PS5 controller LEAKED! (PlayStation 5 controller)

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • The PS5 controller has been leaked after the PS5 controller patent was posted. Will we see this controller for the PlayStation 5 console?

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    MrSCOPACINO 5 days ago


  • Seouldrift7
    Seouldrift7 7 days ago


  • Tonio The God
    Tonio The God 9 days ago

    Wow no light bar.....smh

  • あみAmii64
    あみAmii64 10 days ago

    what do you mean youtube doesn't like 10 min short video?

  • Blessindisguise
    Blessindisguise 11 days ago

    Um the Xbox One controller that comes with it in the box is smaller than the Dual Shock 4. It's only this Elite one that's bigger.

  • ShionShinigami
    ShionShinigami 13 days ago

    The Xbox One controller stinks, PS4 controller is way better!!!

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson 13 days ago

    they need a screen on the controller for maps

  • Andrew Reynolds
    Andrew Reynolds 14 days ago

    yah bro that make sense more bigger is better 😈😈😈

  • DEATHFLAME376775
    DEATHFLAME376775 14 days ago

    Mah boi champ looking good with moustache

  • Danny Sandoval
    Danny Sandoval 15 days ago

    Cant this fuckers just get to the point and actually show and talk about what the title of the video says instead of going around in circles? Waste of fucking time

    NICKs STAR 15 days ago +1

    No touch screen on the pad, I am actually disappointed.. If that Is the final product.. 😢

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 15 days ago


  • DwadeMitchell
    DwadeMitchell 16 days ago +2

    I’m glad they went with a bigger design. The DualShock 4 is to damn small in my hands, hitting the buttons and using the joystick is not the most efficient for me.

  • Fade 754
    Fade 754 17 days ago

    When people who can fix Xbox an ps controllers
    Xbox: We released a new controller
    PlayStation: We released even a better controller
    Fixers: an SHIT here we go again

    KEANU BREATH TAKING 17 days ago +1

    Rember the gta 5 midnight reléase?

  • Splash Duke 07
    Splash Duke 07 17 days ago +3

    Can’t wait to use this controller on my pc

  • 20X-GAMES
    20X-GAMES 17 days ago

    Nooo not the light bar damn it

  • Jurell Howard
    Jurell Howard 17 days ago


  • James White
    James White 17 days ago +1

    Good news for you bigger hand people but I guess there's just no choice for us tiny hands sad face

  • AleXiz Luna
    AleXiz Luna 17 days ago +4

    I wanted offset! It feels so comfortable like that. I also want the light bar! It never cause me battery life issues! They should add a feature where you can turn off the light any time.

    • Karasu
      Karasu 8 days ago

      The light bar was dumb, it was unnecessary and wasted battery life because of it

    • Jeremy Shiner
      Jeremy Shiner 16 days ago

      @AleXiz Luna offset is ergonomically and geometrically worse than symmetrical layout controllers, its not preference, but you can like offset, it works its just not by default better than symmetrical layout controllers with sticks at bottom

    • AleXiz Luna
      AleXiz Luna 16 days ago

      @Jeremy Shiner That's your preference, but I like it offset.

    • Jeremy Shiner
      Jeremy Shiner 16 days ago

      @AleXiz Luna symmetrical controller layouts with thumbsticks towards bottom of the controller are factually the best, Xbox controller works but by default that opposite thumbstick position is factually worse for many reasons
      You factually can't hold a Xbox controller relaxed, your either reaching up with your left thumb to grab the left thumb stick or you are bending your left wrist at an angle so that your left thumb falls more naturally over the left thumbstick on Xbox controller and opposite stick layout controllers and you haven't even started playing
      The facts are having the right thumbstick at the bottom of the controller is the best spot for precision aiming so that also means the best spot for precision character movement is the left thumbstick in the same position as the right which is at the bottom

    • AleXiz Luna
      AleXiz Luna 16 days ago

      @Jeremy Shiner It's really not. Most people want this because it's comfortable and it gives them more space. Basically, every controller has that design. I've tried the Switch Pro controller and it felt so great hold. I don't really have much of a problem with the Dualshock 4 controller, but it can be better.

  • Javan Abrams
    Javan Abrams 17 days ago +1

    Light bar gone, it’s literally in the 4 photo

  • dikkybee
    dikkybee 17 days ago

    So supposedly they have redesigned the new PS5 shape so it is radicle but haven't really changed the controller that much since the PS1, and are supposedly are for gamers...utter crap. I use my PS4 with a Xim and use an Xbox controller as I have adult sized hands and not small child's mits. Seriously FFS change your controller to something that is comfortable for adults to use.

  • Yully Dully
    Yully Dully 17 days ago


  • Carter Davis
    Carter Davis 17 days ago

    Same shitty controller design with a few upgrades. Really dissapointed because its one of the main reasons why I have an Xbox. I just hope the next gen Xbox controllers have the same technology while keeping their amazing design

    • TDrew 3
      TDrew 3 16 days ago

      I don’t think PlayStation is going to completely change their main controller, they’ve had the same overall design since PS1, that’s what makes PlayStation.

    • Carter Davis
      Carter Davis 16 days ago

      @Ggg Ggg it's slowly becoming great. They need an revolutionary change and not an evolutionary one. It's still too small and crammed.

    • Ggg Ggg
      Ggg Ggg 17 days ago

      The design's great lol.

  • shoan
    shoan 18 days ago

    Your content is shit and you canceled multiple give aways

  • xXYouJustKnowXx
    xXYouJustKnowXx 18 days ago +1

    Champ take a look at this concept trailer for the new ps5 and controller, what do you think bro

  • LnX
    LnX 18 days ago

    it looks almost the same

  • Ser24870
    Ser24870 18 days ago +1

    I like the light bar

  • Toby Parkin
    Toby Parkin 18 days ago

    Ok thanks Freddy Mercury.

  • Titanium Cold
    Titanium Cold 18 days ago

    What happened to the question of the day? You should do something like that again.

  • wade johnson
    wade johnson 18 days ago

    Champ try the astro controller for ps4 its almost the size of the xbox elite controller.

  • Henry Magdaleno
    Henry Magdaleno 18 days ago

    Love the mustache and the misspeak lol

  • Prince Amoah
    Prince Amoah 18 days ago +1

    I need a ps5 can u get me one l am from Ghana

  • Hamzah Hussain
    Hamzah Hussain 18 days ago

    This dude has hands of a 7ft guy for real 😂

  • Kirito kun
    Kirito kun 18 days ago +1

    What is a PS5 controller? Oh thanks, it means Playstation 5 controller

  • Bilbo Baggins
    Bilbo Baggins 18 days ago

    My favourite youtuber from down under...hello from Canada Champ.
    And thanks for info!!!

  • Lcd -91
    Lcd -91 18 days ago +6

    Nah I prefer the PS4 controller cuz I haven’t got massive hands

  • Matt
    Matt 18 days ago +2

    Can we just get an F for the light bar

    • ItsMrDante
      ItsMrDante 17 days ago

      I don't think they're removing it. Let's hope not. Wait for the actual reveal.

    • Buttmaster Flex 69
      Buttmaster Flex 69 18 days ago

      You get an F for failing to be aborted.

  • Mikkeru
    Mikkeru 18 days ago +1

    So will the battery not run out after 2 hour?

  • Kable Games
    Kable Games 18 days ago

    i hate the left thumbstick isnt offset like xbox the ps controller hurts my hands within 5 to 10mins of playing where on xbox i can play for hours and been fine

    • Kable Games
      Kable Games 6 days ago

      @Brenton Andrew yea but still under ps design

    • Brenton Andrew
      Brenton Andrew 17 days ago

      Cant you get a aftermarket offset control for ps4?

    • Brenton Andrew
      Brenton Andrew 17 days ago

      I have always had playstations so im used to the controller layout and I cant stand xbox controllers lol im glad they haven't offset!
      Cant you get a control for ps that has offset?

  • Saltine 772Life
    Saltine 772Life 18 days ago

    It kind of looks like the leak controller either the screen if u go back an look at the pic of the controller an the first dev kit just without the screen.

  • Numeer Imtiaz
    Numeer Imtiaz 18 days ago


  • Hi I am a human I breathe

    My favorite part of champchong videos is the like button glove he has

  • o.j richman
    o.j richman 18 days ago +1

    I can't wait for the ps5 official design.and I can't wait for Xbox to realise there disign for Xbox 2

    • Jamie Clarke
      Jamie Clarke 14 days ago

      Well when you go from 360 to 1 anybody who can count will. Have a fair shot at guessing the name lol

    • YungCed2920
      YungCed2920 17 days ago

      U mean xbox 4🚮💯🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭⚰⚰⚰💀💀💀💀☠☠☠☠

    • YungCed2920
      YungCed2920 17 days ago

      Xbox 2??????????

  • bloodcorpse gamer
    bloodcorpse gamer 18 days ago

    It's embarrassing for you to say that s*** look at me x Xbox one came out with controllers he couldn't get it right the first time

  • bloodcorpse gamer
    bloodcorpse gamer 18 days ago +1

    That is just my opinion bro the PS4 feels better than controller Xbox One controller is too damn thick bro

  • bloodcorpse gamer
    bloodcorpse gamer 18 days ago

    The Xbox One controller is too thick roll goes stupid

    • John
      John 14 days ago

      Nah you just got small women hands

  • Faisal Hussain
    Faisal Hussain 18 days ago

    Pablo escobar looking ass

  • Red 19
    Red 19 18 days ago +1

    The new controller looks like it was designed by someone 'thicc'

    • Wayne Hangman
      Wayne Hangman 11 days ago

      to thick even an 8 year old can not complain as much as you

  • Jedi Master
    Jedi Master 18 days ago

    Sony with a scummy money making move by changing the USB charge port so you can't use PS4 controllers on PS5

    • vrum255
      vrum255 17 days ago

      @Scott Harris they have said things about the controller triggers..rumble..analog sticks..nothing really about the middle section..makes me hint towards a touch sceeen that wants to be revealed on sony terms as a surprise..dont believe this patnent entirely

    • ItsMrDante
      ItsMrDante 17 days ago

      Dude, shut the fuck up, USB-C has been requested millions of times from Sony, if they didn't change it, everyone would be mad. You can use your old cable to use the PS4 controller on the PS5

    • Scott Harris
      Scott Harris 17 days ago

      🎮 Needs to have a touch screen

    • Red 19
      Red 19 18 days ago

      I would agree. But. Nah USBC is the future. It can do so much more than just charge.

  • Blade Runner
    Blade Runner 18 days ago +1

    Elite series 2 controller best controller going around but the PlayStation fanboys don’t agree

  • Large Nibba
    Large Nibba 18 days ago

    Love the early notification

  • Cxdyy
    Cxdyy 18 days ago


  • King AJ
    King AJ 18 days ago +4

    been 5 years since i have watched your videos ! missed this channel fam !

  • Shob
    Shob 18 days ago +12

    the controller looks like the scuf impact

  • Mxkesh
    Mxkesh 18 days ago +2

    What type of headphone port is it?

    • Mxkesh
      Mxkesh 17 days ago

      Zuko23 Bfo So like an iPhone charger

    • Zuko23 Bfo
      Zuko23 Bfo 17 days ago

      Mxkesh it looks like usb type c

  • Voltic Tuber
    Voltic Tuber 18 days ago +4

    Why is every one growing a moustache even the teachers at my school are growing them

    • ItsMrDante
      ItsMrDante 17 days ago

      @Dave Tugwell What's so disrespectful about saying "ball cancer"

    • Dave Tugwell
      Dave Tugwell 17 days ago

      @ItsMrDante what you mean everything the way he described cancer wasn't respectful

    • ItsMrDante
      ItsMrDante 17 days ago

      @Dave Tugwell He is not being disrespectful either. Stop being offended by everything.

    • Dave Tugwell
      Dave Tugwell 18 days ago

      @Average Minifigure so why isnt his whole face covered that isnt what no shave means dumbass

    • Buttmaster Flex 69
      Buttmaster Flex 69 18 days ago

      Aww, the moronic questions of the prepubescent.

  • Daniel Styles434
    Daniel Styles434 18 days ago +8

    When your'e gonna do some wwe videos again?

  • Hads The king
    Hads The king 18 days ago

    Nigga tits

  • armin kaza
    armin kaza 18 days ago

    champ chong please reply your cool broo.

    • armin kaza
      armin kaza 18 days ago

      @Jan Jan thanks bro.

    • Jan Jan
      Jan Jan 18 days ago

      armin kaza ur fast af