Hard To Believe

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
  • Provided to TheXvid by OVO Sound/Warner Records
    Hard To Believe · Headie One
    Top Boy (A Selection of Music Inspired by the Series)
    ℗ 2019 OVO Sound/Warner Records Inc.
    Masterer: Chris Athens
    Masterer: David "DC" Castro
    Executive Producer: Mr. Morgan
    Producer, Programmer: Sykes Beats
    Mixer: Tyrell 169
    Writer: I.A. Adjei
    Writer: J. Henry
    Auto-generated by TheXvid.
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Comments • 108

  • Maz Rahman
    Maz Rahman 10 days ago

    bruoo this is a tune

  • Tobi Oloba
    Tobi Oloba 11 days ago

    fire wid it, but why did he cough on the track tho looool

    • BENZO.D
      BENZO.D 8 days ago +1

      It's the smoke!!! 🤒🔥🔥

  • Luke’s media projects


  • Luke’s media projects

    Madness !! Sick tune

  • Vel
    Vel 14 days ago +1

    headies a genius. Luckily knowing drake there will be a copy of this track on Drakes new album...

  • K B
    K B 16 days ago +1

    Drill would be dead without headie one and rv. They told me turn

  • Catfish Billy
    Catfish Billy 20 days ago +1

    “Don’t know nothing about Moëts” neither does he by the way he’s pronouncing it

  • Chunk 19
    Chunk 19 22 days ago


  • Original.ZTszz.Jr.Trigga38

    Headie one is deffo gunna keep blowing up dis yr OFB r da best in the drill scene

  • Ehsan_110x
    Ehsan_110x 24 days ago +3

    Man said German EO gassssssssss

  • Joshua Pearson
    Joshua Pearson 25 days ago +4

    This beat man bludclarrttt🔥

  • Dylan Hazard
    Dylan Hazard 25 days ago +1

    He’s voice seems abit deeper at 40 seconds

  • BDM
    BDM 26 days ago +1

    Yoo shout out headie for shouting all the nigga x1000000

  • K
    K 26 days ago +5

    0:52 #3SJ

    • K
      K 24 days ago

      @Ezekiel Opoku fed

  • Noah Reddie
    Noah Reddie 26 days ago


  • Aboody Tv
    Aboody Tv 26 days ago +2

    Legendary 🔥🔥💙

  • Motive Management
    Motive Management 26 days ago +4

    Makes no sense this the hardest track on the top boy album yet its not on the ovo channel?

  • Rohan Vignesh
    Rohan Vignesh 26 days ago +10

    Headie is one of the hardest out there. I feel like DigDat would kill this track with Headie.

  • Yung Fernandes
    Yung Fernandes 27 days ago +10

    Tank you Jesus!😭🔥

  • AAR0N Bbosa
    AAR0N Bbosa 27 days ago +22

    man said bad b ain’t even seen 10 quid but she wants me to chill and Netflix

    • Ty Bawly
      Ty Bawly 9 hours ago

      Can't come around me if you going on prestige I just fling it on SJ. 😂

    • Raymond Orunsolu
      Raymond Orunsolu 22 days ago

      @RJN tchapz same here

    • RJN tchapz
      RJN tchapz 24 days ago +4

      I heard that bar same time as i read ur comment🤣

  • D RZE 1K
    D RZE 1K 27 days ago +89

    This should of been Music X Road intro don’t @ me.

  • Scar Pope
    Scar Pope 27 days ago +1

    Tuna can spilled blood on the threes

  • lil dick
    lil dick 28 days ago

    do you think headie runs out of lines on his a4 when writing bars. this nigga squeezes too many words in a sentence

  • Koray Kaya
    Koray Kaya 28 days ago +2

    Fuckin boa morte bad boy winger

  • Aisha H
    Aisha H 29 days ago


  • Fake Profile
    Fake Profile 29 days ago +6

    this guy is 'consistency' personified... 🌟🌟🌟🌟✈️✈️✈️💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • Yung_Millz
    Yung_Millz 29 days ago


  • Joshua Heath
    Joshua Heath 29 days ago +1

    Pure genius 😝🔥🎚️🎚️🎙️🌬️🍁👌

  • Donny Trump
    Donny Trump Month ago +2

    ⭕OFB have killed off the same style beats and slowly will kill drill

    • Johnathan D. Hill
      Johnathan D. Hill Month ago

      Qwerty Kwertea ya neighbor a neek and coco puffs type wack lol, no one eat them shits

    • Donny Trump
      Donny Trump Month ago +1

      @Johnathan D. Hill ngl my next door neighbour thinks I play the same song for 4-5 hours. I support them fully but they do get a bit boring. Would you eat Coco Pops for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for a year

    • Johnathan D. Hill
      Johnathan D. Hill Month ago +2

      We got a edgy one here folks

  • Tom Powell
    Tom Powell Month ago


  • dot d
    dot d Month ago +1

    my g madness every time 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Queen Chelly
    Queen Chelly Month ago +13

    Hard to believe how much Reference in this song👌👌

  • Carl 'CJ' Johnson
    Carl 'CJ' Johnson Month ago +1

    The only track not on the OVO channel

  • Bubu Bang
    Bubu Bang Month ago +1

    Same flow and same melody.. Headie needs to switch up a little

  • Roan
    Roan Month ago


  • r t
    r t Month ago

    Sully put in work in the wok house🤣🤣

  • Sorry Not sorry
    Sorry Not sorry Month ago +12

    For some reason I can’t get past 25seconds without pulling it up. All till now I ain’t heard the whole song

  • —MB—
    —MB— Month ago +36

    man said 'old school I couldn't hear from shorty, left on the wing, Boa Morte' 🥶

    • trudon
      trudon 20 days ago +1

      Yunguz won't get it. Man over 25 will

    • Harris Adusei
      Harris Adusei 26 days ago +2

      I know that flew over a couple mans head

  • SiezedKie l0l
    SiezedKie l0l Month ago +63

    Come on man when they going to admit the UK scene is smashing the US scene right now, no comparison🔥

    • SiezedKie l0l
      SiezedKie l0l 22 days ago +1

      @ArsenalFan13 you had all the english teams to choose and you picked arsenal its peak🤣🤣

    • ArsenalFan13
      ArsenalFan13 25 days ago +4

      I'm American but the UK scene has been smashing our scene for a while (3+ years and going). Been in tune since 011'.

    • Twitch
      Twitch Month ago +4

      Cos there’s 327million yanks and only 67 of us

    • VLoneMafia
      VLoneMafia Month ago +12

      Cus Americans only listen and talk about a life that most ppl never lived : & The UK scene everyone can Relate to regardless of where you come from !!! & UK artists dont care if they not recognized on the world stage as long as the UK rocks with them that all that Matters #Facts !!

    • Tx 1
      Tx 1 Month ago +8

      Goes without saying, been like that for time

  • Kool Gamez
    Kool Gamez Month ago +93

    Why isn’t this on the OVO channel

    • Loosest Psycho
      Loosest Psycho 29 days ago +1

      Wil Stewart defo

    • Wil Stewart
      Wil Stewart Month ago +30

      Probably an issue with Headies label, where they said he could be on the compilation but it had to be released on his platforms.. streaming dough

  • Rap Previews
    Rap Previews Month ago

    It rly must be impossible for headie to make a shit tune

  • BoujeeBhabie
    BoujeeBhabie Month ago


  • Ryanvevo Marlon
    Ryanvevo Marlon Month ago


  • Johnathan D. Hill
    Johnathan D. Hill Month ago +35

    "If you ain't done ah stretch, come home
    done the works, got recalled - you ain't felt stress before
    or been halfway through ya sentence,
    The Judge calls you in and he gives you more"

  • dami Okoisor
    dami Okoisor Month ago +5

    Top 3 in the UK

  • Daniel Whyman
    Daniel Whyman Month ago +40

    Headies heads so big cause the amount of knowledge in there🤧and I thought aitch couldn’t run out of bars 😂

  • Jojo Jojo
    Jojo Jojo Month ago

    Su su t stand up banger still qq

  • I wave
    I wave Month ago +10

    Raaah this is that greazy golden boot 2018 headie one👌🏾

  • AnotherSpecial1
    AnotherSpecial1 Month ago +7

    Ooo Tanku Jezuz

  • Ng19 Tugs
    Ng19 Tugs Month ago +22

    This guy jano, seen him doing bits since know better, gotta big up Rv doing his ting properly with ofb

  • Chino
    Chino Month ago +84

    This needed RV man

  • Suck your Mum
    Suck your Mum Month ago +7

    Headie never disappoints..

  • King GucciStrapz
    King GucciStrapz Month ago +1

    Cold 👀🥶

  • Alisha E.
    Alisha E. Month ago +5

    top boy is gonna be fire 😤😤

    • CIX Collective
      CIX Collective 29 days ago

      @Comfy lies

    • SouljaRhys
      SouljaRhys Month ago +2

      Comfy just didn’t happen tho did it

    • JR
      JR Month ago +7

      @Comfy no one asked dickhead

    • Comfy
      Comfy Month ago

      Finished it, Dave ends up in hospital at the end and Kano character dies in episode 4th episode by a drive by

    • SouljaRhys
      SouljaRhys Month ago

      JR blessed

  • Joseph Dehghani
    Joseph Dehghani Month ago +5

    Hard fire. 🔥

  • NO GAMES G13
    NO GAMES G13 Month ago +38

    How they gonna van drill when all the drillers them own it 🔥

  • yungfrekz
    yungfrekz Month ago +4

    Too cold Suu suu

  • Sykes Beats
    Sykes Beats Month ago +118

    Produced by Sykes Beats

  • S R
    S R Month ago


  • Rebecca Melia
    Rebecca Melia Month ago +8

    Goes in💥