Virtual Characters Learn To Work Out…and Undergo Surgery 💪

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
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  • DeSinc
    DeSinc 2 years ago +79

    I'm never doing a 1 leg squat ever again. I always had this feeling it was loading a lot of risky pressure on one leg, and even though this is just a simulation it's still scared me off doing it ever again

    ABC DEFG 2 years ago +2

    Insane... I wonder if the reverse would be possible for diagnosis - Using video footage of a person and letting an algorithm find out what parts of the body might be at fault.

  • Moby Motion
    Moby Motion 2 years ago +250

    Wow - incredible how similar those walks are to real gait abnormalities. How lifelike all of these turned out is a real testament to the power of training in large scale simulations

  • MindDrift
    MindDrift 2 years ago +4

    Humans: what kinda God would allow suffering?!!?

  • X G
    X G 2 years ago +1

    Yes, teaching future Terminators the basics of martial arts sounds like a genius idea...

  • I_I__l___l___I__I_I
    I_I__l___l___I__I_I 2 years ago +7

    That virtual character needs a virtual personal trainer, 100kg arching your back like that... He will need a virtual chiropractic soon

  • user
    user 2 years ago +555

    The AI needs to do facepulls everday (NON-NEGOTIABLE)

  • DeepSpace12
    DeepSpace12 2 years ago +352

    I wonder if the AI will learn to handstand walk if their deformity is worse enough. =]

  • Willmakk
    Willmakk 2 years ago +196


  • The Memester Gangster
    The Memester Gangster 2 years ago +568


  • Arian Ullah
    Arian Ullah 2 years ago +97

    Hope this gets used in the research industry more to develop better solutions for people with disabilities

  • Connor Shorten
    Connor Shorten 2 years ago +22

    It will be really interesting to see this combined with imitation learning to show athletes how to run faster and jump higher! This visualization is amazing, really cool paper!

  • Dave W
    Dave W 2 years ago +4

    This is awesome!! Does this have any medical significance or is it more geared toward use for simulation/AI/robotics and such fields?

  • Daniel Newton
    Daniel Newton 2 years ago +7

    When this tech makes it into a game, it will be sick!

  • Aster
    Aster 2 years ago +25

    This would be amazing for evolving prosthetics that have best performance replacing a natural limb

  • Szilárd Hompoth
    Szilárd Hompoth 2 years ago +2

    Wow, this is hopefully going to be incredibly useful in physiotherapeutic research!

  • Floofy Tanker
    Floofy Tanker 2 years ago +7

    imagine games having actual muscles you could train and strengthen, they would also have realistic injuries and adapt. this is amazing.

  • Neil Rao
    Neil Rao 2 years ago

    I love this channel. I'm finding so many things applicable in my own field, drawing correlations, it's wonderful. Thanks for everything that you do!

  • D Man
    D Man 2 years ago +3

    This is the most important thing that ai needs, The virtual training environment, build the entire robot in the environment and then plug ai into it to train itself to move. 3d print robots and assemble in the real world. Imagine have these pre designed machine parts that you could plug and play to build robots in the environments that also mirrored real world parts too, could we design new types of robots or even let ai design the robots from available parts. Almost keep adding assets like unreal engines except the assets mirror real world parts. Train all these things in vr and then plug them into real robots. Computer games could become vr controls for real robots, you know the way you move a character in a game, we just select the direction and character goes that way, ai could be the thing that walks real robots for humans when we select a direction, you could have mining all done in offices, security drones, military drones working with real soldiers, even home servants if robots could follow voice instructions , so many applications VR to AR robotics with vr training is powerful

  • Archerfish Johns
    Archerfish Johns 2 years ago +3

    This is really groundbreaking! You can give examples of wrong form and correct form for people that work out! without the repercussions of actual injury!