DR x AWS DeepRacer League F1 ProAm: The Outtakes

  • Published on Jul 1, 2020
  • Here's a quick clip of all the highlights and outtakes (... and a few laughs) from my machine learning journey with AWS and the 2020 AWS DeepRacer League F1 ProAm. I'm now basically the smartest man alive.
    Want to try it for yourself? Start racing with AWS DeepRacer at amzn.to/3fDCl3y
    Checkout the full playlist here: bit.ly/3gmv1tK

Comments • 58

  • Billy
    Billy Year ago +56

    Is Ricciardo still laughing? Everything is gonna be alright in the world.

  • Fraser Hemingway
    Fraser Hemingway Year ago +44

    Let’s get a podium for Austria 🇦🇹💪🏻

  • May
    May Year ago +106

    "You have a child or something?"

  • ChumpyChicken2
    ChumpyChicken2 Year ago +5

    New content Danny Boi.. keep’em coming mate!!🇦🇺🇦🇺👍🏻

    CHILD MOLESTER 445 Year ago +139

    idk why i got this in my recommended but Daniel has not uploaded in 2 years and now he uploads perfect timing i guess

  • Kenn Cruz
    Kenn Cruz Year ago +25

    That laugh it's what keeps me going 💛

  • Kirsty Skye
    Kirsty Skye Year ago +6

    Best of luck this weekend Danny👍🏻🥰

  • Jhon Eric
    Jhon Eric Year ago

    You is my inspiration, I'm rooting for you at GP Austria.

  • Emma Bodyova
    Emma Bodyova Year ago +1

    you just made my day like millions times better

  • scontrast EX
    scontrast EX Year ago +3

    The funniest man every you legend hope all the best to Danny ric Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi

  • Zak Taylor
    Zak Taylor Year ago +21

    Please release more of your hoodies please!! 🙏🤙

  • Fatema Fatema
    Fatema Fatema Year ago +9

    one of the best videos i have seen😂😍

  • Shifting Gears
    Shifting Gears Year ago

    Ben ritrovato su yt Daniel 👌 regalaci un bel podio in Austria!!

  • Adam Syr
    Adam Syr Year ago +1

    Always great to see you laugh =)

  • ahmed shamsi
    ahmed shamsi Year ago

    Daniel Riccardo.... The most Australian Australian to ever f1.

  • Rubens
    Rubens Year ago

    Daniel is in the next race you don’t do the favor of throwing Hamilton out homie the guy just keeps winning and I get tired man I want to see is you win!

  • Katia Galante
    Katia Galante Year ago +4

    Finalmente un nuovo video! Auguri in ritardo e buona fortuna!!

  • Angus Mackintosh
    Angus Mackintosh Year ago +11

    Dan, you have to get a face mask with your smile printed on it.

  • OTS
    OTS Year ago

    That’s great 😀

  • malikedenizcan dizdar

    Yessss Dan's on his channelllll🤩🤩🤩