A well educated mind vs a well formed mind: Dr. Shashi Tharoor at TEDxGateway 2013

  • Published on Dec 25, 2013
  • Minister of State,Ministry of Human Resource Development,Government of India
    An elected Member of Parliament, former Minister of State for External Affairs and former Under-Secretary-General to the United Nations, Dr. Shashi Tharoor is the prize-winning author of fourteen books, including the classic The Great Indian Novel (1989), India from Midnight to the Millennium (1997), Nehru: The Invention of India (2003) and most recently Pax Indica: India & the World of the 21st Century (2012).
    A widely-published critic, commentator and columnist, Dr. Shashi Tharoor served the United Nations during a 29-year career in refugee work, peace-keeping,communications and public information and earnestly worked in the Secretary-General's office. In 2006, he was India's candidate to succeed Kofi Annan as UN Secretary-General. He has won India's highest honour for Overseas Indians, the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman, and numerous literary awards, including the Commonwealth Writers' Prize.

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  • John Donnelly
    John Donnelly Year ago +3544

    If Congress has a chance against Modiji, it is through this guy.

    • Mohan Kumar
      Mohan Kumar 7 days ago

      Congress is dead party. join and be sangi

    • Raghav
      Raghav 18 days ago

      He’s is a good speaker he cannot be a good politician. If he’s made PM of the country he will be less successful.

    • ViNvIn
      ViNvIn 6 months ago +1

      This preacher is belongs ti my constitency.. Trivadrum, Kerala.. Pls ask him to do some thing for us.. Plssssss

    • Reincarnation
      Reincarnation 6 months ago

      @THE YELLOW FLASH OF THE LEAF Wise choice, but have you considered agnosticism? There IS a power great and grand....but we can not know it. Though, I believe that we CAN feel and revere it. For me that is enough, and... everything! 🙏

  • Purujeet Paliwal
    Purujeet Paliwal Year ago +1109

    "IITs and IIMs are the islands of excellence in the sea of mediocrity" - Shashi Tharoor
    This hit me hard.

    • aaron cunningham
      aaron cunningham 3 months ago

      I wanna live the life
      In a face that makes me dance
      I wanna feel whats right
      No drugs in a trance
      The weak one I fight
      I wanna live my life
      Not think about what might
      I wanna live like a love song
      In them words where I belong
      Let me live my hole life long
      Let me live my love song
      I cant live to long
      Faces make me cry
      I only wonder whats wrong
      I think about this life
      How long..Im the weak one
      I wanna live my hole life
      Forget what might
      Not tonight
      God listen to love..Listen to my song
      Listen to the love song
      I wanna live in this love song
      I wanna live my hole life long
      In them words I belong
      Ima live my hole life long
      Ima live my love song
      This is our love song

    • Abhyuday Rai
      Abhyuday Rai 6 months ago

      @Sickof seeing Just Some Guy Without a Mustache yeah that's what iits are designed for can't help

    • Sickof seeing Just Some Guy Without a Mustache
      Sickof seeing Just Some Guy Without a Mustache 6 months ago

      @Abhyuday Rai that's not the IIT's fault. IITs are after all an institution for the gifted. Of course they will only accept the brightest. If people don't have this common sense and are simply too egotistical then you can't blame them.

    • शिवम् नागर
      शिवम् नागर  7 months ago

      no ti's ot the truth they are overrated govt. should work on eng. colleges so that every college in India becomes like IIT then the unemployment will decline.

    • Edutech Law
      Edutech Law 8 months ago +1

      @TheMartian1105 Well replied, i totally agree with you . They only do such things for their own need and greed except some of them.🙏

  • Naman Kandpal A
    Naman Kandpal A Year ago +2552

    *When he makes a mistake while speaking, the dictionary corrects itself.*

  • Isabel Perdomo
    Isabel Perdomo Year ago +480

    I'm not Indian, but this is the one of the most inspiring speeches I have ever heard in term of pushing a country's progress forward, something every nation on earth desperately wants (needs).

    • Abhijeet Anand
      Abhijeet Anand 7 months ago

      @DR. SUSHMA CHAUHAN no he is right proud to be India but don't overate yourself and in India we have lot to work to uplift ourselves

    • Jaqen H'ghar
      Jaqen H'ghar 11 months ago

      @Saket Bhushan 😂😂😂

    • Abhyuday Rai
      Abhyuday Rai Year ago +5

      @Delusional Platonist didn't got your point

    • Delusional Platonist
      Delusional Platonist Year ago +2

      @Abhyuday Rai Don't actually have to be

  • Travel with Ifti
    Travel with Ifti Year ago +527

    A very intelligent, well spoken, well educated, well informed and inspirational man. What a pleasure listening to him. A massive fan of him from Pakistan 🇵🇰

    • Stay Cool
      Stay Cool 3 months ago +2

      In India and Pakistan speaking good English means an intelligent person😂😂😂🙏🙏

    • Md abdul Majid
      Md abdul Majid 6 months ago

      @dave 😂😂😂😂

    • Saksham Sikarwar
      Saksham Sikarwar 9 months ago +11

      @watex Bro what is wrong wid u. Why do u have ro unnecessarily spread hate. Has he said anything bad, has he said anything bad about you or our nation? Still you are shooing him away. Learn some manners dude

    • Franklin Ignatius
      Franklin Ignatius Year ago +5

      Thanks from India

    • Saket Bhushan
      Saket Bhushan Year ago +5

      Indians are smart and intelligent. Look at our Software industry. I am from India

  • Be Happy
    Be Happy 2 years ago +2939

    I believe he is the only fully solely educated politician who can understand todays generation 🙏

    • sneha
      sneha 20 days ago

      So what after that?

    • aaron cunningham
      aaron cunningham 3 months ago

      I wanna live the life
      In a face that makes me dance
      I wanna feel whats right
      No drugs in a trance
      The weak one I fight
      I wanna live my life
      Not think about what might
      I wanna live like a love song
      In them words where I belong
      Let me live my hole life long
      Let me live my love song
      I cant live to long
      Faces make me cry
      I only wonder whats wrong
      I think about this life
      How long..Im the weak one
      I wanna live my hole life
      Forget what might
      Not tonight
      God listen to love..Listen to my song
      Listen to the love song
      I wanna live in this love song
      I wanna live my hole life long
      In them words I belong
      Ima live my hole life long
      Ima live my love song
      This is our love song

    • Siddesh Kodagalli
      Siddesh Kodagalli 4 months ago


    • Siddesh Kodagalli
      Siddesh Kodagalli 4 months ago

      @K.shahil p

    • Dhruva Debbarma
      Dhruva Debbarma 5 months ago +1

      1000000000% agreed bro

  • Enjoying Every Moment
    Enjoying Every Moment Year ago +246

    "We don't need a well-filled mind, we need a well-formed mind"
    ..... Hats off to you sir.. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Master
    Master 9 months ago +130

    I'm an Iranian and I have always admired the Indians intelligence and how hard they work no matter where they live, not to mention their rich culture all the other good stuff they keep offering to the world.
    All the best from bottom of my heart 👏😊

  • Tariq Khanzada
    Tariq Khanzada Year ago +178

    From 26 Universities to more than 600 universities & from 16% to 74% literacy rate.... Amazing transformation. Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

    • Siddharth Mehta
      Siddharth Mehta 4 months ago +1

      @S . D Skott When you start at 16%, quantity does matter more, even if you just achieve mediocre quality. Today, quality definitely matters more

    • Madhuri Saxena
      Madhuri Saxena 5 months ago +1

      And now 82%

    • Tesla_369
      Tesla_369 6 months ago

      @ABCD 1234 oh yeah lol, my bad btw thanks for pointin me out.

    • ABCD 1234
      ABCD 1234 6 months ago

      @Tesla_369 I think you should read your comment again

    • Tesla_369
      Tesla_369 8 months ago +2

      @S . D Skott well said, quality matters over quantity

  • Uday Shanbhag
    Uday Shanbhag 4 months ago +19

    We truly need such a Prime Minister of India. Intelligent, Clever, Thoughtful, Just great Brain, Successful and dedication to the nation. Great Indian.

  • Yogita Jha
    Yogita Jha Year ago +1969

    If he became PM of india...then most probably Education system of our country will be on another level

    • Raghav
      Raghav 18 days ago

      Impossible, it’s like saying if shahrukhan becomes PM everyone becomes super star

    • Harshit Tripathi
      Harshit Tripathi 3 months ago +1

      He already had been education minister ..lamo

    • Hardeep Dhillon
      Hardeep Dhillon 3 months ago +1

      Why not

    • Vishnu Saini
      Vishnu Saini 4 months ago

      But he is in wrong party

    • Harshit Tripathi
      Harshit Tripathi 4 months ago +1

      Let me give you guys shock "He already had been education minister 😂😂😂😂

  • Pavi
    Pavi Year ago +438

    India would be moving forward if he became the PM

    • NerfBoi
      NerfBoi Month ago +1

      instead we have a former defense minister who is now a finance minister and we also had an education minister who was illiterate

    • Shrinivas Kulkarni
      Shrinivas Kulkarni Month ago

      Oh..no..not at all.

    • शिवम् नागर
      शिवम् नागर  6 months ago +1

      until he leaves congress, he cannot become PM

    • Dev pls Save Soil :)
      Dev pls Save Soil :) 8 months ago +2

      @Echelon 101 omg can u just stop asking other things
      *focus on the main issue* stop acting like dhurve tatti 🥴🥴

    • Echelon 101
      Echelon 101 8 months ago

      @Dev pls Save Soil :) oh, please do tell me what you're referring to now

  • Sainnya Naik
    Sainnya Naik 10 months ago +79

    "An island of excellence floating on the sea of mediocrity" hits hard

  • Renju M
    Renju M Year ago +32

    Everytime I listen to this man I am wondering why Congress is not utilising him. They have this amazing PM candidate and yet...

  • Himanshu Tripathi
    Himanshu Tripathi Year ago +46

    Watching it again after 7 years I realise that he is a tad too optimistic about the capability of us Indians just like Jawaharlal Nehru was, it's heartbreaking!!!

    • random dude
      random dude 4 months ago +3

      @Manjinder Singh Saini bruh 😂

    • Manjinder Singh Saini
      Manjinder Singh Saini 4 months ago +4

      @Roshan india has a huge population, not everyone needs to go into their passion related field to make good stuff.. only one of us needs to get into nuclear physics, make a 99% efficiency nuke and accidentaly set it off.. the world will forever be in peace! just like the empty space! i am waiting when the earth goes KABOOM!! i hope its an indian who does it tho

    • Roshan
      Roshan 6 months ago +1

      I dunno, as a 17 yr old in school, it is disappointing when half my grade is taking engineering even when they are so good at other things but on the other hand there are quite a few who are actually doing what they want to, especially in creative fields. Granted, I am pretty well off and so are a lot of the people around me but I'm still confident that we're all headed in the right direction

  • Jash Richhariya
    Jash Richhariya Year ago +2504

    There is one thing legendary about Shashi Tharoor is that no matter what disagreements he had with the ruling party in India, when it comes to arguing with foreigners, he always represents and defends the whole India and Modi or whoever is related with India, he doesn't let the local arguments come in between the foreign debates. He represents India ❤

    • Krushnadeep Sonu
      Krushnadeep Sonu Month ago +2

      Simple answer: bcz he is a literate person of having some sense of humour which other politicians lack off !

    • Deepika Agrrawal
      Deepika Agrrawal Month ago +1


    • Tanmay Tikekar
      Tanmay Tikekar 3 months ago +1

      True. So true. Congress higher-ups can learn a lesson from him there.

    • Geeta Daswani
      Geeta Daswani 5 months ago

      very true he is a faithful citizen as well as is genius

  • Prithwiraj Bhowmick
    Prithwiraj Bhowmick Year ago +37

    He is the best public speaker i have ever seen in my life!!😢

  • Maheshwari Sharma
    Maheshwari Sharma 3 months ago +6

    Wow this talk gave me chills
    I hope that whichever of you thinks that this talk is a thing that should be heard it deserves to be heard by more people please share it.

  • Aditya Jha
    Aditya Jha Year ago +70

    If we put his English aside ,his way of presenting and delivering the speech with the politness is too impressive.

  • Sk Iyarup ali
    Sk Iyarup ali Year ago +7

    Man! He is purely a gem & a massive asset of our country 😍

  • Bobi
    Bobi 6 years ago +2793

    Im from Croatia and during my schooling it was always repeated to me how Indian students are extremely smart and intelligent and I should strive to be better or they are going to take my job!I admire their new found thirst for even more knowledge, understanding and acceptance! Something I wish my own country had more of. It is incredibly humbling to see a talk by a man so invested into educating people not just with information but to reform their brain into a critical thinking brain that can solve problems and challenges that we face as people together! Much respect!

    • no_shit
      no_shit 4 months ago

      Still the Indian education system is one of the worst in the world so the smart one's are forced to develop skills to make a better living. It is obvious to see that a population of 1M can have 100 intelligent people but with a population of 100,000 may have only 10 intelligence people this is what happening in India. In that 100, 90 move out the nation to find a better job and living conditions that's what makes them smart because all you have on the 1st World countries are the smart ones and that's why India is still a developing country even though many leading global companies are run by Indians.

    • ABCD 1234
      ABCD 1234 6 months ago

      They are smart despite of the education system, not because of it.
      Indian students who go to abroad are smarter then average. That's why many people think that Indian students are very smart

    • Bruh Moment
      Bruh Moment 8 months ago

      Not true

    • CR7 FanClub
      CR7 FanClub 10 months ago

      Yes Indian has smart people, but it's 1 in 500000

    • Socrates
      Socrates Year ago

      Was your school high or something ?? How can you say that we Indians or any other race is smart ? Smartness dont come from a specific race get some help.

    LAVOMIT LEPCHA Year ago +107

    "Now I can see the destination of a bus" brought tears in my eyes🤒🤒

  • Shreeshree Mitra
    Shreeshree Mitra Year ago +11

    It's really very nice to hear this man. It not only improves my vocabulary but energises me to the maximum.

  • Gennie Deckssar
    Gennie Deckssar 7 days ago +1

    We all have to need that kind of confidence whenever we trying to argue with our parents 🥺😳

  • Fariha Lubaba
    Fariha Lubaba Year ago +16

    He inspires me. I've been following him since I was 15 and he's brilliant.

  • lovi awomi
    lovi awomi Year ago +33

    Lot's of respect and love Dr.Sashi from Nagaland, Northeast India.... wonderful presentation 😍

    • Aman
      Aman 23 days ago

      From Nagaland too😎

  • VikasV²
    VikasV² Year ago +16

    He represents india all over the world very well...hats of to shashi sir

  • Star-ki-Moon Jae Inn
    Star-ki-Moon Jae Inn 11 months ago +20

    He can deserved to lead Indian Nation into bigger higher with a population of billions youngsters and old.

  • Shibbu FC
    Shibbu FC Year ago +25

    Instead of giving only education to everyone, we also need to develop the mentality of thinking thoughts. That practicality we need only.

  • Pooran Singh Sikarwar
    Pooran Singh Sikarwar 5 years ago +9884

    Honestly he is only deserving candidate for PM in congress party

    • Maheshwari Sharma
      Maheshwari Sharma 3 months ago

      Wow let's do something about this guys let's just make him a part of government I can almost see our bright furute

    • aaron cunningham
      aaron cunningham 3 months ago

      I wanna live the life
      In a face that makes me dance
      I wanna feel whats right
      No drugs in a trance
      The weak one I fight
      I wanna live my life
      Not think about what might
      I wanna live like a love song
      In them words where I belong
      Let me live my hole life long
      Let me live my love song
      I cant live to long
      Faces make me cry
      I only wonder whats wrong
      I think about this life
      How long..Im the weak one
      I wanna live my hole life
      Forget what might
      Not tonight
      God listen to love..Listen to my song
      Listen to the love song
      I wanna live in this love song
      I wanna live my hole life long
      In them words I belong
      Ima live my hole life long
      Ima live my love song
      This is our love song

    • Siddharth Mehta
      Siddharth Mehta 4 months ago

      Sachin Pilot, Jairam Ramesh, etc. There's many more. If only they could get rid of that chutia family. And the ones in Congress are far better than Modi chacha, Amit Shah, and Dhongi Adityanath. Nitin Gadkari is the only good choice within BJP

    • Grace Varghese
      Grace Varghese 6 months ago

      Absolutely he is the right person for next prime minister of India Dr. Shashi Tharoor all the best.

    • Entertainment Media
      Entertainment Media 6 months ago


  • Ravi Tanpure
    Ravi Tanpure 8 months ago +8

    Apart from his vocabulary he is having huge statistics regarding various aspects in his mind..much deserving candidate in congress as compared with anyone else. He is visionary leader.

  • Thomas Rinya
    Thomas Rinya Year ago +8

    He is genius❤️🔥🔥...he did mentioned about how much important the "vocational training" could be, 6 year ago😱😱😱..imagine the current status of Indian economy🇮🇳..if he was PM years ago😔

  • Terwander Singh
    Terwander Singh Year ago +30

    Every word that comes out from his mouth is sheer education.
    He has made vocabulary knowledge a craft.

  • A Dharmic Indian
    A Dharmic Indian Year ago +8

    I am 13years old, I want to explore, have a well formed mind, be intelligent, confident, independent, diligent, a linguistic, passionate, an artist, an author, a creator, a donator, outspoken, bold, & be intelligent and confident enough to choose my career and put all my talents to right and proper use, & I also want to start my own start-ups..

  • Mishi K
    Mishi K 3 years ago +3980

    Shashi Tharoor - education minister
    Dr. Manmohan Singh - Finance Minister
    I don't care who the pm is but i want these two.

    • Manmohan Savita
      Manmohan Savita 10 days ago

      @ABIN PAUL VARGHESE exactly ..well said

    • Fabisvalliyoth Fabis
      Fabisvalliyoth Fabis 15 days ago

      What to dooooo that tea Maker... 🙂

    • Captain Misinformation
      Captain Misinformation 10 months ago

      @G S 😂😂😂 We'd go to war starving, without gun, education without books and teachers, banks without money, bhai. But it's funny 😂😂👍

    • Captain Misinformation
      Captain Misinformation 10 months ago

      I long for the day we keep our religion, caste, gender etc. aside and choose someone based on their abilities like mentioned by the OP. We have the talent, numbers to excel in anything we plan to do. I hope this happens at least for our childrens.

    • EMMES
      EMMES 10 months ago

      Rahulji as PM

  • Sandeep Kumar
    Sandeep Kumar 10 months ago +1

    Nice speech sir we need to put jugad into Research and development to create new better thing and for this we need govt and universities support to make people industry friendly

  • :)
    :) 11 months ago +13

    this man has incredible knowledge :
    really a great inspiration.

  • School Science Projects
    School Science Projects 3 months ago +1

    Congratulations on such an amazing achievement, can't wait to see your channel grow even bigger.

  • Study Pharma
    Study Pharma Year ago +5

    An open minded ,well educated & brilliant leader👍

  • Ibrahim S
    Ibrahim S 2 years ago +780

    Youngest PhD holder at just 22 yrs. Definitely a prodigy!!
    Indian politics deserves more from this guy!!!

    • ꧁𓊈SNOWBELL𓊉꧂
      ꧁𓊈SNOWBELL𓊉꧂ 4 months ago

      @madhu reddy dont get it man...plz explain

    • Vibhore Jaiswal
      Vibhore Jaiswal 10 months ago

      Our susu earned PhD at just 21 in economics whereas tharoor at 22 in political science.
      Susu has more impact on Indian politics that changed future off india for good or bad.
      But then .

    • __
      __ Year ago

      @pratidnya nashte
      Oh I smell something burning here

    • Prashant Singh
      Prashant Singh Year ago +2

      Subramanian Swamy achieved his doctorate at 21.

    • Syada Noor Madni
      Syada Noor Madni Year ago

      Quality matters !

  • Philosophy, culture and dance with Bhavyata

    I'm amazed to see him using the data and statistics with huge confidence. It's really impossible to remember and execute it so well .

    • Mythili V
      Mythili V 9 months ago +1

      Actor Vijaykanth can do it. See the movie "Ramana".

  • Krishna Ghosh
    Krishna Ghosh Year ago +5

    More seeing this man more I boosted my will to do something for the next gen. Hats off to all such speakers

  • The Tinker
    The Tinker Year ago +31

    One of the greatest Ted talks I have ever seen in my life.
    👏👏 shashi Sir

  • Jagdeep Kaur
    Jagdeep Kaur Year ago +14

    Really, REALLY want to see this man as the PM of our country some day.
    _He_ _totally,_ _TOTALLY_ _deserves_ _it!!!_ 🙌🏻💯

    • Muniyandi Thever
      Muniyandi Thever Year ago

      @Akhil M T Muniyandi Swami Thever
      Sashi is great such a clever man lost his Beautiful wife Sunanda.

    • Akhil M T
      Akhil M T Year ago

      @Subham Patwal Your comment and your name seems totally unrelated.

    • Jagdeep Kaur
      Jagdeep Kaur Year ago +2

      @Subham Patwal _GO AND READ_ about him. Perhaps, you'll start acknowledging his _"little knowledge,_ as you stated."

    • Subham Patwal
      Subham Patwal Year ago

      Only english and little knowledge is can't enough for to hold the PM responsibility

    • Jaqen H'ghar
      Jaqen H'ghar Year ago +1

      Couldn't agree more!

  • Simon Thomas
    Simon Thomas 7 years ago +2466

    Shashi Tharoor is every intellectual's wet dream: Brilliant, articulate, not to mention handsome in a very patrician way. He's got a voice and oratorical skills to die for. I mean he's an extremely accomplished author, writer, diplomat, politician and an actor to boot! A former Cabinet minister, former UN Undersecretary-general, human rights activist, so on and so forth. The guy is the Rajnikanth and Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan and Yo Yo Honey Singh for many among India's privileged, educated intellectual sections. :)

    • electric_deer200
      electric_deer200 Year ago

      @natasha gupta my sister had the privilege of having a one to one meeting with him :)I did not know that he was a big deal at that time

    • Simon Thomas
      Simon Thomas Year ago +1

      @Akshey Gupta its an old opinion lol

    • Akshey Gupta
      Akshey Gupta Year ago

      please change the the first 2 lines, that was so damn cringy to read

    • Kiran Bissoo
      Kiran Bissoo 2 years ago

      Great replacement for Sir David Attenborough

    • Anandhu A.B
      Anandhu A.B 2 years ago +1

      @ghezoi Mr yeah no not even close

  • rooba suvedhak karthick

    he makes us feel as though we are sitting in auditorium and listening to his speech live.

  • Ranjit Prasad Shaw
    Ranjit Prasad Shaw Year ago +6

    I had clicked this video just for improving my vocabulary😀 that's why I was sitting with dictionary 😁but after 2 minutes I forgot why had I come here? just because I astonished to hear his (Mr. Sashi tharor) view on education and I didn't note any new word because I had immersed in his speech😊😊😊
    Sir you are so intellect and your thinking is out of the box😊😊😊😊

  • Krishna Dev Yadav
    Krishna Dev Yadav 3 months ago +1

    Absolutely 💯That's not how we think about wealth, because you can't contextualise what you can't see,

  • ですサジド
    ですサジド 10 months ago +15

    Omg! He said it very precisely that Indians average age is gonna be just 29 years at 2020, I've just searched.

  • Muhammad Mohsin
    Muhammad Mohsin 4 months ago

    What a person he is, very knowledgeable, Respect from 🇨🇦

  • Gaurav kumar
    Gaurav kumar Year ago +1

    The most dynamic politician in Indian politics. It's my dream to have a conversation with Mr. Tharoor

  • Beyond Resist
    Beyond Resist Year ago +19

    “The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who loves fully is prepared to die at any time.”
    - Mark Twain

  • Karan Singh
    Karan Singh Year ago +3


  • elva136
    elva136 7 years ago +242

    His speech is absolutely riveting. He effortlessly flows from one subject to another along with a pleasant smile. If this man was a professor, I would never miss a single class of his. :))) Shashi Tharoor for the win!

  • Vikram Batra
    Vikram Batra 11 months ago +3

    Fabulous deliberation
    Well prepared and presented speech with facts and figures..
    Simply Great

  • Raj Belkhede
    Raj Belkhede Year ago

    We need leader like this guy who
    knows the importance of education ....
    Salute to you sir 😊

  • Siya Tripathi
    Siya Tripathi Year ago +1

    India need a better education system....and Shashi Tharoor is perfect person to lead us 👍

  • Dr Tahir Akhtar
    Dr Tahir Akhtar Month ago

    It's really cool to listen this man❤️

  • Vanshaj
    Vanshaj Year ago +3

    Wish I grow up to be a man of wisdom like him🙏

  • Kirti Pal
    Kirti Pal Year ago +3

    He's my favorite politician. He's an inspiration for all those who wanna be as fluent....

  • Aria X
    Aria X Year ago +264

    The only man I’ve seen that doesn’t stutter and says ‘like’ and ‘um’

    • ODDY
      ODDY 8 months ago

      @Aria X 😂

    • 11 B 30 Md Abiyaz I Alam
      11 B 30 Md Abiyaz I Alam 9 months ago +1

      @Shravan Gupta Kindly share some link of other men not stuttering in speeches or else shup ur mouth!

    • Saksham Sikarwar
      Saksham Sikarwar 9 months ago +2

      @Kuria Kose Why are u commenting that everywhere. Even I can say After all Mahtama gandhu was a Gandhi. Don't describe a person by his surname or caste or his birth place. Rather describe him by his achievements and skills

    • Aria X
      Aria X Year ago +3

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      Arsh Joshi 3 years ago

      David C. I know right

    • ankit sharma
      ankit sharma 3 years ago +1

      @Ananthi Gopalakrishnan things may differ by changing the perspective! Think 1000times before judging any one I repeat anyone!

    • Ananthi Gopalakrishnan
      Ananthi Gopalakrishnan 3 years ago

      @ankit sharma you guys are well educated,yet easily fooled by these politicians who are 💯 hypocrites. I don't know when you're going to understand these politicians.

    • bhaskar h k
      bhaskar h k 3 years ago +2

      @ankit sharma Mr. ankit sharma; I may not that, great that, I struggled heard towards the betterment of the country but at the same time; I didn't loot the country posing my intellect. hope you understand things. just think as a true Indian. Intellect and honesty are both totally different things. for ex; osama was also was a highly educated man and a sound orator.

    • ankit sharma
      ankit sharma 3 years ago +13

      @bhaskar h k and we are very proud of you sir because of your dedication and hard work towards the Batterment of country! Oh wait... 😕

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    • Chinmay Prakash
      Chinmay Prakash Year ago

      @faiz khan A Muslim who votes on the basis of religion not development of the country

    • Shashwat Jain
      Shashwat Jain Year ago


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    Cos Well informed is dependent on choice and area of Interest 😁

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  • Savvy Vlogs
    Savvy Vlogs 9 months ago +4

    Those who are disliking this, they must be jealous from India's growth or may be they are not understanding the speech or illiterate from inside.
    Proud to be indian 🇮🇳.

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    Keep rocking mr tharoor ... Enjoy your life..

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    • Raghav
      Raghav 18 days ago

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      Shashi tharoor will be super failure as PM of India


      Pm shid not only be educated , but a leader as well.. knowledge n english doesn't make a pm.. decision making , honesty, dedication, planning , execution ... So on n so forth.... r needed

    • Wisdom Seeker
      Wisdom Seeker Year ago

      @He Man His English is good ...but it's not the only thing that make him respectable...it's his ideologies...like pluralism, tolerance,his analysing power of current problems and his experiences as international civil servant ...he is wise and nice ... otherwise if English was the only criterion then anyone with English literature degree is supposed to have his abilities ?? Noo!!!

    • Wisdom Seeker
      Wisdom Seeker Year ago +1

      @sheetal .k every educated man is not necessarily the wise or nice man....I don't care which language is he speaking but he has wise and nice ideologies... pluralism for example...he know Hindi also ...and he too has much experience as a global leader... remember he was in UN ...I like his analysis and understanding of India too... Everyone has their own likes or dislikes but I would love to see my country lead by such a man who talks valid points and who is wise not by someone who is a dramabazz who is good at diverting people's concentration from real problems ....I don't like any of the political parties now..

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      arun kumar Year ago

      @swanlilly100 Its the general public who lacks sense. Maybe i and u fall in same category.

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    UMAMA HUMA 10 months ago

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    Revealing talk! How on earth does he remember all those facts? Despite all the heat media creates in his name, Shashi Tharoor is an Indian to be proud of.
    The world, listen well. INDIA IS COMING!

    • nk
      nk 3 years ago

      @Romi Buzz killed 50 innocent people in the name of cow.
      They gave more jobs to cow vigilantes And now PM wont accept unemployment facts n figures.
      Note bandhi was the best scam ever done by Modi govt.
      Now before 2019 election looks like Rafael scam will throw him out of the ✈.
      He will retire n join Ambani group.

    • nk
      nk 3 years ago

      @moonicorn just bcos chaywala needs teleprompter to read upon, that doesn't mean everyone needs one...

    • Abhikalp Unakal
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      Vandini Sharma Its the emotion n facts matter latter

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      Pritam Doari 4 years ago

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    MARTIN NDERITU 7 months ago +2

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  • Sd. Zoheb H.
    Sd. Zoheb H. 7 months ago

    A man of greatness wants to see great things happen everywhere in an unbiased manner. ❤

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    • Sanjai Kumar Nandakumar
      Sanjai Kumar Nandakumar 9 months ago +1

      @Hussain Zaidi! Why should a person's nationality forbid you from listening to him / her? Please have an open mind! Keep your eyes and ears open! A prejudiced mind is the greatest hinderance in our intellectual growth! Peace!

    • മോളു
      മോളു Year ago

      @S R hatt

    • S R
      S R Year ago

      Kash... sarre malayali inki jaisa "Open-minded " hota toh aaj kerala LOVE JIHAD aur PFI+ISIS ka adda na hota.....!

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    Turns subtitles on.

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