The Vanishing of Flight 370

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
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    LEMMiNO  Year ago +3312

    [Credits, References, and More]

    • Thành Mạc Thị
      Thành Mạc Thị 24 days ago


    • Kimmaline
      Kimmaline 29 days ago

      Interested in an update with the new HAM radio findings. It seems they have completely pinpointed the place the plane went down, but no one is willing to go look.

    • Nukefrost_YT
      Nukefrost_YT 2 months ago

      This guy is lit Kurzgesagt with RTX on 😂😂😂

    • Joel Seet
      Joel Seet 3 months ago +1

      I would love to see a follow up video on this!

  • ToastyEggs
    ToastyEggs 2 years ago +10390

    This story gives me chills. Imagine being on that plane. You are stuck, and suddenly your life has changed and you will be lost for eternity... it’s just.. scary how fast your life can change and how fast you can be forgotten...

  • Sanchana Chandrasegar
    Sanchana Chandrasegar 4 months ago +8600

    I'm a Malaysian and I remember how scary it was the night the plane went missing because every news channel was talking about it and what's worse was the fact that my dad boarded a Malaysian Airlines plane that same night and we didn't know which flight he took. Thankfully it was a different one. My heart goes out to everyone who lost someone they loved that night.

    • Jessie
      Jessie 12 days ago

      I have always believed it simply crashed and the main body wasn't able to be found. But the fact that the blackbox was turned off, no reports from the pilot and the turns keeps it from being a definitive "bad flight" kinda deal and it makes me so curious

    • Ultima
      Ultima 14 days ago

      The pilot was a selfish person if he purposely took innocent people with him.

    • Imnoob
      Imnoob 17 days ago

      @Max . Same.

    • Aspark Deity
      Aspark Deity 21 day ago

      @Max . same here, I can’t believe so much time has passed with no closure or peace of mind to all the families of the victims, I really hope one day this plane gets found and all the answers revealed

    • Thành Mạc Thị
      Thành Mạc Thị 24 days ago


  • Ezzie
    Ezzie 3 months ago +2441

    This man makes 20+ minute, studio level documentaries for free, and not a midroll ad in sight. My man know your worth

    • Sayantan Saha
      Sayantan Saha Day ago

      I did get ads but very few. don't mind them at all when the quality of the video is so good!

    • fhudufin
      fhudufin 26 days ago +1

      @r011ing_thunder i think the commentor meant that he knows your worth or that your time is valuable

    • John Stephenson?
      John Stephenson? Month ago

      @TT 2020 "EmpLemon" and" Solar Sands" are some other relatively unknown but great channels

    • ElecWaff
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    • The Looinrims
      The Looinrims Month ago +1

      @Ezzie take one look at his Patreon, 1,477 patrons at time of writing with options of 1, 5, or 10 USD a month, if you average out to 5 per patron, which isn’t clear cut but it’s the best we can do in lieu of official numbers you get $7,385 a month from just Patreon, just Patreon, no ad revenue from TheXvid is included in that, no weird backroom agreements that youtubers do get by the way, according to GradeAUnderA approximately 100,000 views is worth $100 in ad revenue, apparently, so add that math into his video catalog and then divide by 12 for average per month, which isn’t correct since video views explode and then taper off fast
      But even still with just Patreon his income is $88,620 a year, 30,000 more than the gdp per capita of the country (assuming he still lives in Sweden)

  • praharsha k
    praharsha k 4 months ago +3737

    Imagine the pilot being a good person but the whole world portraying him as the bad guy, heartbreaking to his family in addition to his loss💔

    • IAMChavier
      IAMChavier 10 hours ago

      @bgtcsjm in his view he has a flight sim and his flight sim had a flight pattern similar to the other one and he took it west too Australia and parts were found there

    • EternalSilence
      EternalSilence 8 days ago

      @Rhettorical I saw your answer in my notifications, and honestly, I am very glad you shared it. I fully agree with your take. The pilot could be innocent for all we know, and he died not being able to clear his name, even though his reputation was excellent prior to his disappearance.

    • Rhettorical
      Rhettorical 9 days ago +2

      This video was my introduction to the story. Looking up the news stories and seeing how the general consensus is that the pilot intentionally committed suicide and took the passengers with him, is truly saddening. There is no conclusive evidence one way or the other, but the public has decided that he's guilty because he can't be proven innocent.
      As there's no definitive answer, I'm erring on the side that he's innocent. Why it crashed is a mystery, but I don't think he's at fault.

    • Prasenjit Tripura
      Prasenjit Tripura 27 days ago

      wht if he did opposite

  • Mary Johnson
    Mary Johnson 5 months ago +1411

    It's the unknown that kills you. I've often wonder what happened to this plane. May they all rest in peace.

    • Lemon 25
      Lemon 25 2 months ago +1

      @Savage Jerry Not a boring reason.

    • Nic
      Nic 4 months ago +3

      @Savage Jerry its crazy because i agree with everything you just said. Existence is suffering

    • Some guy From the internet
      Some guy From the internet 4 months ago +21

      @Savage Jerry what

  • InanimateSum
    InanimateSum 3 years ago +132203

    When TheXvidrs make better, more engaging documentaries than news outlets and people with millions of dollars

    • Lightz
      Lightz 14 hours ago

      That’s true and I hate that

    • idk
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    • NoahPlayz
      NoahPlayz 2 months ago

      EmpLemon, and lemmino

    • Jonny- B
      Jonny- B 3 months ago +1

      Yeah. I just watched the 60 minutes one on the new discoveries and it's the most infuriatingly, useless and annoying type of editing and film making. She opens by asking the same question 4 times in a different way haha. All the weird cuts for commercials where they have to reintroduce the audience to everything every 5 minutes. So terrible. Out-dated. Don't think I've ever seen a comment with 130k likes though.

  • Fiona M
    Fiona M 5 months ago +2362

    I will stay hopeful that the plane will be found and the families get the closure they need. The Titanic was found after all those years, so who knows right? It's such a haunting story.

    • v233
      v233 Month ago

      @Fart I'm talking about titanic

    • Marianka Przybylowska
      Marianka Przybylowska Month ago

      The matter of Titanic is completaly different from 370 - the most important being actual survivors and witnesses of what happened. Even another ship (carpathia) came to the place of the sinking! The main problem of titanic was how to reach it: it was kilometers under water and the pressure simply destroys most machinies. And sure now we have pictures of the ship and people actually going there, but it is a huge piece of metal sitting on the seabed mostly intact. With 370, where debris was found around the africa, how can we find such small things ?

    • TheGuyMain
      TheGuyMain Month ago

      @TJ G obviously not if we couldnt find the plane lol

    • Stettafire
      Stettafire Month ago +6

      @White Bread US is not at war with Malaysia

    • White Bread
      White Bread Month ago +2

      MH370 will never be found. The cabin most likely lost pressure everyone lost conscienceness and while gliding in Autopilot it got demolished by an american missile from a military base

  • killjoy
    killjoy 3 months ago +445

    This story has always terrified me way more then any true crime or serial killer cases, the idea that even with all this technology and all these people searching we have literally no idea what happened to these people is so eerie

    • Dushan DVR
      Dushan DVR Day ago

      @Henlianis Maybe the handful of people know... but the world doesn't.

    • Mark Christian
      Mark Christian 5 days ago

      @LoneStarr why did he crash it in the middle of nowhere?

    • Henlianis
      Henlianis 6 days ago

      @LoneStarr we don’t know that for sure it’s just what people think and what is “most likely” but we still don’t know what ACTUALLY happened.

    • LoneStarr
      LoneStarr 8 days ago

      But we do know. The pilot crashed the plane

    • S0nder Th0ughts
      S0nder Th0ughts 13 days ago


  • silololol
    silololol 4 months ago +464

    speaking as a Malaysian, i'm not surprised they had "no records of mental issues".. up until recent years there's been massive ignorance and prejudice around mental health, so to begin with, majority of us wouldn't even address our issues, much less seek professional counsel. but then say it was a suicide and the route was premeditated, why would the pilot go through all the trouble to ensure the entire flight will never be found? and how do all this cutting edge technology fail to beat one man's plan?

    • Wild Klan
      Wild Klan Month ago

      @Marcel right , what’s this guy thinking ?😂if he don’t care about kilking200 what makes him care about those in the “ground

    • Nathanael Aldred
      Nathanael Aldred Month ago +3

      Your point about no mental health issues being recorded is actually really valid, I didn't think of it that way

    • Rohiko
      Rohiko Month ago +6

      that and even if he was suicidal, would he really kill nearly 300 other people with him? Judging off of this video, he didn't seem like that kind of guy. Still, it's a very possible option....

    • Zifny
      Zifny Month ago +2

      I mean that sort of thing happened before. A Germanwings passenger plane with like 150 people on it was hijacked by the copilot and flown into the side of a mountain.

  • sarah Osmani
    sarah Osmani 4 months ago +424

    ive never truly been able to wrap my head around this because I just think "how in the world did a whole plane go missing and no-one have any idea what happened to it" like how does that happen? if it was a cover up I wouldn't be surprised tbh

    • Draexian
      Draexian Month ago +5

      If you think losing a plane is hard, imagine how hard dissapearing one would be.

    • Leave me alone
      Leave me alone 2 months ago +43

      The ocean is still widely unexplored it’s bigger than e are taught in school. Even some areas of forest or jungle are too uneven And dangerous to explore! It could be a cover up but it could be a sad tragedy accident

  • Martina Zhao
    Martina Zhao 2 years ago +20899

    It’s scary to imagine that someone on this planet probably knows the truth about what happened to mh370

    • Adrian Stephan
      Adrian Stephan 2 hours ago

      Nah I feel like the Malaysian government knows a little more than they say out to the public ... And there's definitely someone else out there who at least one person on board the plane has contacted mid flight.... And the flight patterns shown from the 60seconds Australia channel on TheXvid also shows it's a little too irratic to be autopilot....

    • RobloxRobot
      RobloxRobot 7 days ago

      @alfa156c bruh

    • HPYB Lego
      HPYB Lego 7 days ago

      it had something to do with the actual passengers. i don't think it was random.

    • Ultima
      Ultima 14 days ago


    • Thành Mạc Thị
      Thành Mạc Thị 24 days ago


  • Juan Pablo Rivera
    Juan Pablo Rivera 4 months ago +821

    I truly cannot begin to comprehend how we allow aircraft with hundreds of people on board to just go missing like this. It makes NO sense to me. I'm so sorry for the families affected by this tragedy.

    • Mark Christian
      Mark Christian 5 days ago

      I have a theory and I can easily be wrong. But what if the transponders went out maybe the pilot said we're better off going back to Malaysia instead of going to Beijing. They were closer to Malaysia and since they had no navigation they tried to chance it an kept getting the directions wrong. So they circled for a while to hope to pick up a signal and eventually ran out of fuel and crashed.

    • dzb
      dzb 10 days ago +1

      @Lucario Lps Yes, a good point for future situations for sure.

    • Lucario Lps
      Lucario Lps 10 days ago +1

      @dzb they didn't. But, it could have helped in this case. Just, trying to make a point on why this is a bad idea. Taking away the ability to turn off the transponder

    • dzb
      dzb 10 days ago +1

      @Lucario Lps Yes, but they didn't turn it off did they? They ran out of time I believe.

    • ChromaFox
      ChromaFox 2 months ago +4

      @Delorean Jackson People underestimate how massive that area of ocean is, it takes days to sail there and the satellite ping only suggest a distance from the satellite, not a triangulated position from multiple satellite positioning pings.

  • oBox
    oBox 4 months ago +613

    Whats really scary to think about is that those were real people on that plane. they breathed and their heart beated as yours does. i feel like a lot of people forget about that

    • Wut, m8?
      Wut, m8? Day ago

      @DizzyJosh Don't worry, they'll change soon. Hopefully properly.

    • DizzyJosh
      DizzyJosh Day ago +2

      @Wut, m8? im deeply sorry for my generation, ppl just get amazed too easily when they discover common sense

    • Wut, m8?
      Wut, m8? Day ago

      @Hannah banana well, what she said didn't make any sense.

    • Hannah banana
      Hannah banana Day ago +1

      i know what you mean, idk why everyone's so pressed. Like they all had parents, career ambitions, rent to pay, pets to feed, people to fall in love with, just things to do. It makes it more surreal, they are real. I know exactly what you mean.

    • Wut, m8?
      Wut, m8? 5 days ago

      Are you forgetting something?

  • Blue Rabbit
    Blue Rabbit 4 months ago +144

    The documentaries on this channel are so professional, LEMMiNO should seriously have a regular spot on the Discovery Channels. The amount of research and time put into the production is phenominal. Thanks so much for all your work guys 🧡

    • Study Buddy
      Study Buddy 4 months ago

      yes, and i dont know whether you noticed or not but at the start when the intro plays. It says "Just Lemmino (let me know)" but it can also be heard as "subscribe me now".

  • C. W.
    C. W. 3 months ago +73

    I keep rewatching this video, this plane NEEDS to be found, it's unbearable not to know. I'm wondering wether the evidence will last long enough though. The flight recorders can't last forever down there.

    • Mr.Misterio
      Mr.Misterio Month ago +3

      Malaysian government moved on from all that. Only private companies can search but its to expensive

    MYOOZIK Year ago +5386

    I remember when this happened, I was like “in a few days, we’ll know what happened” and then “next week, it will be known for sure” and so on and on. I can’t believe it’s been almost seven years now and we still don’t know for sure.

    • Ella Elliott
      Ella Elliott Month ago

      I had to fly a few months after the flight went missing and I was so so scared. I didn’t want to vanish without a trace too

    • Simon Gunson
      Simon Gunson Year ago

      Because there has been a huge disinformation campaign which indulged in falsehoods to imply pilot suicide Insinuations first made by Malaysia's PM Najib Razak on 15 March 2014. The flap section from MH370 found at Pemba Island proved conclusively , no pilot was flying at the end because that section proved the aircraft broke up still in flight with flaps retracted.

    • NotifiesYT
      NotifiesYT Year ago

      I wonder if they traveled on another dimension🤔

    • Amossysssysysssyyyyyy
      Amossysssysysssyyyyyy Year ago

      well if it was in 2014 (i think i don’t care enough to check) then it would be almost seven years

    • Julianna Barca
      Julianna Barca Year ago

      @BrandoA1 same almost 13 it feels like we were 16 or 17 when this happened tho

  • Awoken Entertainment
    Awoken Entertainment 3 months ago +146

    The thought of hoping on a plane and then disappearing to the point where nobody truly knows what happened..
    Absolutely terrifying how everything you thought was important to do once you arrived destination has all been suddenly taken from you

  • ම້ੁ͡ ૈ ˌ̫̮ ම້ੁ͡ ૈ✧

    How can the pilot fly six hours on the wrong direction without the rest of the crew knowing at some point? They 100% passed out.

    • R o d g e
      R o d g e 3 months ago +9

      Yes and probably autopilot was on while they passed out

  • Jasmine Valencia
    Jasmine Valencia 4 months ago +58

    This case has always baffled me, I always remember and I always ask myself “what the hell happened to this plane?” I honestly don’t think it was high jacked because why would someone hijack a plane and just crash it in the ocean? I don’t know, I just don’t really think that it was a hijack. Some people think that the Pilot was involved and I honestly think that it could be a possibility but I guess we will never know. May all the victims families find peace. ❤️

    • Road Rover
      Road Rover 4 months ago +1

      Maybe there was cargo on board that someone didn't want to make a destination

  • Black Person
    Black Person Month ago +27

    i think all planes should have camera’s inside & out that can be viewed by the on land communicators. that way they’ll always know what’s going on or what happened if something goes wrong

  • Rana
    Rana 3 years ago +3905

    Just imagine waiting for someone on that plane and never came. It still breaks my heart everytime I see documentaries about flight 370

    • Hannah Dyson
      Hannah Dyson Year ago +1

      Some of the relatives have since passed and its been suggested that their missing familys disappearance helped lead to their deaths .
      It must be torture.

    • MomoTaro
      MomoTaro 2 years ago

      Then MH17 happened...

    • GuyInSpideySuit
      GuyInSpideySuit 2 years ago

      ikr... im from malaysia and when i first heard abt this... it was so frightening and heartbreaking... i cant even imagine what it feels like if i were in their shoes(the victim's family) :(

    • Ismael Nehme
      Ismael Nehme 2 years ago +5

      Ikr. People keep saying it's creepy, but for me it's mostly sad. 200 people is a lot of people

    • Igetis Karolos
      Igetis Karolos 2 years ago +2

      @ZigZag fockin amazin innit?

  • Jesus Colon
    Jesus Colon 4 months ago +45

    Sometimes pilots don’t readback the frequencies and just respond with a “good night” or “good day” after the call sign. This video was expertly made! The animations are great.

  • d11d77
    d11d77 4 months ago +60

    What I wonder are,
    1) if the plane caught fire and turned around because of that, is it possible for it to hold on for another 6 hours on autopilot?
    2)The calls from SATCOM that was not answered, does that also imply that there was no one conscious in the cockpit?
    3) And if a location could be generated by the co-pilot's phone, was there also such report on the more than 200 passengers' phones generated? I imagined usually people would look for phones during such event. And if the pilot really hijacked the plane himself, then the passengers may have ample time to attempt communication for 6 hours right?
    I don't know much so these are just questions popped up in my mind while watching this.

    • aimless
      aimless 6 days ago

      @4w4n exactly, surely over the island of Penang there was a signal?

    • 4w4n
      4w4n 22 days ago +3

      right, i thought the same thing. like since the plane was flying over malaysia again at some point when it turned back, the malaysians on board would have definitely had cell connection, no? it seems really unlikely that no one tried to attempt communication unless they were all passed out. but if everyone was passed out then how did the plane continue making turns that indicate manual control? idk

  • Goblin10m
    Goblin10m 2 months ago +33

    My Father was the senior search and rescue officer in the Australian Search And Rescue for flight mh370. After a long time of research he and his colleagues concluded it was a hijacking. There is an area below the cabin in these particular planes that is just enough to fit 2 people and malaysian airlines is known to not check thoroughly through every part of the plane.
    Just my piece, more just want to brag that my dad was a pretty important part of this haha

  • C B 1959
    C B 1959 4 months ago +62

    Classy videos, crystal-clear information and language, no attempts to slip any pieces of unwarranted information into the discussion in a bid to catch more of the viewers' attention, no deafening music that has nothing to do with the subject being treated. As much useful as it is professional.

  • mmmh
    mmmh 9 days ago +12

    8 years ago, i still remembered this. On a clear night, at about 8 or 9 p.m, me & my colleagues saw an airplane that caught fire, about 5-6 seconds the fire burst can be seen and the navigation lights went off after that and its heading towards west. Crazy strange part is that, next morning , 9th march 2014, malaysian missing airplane was on the news everywhere and our location is northeast india, between myanmar & india border region .

    • mmmh
      mmmh 3 days ago +1

      @MegaStar Dhoni after takeoff i think. Because they were 2:30 hrs ahead of india

    • MegaStar Dhoni
      MegaStar Dhoni 3 days ago +1

      @mmmh ya thats what i am asking, where and when did u see it? if you saw it before the takeoff time 00:40 Kuala lampur time then it was definitely not MH370

    • mmmh
      mmmh 3 days ago

      @MegaStar Dhoni i dont know if it was mh370 or not..? But we saw it

    • MegaStar Dhoni
      MegaStar Dhoni 3 days ago +1

      what do u mean? you mean before the flight took off in malaysia you saw a plane catching fire? means it rules out that it was mh370 right?

    • aimless
      aimless 6 days ago +1


  • yoshimario40
    yoshimario40 5 months ago +27

    Has anyone tried looking at the auditory spot identified by the hydrocaustic stations? Now that we've searched the projected crash path extensively and come up with nothing, it might be a good idea to reconsider if that projected crash path could be wrong. That projected crash path was made on the theory that the plane didn't turn again after the third one. But if all three turns were made manually, it might've made a fourth turn heading due west, which would put its crash path along that 7:50 line.

  • Kyle Seow
    Kyle Seow 4 months ago +28

    i was still a kid when this happened, i remember being shocked by the news as i departed kuala lumpur on a malaysia airlines flight just a few days before the crash. it's already 2022, 8 years have gone by, i'm in my latter teen years now and this is still one of the most intiguing and terrifying unsolved mysteries. thank God i'm alive. rest in peace to all who passed in this flight, their families and close friends deserve better

    • Saisha //•//
      Saisha //•// 4 months ago

      I’m in the same position as you. I think I was around 7 when this happened and me and my parents were shit scared cuz we always took Malaysian Airlines. Now I am in my late teens like u and I still wonder wth happened to this damn plane, it is literally living in my head rent free…I hope that in the future the search could commence again and some new theories could come up, I hope we get close to solving this mystery

  • wasd wasd
    wasd wasd 4 months ago +33

    One thing I love about these types of mysteries is the absolute ingenuity of humankind. Like many have dedicated their lives to the seas, sound analysation and able to deploy such microphones in the water. The fact that they can be used for something like that is simply fascinating. Same as the ping response time to estimate a radius albeit a little more obvious/easy for anyone who's worked in that field.

    • bgtcsjm
      bgtcsjm 4 months ago +2

      Definitely. The search for the plane underwater has also at the same time, mapped the floor ocean with great accuracy. That would take years to be done if theres no funding or urgency.

  • Lee Everett
    Lee Everett Year ago +6461

    People should stop losing hope in finding this aircraft, we will no doubt find it someday and hopefully get more answers as to what happened. I mean it took us 70 years to find the Titanic.

    • dzb
      dzb 10 days ago

      @Ricardo Bushwick Yes, but aircraft have flight and voice recorders - these 2 things are essential to find to learn the fate of crashes.

    • dogu
      dogu Month ago

      We didnt have such technology back then

    • Caden R
      Caden R Month ago

      I mean if it washed up in Antarctica maybe not

    • Jamie Spicer
      Jamie Spicer Month ago

      @Lee Everett it has been found

  • The Bois
    The Bois 5 months ago +13

    The production quality of your videos are so impressive and you do such a good job at telling these true stories in a compelling way. AND IT'S FREE? seriously, hats off to you.

  • Khushi
    Khushi 4 months ago +79

    I think the most reasonable explanation for this has to be a major cover-up....there is no way that the debris of airplane would spread so conveniently on several African Island shores and to think that such a major search operation failed... someone must have deliberately mis-led this operation. Also, why is no proposal being made for carrying underwater phased search operation in the other suspected area (Christmas island region) as designated by the independent french investigators?

    • VK Yal
      VK Yal 2 months ago

      @Just another commenter Where did you hear this from

    • Aradia Megido
      Aradia Megido 3 months ago +1

      Probably a lot of money idk

  • A Usual Suspect
    A Usual Suspect 4 months ago +247

    I’m no conspiracy theorist but…for some reason I’ve always had the feeling their was some sort of massive cover up involved in this story.

    • 200iqdumbass
      200iqdumbass Month ago +2

      fr, this feel surreal…

    • sneed
      sneed 3 months ago +16

      I'm no conspiracy theorist either, but I believe this is some Frederick Valentich alien abduction shit

  • Rumeia
    Rumeia 2 months ago +8

    This whole thing still gives me chills. I remember coming home from school and my family watching the news covering on the flight disappearing. It’s terrifying to think about what the families of the passengers were going through when they heard about this. It’s already been 8 years, I personally think the government has something to do with this flight vanishing.

  • MalcolmCooks
    MalcolmCooks Year ago +5746

    it kinda puts things into perspective - we feel like the world is small these days because of how interconnected everything is, but in reality its so huge that a whole plane full of people can just slip through the cracks

    • Ricardo Moseley
      Ricardo Moseley 4 months ago

      @Shohan oh No. It Is highly unlikely that It Is likely just , the case.

    • billy johansen
      billy johansen 4 months ago +1

      @Erik Hernandezzz naw this shouldn't happen. planes are supposed to have some kind of GPS tracker thing in it, so it can be found if it crashes, yet they can't find it???
      I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be in the black box, and that shit can't be destroyed.
      Maybe I'm wrong, but I could swear they are supposed to have GPS trackers in the black box
      They just dont want to find it for a reason

    • Shahrul Amar
      Shahrul Amar 4 months ago

      @Pasar Keramat Sadly their company may also vanished. 😃😃😃

    • ibrahimasad98
      ibrahimasad98 4 months ago +1

      Well I mean at least for aviation I believe the only real reason why its easier to make a plane disappear is because of the insufficient radar coverage over the oceans. It's amazing how were in 2022 and they still don't have adequate radar coverage more than 200mi into the oceans.

    • TheSoftwareJunction
      TheSoftwareJunction 4 months ago

      Actually the plane was trackable but the pilot cut off the transponder.

  • curtandoscar
    curtandoscar 5 months ago +8

    Fantastic video. Thank you. Sickening tragedy for all on board and their families. The lack of any sort of closure for the families is particularly horrifying.

  • 颜嘉仪
    颜嘉仪 4 months ago +4

    My mother's 4th younger sister was an airline stewardess. She resigned as off 2015 to turn to another job, I think it was a job that checks for safety and permits the proposals. My mom told me that if she hadn't resigned then, flight 370 was the one she was going to board...

  • KattMann
    KattMann 26 days ago +13

    Bro we know less about the bottom of the ocean than the surface of the moon. Just imagine how many mysteries could be solved if we had a way to efficiently research and explore the ocean.

  • Von Cristobal
    Von Cristobal 4 months ago +27

    This mystery always reminds me of a series called "Lost", a (2004-2010) tv series about plane crash of OCEANIC 815 that mysteriously crashes on an island that is somehow magical and can't be trackable or found easily by the outside world. I always think out of the logical world that this is what exactly happens to the Malaysian Ariplane.

    • K.L
      K.L Month ago

      @Corey I didn't.

    • Spirit Matter
      Spirit Matter 2 months ago +1

      I was totally obsessed with that show.

    • Corey
      Corey 4 months ago +2

      I think most people have heard of Lost 😉

  • Kuang Cheng
    Kuang Cheng 3 years ago +7786

    captain's last words: "Goodnight 370"
    still sends chills down the spine

    • Liz C
      Liz C Month ago

      @lillywhit3 I agree... it's critical that we give him the benefit of a doubt, but the information that's leaked over the years is pretty damning. But it's near certain that they'll find it by the end of 2022, and hopefully that will give us all the answers and some peace for the families.

    • Liz C
      Liz C Month ago +1

      @funny ah I'm sincerely happy for you. What a blessing. I guess an angel gave him a little tap on the shoulder.

    • Liz C
      Liz C Month ago

      @lillywhit3 My dad was on a plane AS 911 happened... I was ten, so when I walked in on mom looking like a ghost watching the TV, let me tell you that's a whole new level of fear.

    • Liz C
      Liz C Month ago +1

      Same. Makes me sick to my stomach. So scary.

    • NIhaoYT
      NIhaoYT Month ago

      Nope it was, Goodnight *Malay* 370

  • Joseph Vander Meer
    Joseph Vander Meer 3 months ago +15

    There's a new breakthrough in this story. A New theory is a new flight path based on disrupted radio waves the plane flew through during its flight. Somebody mapped them out and found a new location it could of landed which is just shortly farther than an original thought location.

  • delavalmilker
    delavalmilker 4 months ago +7

    Very well done documentary. Factual, dry, and restrained. Refreshingly free of any sensationalistic (and improbable) speculations on what caused the disappearance.

  • DarkWolf
    DarkWolf 4 months ago +3

    I remember this flight. I went on a world trip after finishing school in August and everyone was still talking about it! Even with allmost half a year past I was terrified of flying and I haven´t been on a plane since.

  • Roseeevil
    Roseeevil 4 months ago +3

    Since the first day I heard about this tragedy till now gave me chills wondering what happened to all of them. Some of them might be dead or are there survivors from it? Huge condolences to their loved ones, family and fellow friends.

  • Jessica Kalish
    Jessica Kalish 3 years ago +9072

    It's sad how everyone who lost a family member and close friend on this flight, has still not received any closure about what happened.

  • Coen B
    Coen B 3 months ago +2

    Sick video! So thorough and well put together! Lets hope they do find it some day. Rest in peace to all who where on the flight.

  • Ava
    Ava 4 months ago +8

    This is honestly so freaky, how could something so impossible happen? God bless everyone on that plane ❤

  • Vicikovaa_
    Vicikovaa_ 2 months ago +34

    In 5 days, it will be 8 years since this plane disappeared. I still hope they find it.

  • y uw y u
    y uw y u 4 months ago +10

    I remember my mom pulling me aside specifically to tell me about this when it happened, and after that i saw endless articles about theories and such. One of the theories in the newspaper suggested that the plane had went off into a black hole and as a naive child i almost believed it for a second 💀

  • Harry Wilde Greer
    Harry Wilde Greer 10 months ago +11004

    Can we take a moment to appreciate how his voice is not one of those obnoxious TheXvidr narration voices and is actually very simple and clear and calming

    • KamikazePR85
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    • samiwami
      samiwami 4 months ago

      @Zw1d lmao calm down bro 😂

    • Xrm550
      Xrm550 5 months ago

      Dudes voice was made for these type voice-overs.

  • Lady_K
    Lady_K 4 months ago +8

    After watching your video I've been on a 2 month airline bender watching how they woooork, and what happens when they craaaaash...and how the airline industry has greatly improooved. It's all been very helpful. Thank you for the catalyst :-)

  • Santhosh Gattu
    Santhosh Gattu 5 months ago +12

    A serious in-depth presentation of an unfathomable tragedy.

  • Skaitan
    Skaitan 3 months ago +1

    Outstanding documentary. I remember watching the news back then, although I admit not regularly. It is fantastic to get both the broad picture as well as the minute detail presented in such an exceptional way.

  • Claudia Cardinelli
    Claudia Cardinelli 4 months ago +29

    I believe the plane was hijacked. When the story first came out, a couple of pilots made some commentary about situations related to landing in Guam, and a couple of other places, which had to do with manipulating security in some way. They mentioned the passenger list - there were ten or so high level executives, scientists, and computer people on board. I believe some of them were Chinese...and a couple of other countries. Not sure if they were all working on the same project.
    A movie with a fictitious plot explored how the onboard gear of a plane could be manipulated to be blocked/delayed/redirected to have a situation that this plane may have had.
    So - these officials may have been de-planed, and the rest of the passengers were made unconscious as the plane crashed. They sought to cast suspicion on the pilot being suicidal, but other psychologists said this was probably not the case, based on other behaviors.

  • Trap
    Trap Year ago +3738

    It's scary to think that we're almost 7 years in, heading into 2021 and still NO signs of any bodies (which may have been decomposed by now) or even bones of the passengers etc, and the actual aircraft itself. Just some "missing parts" of the plane and pieces of debris "found" by the public. I remember this situation being the biggest news in 2014 which is still haunting me to this very day. I always wonder what ever happened in that plane, and I still wonder if I will live by the day to get some answers..

    • Han Solo
      Han Solo 4 months ago

      Human trafficking

    • kilato 56
      kilato 56 4 months ago

      Its 2022 now

    • Trap
      Trap 4 months ago

      @Em Kristy Hi babes

    • Em Kristy
      Em Kristy 4 months ago


    • Mohd Shahril Salleh
      Mohd Shahril Salleh 5 months ago

      News updates from analysis pilot in planning suicide into ocean

  • Ty Tn
    Ty Tn 4 months ago +4

    for all of our technological advances, this video reminds me that there is so much that we still don't understand, and thus cannot explain, beyond guess-work. Humbling, perhaps, but also a warning that we remain on a learning curve. Appreciate the narrator's even-handed explanations within this unique overview.

    • Operator uhIronic
      Operator uhIronic 3 months ago

      if you look at google maps, over the cambodian jungle, you can see a clear plane wreck in the treeline, If you measure it, Its damn near close to the wingspan of the plane.

  • vonkruel
    vonkruel 4 months ago +2

    Excellent presentation. It's an incredibly expensive investigation that hasn't been successful yet, but it's more important than satisfying our curiosity.

  • GrayLifeZone
    GrayLifeZone Month ago +13

    This case still bothers me so much. For me, it seemed like a cover up. Like, how can you not find wreckage after all this search? and how can part of the plane be literally everywhere on different shores like that??? Wherever that plane is, one of the passengers on it was the target, and anyone included in the search covered it up. or it was simply a ritual, a sacrifice of lives, and again, everyone who joined the searches covered it up.

    • Lucas Fragoso
      Lucas Fragoso Month ago +4

      Actually it's not impossible for an accident to happen and the aircraft go missing. It happened to an air France flight and it took 8 years before they found the aircraft and that was based on luck and knowing where the aircraft was headed. The clues here are more complex and the Indian Ocean is a different animal all together in comparison to the Atlantic. Also we know less about our oceans then we do the surface of the moon and there are a lot of dark deep places yet to be discovered

  • tee
    tee Month ago +4

    This very well explained & articulated thank you. My thoughts are the pilot purposely did this. Time will tell

  • Ęÿūį Æßñ
    Ęÿūį Æßñ Year ago +6857

    The Scary Part is, when Flight 370 was first declared missing and the search began, Flight 370 was still in the air and would be for 2 more hours before crashing.

    • Star Fantasy_zpt niss シ︎
      Star Fantasy_zpt niss シ︎ 3 months ago

      @billy johansen yeah, people need something to be seeing as a proof to believe somethings

    • Cristina Alvarez
      Cristina Alvarez 3 months ago

      @Foxsisters 625 But the question is why?

    • thisperson25
      thisperson25 3 months ago

      @simping_ 2nE4-7 it would make sense to have these kinds of thoughts at maybe 7-10 years of age, but not when you're freaking 15...

    • Evan Benton
      Evan Benton 3 months ago

      @simping_ 2nE4-7 thats what happend... this video is just to cover it all up. when this first happend thats what everyone around me thought.

    BIOHAZARD 4 months ago +2

    the video production is sooooo good it is insane and the fact that you spend so much time with research amazing videos i have to say man great videos

  • Steve J
    Steve J 3 months ago +3

    Just came back to watch this video again. The mystery surrounding this event is so tantalizing. Crazy to think that we will likely never know what caused the plane to disappear.

  • David Johnston
    David Johnston 3 months ago +1

    I'm so sorry to the families of those lost, what a terrible situation. Something compelling to me; the transponders clicked-off about a minute after the last expected radio transmission took place - Seems too close to be a coincidence. Perhaps the pilot tripped some breakers, then incapacitated the co-pilot right as he would have noticed the equipment went offline but before he could make a radio call. Of course it doesn't explain the motive.

  • 颜嘉仪
    颜嘉仪 4 months ago +44

    As a Malaysian myself, I still remember seeing the news on TV. 2015, I was 9 years old.
    Man this scared me a lot that time.
    My parents planned to go for a vacation at that time
    After watching this (when I was 9), I cried and begged to not go.
    They canceled their flight.
    Well our flight wasn't 370 it was another flight that arrived safe and sound to and from Japan. But still. I was scared so.

    • Héctor Audelo
      Héctor Audelo Month ago +1

      @ChromeMan04 wouldnt they be 16? Either way 15-16 is teenager phase, just young teenager

    • ChromeMan04
      ChromeMan04 2 months ago

      Ur 15 now so still a kid

  • Blind47
    Blind47 2 years ago +27747

    I have a friend that was working between Beijing and Perth and was supposed to be on that flight, he decided to delay his trip back to Beijing to stay in Perth for the weekend because his girlfriend asked him to... Very lucky boy

    • encik uzumaki
      encik uzumaki 3 days ago

      @Purpz LMFAO

    • Odin Satanas
      Odin Satanas 3 days ago

      @Christine could just thank her for the lucky break haha, it wasn't like it was intentional, don't think she needs a deity to give her bonus points
      I mean it would be kind of hilarious for a deity to bless her while the whole plane dies
      Millions dead in WW2, doesnt care, but random dude getting on a doomed flight? Got to intervene hahaha
      Maybe Zeus struck the plane down.
      Sometimes horrible things happen, and sometimes you get lucky, it's how its been for humanity for hundreds of thousands of years.

    • juan let's play
      juan let's play 10 days ago

      I'm so happy so many people didn't take flights that would've ended their lifes!

    • juan let's play
      juan let's play 10 days ago

      @Hamid II Rest in peace to the poor man.

    • juan let's play
      juan let's play 10 days ago

      @SparksFly That's also a miracle!

  • Harrow
    Harrow 3 months ago +9

    I for one walked past that departure without realising,I was flying from Darwin to KL on route to Manila,the thing that boggles me is why with all sophisticated technology we are unable to find this plane,and not only that disappearance a MA plane was shot down over Ukraine it's just heart wrenching.

  • Suchi Solanki
    Suchi Solanki 4 months ago

    Always felt so sad about this flight. So many people just disappeared from earth. Their family’s suffering about what had happened to them is too sad. No closing to their griefs. I wish they can have at least a closing.

  • Michael MacMullen
    Michael MacMullen 4 months ago +5

    Personally, I'd like to believe that what happened on flight MH370 was similar to what happened to Swissair Flight 111. A fire began while the plane was in the air resulting in them turning around. Although when they were turning back to land it could have been too late to land safely, so the pilot directed the aircraft toward the water and away from any potential civilization.

  • FamilyMan261
    FamilyMan261 5 months ago +1

    in adherence to grievers feelings regarding this event, anyone cannot deny the morbid curiosity generated. I love how we are infatuated with the unknown and how we quickly jump to theories and hypothesis what happened, who did or what did... if you know what I mean.

  • Sachin Venugopal
    Sachin Venugopal 3 years ago +1253

    This video is more Informative and well designed than many of the documentaries I've seen. Hats off LEMMiNO!

    • Screeching Possum
      Screeching Possum 3 years ago +1

      But how could it possibly be better than CNN's r̶e̶l̶e̶n̶t̶l̶e̶s̶s̶ non-stop o̶b̶s̶e̶s̶s̶i̶o̶n̶ coverage?

    • organicgrains
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      They always have been.

    • Albee Rawding
      Albee Rawding 3 years ago +1

      Well its 24 minutes long instead of the usual 17 minutes long

    • MannyLectro
      MannyLectro 3 years ago +11

      True ! It contains more informations than any previous documentary I've seen about that flight and I've seen quite a lot of them. I even learned new things. Well done Lemmino !

  • Adventure Fighter
    Adventure Fighter 3 months ago +4

    I think the reason this became the most expensive search in aviation history it’s because unlike the Bermuda triangle, the disappearance of a plane was ACTUALLY legit and recored by multiple radars as a strange phenomena! (And also because we’re in the information age, no 17th century myths).
    [I know the plane didn’t actually disappear, neither did they think that as they clearly saw its debris.]

  • ᴋᴇᴠɪɴ'ꜱ ʙᴏᴡʟ ᴄᴜᴛ

    This guy has a flight simulator and as of last week, he found it. It's currently 3 miles underwater, and they're probably going to send teams down to recover it. They have thought of it to be a suicide disappearance but we are not sure.

  • gas mask sammy
    gas mask sammy 5 hours ago

    As a person who loves theorizing and thinking on mysteries for my entire life, this single event completely wigs me out. I just can't find a reasonable answer.
    Many mysteries which LEMMiNO has made videos about can be brushed aside with different theories, but MH370 has been an event more perplexing than even that of the Nimiz Incident. The plane had to be in manual to make those turns, but if there was an emergency, why not land in Malaysia?
    The only thing i have come up with is that a emergency did occur, but was intentionally started. A person or persons on board could have then taken over the plane and crashed it. This is all i could come up with. Granted I'm not an expert and I'm only a teenager, but I still think this could be a possibility.

  • Andrew Marte
    Andrew Marte 4 months ago +1

    Today, more than half of plane crashes are caused by errors related to pilots, air traffic control crews and cabin staff. This is all the more understandable when the potential variables for disaster are considered. ... Crashes have also been caused by pilot fatigue or the working cultures of the airlines.

  • James Iyer
    James Iyer 8 months ago +4120

    I remember flying Malaysia Airlines shortly after this incident. It was an eerie feeling, knowing that the passengers of MH370 had started their journey in the exact same way, expecting to reach their destination without any problems just like me.

    • Rohiko
      Rohiko Month ago

      It just goes to show how for granted we take technology, that we are willing to step into these giant flying pillboxes that even with the most modern tech in human history can still find a way to just vanish without a trace is an eerie thing in its own right.

    • Thotie Princess
      Thotie Princess Month ago

      same here. even worse was i was on a flight to BEIJING

    • Swa Sho
      Swa Sho Month ago

      @Liz C last decade? They were literally the same year

    • Liz C
      Liz C Month ago

      Wasn't it one of two from Malaysian airways that went down in the last decade?

    • Fumyea
      Fumyea 2 months ago

      You would be surprised to know what happens in some airline hangers. There's some serious shills running the show in some cases and cutting corners. My dad has 35+ years in aviation mechanics and I have heard some pretty scary stories.

  • Peter Klass
    Peter Klass 4 months ago +1

    Great video, sticking to the facts and findings, no conspiratorial rubbish. Some day they will find the black box and we will find out that there was a very simple, even silly, sad explanation to what happened.

  • Slim Yelow
    Slim Yelow 4 months ago +16

    I was glued to CNN every day for weeks when this tragedy occurred. This today is the best docu I have seen. Thanks for the great work.

  • spaceranger767
    spaceranger767 5 months ago +5

    7 nearly 8 years on, i hope anyone affected by this terrible accident/incident who knows has at least somewhat got better

  • gorilla foot
    gorilla foot 4 months ago +2

    I can only imagine what horror the missing people's loved ones are living. to know they might never find out what happened to the plane or their family members.

  • wormy ello!
    wormy ello! 2 years ago +2100

    The most unsettling part is how many coincidences of perfectly sensible pieces of info, like the 5 signals matching the plane, just, in the middle of the ocean, no evidence of the plane, but 5 signals that would ensure of the crash happening there

    • Aurelia Avalon
      Aurelia Avalon 5 months ago +1

      @Nero Scout and, whatever happened of that?

    • george's racing car
      george's racing car 10 months ago

      So many coincidences here

    • Nero Scout
      Nero Scout 2 years ago +6

      Since Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared in the early hours of Saturday, March 8, last year, there have been persistent claims, validated by international media, that a large, very noisy aircraft flying low and spotted by inhabitants of a remote island in the Maldives could have been the missing plane. It's a scenario that has given hope to the families of the 239 people on board that they may at last discover the fate of the Beijing-bound airliner.

    • Nero Scout
      Nero Scout 2 years ago +4

      If u make some research. Their is American Military Base Diego garcia in indian Ocean. That the 6 hour flight going. Something important Military Tehcnology cary in the aiplane.

  • ♡CartoonClimax♡
    ♡CartoonClimax♡ 3 months ago +2

    I remember when that plane went missing. It was terrifying because all the news stations were talking about it for days and they never found it.

  • Raphael Toast
    Raphael Toast 5 months ago

    The official military flight maps show that the plane didn't make a sudden bank to the right before turning left... The bank right was part of the official flight path. The deviation was to the left which rather seems like a hijacking took place, not to mention the wild fluctuations in altitude, followed by an eerie stability.
    Like someone wrestling the controls and then finally gaining them, similar to 9/11.

  • Angel Mendoza
    Angel Mendoza 4 months ago +2

    Very clear, No highjacked theory, no explodes indication, no evidenced found. It was sink in a very deeper place. REST IN PEACE to all passengers and crew including pilot. Condolences to all bereave families.

  • Dan Patterson
    Dan Patterson 3 months ago +2

    At some point in the future the wreckage will be found- and probably by accident while looking for something else. But after years on the ocean floor, I don't hold out much hope for data recorders to be readable, so what actually happened aboard the aircraft will probably never be known. Given the circumstances I think it was a deliberate act by someone who had knowledge of aircraft systems- particularly, how to turn off all the electronic emissions.

  • CYMotorsport
    CYMotorsport Year ago +16873

    This is worse than any horror movie ever made gd. FANTASTIC production as per

    • Ashton Racing
      Ashton Racing 4 months ago

      This reminded me of your 2012 video didn't know that you would actually watch this

    • Mike Fallopian
      Mike Fallopian 4 months ago ? I have never seen anything in print I agreed with less. We should all die so easily.

    • Cancer Central
      Cancer Central 7 months ago

      Plane disappear.
      Worse than any horror movie.
      Yeah, this cannot compare to the horror that is Happy Feet.

    • Morten Kirkenes
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    • Chanel Chanel
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      @Parappa [CHECK DESC YOU FREAK] wtf? 🤣

  • Truly Blessed
    Truly Blessed 4 months ago +2

    Aside from all the interesting details, I find the narrator to be exceedingly clear and coherent. Exceedingly professionally done. Impressive!!

  • Kevin Malone
    Kevin Malone 4 months ago

    The fire theories for this flight can easily be discarded. If this flight had on board fires, it wouldn't deviate as far as it did from its original flight path. The same goes for accidental depressurization of the cabin. It's more likely one of the pilots deliberately crashed this flight. He locked out the other pilot, depressurized the cabin, knocking out the passengers and crew, then flew it off course, then ran out of fuel, and crashed, or crashed it beforehand.

  • Doda Garcia
    Doda Garcia 4 months ago

    Jesus I get so impressed with human ingenuity when I see things such as this search operation. In my dummy head, if a plane fell in the sea all they could is search some X radius around the area where it fell, so seeing how they're able to factor even the ocean drift into the calculation is mindblowing to me.

  • Yasmin Abdi
    Yasmin Abdi 3 months ago

    There has been a discorvery made recently indicating that flight 370 path different to the one estimated though it followed the path closely. On the night the plane took off , people all around the world were communicating using invisible radio waves. These waves were disrupted by an unidentifiable aircraft that is thought to be flight 370. It was later discovered that the aircraft had to be flight 370 using the information that provided the other aircrafts flying in the same night did not match the timing of any aircrafts. Therefore it had to be flight 370. The path of the flight was discovered in detail along with the place where it had thought to have crashed. We are currently waiting for the Malaysian government to take action and start a search.

  • Q1307
    Q1307 3 years ago +5734

    Just thinking about what the passengers experienced is enough to make me think about it all day

    • Maya
      Maya 2 years ago

      @Sohail Khan It was an Iranian boy who had fled his country in hopes of finally having a free life. His mother had spoken up about this. Its kinda sad......

    • ツTiffany
      ツTiffany 2 years ago

      @Sohail Khan Yes there were 2 passengers on that plane with stolen passports.

    • h          !
      h ! 3 years ago

      this happened on my then best friend's birthday which made her sad bc it seemed like every time it was her birthday, something bad would happen.. not to mention our other best friend's aunt was in the flight too... it was the saddest week of school anyone could even imagine..

    • GnarlyBellyButton
      GnarlyBellyButton 3 years ago +2

      @Ana Madrigal This was 2014, everything sucked including apps.

    • Jessie B
      Jessie B 3 years ago

      @Luís M.S.G
      Did Alex Jones give you this info ? Do you have some kinda contact with the fbi lol stop it you have no clue what happened and you need real evidence to call something fact

  • Kaleb Arancelovic
    Kaleb Arancelovic 4 months ago +11

    I hope the families of the passengers on MH370 feel slightly better knowing that we haven't forgotten about them after all this time.

    • Ella Elliott
      Ella Elliott Month ago

      I wonder how they feel about the show Manifest? I’m not sure if there was a connection between this story and the show, but I have to imagine the families must have mixed feelings, connection or not

  • EmitRelevart
    EmitRelevart 4 months ago

    Just stumbled upon this channel. Very professionally done. Very slick. Very thorough journalism. Kudos, mate. Subscribed!

  • Kevin Maddick
    Kevin Maddick 4 months ago +4

    I remember the news interviewing the husband of a woman who went on this flight. She had been terrified of flying and it was her first flight in many years or at all if i remember right.

  • Magnus Lindskog
    Magnus Lindskog 3 months ago +3

    I feel so sorry for the relatives, who most likely never will know what happened to their beloved ones,

  • Justin Miller
    Justin Miller 2 years ago +22055

    We can all agree: The ocean is a scary place.

    • moushi
      moushi 10 days ago

      that's why i love it.

    • sarahc00kies
      sarahc00kies 14 days ago

      I say point Nemo even.

    • Ben McNutt
      Ben McNutt 17 days ago

      It's scary for two particular reasons. 1. Due to how vast it is. 2. For how little we actually know about our ocean, we know more about the surface of the moon than we know about the bottom of our ocean.

    • Jakeorb771
      Jakeorb771 19 days ago


    • HamCraft
      HamCraft 22 days ago

      Especially at night

  • Nade
    Nade 4 months ago +1

    The thing that's bugging me is the fact that the military radar provided inconsistent readings. You would think expensive military equipment that's constantly being maintained and used wouldn't just randomly not work properly, especially when tracking something as easy to track and mundane as a passenger aircraft. If anyone has insight I would appreciate it

  • I See Scoutie
    I See Scoutie 4 months ago

    My question was how did the airplane have that much fuel to travel far distances? Most airplanes have fuel for there landing.

  • YesNelle
    YesNelle 3 days ago

    I don't understand how the co-pilot's phone was able to briefly connect with a cell phone tower and establish location, but no other passengers' phones did? If people were conscious, I would assume they would all be trying to text and call once the flight vastly deviated off-course.

  • Misha Minables
    Misha Minables 11 days ago +1

    I remembered this on the news. Back then, I had the sudden existencial dread when listening to the tv about the plane. After that I think I had paranoia about plane that I slowly forgot as O grew up. The memory about this plane became a sort of fuzzy nostalgia at the back of my head.
    I genuinely thought this was one of those made up memories as when I ask my grandfather (which was the one that opened the news in my memory) he didn't recall such big news.
    Now, I can conclusively confirm this terrifying accident really did happen that scared child me so much.