Electronic Basics #12: Coils / Inductors (Part 1)

  • Published on May 17, 2015
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    In this video I will explain why coils/inductors are so important in different DC circuits. I will talk about magnetic fields (MF), induction, Lenz Law and inductance. The example circuits include: boost converter, buck converter and flyback diode protection.
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  • Bhanu Sree
    Bhanu Sree Day ago

    5:28 transistor switch closes or opens??

  • 31 fishon
    31 fishon 20 days ago

    Best video on explaining inductor and its application

  • ¿?¡! DoYouInventStuff?¿¡!

    I made myself a conductor with copper around a bolt Ez to make. Not this bolt---) 🔩

  • Gallardo6669
    Gallardo6669 2 months ago

    Deine videos sind sehr genial, vielen dank

  • KonsukeKGA
    KonsukeKGA 2 months ago

    Coils everywhere

  • mickmic1
    mickmic1 3 months ago +2

    Use a memory mnemonic: ELI the ICE man voltage lead current in a coil and current leads voltage in a capacitor

  • jablkova strudla
    jablkova strudla 3 months ago

    hi, could you please help? are these 2 black components on the photo inductors? ibb.co/HCbBCgr (the ones with 150 742 on them).. if yes, do they look ok to you? they look either burnt or rusty to me but I am not sure how to order these. what to search for. I can't figure out why my TV is not working. thanks.

  • Mamu Shalmad
    Mamu Shalmad 4 months ago

    Great video....

  • Ravi Kant
    Ravi Kant 5 months ago

    Scott could you please help me to select good oscilloscope to buy.

  • Pranali Sarpotdar
    Pranali Sarpotdar 5 months ago +1

    Hey Scott ( a quick tip) please use more PCBs

  • niks Rathore
    niks Rathore 5 months ago

    Hey..please explain how a magnetic Levitator display stand work ...pleaseeeee.... I want to make one....please explain the basics

  • Marco Niebles
    Marco Niebles 5 months ago

    Why I didnt had an electronic teacher like Great Scott in College?INspiring

  • Jacob Playz
    Jacob Playz 5 months ago

    why a inductor is always called L?

  • Mwai Ndegwa
    Mwai Ndegwa 5 months ago

    a nice teacher gifts

  • Tony Atin
    Tony Atin 6 months ago

    I love your videos! Fantastic..

  • Lego Mini Movie Productions

    My lcr meter cost 80€ from conrad electronic

  • Stellarion Prime
    Stellarion Prime 6 months ago

    current ain t size of the field .... current is the power of it ... and voltage is the size..... you could also say width of the river =volts .... amount of flow per min. = amps ... thats why harmless high voltage can ark more easily ... field is expanded massiveley...

  • Cosmic DayDreamz
    Cosmic DayDreamz 6 months ago

    Wwoowww cool!

  • Ramz Malubay
    Ramz Malubay 6 months ago

    ThAts a cOil?

  • ICH
    ICH 7 months ago

    This video is ideal for stupid like me.

  • vr psp
    vr psp 7 months ago

    explaining complex theory more complex. please Take your time and explain it in more detail. explaining inductance in 5 minutes? come on !

  • Simon Ndung'u
    Simon Ndung'u 7 months ago

    Thanks Great Scott

  • Dan Dwrasan
    Dan Dwrasan 7 months ago

    Great vid ❤️👍🏻🇬🇧

  • Master Ivo
    Master Ivo 7 months ago

    more current, smaller (spacial) , but stronger field. Like a stronger magnet only attracts stronger in a smaller distance from the magnet.

  • Aren't I Adorable
    Aren't I Adorable 7 months ago

    I love listening to this man speak....Very good videos, very educational. I wish I'd had TheXvid in the 80's when I recieved my degree in Electronics...sure would have been nice to see different teachers explain the same subject.

  • penn707
    penn707 7 months ago

    I’m looking for Sarah Conner

  • - Luiz
    - Luiz 8 months ago

    I was wondering about something... If the copper windings touch each other, won't the electricity just flow straight instead of going around and through the windings?

    • - Luiz
      - Luiz 8 months ago

      @Trailer Sailing Off Grid Thanks!

    • Trailer Sailing Off Grid
      Trailer Sailing Off Grid 8 months ago +1

      Coils are wound using magnet wire, which has a light coating of insulation on it. It might look like bare wire but it's not. If a coil gets to hot, the insulation melts, the bare wires touch, and its shorted out and will read as 0 (zero) or 1 (one) on your meter. Which means very low resistance beyond the calibration of your meter but still detectable. Sometimes the end parts of the coil wire can break causing an open which will read as OL (overload) infinite resistance on your meter. Coils have a normal working resistance value that the manufacturer specifies. Could be something like .01 to .07 ohms. You can test this with your multimeter. Sometimes the wire corrodes which increases the resistance beyond its specs causing the coil to malfunction.


    Hi everyone!

  • Brad M.
    Brad M. 9 months ago +1

    Dear @GreatScott!
    so is it safe to assume that it never hurts to have a flyback diode at the ends of every induction coil we make at home no matter the use?

  • على الجوراني
    على الجوراني 10 months ago +1

    I hope I can understand English 😭😭😭

  • Davey
    Davey 10 months ago +2

    I wish this video was LONGER you do such a good job.

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    190 Subscribers to 1 Million!!

  • Joris Malik
    Joris Malik 11 months ago

    WHY NO GERMANY Undertitle

  • Hasan Onur Ataç
    Hasan Onur Ataç 11 months ago +1

    I think there is a problem in 5:14
    1 min before you said induced current in a inductor is in reverse direction. But while you explain boost converter u said after switch off I induced feeds the circuit to 5V. I think it should be ; Stored energy in inductor feeds the circuit to 5 V.
    Not a native english speaker so i hope i could explain what i mean :D

  • Luke A.C.A. Rieff
    Luke A.C.A. Rieff 11 months ago

    does it matter what side the flyback diode is facing?

  • Tanishq Mathili
    Tanishq Mathili Year ago

    it so simply explained .

  • saladdogger
    saladdogger Year ago

    Great video . Wish they were all as good as this one .

  • jitendra kumar
    jitendra kumar Year ago

    Why these series inductor gets hot?

  • chieftain 76
    chieftain 76 Year ago

    You're an excellent teacher! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Your English is good too! What is your first language?

  • wan dae
    wan dae Year ago

    Electrical ciruits in a nutshell 😂😂

  • jaipal chauhan
    jaipal chauhan Year ago

    I din know someone could make a someone what mundane topic so interesting. ...
    Simply fantastic, great scott is awesome

  • superdupergrover
    superdupergrover Year ago +1

    every electrical property i am aware of is named after someone... how about something practical, say a value for circuit complexity or, perhaps protection. we can call it "scotts" or "grovers". or lcvkn;oierjhfs just to mess with people.

  • LPFan4
    LPFan4 Year ago +1

    Best explanation of inductors on youtube imo! It helps if you think of current as a slower version of voltage.

  • saran karthik
    saran karthik Year ago

    I like your all vedios

  • Jack North
    Jack North Year ago

    Come back, coils!

  • Some High Voltage Channel

    Wait so if a basic resistor is a coil wrapped over and over again so if they are coils then they have inductive properties making them inductors?

  • Luis Garcés
    Luis Garcés Year ago

    How can high frequency transformers be made for these sources? I am in a project and I wanted to integrate the DC power supply into the PCB, the problem is these transformers.

  • Steve Pence
    Steve Pence Year ago +1

    Great video. This reminded me of a problem I have. I have an old calculator that ran on 2 rechargeable AA. I would like to convert it to using its' wall wart how do I bypass the batteries and use just the charger.

    • Janes Fair
      Janes Fair Month ago

      If the charger is the same voltage as the batteries are putting out then just clip the end off the charger and connect the wires directly to the battery terminals

  • souvik mondal
    souvik mondal Year ago

    I need some little help can you say what 221 rated inductor means...???
    Is it 220 mili Henry or 220 micro Henry...???
    Please help....

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  • Andrew Dawnbringer

    I don't know how I ended up here, but I kinda like it, even if I don't really understand how these things going.

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  • Min-Bau Liao
    Min-Bau Liao Year ago

    what is the function of the capacitor while the circuit is opened and closed?

  • Taran72
    Taran72 Year ago

    Love this video! I always wanted to see on a scope what happens when you vary inductance in a circuit. I wish I would have seen this video years ago when I was in college. thanks. :)

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  • Quote LanceLnc
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    6:16 The xbox360 ac dc adapters burn these things often. Lol
    Dat m$hit... Hue

  • HalfLife2Beta
    HalfLife2Beta Year ago

    hey can u provide me with an ebay link for the copper wire u used at 3:06 thx a lot in advance scott

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    Make a piezoelectric generator and make a circuit that can increase its frequency

  • Emil Giza
    Emil Giza Year ago

    0:23 No! That's shit

  • kothapally sandeep

    Good .But you have to explain slowly and in detail