? Are all those maps made in photoshop? They look so nice!

  • LUKE lcs
    LUKE lcs Year ago +1

    It's been a little while since I played GM:EM, but listening to the music is nostalgic.
    Personally, I don't think I'll be using RM for long enough for it to be worth it to upgrade to MZ for me, however
    I'm glad for those who are using it and enjoying it such as yourself.
    Looking forward to your next game as well :D
    EDIT : Also, the difference in performance is phenomenal.
    Because most of my games will be simpler and won't push the engine as much, again, just not worth it for me, but especially
    for someone like you, this is huge, and definitely an improvement. Once of my biggest issues with GM:EM (which I still loved it, but of course it did have issues) was the performance in some places was terrible, so this is definitely a really good improvement for your games especially.

  • Yew Bowman
    Yew Bowman Year ago +2

    well, this is what I would call... RM Blast Processing!

  • XZeroSigma
    XZeroSigma Year ago

    Hey. I just subscribed and wanted to say I love your content and hope you do more videos.

  • Aedyn91
    Aedyn91 Year ago

    Been trying super hard to not watch lots of dev log stuff for GM EM2 because I've been scared of spoilers (GMEM was one of my favorite RPGs of 2017), but I'm really glad I clicked this. I was debating holding off on getting MZ because of the effort it'd take to actually port our (my studio's) current game to it since I'd be buying four copies of it, but this... This in addition to the changes for animations has really sold me on it.
    Also am now hyped

  • abandoned channel
    abandoned channel Year ago +1

    Awesome! Finally have a reason to upgrade now :P

      ⁅VALENSiYAGAMES⁆ Year ago +1

      Just understand, if you do it this way and use the MZ engine, the animations tab, and all of the new 'features' MZ came with will not be compatbile with your game, and in most cases, won't even register as being used. It's kind of a thing since you're still using MV core scripts.

  • AmHawkToph
    AmHawkToph Year ago

    I may get MZ, but will it work with MV files? I'm a bit curious, do we need to change some scripts for the events and effect to work right? I have three games currently in the works in MV....

  • Cole Games
    Cole Games Year ago +3

    HI ECHO!!!

  • Silica 🏳️‍⚧️

    Huh, interesting? your not even using an MZ project thou, so is it all the same MV scripts????
    So.. what? is it just because of the newer NWJS ?

  • NYN2K
    NYN2K Year ago +1

    What did you do to get characters, draw hire an artist??? & can you do a comparison video on MV vs MZ in time thanks.

    • Silica 🏳️‍⚧️
      Silica 🏳️‍⚧️ 6 months ago

      Echo is kinda awesome that she just drew it herself

    • LUKE lcs
      LUKE lcs Year ago +1

      @NYN2K No problem, you too :D

    • NYN2K
      NYN2K Year ago +1

      @LUKE lcs Yoo thanks bro for the encouragement I appreciate it. Blessings and keep safe.

    • LUKE lcs
      LUKE lcs Year ago

      Not that I meant to suggest you do waste them, just encouraging you too use them and such, you know, gettin' all mushy and motivational and stuff. (mushy probably wasn't the right word, but oh well)

    • LUKE lcs
      LUKE lcs Year ago +2

      @NYN2K Well, you could always try to find someone else to partner with, or just make a game with default assets.
      Or, even make something other than a game if you want to.
      At any rate, enjoy that talents you do have, and use them to the fullest. They're gifts, and they're not worth wasting. :)

  • Name55
    Name55 Year ago +1

    All you did bastardized MZ core files and replaced them with MV. Just replace the original project's Pixi with v4.8.9 or v5++ (google and download) and once exported throw in more recent nw.js files (updates older MV pixi/nw.js to newer one, it's the only reason why your game runs better) in your MV project folder. You'll get the same result without all potential stability issues compared to what you did here. I've been doing this for a long time, but the difference is not that significant. Maybe the game runs ~10% better, but my game is heavy. 200+ plugins etc. Fixes some annoying MV issues though. It's an improvement.

    • Cinbru
      Cinbru Year ago

      care to explain more? I can't seems find nw.js in my project folder

  • Santouryu3
    Santouryu3 Year ago +3

    Back to MZzz... *Sleeps*

  • None
    None Year ago

    MV projects are compatible with RPG Maker MZ or you did something else? :o

  • KiloTheNeko
    KiloTheNeko Year ago

    So MZ is not impressive at all and the only thing keeping it from being an MV update is most likely the switch to a different animation system
    honestly you are not selling MZ well to people who actually know what they are doing

  • Hamguy Bacon
    Hamguy Bacon Year ago +2

    MZ is MV just some bells and whistles added that they could have added to MV as an update.

  • Slaizen I Nezials

    still waiting on a better XP........

  • Heartless Angel Ketsueki

    Sorry... but it´s not that easy... people who overwrite the rpg maker mz core files and then celebrate that there plugins and game still works like it did in mv... well yeah... thats because you overwrote the changes of mz itself... the updates... "genius".
    You basiclly run mv core in mz... and lose performance you would have gained with the mz core files.
    There is a reason mz is like it is, and people can not just do it this way, and all are happy ever after, I would be the first to be
    extremly happy if this be true, and also the rpg maker mz devs would have made it this way, by default.
    But NOPE, its not that easy... you can overwrite the mz core to mv, but at a cost of true performance of mz...
    You create a bastard engine basiclly... and I doubt that this will stay very stable, or give you the max performance.
    Sorry for being a real about this and ruin the mood and the dream... sadly its not that easy ... I wish...

  • jeanine g
    jeanine g Year ago +3

    If all you did was swap out the project file, isn’t your project still using the MV code files? If that’s the case, why would there be any performance changes? The only reason is the MZ editor playtests on a newer version of NWjs, but you could already do that in MV by modifying the NWjs in the editor’s files, or changing the NWjs after exporting. 🤔🤔🤔

    • ODDnanref
      ODDnanref Year ago

      @jeanine g
      Oh, now that I interesting. What do you think the difference on loading was? The allocation of processing resources? I have no idea on how these things work so I am really curious.
      Is possible to achieve the same effect on MV?

    • jeanine g
      jeanine g Year ago +2

      ODDnanref, Lakes Lake
      sorry, the question was rhetorical. The answer literally is that it uses a different NWjs, that’s it. The editor does not “run” anything. It just calls a command line command to have whatever NWjs is stored in its files to run in whatever project directory is open. The point I’m trying to make is this video talks about “MZ performance”, but it doesn’t use MZ at all. Just trying to point out a flaw with the logic of this video without being too aggressive about it. Echo made a small mistake, but that’s ok. I just want to resolve the confusion. 😔

    • Lakes Lake
      Lakes Lake Year ago

      MZ uses more processing power than MV, maybe that's why??? idk

    • ODDnanref
      ODDnanref Year ago

      Maybe it is related to the engine?
      I am no expert but most of the scripts are written on the game file but how the information is processes is in the engine. Think Java as the engine and the rest of the game being what you programmed in java. Updating Java usually does not break you java script from previous versions but it tends to run better.