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Hotel Hell - Season 2 Episode 5 - Calumet Inn Full Episode HD

  • Published on Nov 10, 2017
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  • Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen

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    • Axl Arnold
      Axl Arnold 28 days ago +2

      Your gaming channel has nothing on it

    • AverageLuke
      AverageLuke 2 months ago +2

      Where are the videos on the gaming channel?

    • Ninja Ninja
      Ninja Ninja 2 months ago +1

      there is no "Gaming" to your gaming channel

    • Cipher655
      Cipher655 3 months ago +2

      Fuck your Gaming channel

    • Tori K
      Tori K 3 months ago

      Evil Gumball Yeah, you’re not wrong

  • Jesse Grajeda
    Jesse Grajeda 2 hours ago

    Why tf am I addicted

  • alexandra sanchez
    alexandra sanchez 5 hours ago

    Gordon has a heart of GOLD! AMAZING

  • The Marx
    The Marx 11 hours ago

    Atleast he's the kind of owner that's just doesn't know what to do without being an ass and just needs guidance and open to all criticisms.
    Good job, Gordon.

  • jeff lester
    jeff lester 12 hours ago

    What do you think of your new inkeeper?? Ughhhhhhh LOL!!!!!!!!

  • Rich Thomas
    Rich Thomas 12 hours ago

    If Steve - O - & Dr. House had a baby.........?!?!? 🤔😬

  • Sean Harrison
    Sean Harrison 19 hours ago

    I think this is my favourite episode of hotel hell ever I think Sandy is the most great full and willing to change of any hotelier that Gordon has visited

  • Candy Robles
    Candy Robles 20 hours ago

    His dog didnt want to go lol

  • Bashirat Oyeniyi
    Bashirat Oyeniyi 21 hour ago

    The dog don't wanna leavw

  • Earthlord23
    Earthlord23 Day ago

    I am stuck on an endless loop of Gordon Ramsay

  • I am the Senate
    I am the Senate Day ago

    5:25 no excuse of not getting the room done I wouldn’t even be their if I wasn’t getting paid

  • ReactionGames Played

    He would be that kid in class that would take your pokèmon card

  • Joseph Kopecek
    Joseph Kopecek Day ago +1

    About the pool tho

  • 2018 Connor Purcell

    Who else thinks Gordon’s doggo is cute

  • LilAkyx 52442
    LilAkyx 52442 Day ago

    I just love how that guy has so much positive energy I love it.

  • Ammit5
    Ammit5 2 days ago

    Subtitle writer is havin' a bloody giggle.

  • Chaz’s Neigan
    Chaz’s Neigan 3 days ago

    “The owner tells each employee “Every week you r gonna get paid”, then hugs them; like he’s doing them a favor by paying them???

    • Kit
      Kit 15 hours ago

      Chaz’s Neigan
      He felt bad, and was promising to do better, and do as he should.

  • Mandii Pantii
    Mandii Pantii 3 days ago

    This place is a shelter for both ppl and that one dog lol probably bc the wallpaper is as nauseating as the food 😩😵😂😂

  • King Bora Beats
    King Bora Beats 3 days ago

    When you humble a man.

    JUAN GOYA 3 days ago

    the innkeeper was a very humble person and make easier to be help by Mr. Gordon Ramsay

  • pumpkinsdontcry
    pumpkinsdontcry 3 days ago

    Some resorts give staff lodging but they also get paid.

  • Kaleeswaran .B
    Kaleeswaran .B 3 days ago

    every week 500 usd ,oh man rich server !!!

    • Rich Thomas
      Rich Thomas 12 hours ago

      I'mma server and I make more than $500 a week in tips.and.thats not counting the $13 I make an hour that I every other week.

  • Elyaguara
    Elyaguara 4 days ago

    Wrong video title

  • Toi Lann
    Toi Lann 4 days ago

    This episode is just so emotional and Sandy deserves everything! He has a good heart and his staff are so loyal to him and this was amazing. I’m proud of them. This episode made me cry 😭😌 I want to visit Layla’s! 😁

  • {Emo Flamingos}
    {Emo Flamingos} 4 days ago

    9:54 this had me dead😂

  • Roglia Belmont
    Roglia Belmont 4 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Bill is cute AF?? Can't be just me

  • Fernanda Gonzalez Silva

    I want to be Sandy's wife, if you know him, let him know

  • ForkKnifeFunny
    ForkKnifeFunny 4 days ago +1

    Gordon Sounds like a really angry therapist

  • Fernanda Gonzalez Silva

    Sandy i love you. You can see he's so in misery and actual pain. All my love to you

  • Powerhouse Green
    Powerhouse Green 4 days ago

    His yellow teeth are so disracting.

    • Kit
      Kit 15 hours ago

      Powerhouse Green
      For you maybe, I didn't even notice.

  • Sarah Higgs
    Sarah Higgs 4 days ago +1

    Gordon: Come on Rumple! We got to go!
    Rumple: (doesn’t move and ignores Gordon.)
    Gordon: (Grabs dog leash) You young man are lazy.
    Me: Aaaaaw!!

  • Jacob's Cereal
    Jacob's Cereal 5 days ago

    I can't with him crying. It makes me wanna cry. Great job dudr

  • Jacob's Cereal
    Jacob's Cereal 5 days ago

    I think that guy is afraid of embarrassment. Now that that place is rated high and is beautiful is very good. Good job Mr. Ramsay. Sandy is legit crying. I ca see that he was stressed
    Now come to my school

  • XxAcidTripxX
    XxAcidTripxX 5 days ago +1


    • Kit
      Kit 15 hours ago

      You first

  • • Vertical •
    • Vertical • 5 days ago

    “Dogs lick their own butt”

    Yeah like he sai- wait what?

  • Mubarak AlSenafi
    Mubarak AlSenafi 5 days ago +1

    The marketing guy is the worst actor I have ever seen.

  • A.J Fercho
    A.J Fercho 6 days ago

    4:50 the look on Sandy's face after he opened the door 😂😂😂😂😂 "I'm surprised I'm still standing after I opened that door." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Edit: 23:20 Dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Fuckin love this guy

  • Chelsyochukwu
    Chelsyochukwu 6 days ago

    I feel so emotional 😭❤️ best episode ever

  • bigb6866
    bigb6866 7 days ago

    I’m upset Gordon’s dog isn’t named Davey Boy or Dynamite Kid

  • dustysquito
    dustysquito 7 days ago

    How the shit are all those people still there if they aren't being paid? Do they all just have enough in savings that they can hang out off the clock for months?

    • Kit
      Kit 15 hours ago

      Because of Sandy. He was a good person, they just knew he needed help.

  • deekat3279
    deekat3279 7 days ago

    I always crave risotto after watching this or Hell's Kitchen, but *why* do they have to add _chicken stock_ ? I'm a vegetarian; nobody would notice risotto with vegetable stock, butter, or even apple juice!

  • cy bay
    cy bay 7 days ago

    I feel so bad for the head Cheff honestly being that embarrassed by the owner like that

    • Kit
      Kit 15 hours ago

      cy bay

  • R Minnick Gailliot
    R Minnick Gailliot 7 days ago

    Any biologic will glow under the black light- animal stuff - pee, poop, saliva, vomit, food, jiz, etc...Hard floors are a must if that many animals are staying

  • Dude West
    Dude West 8 days ago +1

    Lights fire, throws in entire box of matches

  • Tameka Leslie
    Tameka Leslie 8 days ago

    Love this episode 😍 the dog mascot at the end, gold!! 😂

  • personwho weeps
    personwho weeps 9 days ago +1

    This is the only certain episode that made me cry...😢

  • Brittain Gibson
    Brittain Gibson 9 days ago +1

    Might be one of my Fav makeovers.

  • Bella Smith
    Bella Smith 9 days ago +1

    Person: *owns a dog*
    *brings dog to dog friendly hotel*
    Person; oh mah gawdd, there's dogs barking, how unsettling!

  • digitalbb
    digitalbb 9 days ago

    Poor dog. Lmao

  • Mother Phoenix
    Mother Phoenix 9 days ago


  • Mother Phoenix
    Mother Phoenix 9 days ago

    Dang, Sandy is not far away from me.... Wow! I am in Berkshire County, Massachusetts! I may go visit if they are still open..... And I hope they are!

  • Mother Phoenix
    Mother Phoenix 9 days ago

    I think Dandy needs a good and faithful woman by his side to help him run things properly! A woman who knows about the business, or is good with businesses!

  • Ashish Gupta
    Ashish Gupta 10 days ago +2

    This is Four Seasons Inn (Layla's Riverside Lodge) not Calumet Inn. The title is wrong.

  • Vatican Cameos
    Vatican Cameos 10 days ago

    Well done Mr. Ramsay and TEAM!!! 💕

  • Ian Julius
    Ian Julius 10 days ago

    Sandy seems a good man. As does every other employee

  • Ack Ackackack
    Ack Ackackack 10 days ago


  • S Dew
    S Dew 10 days ago

    16:32 "the barking is un-nerfing" than dont go to a dog friendly inn/hotel

  • S Dew
    S Dew 10 days ago

    13:30 heart breaking...

  • Ace 43
    Ace 43 11 days ago

    Out of all kitchen nightmares and hotel hells episodes. This is the first time i see a owner appreciate what Ramsay has done for them. Best wishes to him

  • jquest43
    jquest43 11 days ago

    I named my dog Arf!

  • Sandy Cummings
    Sandy Cummings 11 days ago

    My favorite all time episode ❤ a great group of people, who love animals.... Good stuff

  • brinda oviedo
    brinda oviedo 11 days ago

    I didnt think I'd ever cry watching an episode of hotel hell . I'm so happy for Laylas ,sandy and the staff,, wishing them many more years of thriving business!!

  • Teegan
    Teegan 11 days ago

    I want to work in a place like this

  • Teegan
    Teegan 11 days ago

    A dog friendly hotel sounds amazing!

  • Nina J
    Nina J 12 days ago

    well my name is layla so I am glad 😊😊

  • Xbox: l LORD GINO l
    Xbox: l LORD GINO l 12 days ago

    I wonder who pays for the make over of the inn

  • Tsakane Obadia
    Tsakane Obadia 12 days ago

    Jst started watching the show n i was in tears at the end......big up to Gordon.....i think i wanna be a chef

  • Chris L.
    Chris L. 12 days ago

    19:45: THAT is the "hula-hoop instructor"??? What kind of cockamamie nonsense is this???

  • Hunting & fishing reviews W/ Oscar

    I feel bad for the guy

  • ly
    ly 12 days ago


  • Vlatiania TheWolf
    Vlatiania TheWolf 12 days ago +1

    If Layla ate bread and slept beside me eating.


    • Hi Hi
      Hi Hi 11 days ago

      You liked your own comment didn’t u cuz if u did I also do that

  • Maha Khan
    Maha Khan 12 days ago

    Gordons dog is so cuteee

  • dab0ltz
    dab0ltz 12 days ago

    Sandy needs some new teeth....

  • Namjoons Tiddies
    Namjoons Tiddies 12 days ago

    Did anyone else get the tooth paste advertisement in the beginning or is it just me😐

  • Panamanian Thing Scene
    Panamanian Thing Scene 12 days ago +2

    “We are the Four Season’s INN “Lol 😂

  • Panamanian Thing Scene
    Panamanian Thing Scene 12 days ago +1

    Omg 😮 the dog 🐕 just running around the entire hotel 🤢

    • Hi Hi
      Hi Hi 11 days ago

      Panamanian Thing Scene did u just liked your own comment tell me the truth cuz if u did I all ways do the 😂🤣

  • Keanu Vernon
    Keanu Vernon 12 days ago

    Gordon in a Speedo is one hell of a waisted thumbnail

  • Emma Edin
    Emma Edin 13 days ago

    I think it's so sad when Gordon found the beer and made a joke like "oh am I to late for the party???😀 " and then he realized that nobody was there to hear it. It's like when you go for a high five and they leave ya hanging. It's so sad 😢😂

  • Felfolk
    Felfolk 13 days ago

    I'm happy to say that this place still seems to be running and apparently doing incredibly well with a 4.8 stars on google. I'm so glad that they could turn things around!

  • Kookie Nochu
    Kookie Nochu 13 days ago

    This one made me cry..

  • Davon Guy
    Davon Guy 13 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey is a human after all. #Rumble4life

  • jennifer wellman
    jennifer wellman 13 days ago

    I thought the dog, keeled over after eating the bread. Good thing he’s still live
    This is absolutely my favorite episode

  • Alan Bauer
    Alan Bauer 13 days ago

    Checks in to dog-friendly hotel***
    "I can't get over the barking, the barking is really unnerving."
    Really lady?

  • Raffalius
    Raffalius 13 days ago

    12:01 - So he only brush his bottom teeth, someone should tell him he got teeth at the top aswell ^^

  • Jc Ruts
    Jc Ruts 13 days ago

    The barking is unnerving..... it’s a dog hotel....

  • Mighty Clips
    Mighty Clips 13 days ago

    What about the pool

  • Bradley Monroe
    Bradley Monroe 13 days ago

    Since this featured dogs in it Gordon's bulldog was featured in it.

  • Bubby Cthulhu
    Bubby Cthulhu 14 days ago

    Awwww the chihuahua

  • Shani Haddad
    Shani Haddad 14 days ago

    The most exciting thing is the loyalty off the staff. Even though they did not get a pay check they did not leave. It was worthwhile after all

  • Yasir Khedri
    Yasir Khedri 14 days ago

    Sandy sounds like Steve-O

  • Crazy Hope
    Crazy Hope 14 days ago

    U,young man,are lazy!

  • Crow Malone
    Crow Malone 14 days ago

    what a legend

  • James Tedjo
    James Tedjo 14 days ago

    shame, I like the old facial hair Sandy better

  • Jen V
    Jen V 14 days ago

    "... The barking is unnerving..."
    Says the woman holding the dog that chirps...

  • Kira Ferguson
    Kira Ferguson 15 days ago

    I bet Gordon's dog eats better than I do.

  • Gia Margot Southard
    Gia Margot Southard 15 days ago

    Does Sandy need a love interest!! So cute n sexy!!!

  • Anita Diaz
    Anita Diaz 15 days ago

    Comments in 2016-2019: man cries="aww he is a good soul". Woman cries="she is a manipulative bitch!".

  • Rasitimbay28
    Rasitimbay28 16 days ago

    Made me fucking cry!!!! Love you Chef....

  • Brian Storm
    Brian Storm 16 days ago

    Thanks to this video my bleeding gums are a problem of the past.

  • triedandtrue142
    triedandtrue142 16 days ago

    Waldorf Astoria Lodge lol