Deadpool Family Guy Episode and Deadpool 2018 TV Series

  • Published on Jan 16, 2018
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Comments • 640

  • Emergency Awesome
    Emergency Awesome  Year ago +167

    Here's my *Deadpool* Family Guy Episode and new Deadpool Animated Series. Let me know who you want if Ryan Reynolds isn't able to voice Animated Deadpool. I think we all have the same person in mind. New *The Flash Episode* video later tonight!

    • James White
      James White Year ago

      Emergency Awesome i just had some of what peter said. Ate a lot.

    • Klayden004
      Klayden004 Year ago

      Emergency Awesome it's soooooooo awesome family guy did a deadpool spoof! Also can't wait for the animated DP series!

    • Kalhenwrath1
      Kalhenwrath1 Year ago

      Ryan Reynolds and Nolan North should do the voice, one or the other could be the yellow chat-box that Deadpool talks to.

    • Chance Paladin
      Chance Paladin Year ago

      Nolan North, every time. I think he should even be some of RR's voices if they go that route, which I hope they do.

    • Jimmy DeJohn
      Jimmy DeJohn Year ago

      Hey Charlie, do know if they still have the Rick & Morty Szechuan sauce ?

  • Sean Nelson
    Sean Nelson 11 days ago

    Why dose it have to be Nolan instead of Ryan

  • Sean Nelson
    Sean Nelson 11 days ago

    Ryan will you stand for this

  • Squidward Twirks
    Squidward Twirks Month ago

    I think Ryan Reynolds would be a good animated Deadpool

  • Sebastien Stmaria
    Sebastien Stmaria 2 months ago

    0:01- 0:30 😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  • SuperHerosAndStuff
    SuperHerosAndStuff 2 months ago

    When will the Deadpool animated series come out??

  • Nerd watch
    Nerd watch 3 months ago +1

    I heard Deadpool classes Deadpool 2 as a family movie. This was a family guy Deadpool movie

  • Kyle Phillips
    Kyle Phillips 3 months ago

    Hey gang stalkers what don’t you just fucking kill me right now why are you keeping me alive

  • Harry’s Life
    Harry’s Life 4 months ago

    And that’s how peter from DP2 became a thing

  • Avengers Assemble
    Avengers Assemble 7 months ago

    *Deadpool kills the Family guy* !!. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alvin Jones
    Alvin Jones 9 months ago

    I don't care if it's Nolan or Ryan just keep Deadpool coming

  • *DEADPOOL* 616
    *DEADPOOL* 616 9 months ago

    Anyone watching after the show was cancelled rip deadpool tv series😢😢😢

  • Aelanna64
    Aelanna64 9 months ago

    Michael Parker sounds more like Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool than Nolan North does. Check it!

  • mrb105 mrb105
    mrb105 mrb105 9 months ago

    I prefer Ryan's voice for deadpool

  • BIGDAWG 91331
    BIGDAWG 91331 9 months ago

    Wait wait deadpool tv show yes yes yes

  • Luis Ortiz
    Luis Ortiz 10 months ago

    If Ryan is really smart he has to use all the boys actors for Deadpool in the other movie and he can stay out of costumes and be a character outside and still be that

  • Dan The-Man
    Dan The-Man 10 months ago

    I prefer Ryan Reynolds as live-action Deadpool, and Nolan North voicing animated Deadpool.

  • Joseph Alexander Creed
    Joseph Alexander Creed 10 months ago

    would anybody ELSE would want to seeeee................PETER GRIFFIN VS DAEDPOOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A Glimpse Into My Mind
    A Glimpse Into My Mind 10 months ago

    Is the animated deadpool series actually still happening ?

  • Sierra 656
    Sierra 656 10 months ago

    Ryan Renolds deadpool vs Nolan North deadpool

  • ato keiti
    ato keiti 10 months ago

    I have that deadpool game

  • peter williams
    peter williams 11 months ago

    Hi what up

  • Aussie Lack
    Aussie Lack 11 months ago

    This is a message from the future. They cancelled the Deadpool animated series. (This was way funnier in my head)

  • trent yt
    trent yt Year ago


  • Bart JoJo Wuornos

    That sounds more like a Deadpool mini series if it is only 10 episodes long.

  • theallaroundnerd
    theallaroundnerd Year ago

    Wasn't it already established that Donald Glover was going to be playing Deadpool in the animated series?

  • Dre807k Jones
    Dre807k Jones Year ago

    They should have both. Reynolds as the main voice and Nolan as the voice in his head.

  • KGshowfan2017
    KGshowfan2017 Year ago

    Hey Charlie, what do you think of the new Deadpool poster?

  • Eric Sullivan
    Eric Sullivan Year ago

    Ugh, so close yet so far away! I need more deadpool in my life please and thank you!!!

  • Kire Ilieski
    Kire Ilieski Year ago


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Year ago

    Now he's Deadpete!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Year ago

    When was the Family Guy Deadpool Episode?

  • Call me Riddick
    Call me Riddick Year ago

    Who did the voice of deadpool in the Spiderman cartoon a few years ago?

  • DR 909
    DR 909 Year ago

    A disney don't fuck up

  • Eddie G.
    Eddie G. Year ago

    I'm pretty sure it's because they are too expensive not because they aren't good voice actors

  • FerroSplice
    FerroSplice Year ago

    I heard Donald Glover and immediately got turned off.

  • MrTocatumba
    MrTocatumba Year ago

    Will Freidie is the you want! He did Ultimate Deadpool (aka ultimate spider man ep feat Deadpool) also voices animated star lord Peter quill. Another e.e is animated iron Man is general Talbot in agents aka Adrian Pasdar 👍👍

  • SBluvr99
    SBluvr99 Year ago

    Deadpool was a better comedy than Family Guy's been in ages

  • Valerie Hart
    Valerie Hart Year ago

    Lmao.. Thanks Charlie! 😂😂

  • David Blau
    David Blau Year ago

    I'm really good with both they are both awesome and I am really both of them.

  • The Whizard !
    The Whizard ! Year ago

    Ryan Reynolds is awesome

  • Mr Denton
    Mr Denton Year ago

    0:01 deadpool 2 looks great

  • Zephyr Wolf
    Zephyr Wolf Year ago

    I want Nolan North to do the voice acting.

  • Folkish Halo4300
    Folkish Halo4300 Year ago

    Nolan North also voices Richtofen from the call if duty zombies series

  • Neji Gamer
    Neji Gamer Year ago

    not to mention Seth's Orville show on top

  • Gregor Baby
    Gregor Baby Year ago

    Why doesn't Ryan Reynolds have nipples?

  • Jay Hart
    Jay Hart Year ago

    Or...or...heres an idea. They BOTH voice Deadpool. He has at least two voices in his head, right?
    Have Nolan do the main voice and one of the voices in his head, and Reynolds do the other one.

  • Anti-HyperLink
    Anti-HyperLink Year ago

    Oh great, they're gonna ruin Harley Quinn in cartoon form too. Might as well kill her the way she was born.

  • Anti-HyperLink
    Anti-HyperLink Year ago

    What was the third episode?

  • Buddhi Dev
    Buddhi Dev Year ago

    I have an idea. Jake Gyllenhal will be perfect for the reincarnated Wolverine, pairing with Ryan's Deadpool

  • Faizal Jamal
    Faizal Jamal Year ago

    Donald Trump should voice the new deadpool

  • PdeBar215
    PdeBar215 Year ago

    I know he does kids shows but I’m always here for Will Friedle as the voice actor

  • The Incredible Hulk

    Wouldn’t mind Nolan for the voice of Deadpool

  • Eternity
    Eternity Year ago

    Nolan north hearing that name makes me want a new unturned

  • Dino Hemani
    Dino Hemani Year ago

    so much deadpool....I CANT HANDLE THE GREATNESS

  • Laylow Flowz
    Laylow Flowz Year ago

    Call me redstool the treatment didn’t give me powers but it did spread cancer to my anus
    Just call me anus of the morning aanus just touch my cheek before you leave me ANUS this violence just opposed to music ANUS decapitation inspomotion anus

  • Juan Barrera
    Juan Barrera Year ago

    Would like to get my hands on that infinity gauntlet!

  • James Morgan
    James Morgan Year ago

    Great videos you have here online
    Spoilers or non spoilers!👍
    But quite informative thanks!

  • Best MLG Smash Melee Player Tacos

    Family guy sucks. That’s some cringe. We need deadpool for laughs

  • Trinidad Lara
    Trinidad Lara Year ago

    Hope to see a crossover

  • Scratchin' Prophet Art

    If only deadpool from XOW was allowed to be funny or talk at all.

  • KILL 508
    KILL 508 Year ago

    That Sean with deapool in the coffin gets me ever time!😂

  • a1000face88
    a1000face88 Year ago

    Ryan Reynolds should do dubbing for some Deadpool comics

  • Ramz
    Ramz Year ago

    Might be Nolan North. He usually more available. For example they replaced the voice the ghost in destiny with Nolan North because he was always available

  • G-String
    G-String Year ago

    I hope it’s Nolan North

  • c h u k
    c h u k Year ago

    Oooh I forgot about the animated series!!

  • Ace Vaper
    Ace Vaper Year ago


  • Slade_09 90s
    Slade_09 90s Year ago

    Just put on Netflix

  • Richie Fletcher
    Richie Fletcher Year ago

    This is an easy one for the animated series and Deadpool ... use both and even alternate them when Ryan Reynolds is available and use Kevin as the main voice. But then have Deadpool talk about both as a skit

  • I Am
    I Am Year ago

    Honestly I prefer Nolan's voice for Deadpool over Ryan's, as much as I love him as the character

  • Grumpy Ageing Gamer PSVR

    Very excited about these

  • Kate Tyra
    Kate Tyra Year ago

    Make a Black Lightning video

  • ImInnuendo
    ImInnuendo Year ago

    Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool, there is no one else, Fuck Nolan!!!!

  • antoine pruyssers

    NOOOOOOOOOO Not Donald Glover... His humor sucks balls. it's the kind of weak "the office" type humor, that sucks the enjoyment out of everything

  • Jerky921
    Jerky921 Year ago


  • Maxmilian Dealy
    Maxmilian Dealy Year ago

    Disney is going to own everything soon, you're going to be buying your disney subway, after watching your disney sattelite T.V, after taking your disney sponsored shit. What a world man.

  • Brett Kaufman
    Brett Kaufman Year ago

    Will Friedle did deadpool really well in a Spider-Man cartoon a few years back, he would be my #2 pick with Ryan being #1

  • King landlord
    King landlord Year ago

    They should get Gilbert Godfrey to do the voice of Deadpool..

  • Dying Sanity
    Dying Sanity Year ago

    Not impossible for ryan to do the voice overs, but he does have the wife and kids. Need to factor that in.

  • Goldlink567
    Goldlink567 Year ago

    Vote here for Ryan, and Ryan!!! Pick who you want!?!

  • Andre' King
    Andre' King Year ago

    Does anyone know what song that was abbreviated from?, cause I can’t remember.🤔🤔🤔

    BIG STICKY Year ago

    God family guy you hit a new low

  • zpolzpol
    zpolzpol Year ago +8



    Either of Does is Great . But not anyone ales

  • Brandon John
    Brandon John Year ago

    Both great choices for the voice of Deadpool

  • Mark Rowell
    Mark Rowell Year ago

    I thought Chris Pratt did a good job voicing Emmett in the LEGO movie

  • Maarek Steele
    Maarek Steele Year ago

    They need to get the guy that voiced Deadpool in the old x-men Playstation 2 co-op games. He was actually funny.

  • Maxthekillbot
    Maxthekillbot Year ago

    I don't know if it's just me that feels this way, but I feel like Ryan Reynolds as a voice actor doesn't sound like Ryan Reynolds as an actor. It's like he sounds different if I can't see his face saying the words.

  • Regularman
    Regularman Year ago

    Nolan would be awesome!

  • Jessy Araiza
    Jessy Araiza Year ago

    I think Ryan Reynolds voicing Deadpool for his animated series is better than Nolan North

  • ironone
    ironone Year ago

    A more adult cartoon of Harley Quinn. That has to go well...

  • Xtreme Justice League Xtreme Justice League

    😂😂😂😂😂!!!! From Your Real Life Crazy Superhero Heavy Hitter From The Xtreme Justice League

  • Spike4201
    Spike4201 Year ago

    If they can't get Ryan Reynolds to voice Deadpool for the animated series then Nolan North is the next best thing

  • Bens115
    Bens115 Year ago

    Nolan North will be working on Call of Duty Black ops 4 at the same time im sure

  • Avengers Assemble

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂ahahahahah!!! Peterpool.

  • Megane Senpai
    Megane Senpai Year ago

    Well, actually Disney haven't own Fox yet. The deal haven't been totally approved by the authorities. It should take at least 1 more year.

  • Stephen Morton
    Stephen Morton Year ago

    I am so looking forward to Cable in Deadpool 2! Josh Brolin rocks!

  • Cronus
    Cronus Year ago

    Loved this

  • Zakofidea
    Zakofidea Year ago

    Will Friedle was a fantastic Deadpool in the Ultimate Spiderman cartoon. Plus he's predominantly a voice actor now, so thats my vote, if we don't get Ryan Reynolds of course.