Renault's Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg! | Grill the Grid 2019

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • Sit back, relax, and enjoy EIGHT MINUTES of carnage and iconic memery from Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg, as they take on Grill the Grid 2019 😂
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Comments • 1 045

  • Mati Porto
    Mati Porto 2 days ago

    Is 2006 Japan, no Brazil

  • Maciej Macura
    Maciej Macura 7 days ago +1

    1:07 its not a brazil, its suzuka

  • The Foxtrot
    The Foxtrot 11 days ago

    4:17 We both get a point, shut the fuc- why??

  • Phantom_Dweeb706 BRUH
    Phantom_Dweeb706 BRUH 21 day ago +3

    "You thought it was another German without a podium?"
    *That hit real bad*

  • Clare Atkinson
    Clare Atkinson 22 days ago

    5:14 Nico mentions Lauda

    His mind: Gentlemen, a short view back to the past

  • Fel24 Multigaming
    Fel24 Multigaming 23 days ago

    Raceless Whispers

    And I’m never gonna race again
    My engine has got no power
    But it’s easy to fail
    I know I’m not so good
    I should have known better that Renault failed
    I wasted chance that I’ve been given
    So I’m never gonna race again
    The way I race with you

  • Liam Markus Gutierrez
    Liam Markus Gutierrez 24 days ago

    They did not cut the bad word

  • John Luu
    John Luu 25 days ago

    Red Bull and Renault getting those non-existent bonus points:D

  • Victor Ramstad
    Victor Ramstad 26 days ago


  • CreativeCat276
    CreativeCat276 27 days ago +1

    wait didnt Hulkenberg set the fastest lap in singapore 2017?

  • zeh howard
    zeh howard 28 days ago +1

    George Michael

  • Just Simon
    Just Simon 28 days ago

    Mercedes DNS xD you don't see that everyday

  • Dominic Distilo
    Dominic Distilo 29 days ago

    7:39 what a roast on McLaren my Daniel Riccardo

    BIEJURUN 29 days ago

    i came in the cum sock

  • DigitalArmagedon
    DigitalArmagedon Month ago

    You can hear Lando on the background laughing at 2:13

  • A Y
    A Y Month ago +1

    Hulkenberg is too good to be out of F1. Such a great team Renault had, pity they had to fit in Ocon. Think Hulk is the better driver anyways.

  • ItsPrinceRavenPlayz Hero Academy United

    0:00 I laughed hard at them 😂

  • Slevvn
    Slevvn Month ago

    Ill.miss hulk. Hope he comes back eventually

  • Nedermoto
    Nedermoto Month ago

    When the official F1 channel forgets to bleep out a "fuck" and I'm happy about that :)

  • Nathaniel Luke
    Nathaniel Luke Month ago

    4:18 rare F1 sightings my friends

  • Hehe Boi
    Hehe Boi Month ago

    "You both get both a point"
    Danny: we both get a point?? Shut the fa up 😂😂

  • Andi Epunkt
    Andi Epunkt Month ago

    Funny mates compared to other teams. they seem to have a really good relationship. Will seriously miss Nico in F1. Man, time flies...

  • catarina M
    catarina M Month ago

    This is solid gold

  • Felix
    Felix Month ago

    4:17 they forgot to *beep* that bad bad word away

  • Brian Highkin
    Brian Highkin Month ago

    Wow Nico finally knows what it feels like to score more points than his teammate.

  • Potato Pants
    Potato Pants Month ago

    These guys are golden together

  • Matti2609
    Matti2609 Month ago

    1:50 looks like Daniel saw a ghost there :D

  • whale oil beef hooked

    Savage going through all the past Renault drivers to get a podium and hulk is like ah shit here we go again

  • Chris R
    Chris R Month ago

    stroll supporting nfl is a face slap to his countrymen.

  • Wulfred
    Wulfred Month ago

    ricardo: Raikkonen

  • Pirvan Sebastian
    Pirvan Sebastian Month ago

    the podium one was just an atack to hulk

  • Gottakill Gt
    Gottakill Gt Month ago

    Ricciardo just went: *the sea?* 0.o


  • Timo Hoffmann
    Timo Hoffmann Month ago

    I will miss nico :(

  • Luka Vukovic
    Luka Vukovic Month ago

    Hulk: You see it
    Ricciardo: The sea?

  • Disturbedmelloow
    Disturbedmelloow Month ago

    The really Ozzy in Daniel: "Nah, come on mate. They were born 3 years ago.
    Sadly cunt isn't allowed.

  • Mr Melon
    Mr Melon Month ago +3

    The 6 year old circuit finally looks like a 6 year old drew it

  • yuno_j
    yuno_j Month ago

    4:18 _that was close_

  • Patrick Kenworthy
    Patrick Kenworthy Month ago

    Hate to be that guy but.... it was japan 2006 not Brazil....

  • Vettelfan10
    Vettelfan10 Month ago

    Nico has won Something at the F1 😂✌️

  • Marco Suli
    Marco Suli Month ago

    Oh mate Hulkenberg is effortlessly funny somehow.

  • Richard D
    Richard D Month ago

    "I'm not funny, man"
    Sounds so sad.
    Best wishes, Nico, you were one of my favourites on the grid for years.

  • Mark StPierre
    Mark StPierre Month ago'll be taking a pay cut for 2020......but, keep smiling!

  • Heimuer
    Heimuer Month ago

    Mercede's second DNS of the season since Germany?

  • Balint Marton
    Balint Marton Month ago

    6:47 Guuuys come on the right pronounce of Kubica is like:
    If I race with 19 people in 1 year maybe I should pronounce their name right.

  • Dardan Ratkoceri
    Dardan Ratkoceri Month ago

    Love these two and nico will be greatly missed

  • iLangKampo
    iLangKampo Month ago

    I wanted that ric reaction when they said Redbull is first

  • Pups Bert
    Pups Bert Month ago

    Sad story about that: We will never have such an awesome Grill the Grid again :..(

  • Raul Cristelli
    Raul Cristelli Month ago

    guys what dos dns means

  • chat chat
    chat chat Month ago

    4:17 swear ricciardo uncensored

  • maiju Piira
    maiju Piira Month ago

    1) When comes the Alfa Romeo’s episode
    2) Why didn’t you grill the Mercedes drivers

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob Month ago +1

    Imo nico should still get a seat, everyone has bad years and this is nicos first, apart from this year nico has been amazing and one of the best drivers on the grid. If romain grosjon has a seat, then nico should have one

  • Ethan May
    Ethan May Month ago

    "Not bad for a bunch of crips" HAHAHA!!! I'm pissing myself Daniel!!!

  • James S
    James S Month ago

    4:17 F1 is no longer PG

  • cryigo 01
    cryigo 01 Month ago

    That 2006 picture from Alonso at the 2nd question was not in brazil, it was in japan

  • John Bako
    John Bako Month ago

    No one:
    Daniel Ricciardo: *dog noises*

  • Maria Kladaki
    Maria Kladaki Month ago

    It's incredible how all drivers are so competitive, even in a trivia game.

  • Aron
    Aron Month ago

    So why is Mercedes a DNS???

  • Luiz Fernando
    Luiz Fernando Month ago +1

    They were born like 3 years ago! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Welisson Araújo
    Welisson Araújo Month ago +1

    Bye bye Hulk

  • Bman NASCAR
    Bman NASCAR Month ago

    Nico might actually get a podium