RazörFist Arcade: WAR OF RIGHTS

  • Published on Jul 7, 2019
  • Hell Bent for Bayonets
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  • Chris Lucas
    Chris Lucas 5 months ago

    So Iran destroys Israel if we invade? failing to see the downside here, since they're the regions belligerent that still refuse to define their borders.

  • Rural Ascetic
    Rural Ascetic 6 months ago

    2:19:20 Churchill bashing is underrated

  • [Enigmatic] Bossu
    [Enigmatic] Bossu 6 months ago

    Dont like Thin Lizzy?
    I bet you haven't heard their songs that arent TBABIT and Jailbreak.
    Try Johnny and Chinatown.

  • Blackstar
    Blackstar 6 months ago +3

    Don’t let Extra Credits see this game or else they’ll argue that playing as a Confederate Soldier makes you a Confederate Sympathizer

    • Blackstar
      Blackstar 6 months ago

      Gerald Davis Sarcasm?

    • Gerald Davis
      Gerald Davis 6 months ago

      Oh my fucking god thank you
      Best comment i have seen in a thousand years!

  • Reed rex
    Reed rex 6 months ago +3

    Any chance of a Deadwood 2019 movie review?

  • HowlingFang6258
    HowlingFang6258 6 months ago

    You simply talking about Latin and Cicero's influence has suddenly inspired me to start learning it. My college doesn't offer it, so I guess I'm gonna have to go it alone on this one. Wish me luck!

  • thisisanalt
    thisisanalt 6 months ago

    The whole blacklisting thing has been going on for a while now. For a few years there I wasn't subscribed to Razor, though I watched nearly all of his videos, basically back then if you weren't subscribed to a badthinker, but watched their videos and videos like theirs, every time they made a new upload, the algorithim would promote one of their older videos in your recommended feed, and thats how I knew Razor and others posted new content. That strategy hasn't worked for a few months now since the recent algorithim fucking youtube has been doing so I had to remember to look his channel up to see if there was something new, but today was different. I got a recommended for one of Razor's older videos again (I'm still not subscribed) and lo and behold, there's a new livestream video to watch. I think youtube is secretly fucking with its algorithim again on the sly.

  • Björn
    Björn 6 months ago +1

    Why is American Football such an effeminate bastardised version of rugby?

  • Johnathan Powell
    Johnathan Powell 6 months ago

    Dude you suck at this game

    • The Rageaholic
      The Rageaholic  6 months ago +2

      Almost as if I said at the outset 'this is literally the first time I have ever played this game' or something. Get off my channel, drama parasite.

  • tim o
    tim o 6 months ago

    What is the button that allows you to "wipe out senses by the hand of God".

  • Ty Sandifer
    Ty Sandifer 6 months ago


  • douglas stewart
    douglas stewart 6 months ago +7

    2:58:43 Hey, that was a legitimate problem during the Civil War. The uniforms of some of the units looked so similar to the enemies, friendly fire was a recurring issue on both sides. And it didn't help that most of the Confederate gear was pilfered from Union supply lines.

    • Blackstar
      Blackstar 6 months ago

      Case in point,
      The death of Stonewall Jackson

    • Jack Lang
      Jack Lang 6 months ago

      Yeah, I think the 12th SC also had stolen Union uniforms.

  • speeddemon847
    speeddemon847 6 months ago +1

    To the guy making another Civil War sim. Make a character sheet section where people can put their actual state/race to find out how their ancestor contributed to the war. For ex. New York Irish - conscript to fight in so and so battalion. role - cannon fodder.

    • Balrog of Udûn
      Balrog of Udûn 6 months ago

      speeddemon847 my ancestor actually killed a Yankee General in the war. He was part of Lee’s Sharp Shooters early experimentations with scout snipers since rifles were then better range and accuracy. Was shot twice and lived into his 80s.

  • douglas stewart
    douglas stewart 6 months ago +1

    2:43:03 His name was Judah Benjamin, and he didn't have many chances to do his job, since no foreign power recognized the CSA's legitimacy. But if you want to piss off a Leftist, read Harry Turtledove's Guns of the South, where he does get to do his job.

  • Raymond King
    Raymond King 6 months ago +4

    The main problem in Oregon is, and has been for many years, The vote is largely controlled by Portland and the other larger cites. Voter turnout for more rural areas is usually pretty high, but is outnumbered by the liberals of "Portlandia".

  • Raymond King
    Raymond King 6 months ago

    Another great band name: " The Bloviating Jackasses."

  • Ios5513
    Ios5513 6 months ago +1

    Geet eem

  • Raymond King
    Raymond King 6 months ago +1

    Great name for a band: "Satan's Ballsack."

  • Raymond King
    Raymond King 6 months ago +1

    Need to use a Henry, Razor.

  • Raymond King
    Raymond King 6 months ago

    Simply Red standing by.

  • Mega Knight 360 James
    Mega Knight 360 James 6 months ago


  • jimjamjoeyjoejoe McJammyjoeson

    Yo Razor, do a vid about the new extra credits YOU KNOW THE ONE

  • bardhi09
    bardhi09 6 months ago +6

    Japs were more into Jazz Fusion in the 80s than Metal...particularly the early 80s.
    Most of the 8-bit Megaman music really doesn't sound like Metal...a lot of the songs sound too poppy or jazzy to be hardcore Heavy Metal. In fact a lot of the Capcom titles from the 80s and early 90s were inspired by Jazz Fusion music(some of them were ripped off from actual Japanese Jazz Fusion bands like Guile's theme from SF2 which was ripped of from T-SQUARE's song "Travelers").
    Take for example Mega Man 3, that soundtrack sounds much Jazzier than Mega Man 2. Yasuaki Fujita(aka "Bun Bun") actually did have a heavy metal band in his youth but according to what he posted on his blog he's more of a Jazz fan and his favorite artist is Pat Metheny.
    In fact he is such a fan that he named his Sound Studio "First Circle" after his favorite Pat Metheny song.
    Also you have to take into consideration that each of the first 6 Mega Man games were done by a different composer with different styles.
    MM1 was Manami Matsumae
    MM2 was Takashi Tateishi(Credited as "Ogeretsu kun") with Manami contributing a small piece of a certain song as well as the reused sound effects from MM1
    MM3 was Yasuaki Fujita(Credited as "Bun Bun") and Harumi Fujita(no relation) who was the original composer for MM3 and did like 2 and a half songs or so before having to go into labor and then Bun Bun replaced her.
    MM4 was Minae Fujii(Credited as "Ojalin", "Ojal", "O-Jaring" among other nicknames)
    MM5 was Mari Yamaguchi(Aka "Mari") and Yoko Shimomura(Aka "Pii") contributed a track
    MM6 was Yuko Takehara(who eventually went on to do Breath of Fire 2's soundtrack)
    Now the X series does sound more like Metal although it too feels more like on the lighter side of Metal, sometimes bordering on Hard Rock.
    Online remixes of Mega Man Music really miss the point and sound very different.
    You can check out an old trailer for Mega Man X to see what the music was supposed to sound like thexvid.com/video/M_Oq8t_zg-U/video.html
    Like it or not Mega Man music was a product of where he came from and without some synth it just doesn't sound like Mega Man music and more like generic Metal music.
    That said I do agree Mega Man 11's music sucked(I also disliked the focus on story and the terrible graphics), they even ripped off a song from Sonic Colors and made it much much shittier.

  • Robert Cantu
    Robert Cantu 6 months ago

    I really wish more people appreciated Harry Turtledove's incredible Southern Victory series of books.

    • Robert Cantu
      Robert Cantu 6 months ago

      @I Hate Yankees I dont remember the analogue to the French mutinies. Was that on the Canadian front?

    • I Hate Yankees
      I Hate Yankees 6 months ago

      @Robert Cantu It's not that it was too much of a copy, it's that the events he wrote weren't particularly plausible. Southerners wouldn't have grown complacent, even if an aging Custer turned around and suddenly liked tanks using them similarly to cavalry wasn't feasible given how cumbersome they were, and the French mutinies were almost entirely just soldiers refusing to go on suicidal offensives while still defending their trenches from German attacks. The allies would still have won, just without the crushing defeat that allowed for a treaty designed soley to humiliate and punish the central powers. This isn't even getting into the damage socialist politicians would do to the northern economy either, because that's a whole different story.

    • Robert Cantu
      Robert Cantu 6 months ago

      @I Hate Yankees Yeah when he goes into WW2 it gets a little too carbon copy but The Great War is a wonderful trilogy of books.

    • I Hate Yankees
      I Hate Yankees 6 months ago

      I disagree with the course of the later books greatly, but he's a great author

    KAOS NATION 6 months ago +23

    Antifa is the arm of the establishment used to break up peoples right to assembly and free speech. By Dem leaders in Dem run cities just hanging back when Antifa attack populists, nationalists or patriotists from assembling then the establishment wash their hands of it - they didnt stomp on their rights - Antifa did. The police cant stop the non-leftists because that would go against the 1A, but by letting Antifa run amok for a while they get that job done.

  • Evermind
    Evermind 6 months ago +2

    The game looks cool and all but I don't see it ever getting a sizable playerbase

  • Pendarric Rolynd
    Pendarric Rolynd 6 months ago

    Can we have metal mythos DIO please Razor!

    • Raymond King
      Raymond King 6 months ago +1

      Or Alice Cooper. You've been promising.

  • McBandit Hope
    McBandit Hope 6 months ago +2

    30:03 Add a race of cat people. Cat people are hot.

  • Cullen Kerr
    Cullen Kerr 6 months ago +7

    Breaking News: Florida Man Single Handedly Dissolves Union! Thousands Dead!

  • Joseph Vice
    Joseph Vice 6 months ago +1

    You guys need formations with volley fire.

  • Joseph Vice
    Joseph Vice 6 months ago

    I wish this was on console

  • Cool Breeze
    Cool Breeze 6 months ago

    That’s the soundtrack for the new Miami vice/chips mashup movie.. Miami chips,, out in time for Christmas.. gonna be awesome

  • Abrahem Samander
    Abrahem Samander 6 months ago +1

    1st person shooter in the civil war? Count me interested.

  • TheAlphaIncel
    TheAlphaIncel 6 months ago +3

    The central shall rise again!

  • Barbarella Alpha
    Barbarella Alpha 6 months ago +11

    2:59:55 "We must hold the line..." *gets killed, screen goes black...* LMAO!!! You guys!

  • Robert Bishop
    Robert Bishop 6 months ago +2

    Shoot them Yankees lol

  • Shaggy 3 Dope
    Shaggy 3 Dope 6 months ago

    NEW MYTHOS!!!!!!!

  • Barbarella Alpha
    Barbarella Alpha 6 months ago +5

    2:13:19 That guy just skidded across the grass LMAO!!!

  • bloodygentleman
    bloodygentleman 6 months ago +3

    what's the relationship of states like Arizona to the civil war actually? the west wasn't part of the civil war or was it? Iam not very knowledgeable about the us civil war

    • I Hate Yankees
      I Hate Yankees 6 months ago +1

      Arizona territory was rightful Confederate clay. After the war they split Arizona and New Mexico vertically instead of horizontally as yet another anti-southern punative measure.

    • Cullen Kerr
      Cullen Kerr 6 months ago

      Arizona never formally seceded but there was a lot of Confederate sympathizers

    • bloodygentleman
      bloodygentleman 6 months ago

      @Random Byzantine Guard thank you

    • Random Byzantine Guard
      Random Byzantine Guard 6 months ago +3

      Arizona was a US territory at the time, but the CSA had a claim on it and New Mexico.

  • Austin 3:16
    Austin 3:16 6 months ago +3

    You should play Post Scriptum.

  • Jarrett Souders
    Jarrett Souders 6 months ago +27

    6:40 is the start of the stream

  • Adam 79 !
    Adam 79 ! 6 months ago

    There is a lot of patriotic Lamb of God shit.

  • Lee Van Cleef
    Lee Van Cleef 6 months ago +7

    Good to see no hitmarkers. I hate how all the newer games have ❌ hitmarkers and no option to turn them off. The only hitmarker needed is bloodspray. Red Dead Redemption 2, Gtav, and the new Hitman games have sucked because of this.

    • Benjamin Rood
      Benjamin Rood 6 months ago

      Even worse is the onscreen damage number

    • Joe Nelly
      Joe Nelly 6 months ago +2

      Agreed much more tension when you're not sure whether your shot hit or not

    SHONENJUMPGUY 6 months ago +4

    I backed this as a 'Captain' and early on, the game really had performance issues and crashed...a LOT.
    But lately its got a lot better and enjoyed speaking Southern against Northerners about "Yer Yankee basturds ain't gon' harm mah rats!! Mah RATS!!!"
    And hearing them on the other side of the building was hilarious... Insulating my rats XD

  • Lee Van Cleef
    Lee Van Cleef 6 months ago +3

    ManowaR Warriors of the World Gold edition, the entire cd. Incredible patriotic metal. Has to be the Gold edition though. The bonus tracks kick ass.

  • Lee Van Cleef
    Lee Van Cleef 6 months ago +1

    Thoughts on Scorpions and MSG?

  • Lee Van Cleef
    Lee Van Cleef 6 months ago +1

    Valley Forge by Iced Earth is another great patriotic metal song.

  • Lee Van Cleef
    Lee Van Cleef 6 months ago +6

    Is Mr. Fist a fan of Uriah Heep? I just saw them live. Incredible band.

    • Lee Van Cleef
      Lee Van Cleef 6 months ago

      He probably isn't very familiar with them . I rank them up their with Sabbath, Priest, and Purple.

    • Berserk Shirt Bear
      Berserk Shirt Bear 6 months ago

      I'm about 90% sure he's said no before

  • Trippy Lights
    Trippy Lights 6 months ago +4

    This game is breathtaking when people play it right. Gorgeous visuals and intense gameplay

  • Barbarella Alpha
    Barbarella Alpha 6 months ago +2

    Awww yiss! It uploaded. Love them synths, reminds me of the Ladyhawk movie soundtrack.

  • Barbarella Alpha
    Barbarella Alpha 6 months ago +4

    I had a fever when this was livestreaming, I was listening to the stream laying down, couldnt participate in the chat. Feeling better after a nap. Looking forward to rewatching this when it fully uploads.

  • Nicole Mellott
    Nicole Mellott 6 months ago

    sort of lost interest in wrestling when the "mouth of the south jimmy hart" faded out

  • Scott King
    Scott King 6 months ago +1

    I know you’re just joking, but fuck off with that “one can hope” shit, my family lives in Cali, and not everyone there is is a jackass lefty.
    Like I said, I know you’re joking, I can even sympathize with the overall sentiment... I just don’t like hearing it, ok, now you all can tell me I’m an over sensitive snow flake... I probably deserve that moniker when it comes to my mom.

    • Scott King
      Scott King 6 months ago +2

      Project Silver lol my thoughts too. I’ve been trying to get my mom to com move in with my family ( we all love her and want her around) she just love her home state so much. But she’s getting up there in age, and she knows I’m the only one of my brothers she could live with... thankfully we are on the other side of the country... I gotta deal with the shitty summers and humidity, but then again, I don’t have earthquakes....... all that often, the last one was on August 23 2011, and not one before that I can remember. But yeah, she, and they, need to gtfo of Cali before it’s too late

    • Barbarella Alpha
      Barbarella Alpha 6 months ago +1

      People know not ALL people in Cali are leftists. The majority however are. Respect to your mother for sticking it out in that cesspool.
      If you dont like hearing edgy jokes then just block your ears, or shrug it off. I say this as a woman that hears a lot of edgy jokes about women, because I tend to choose to hang out with a lot of *edgy* guys, I expect edgy jokes. And 99.9% of the jokes have truth to them. Makes them even more funnier, offensive or not.

    • Project Silver
      Project Silver 6 months ago +4

      They should probably look into leaving. I know it's a hard idea to sell but it'll be for the best. If the state doesn't get crippled from a megaquake, it's going to go belly up from the policy the Dems put into place. In ten to twenty years the entirety of urban California is going to look like a cross between Tijuana and Detroit.

  • toxicity
    toxicity 6 months ago +1

    Wanted this game to be good so bad, but they took to long too clean it up and it died before I got around to buying it. Only one popped server :(

    • Trippy Lights
      Trippy Lights 6 months ago +3

      It is still early access my guy. Plenty of people play the events and on weekends. When it gets closer to full release it will be more popular

  • Grandmastergav86
    Grandmastergav86 6 months ago +1

    Alain Delon is the French actor you were thinking of in Red Sun.

  • Bulwark AC
    Bulwark AC 6 months ago +4

    still waiting for the song Ocean Front property in Arizona to come true.

  • McCaffery
    McCaffery 6 months ago +2

    Why does the duration time in the thumb nail 3:35.42 but when you click the video only 2 hours is available and doesn't start at the beginning. Anybody else experiencing this or know why it's happening?

    • valkyriemedic
      valkyriemedic 6 months ago +1

      This one seems to have fully uploaded quicker than the last one. 👍

    • Project Silver
      Project Silver 6 months ago +1

      I think TheXvid cuts the streams down to two hours after the the live broadcast ends.

  • beserkerpatroit1337
    beserkerpatroit1337 6 months ago +23

    Hurrah! For the Bonnie Blue flag that bears a single star!

    • Solomon Kane
      Solomon Kane 6 months ago +1

      Hurrah! Hurrah! For Southern rights Hurrah!

  • Nicole Mellott
    Nicole Mellott 6 months ago +31

    "i think those are the enemy" Raz0R

  • Troy Baker's Gravelly voice
    Troy Baker's Gravelly voice 6 months ago +30

    Leave me alone i just need a coughdrop, Razor!