Golden Girls - Kinetic (Morleys Apollo Mix)

  • Published on Dec 13, 2009
  • Label:
    R & S Records
    RS 93007
    Vinyl, 12"
    Tech House, Ambient
  • MusicMusic

Comments • 45

  • ym2612
    ym2612 2 months ago

    It's a goodun

  • AppDevMan
    AppDevMan 6 months ago

    Seems to always bring tears to my eyes

  • skyreader society
    skyreader society 7 months ago +1

    probably the best and most beautiful 90ies ambient track.

  • Astralsoulmate
    Astralsoulmate Year ago


  • Voodoodaddy1010
    Voodoodaddy1010 Year ago

    I'd forgotten how great this mix is! Surreal and stunning 🙂

  • Kirsten Vuerstaek

    Dit blijft zalig om naar te luisteren! Eerste keer gehoord in de ambient room in de rave zone montini! Ergens in 1995 of zo

  • DanAminyip
    DanAminyip Year ago +1

    so dope!!

  • MrDassive
    MrDassive 2 years ago

    Incredible to see hear this unique take on Kinetic. Really amplified that magic loop that hit thousands of souls hard on the dance floors in those 25 years.

  • Old Man Primo!
    Old Man Primo! 2 years ago +1

    ....heard this on a compilation and it drew my attention to you as a artist, love that Stardancer EP....

  • 5endling70
    5endling70 2 years ago

    A Traum!

  • ncshuriken
    ncshuriken 2 years ago

    This is really nice man! I was expecting another House or Techno mix and I got some ambient meditation instead!

  • BurgBassBeats
    BurgBassBeats 2 years ago

    grimm.....throws me back instantly. insane

  • rusrad74
    rusrad74 2 years ago

    Ah great memories of my late teens, always loved this track from that Apollo album,, not heard this for 20 years, its superb!!

  • Alan O'Dowd
    Alan O'Dowd 2 years ago +3

    Timeless and beautiful, the first mix I heard and still the best. Masterpiece.

    SCDJMU 3 years ago


  • Shahid Khalid
    Shahid Khalid 3 years ago +10

    If heaven is real, this is what I imagine would be playing at the gates

  • bollocknaked1975
    bollocknaked1975 3 years ago +1

    Far better than the original. Love it 😁

  • Ashley Hurt
    Ashley Hurt 3 years ago

    This sound arrangement is superb. So rich and deep, yet so spacey and light. 👌🏼👌🏼

  • Gavin Paisley
    Gavin Paisley 4 years ago +4

    Mr Morley, since 1993 when I got the Positiva Ambient collection I've been getting sustained pleasure and enjoyment out of this remix, always loved it :)

  • Tim Brownson
    Tim Brownson 4 years ago

    This almost sounds like an entirely different song that samples Kinetic. I love it though, a 6am beauty.

  • James Roach
    James Roach 4 years ago +3

    Once again, I am being amply rewarded for looking through all the mixes. This is more than a remix, but a complete rearrangement. Gorgeous.

  • J Dean
    J Dean 4 years ago

    This guy (Michael Hazell) only ever wrote one track - what a track though !!!

  • Traxscape Music
    Traxscape Music 5 years ago +6

    reminds me of taking acid back in the day. David Morleys tracks were always great

  • borrehcleb
    borrehcleb 6 years ago

    What keyboard was used for the main riff on this track?

  • Jewels Hartnell
    Jewels Hartnell 6 years ago

    its not the original, but this is the first time i've heard this... good stuff

  • David Hogg
    David Hogg 6 years ago +1

    Absolutely fantastic David...... Made long before I got into clubbing/dj'n.

  • mrgee007
    mrgee007  6 years ago +1

    Still sounds awesome, and amazing on a good set up!

  • riseup20twelve
    riseup20twelve 6 years ago

    just beautiful

  • David Morley
    David Morley 6 years ago +62

    Glad to see people still get satisfaction out of this track. That's what music is about. Giving moments of pleasure to people.
    It's 20 years this year since I did this mix. It seems like yesterday! damn!!

    • Luis Ruiz
      Luis Ruiz Year ago

      Absolute classic and still sounds great after all these years. Timeless.

    • Florence MEULEMAN
      Florence MEULEMAN 2 years ago

      still =^.^= merci
      agreed on yesterday, can't wait for tomo

    • BurgBassBeats
      BurgBassBeats 2 years ago +1

      David Morley my bloody hero ! i played this album many many times....memories, goosebumbs. shit...

  • richard primrose
    richard primrose 7 years ago

    Timeless track

  • podfunk
    podfunk 7 years ago

    Bliss. Used to listen to this one over and over back in the day.

  • justinlovesthemixes
    justinlovesthemixes 7 years ago +3

    ATTENTION !!! ...You are advised to put some headphones on, sit back, close your eyes & let this tune take you there...... Because it will

  • Justin Gower
    Justin Gower 8 years ago

    Simply beautiful...

  • Tenshionnanoko128
    Tenshionnanoko128 8 years ago

    Welcome to paradise

  • hond appel
    hond appel 9 years ago

    @nubient May the Force be with you ;)

  • darktrain
    darktrain 9 years ago

    pure bliss!!!!

  • darktrain
    darktrain 9 years ago

    pure bliss!!!

  • hond appel
    hond appel 9 years ago

    i just let my vase drop in reverse slow motion.
    the pieces came back together by my broom & me!
    so add: " your broom & you." to "the pieces come back together..."

  • darktrain
    darktrain 9 years ago +1

    beautiful track..makes me want to lie on a hammock under a cloudless sky sipping a glass of sunshine....they dont make em like this anymore!!

  • Ross Siddle
    Ross Siddle 9 years ago +4

    yip this and other ambient then you NEED the apollo ambient cd....on par with selected ambient works, space, adventures beyond and chil out....these need no introduction!

  • pkrpmusic
    pkrpmusic 9 years ago +2

    Another slice of Ghent / Gent / Gand's finest label.......the original Orbital versions are top-notch but this is rather special......

  • joomarvel
    joomarvel 10 years ago

    #fufull planant )))