Casino Cheating Expert Reviews Card Counting and Casino Scams From Movies | Vanity Fair

  • Published on Sep 29, 2021
  • Casino game protection expert Sal Piacente reviews notorious card counting and casino game cheating scenes from films including 'Rain Man,' 'Rounders,' 'The Sting,' 'Austin Powers,' 'Casino,' 'Ocean's Thirteen,' 'The Cooler,' 'Runner Runner,' 'Now You See Me 2,' 'Shade' and '21.'

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    Casino Cheating Expert Reviews Card Counting and Casino Scams From Movies | Vanity Fair

Comments • 4 515

  • Gus Johnson

    You have to bring this guy back in at least once every few months

  • Sal Piacente
    Sal Piacente 21 day ago +2

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to watch! And thanks to Vanity Fair for asking me to do this! I've been in Casino Game Protection for 36 years and every now and then, a fun project like this comes along. It's humbling to see so many people enjoy it. I appreciate that.

  • Rick O'Banion

    Sal worked for a casino I worked at. We were all experienced pit bosses and dealers and he'd cheat right in front of us. He came in several times a year just to show us new cheats and advantage moves. Plus he is a really good guy to spend time with.

  • Dad Buddy Reviews
    Dad Buddy Reviews 14 days ago +434

    When a magician reveals their tricks, it's often disappointing, but with this guy, the slow-mo of his sleight of hand tricks just blew my mind even more!!

  • Mekel Reen
    Mekel Reen  +667

    I’m always glad to hear the pros say card counting isn’t cheating, casinos just don’t like it. All cars counting is, is remembering what cards have been played, and understanding the odds of what cards are left.

  • N A
    N A Day ago +197

    I used to be a craps/blackjack dealer at a Riverboat Casino in Indiana. Sal was our Head of Gaming security. The things this man could do were incredible. True photographic memory, and one of the kindest people you will ever meet. Sal, if you read this, I was excited to see you and glad you are healthy and well, also... I still have no idea all these years later how you levitated in the High Limit pit that night... haha

  • Rince Resource

    This guy had it all: presentation, personality, knowledge and delivery.

  • Luis Dobbs
    Luis Dobbs Day ago +170

    Can we just acknowledge how awesome Edward Norton is for learning all those cheating techniques and shuffles for a movie when most people aren't going to even notice they're happening in the scene. I've seen Rounders like 5 times and never knew he was using actual cheating techniques.

  • Samrod Shenassa

    There's obviously a lot more richness to this guy's life than gambling cheats. Dude needs his own channel.

  • King of the Lurkers

    I’m still convinced he wasn’t cheating even after looking right at his tactics…. That’s how good this guy is

  • Mihir patel

    This man can deliver an hour long lecture and I would not be a single bit bored. Absolute legend.

  • AJ Rasokas
    AJ Rasokas 28 days ago +220

    I was in casino surveillance for 11 years, our casino hired Sal to teach us gaming protection, best course ever and one on one experience was amazing.

  • Lucas Beliera

    this guy was flawless, not only is he obviously an expert, but he’s also an amazing communicator <3

  • ThatRandom Guy
    ThatRandom Guy 14 days ago +39

    The patience, smarts, and techniques this guy has is legendary. A lot of this stuff is confusing asf but listening to him explain stuff is so entertaining.

  • Jeff Wilson
    Jeff Wilson Day ago +14

    Love everything about this guy’s demeanor, knowledge, explanations, etc. Pleasure to watch.

  • Theshow4life

    This is how someone who's been in the industry a long time talks about these kinds of things. He's great and definitely knows his stuff. I've also been in the business quite some time, so it's refreshing to see instead of these other hacks. Cheers!

  • FranktheDachshund

    Great video, showing that some of the seemingly impossible card cheat scenes in movies truly are based on real world strategies.

  • Adam Mcgrath
    Adam Mcgrath 14 days ago +34

    We need more of these. Especially this guy, he's a great presenter

  • Shaun
    Shaun  +6

    Usually these “experts” are kind of showy hacks. But this guy was solid gold. And he was very entertaining to watch. Bring him back, please.

  • Sankofa NYC
    Sankofa NYC 21 day ago +24

    He is soooo good... I've seen break downs of some of these movies before and he is catching things alot of people missed and explaining how it's done really well