Deborah Uncovers A Hidden Toxic Formula | Dragons' Den

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • Entering the Den is Kent-based entrepreneur and former car sprayer Mustafa Mehmet, with a highly durable all-in-one gel nail colour range. The entrepreneur’s product was aiming to provide a “healthier, faster alternative” to the existing £453m gel nail industry. Whilst the entrepreneur's background fascinated Deborah Meaden - it did not take long for her to unearth the toxicity behind his natural nail solution.

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  • lezbnlvr32
    lezbnlvr32 44 minutes ago

    "Rheology is the study of paint"...... tried to make ourselves seem more important, informed, and educated than we really are, huh? Although. Rheology can be and is applied to paint, it is the study of how materials flow and deform. It's not not specific for or limited to paint. It's for any and all materials that can alter states.
    I guess if you like watching watching and learning how water goes from gas to liquid to soild, from no form to free form to solidified too are a rheologist. I am and I study all materials

  • Faith
    Faith 3 hours ago

    Didn’t he say it was safe for mother’s with babies lmao??

  • Faith
    Faith 3 hours ago

    Arsenic and cyanide are 100% natural too...

  • Liam Smith
    Liam Smith 4 hours ago

    Dissolved 3rd April 2018 (Companies House)

  • Brennen Cox
    Brennen Cox 5 hours ago

    8:33 Sulfuric-acid is a natural product too, lol, and it shouldn't be ingested (nor should lead).
    Just the loops shows like this jump thru are... re-donk-ulous.

    petrol is natural too

  • HotFuzz
    HotFuzz 7 hours ago

    Someone's ass fart is natural. Ass farts can be toxic.

  • PeoplewatchingwithAva
    PeoplewatchingwithAva 11 hours ago

    I'm new to Dragon's Den. But I read a comment on one of the videos that I watched that had a few K likes. Something along the lines of "top 5 things you can be sure of in the Dragon's Den" One was obviously that Debra is always out, and also never hand your papers over to Debra. I knew this man was done when he handed those papers over....

  • Septimus ii
    Septimus ii Day ago

    So its unique selling points are that it's quicker than anything else on the market (which it probably isn't) and that it's safe to put on nails

  • Robert McClair
    Robert McClair Day ago

    Huh....Deborah IS a hidden toxic formula, with a gob on her wider than the Mersey !

  • Cthulhu
    Cthulhu Day ago +1

    "Natural is safe! It should not be harmful if it's natural"
    Nature: Let us introduce ourselves.

  • Land of the Blue

    Owned 50% by some dodgy Chinese factory. Typical of something to come from China claiming to be natural, non-toxic and then to have all those warnings and cautions. Yikes.

  • D Lam
    D Lam Day ago +1

    is it just me or does this all feel scripted

  • MrUranium235
    MrUranium235 Day ago

    many products say "non toxic when used as directed"

  • Victoria Evelyn
    Victoria Evelyn Day ago

    this guy has no business sense no clue about chemicals and no clue about womens beauty products

  • Miles Of Smiles
    Miles Of Smiles 2 days ago

    nail polish sits against the skin as the nail is in the skin !

  • HexagramMan
    HexagramMan 3 days ago

    Death is natural too.

  • HexagramMan
    HexagramMan 3 days ago

    Rattlesnake venom is natural....

  • Johnathan D. Hill
    Johnathan D. Hill 3 days ago

    I just want to be able to sit at a table with 100K next to me and a notebook.
    just because lol

  • sbjkd
    sbjkd 3 days ago

    This chap looks very pleased with himself.

  • Czarinov
    Czarinov 3 days ago

    BTW, just for information, 8:24, different "natural" products can cause all kinds of damage to human body etc etc. My mom made a bandage on her arm, where pieces of garlic would be in contact wiht her skin for hours of time. It burnt her skin pretty badly. Natural.

  • eliminator of evil
    eliminator of evil 3 days ago

    He is a nail gel terrorist LOL.

  • The Gypsy King
    The Gypsy King 3 days ago +4

    When he said chemical free deborahs eyes 👀 light up as if to say we will se about that

  • The Queen
    The Queen 3 days ago +1

    This guy is like he just woke up and had to explain a business he had to take in charge of for that day lol

  • Roderick Nunyabizness

    Total steroid using bellend.

  • Knowledge_Seeker
    Knowledge_Seeker 4 days ago

    Mustafa, nevermind the Dragons, I have yet to see one give their money away to a Muslim.

    • Knowledge_Seeker
      Knowledge_Seeker 2 days ago

      @TIMBER LANDE Never met a racist who liked being called one. You're no exception. This has been a waste of time.

      TIMBER LANDE 2 days ago

      Knowledge_Seeker it’s the term for people that think they’re special and being oppressed. “True colours”? get off your high horse and stop crying

    • Knowledge_Seeker
      Knowledge_Seeker 2 days ago

      @TIMBER LANDE There you go.. two comments in and the true colours come out. snowflake.. where did you pickup that term?

      TIMBER LANDE 2 days ago

      Knowledge_Seeker don’t be a snowflake, if someone has a toxic product, why would they invest?

    • Knowledge_Seeker
      Knowledge_Seeker 2 days ago

      @TIMBER LANDE Sure, the Earth is flat also.

  • Cbooth1988
    Cbooth1988 4 days ago

    5:56 Deborah having a cheeky livener

  • Andreas Casablancas
    Andreas Casablancas 4 days ago +2

    In defense of this guy who presented his product as natural non toxic, I must say that his claims can be further stretched if judge by anyone whitout knowledge in science. What the dragon is asking for is a product that is essentially INERT, such product doesn't exist and will ever do, because any substance will have an effect in health, so saying this will not cause damage is to an extent a lie. No product can be drinked, eaten, inhaled, touched and poured down the eyes without expecting a reaction. So the base of her argument is fraught because she doesn't get that if something is tested for a certain part of the body, and it's safe, that doesn't mean the product should be consumed without any issue. Let me take you to toothpaste. Toothpaste is meant for the cleaning of the teeth, and within its formula it includes things like preservants, flavoring, abrasives, etc. That aren't meant to be consumed, even dentist would say it's toxic when eaten, even though it gets in contact with the starting part of your digestive system. There is a misunderstanding about the non toxic claim, and that what she read are the security sheets of every chemical (maybe natural) that when handled in their pure form must be carefully handled. That's why the guy was saying, this is basically a technicality; but the guy didn't studied chemistry to know that this is what security sheets report. Aside from the natural thing that already misleads customers, I don't think the product was a loss.

  • AlucardPawpad ClownWorld

    So what are the real units for how dangerous this is? He advertises it as natural (a category meaning the substance is completely neutral/inert, or is well handled by the body)... But it's not okay to swallow, I wonder what the effects are?

  • Prism Quartz
    Prism Quartz 4 days ago +8

    "Use with goggles and a face shield."
    "It's safe for pregnant women!"

  • aeonjoey
    aeonjoey 4 days ago

    they're actually both right, it is boilerplate, but using the phrasing, and the *claims* is where literally he's created a liability. while on the very stage he's asking for an investment, on both the professional and the integrity side, he's made massive blunders that read as mendacity. neither bode well for him to garner investment. she is correct in attacking him on the claims - BUT the legal boilerplate is generic. So they are both right, but he is wrong because he used libelous verbiage. so for those reasons, I'm out.

  • richard coughlan
    richard coughlan 4 days ago

    Non toxic means it should be safe in any circumstance not just on the nail. This guy is crazy.

  • OOfania
    OOfania 4 days ago

    Mustafa has drive, hopefully he's successful in his business endeavours

  • Khal Drogo
    Khal Drogo 5 days ago +3

    anyone who says their product is chemically free loses all their credit, but debra also doesnt understand chemistry.

    CPTNSL0 5 days ago +2

    "Rheology" is not the study of paint...ffs. Also, SGS is just a testing facility, not a governing body. They will only test what you ask them to test.

  • Hellcarver T.V
    Hellcarver T.V 5 days ago +2

    Giant hogweed is natural. Yet it will cause a burn that last year's and become irritated when hit with light.

    • HexagramMan
      HexagramMan 3 days ago

      It can cause 3rd degree burns that hurt for months and scars that will last years and still kinda burn. A gardener was nearly blinded cutting one by accident.

  • F R
    F R 5 days ago

    Snake poison is natural AF!

  • Ina Fitable
    Ina Fitable 6 days ago

    'chemical free' .... errrr

  • Phi1eap
    Phi1eap 6 days ago

    Deborah is out of touch with scientific reality. Dosage decides if something is medicine or toxin. Every food is toxic, that is why we age. Glucose i toxic, fructose is toxic, proteins shorten lifespan i overdosed but they are essential nutrients. The point is to make smarter choice, safer alternative.
    The wank look on Debroah fece tells the story. I did the show, I showed power, superiority, win the debate can dissmiss you. Cheese, this is tv show, but best if would not be about 'wining the argument' like debates exploiting logical fallacies, for the croud applouse.
    The 'no chmicals' pitch was absurd.

  • MegaAkselerator
    MegaAkselerator 6 days ago

    The way his suit fits on his shoulders

  • Tesu LetsPlay
    Tesu LetsPlay 6 days ago +4

    i dont expect everyone to be highly educated in chemistry, but i feel like knowing what a chemical is should be common knowledge

  • diavolos
    diavolos 6 days ago

    Tuff guy just got his ass handed to him !!!!

  • Heather McC
    Heather McC 6 days ago

    @simplynailogical and Ben would have seen right though this dude! Straight from tire stripper to shark tank!

  • Sandra Jovic
    Sandra Jovic 6 days ago

    Some people don't know what natural means, apparently

  • Lisa Shears
    Lisa Shears 7 days ago

    Love Deborah Meaden

  • Tuber
    Tuber 7 days ago

    What really enraged me is that he believes they don’t know what they’re talking about. What a brat.

  • Dōmo Arigatō
    Dōmo Arigatō 7 days ago

    Does this guy have any idea how often you get nail polish on the skin right under the nail?!

  • Dont-be Evil
    Dont-be Evil 7 days ago

    if drink poison doesn't hurt the throat than its non-toxic.

  • howdy dude
    howdy dude 8 days ago

    2:50 Brilliant? Why is he brilliant for painting cars??? wtf lol

  • Originality
    Originality 8 days ago

    He NAILED that pitch

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 8 days ago

    Urine is a totally natural substance, but is very much an irritant if left on the skin.
    Trust me Ive had enough pee parties to know that.

  • Derek
    Derek 8 days ago +1

    Anyone: This product is harmful
    Literally every company: ...Well other stuff is harmful too

  • Derek
    Derek 8 days ago

    I thought rheology was the study of fluid flow. Maybe he's thinking of paintology?

  • Level 1-3
    Level 1-3 8 days ago

    Jenny: I think, therefore I am.. out

  • David Houghton
    David Houghton 8 days ago

    Chinese co-owner, developer seriously ?

  • Chris84
    Chris84 8 days ago

    what a mongo haha

  • Sevyn Tennyson
    Sevyn Tennyson 8 days ago

    Dragons Den need to do a revamp of the Dragons and have younger millionaire entrepreneurs like Jeffrey Star, Jackie Aina etc

  • Floren Baron
    Floren Baron 8 days ago

    He sure seems deceitful to me.

  • Eric Lawrence
    Eric Lawrence 8 days ago

    It is chemical free!!! Hahaaha that dude was a moron. No chemicals??? hahahahaha... it is imaginary then?

  • vash47
    vash47 8 days ago

    Natural means nothing. Bunch of twats

  • Amber Lee
    Amber Lee 9 days ago

    Apples are all natural and can be eaten, put in hair products and skin product plus are non toxic but if u eat enough apple seeds you got a Cyanide cocktail