• Published on Jan 24, 2022
  • Nobody in their right mind would pay $800 For real Airpod Max's. We decided to buy a replica. Let's see how good it is..
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  • Phone Repair Guru
    Phone Repair Guru  4 months ago +7418

    I compared them to real ones! check it out : thexvid.com/video/MNN3-7uJEkM/video.html&ab_channel=PhoneRepairGuru
    After a bit of use, I have to withdraw my $150 evaluation. Gonna say maybe $60-$80 max.

  • sage
    sage 4 months ago +37464

    "we have fake apple products"
    "Did I get scammed?"

    • micheal guillen
      micheal guillen Month ago

      Lmo get that right allexpress try do tricks people like apples clone

    • Pepe
      Pepe Month ago

      Buying from apple and paying full price is the real scam.

    • Bread_
      Bread_ 2 months ago

      @Hepotiricly arent you the same?

    • Mathias
      Mathias 2 months ago +1

      @Ace exactly

  • AceOfSpades
    AceOfSpades 3 months ago +3225

    When he said “take a listen” that would’ve been a perfect time to rickroll everybody
    Edit: thx this is the most amount of likes I’ve ever gotten

    • Kaustav K.Patro
      Kaustav K.Patro Month ago

      It's so overused that I nowadays o find it cringe af

    • RishikaPlays
      RishikaPlays Month ago +1

      the tumbnail also looks a little sus

    • n1k
      n1k Month ago

      Stop saying thanks

    • L
      L 2 months ago

      @W0NT0N wbu? Like you have a 2010 TheXvid Chanel pfp 💀

    • Brayden Lupton
      Brayden Lupton 2 months ago

      @Pokemon adventures its an 80s song....not a random drum beat

  • Salty_TeaCake
    Salty_TeaCake 3 months ago +408

    My dude you had every opportunity to rickroll us and yet you didn't, A noble man I see..

    • Hiden Iddentity
      Hiden Iddentity Month ago

      It hubrolled

    • h.
      h. 2 months ago +3

      instead he hubrolled us

    • Max Scardanelli
      Max Scardanelli 3 months ago +5

      More due to the fact that he didn't want a copyright strike.

  • Talyah R
    Talyah R 3 months ago

    Considering they sell for $550 on Apple and $400 from other retailers, I'd say it's not too bad of a deal.


    After a bit of use, I have to withdraw my $150 evaluation. Gonna say maybe $60-$80 max.
    Going to be comparing these to real ones soon! stay tuned :)

  • Mrs. Kwan
    Mrs. Kwan 3 months ago +15170

    "The sound qualities are actually really good! Take a listen."
    *plays 1 second of a drum beat*

    • SkullBlade
      SkullBlade 2 months ago

      @SimplyI nope listen again

    • SkullBlade
      SkullBlade 2 months ago

      @Purplexnope listen again

    • SkullBlade
      SkullBlade 2 months ago

      @🇺🇦シ𝚓𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚢シ it is just some drum beat listen again b****

    • SkullBlade
      SkullBlade 2 months ago

      @Isac Diaz they aren't too young for s*** dude listen closely

  • Ana 🔥 I WANT SЕХ 💋 F Uc_k me

    After a bit of use, I have to withdraw my $150 evaluation. Gonna say maybe $60-$80 max.
    Going to be comparing these to real ones soon! stay tuned :)


    After a bit of use, I have to withdraw my $150 evaluation. Gonna say maybe $60-$80 max.
    Going to be comparing these to real ones soon! stay tuned :)

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin 3 months ago

    I love how you're worried about getting scammed when you're literally purposely buying knock off products that are probably broken

  • Peyton🔞 𝔽**СК МЕ - СНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Рℝ𝟘𝔽𝕀𝕃Е💛

    After a bit of use, I have to withdraw my $150 evaluation. Gonna say maybe $60-$80 max.
    Going to be comparing these to real ones soon! stay tuned :)

  • Pedro Domingues
    Pedro Domingues 4 months ago +1438

    The real ones also come off super easy, so this one is surprisingly close to the real ones, and a way better deal.

    • moayji
      moayji Month ago

      @Art by Rudra apple products in general aren't worth the price

    • DeliveryGodYato !
      DeliveryGodYato ! Month ago +1

      Find it funny the people arguing against the airpod maxes dont own a pair. I own a pair and they are extremely good soundwise and they dont even come off easily with the magnetic earpieces. 100x better than beats imo as beats are easily breakable. If you are going to shit on a product then own it and use it for a while instead of one time at a friends house.

    • Adeyum64
      Adeyum64 2 months ago

      Are some of you guys high? Or did you sleep during reading comprehension lesson?
      He was comparing it to the original Airpods Max and not to some other headphones which can be obviously better. So yes, they‘re a MUCH better deal than the original Airpods Max.

    • vladasmearfan1
      vladasmearfan1 2 months ago

      @an attempt to make content sure you did

    • an attempt to make content
      an attempt to make content 2 months ago

      @nsaneskyline get sennheiser HD600s

  • I like pork
    I like pork 3 months ago +173

    "these actually look really good"
    "Let's take it out of its case- wtf"

  • Francis Tluanga
    Francis Tluanga 3 months ago

    Dude, they do a workaround so you dont pay heavy custom duties, and there you go, just disclosed it on the internet. Great job

  • Emad Hamid
    Emad Hamid 3 months ago +1

    Saw these here in india
    They cost about 3500 (50$)
    The sound was amazing but the build quality is kinda average considering the price and 1:1 design accomodation.
    We're literally flooded with apple copy products which are as good as the originals (mostly in the sound department)

  • repne scasb
    repne scasb 2 months ago

    $150? I bet it cost them no more than $10. I once offered a 30 seconds voice machine (IC + package, battery included!) for kids toy, 1000 pieces for $70, shipped. You can't beat chinese price.

  • I give you emotional damage
    I give you emotional damage 4 months ago +7791

    Not gonna lie, 130 sounds like a more reasonable price than 150
    Edit:After seeing the comments , I'm going reduce my opinion from 130 to around 70 or 50

    • John Geffrard
      John Geffrard 9 days ago

      @Hephaestus yea and these are fake

    • Nuclear
      Nuclear 2 months ago

      @Hustle Humbly 10 bucks and I am in

    • rigoberto catalan
      rigoberto catalan 3 months ago

      @Hustle Humbly my bad thought you said it costed 20💀💀

    • Hustle Humbly
      Hustle Humbly 3 months ago

      @rigoberto catalan I’m saying 130 instead of 150 is a twenty dollar difference, literally nothing

  • Noah McAughty
    Noah McAughty 3 months ago

    I love how when people test real airpods and fake airpods they say “it does the thing” which is the ultimate test lol

  • 1k subs?
    1k subs? 3 months ago +1

    Just want to say thanks for all the great content! Keep it up

  • layla kamilla
    layla kamilla 3 months ago +46

    "we have fake apple products"
    "Did I get scammed?" i cant

  • Defi World
    Defi World Month ago

    What surprised me is the fact that the iPhone detects it like it’s the original one 😱

  • Oddvar
    Oddvar 4 months ago +1279

    Surprisingly close! For the money they are almost a steal. And I love your content man! What's the most common product people come in with, and what's usually the problem?

    • 5
      5 3 months ago

      I've been ripped off and disappointed by China products...... never again.

    • NoWolfL
      NoWolfL 3 months ago

      A steal of your money!

    • •
       3 months ago +1

      @Hephaestus yeah bruh, these don’t look anything close to my pair, although i do have the space grey variant.

    • Mikadootje
      Mikadootje 3 months ago +2

      @official-nads that’s kinda the point of this product

  • Walter
    Walter Month ago

    I highly doubt that lmao You can get 'really' good headphones for around the $100-$120 mark
    and for apple products, take off the logo and the actual price is reduced by between $80-$200.
    people buying airpods are getting scammed without knowing it.

  • Randxm Human
    Randxm Human 3 months ago

    I own the same headphones that were on the first box. I bought them for like $5 at a store called 5 below, the box looks a little different but the headphones are the same. They are decent quality though.

  • Flazzorb The Fictional
    Flazzorb The Fictional 3 months ago

    I have to assume knockoff products like these are often real products that fail QA.

  • Jacob Lockett
    Jacob Lockett 2 months ago

    $200, worth $150.
    might actually be better value for money than *real* Apple products.

  • Fanta Red
    Fanta Red 3 months ago +45

    Aliexpress - biggest “legal” distributors of counterfeit products in the world.

  • RichMan
    RichMan 3 months ago

    Interesting, wonder if these would actually be worth it

  • 03Boogie
    03Boogie 2 months ago

    I’d price them at $30. There’s no way I’d waste 200 on something that’s just going to break at a point in time

    DORA TOONS 2 months ago +1

    Any one realised he wasted 200$ and earned more than it by this short 😂

  • Tsunami!
    Tsunami! 3 months ago

    They may seem ok but question is how long do they last?

  • amit
    amit 3 months ago

    When you realize that you cant afford the fake ones😂😂

  • RatorLP
    RatorLP 2 months ago

    The fact that my handmade-in-Germany beyerdynamic professional studio headphones cost less than this is kinda mind blowing

  • phi1215
    phi1215 3 months ago

    So fake it’s funny, they had me at the Velcro! 😂

  • bright bound
    bright bound 4 months ago +106

    I love how you're worried about getting scammed when you're literally purposely buying knock off products that are probably broken

    • darker fox
      darker fox 4 months ago +5

      i love how you don't get that he wanted to see how the fake product faired.
      It's not like companies don't steal or scam you with limited or no liability.

  • Heathen That Heretic
    Heathen That Heretic 3 months ago

    You're being extremely generous @ 150$.
    I'd pay at tops 50$ for them.

  • SP007
    SP007 3 months ago

    These shorts are so entertaining ✨✨

  • Dark Edits
    Dark Edits 3 months ago

    Covering expensive products with fake cheap product box is actually an good idea, it's safe from being replaced while delivery process

  • Phoenix Whiler
    Phoenix Whiler 3 months ago +30

    Love how people are saying it's worth it or not but don't even know what it sounds like. (And yes the one second mic test is not enough to formulate an opinion).

    • Mikael2492
      Mikael2492 2 months ago

      I checked on Aliexpress and bought the same thing just for 15 dollar and the quality is good same like on the video. How could he get it for 200 dollar 😑

  • GamerBoi Studios
    GamerBoi Studios 3 months ago +1450

    Nobody gonna talk about what he had us listen to sounded eerily familiar to “the hub intro”
    Edit: it’s stupid how a comment can get more likes than my most liked video 😕

    • Ultra Guy
      Ultra Guy Month ago

      Hold up how do you know that

    • Abi Porter
      Abi Porter 2 months ago +1

      @Rosalee Mitchell everyone knows it, if you watch it or not

    • Conner J
      Conner J 2 months ago

      I hear that same beat every night

    • Megasus
      Megasus 2 months ago

      @Talking ben 69k

    • Talking ben
      Talking ben 2 months ago

      Caught in 4k

  • Dee Breezy
    Dee Breezy 3 months ago

    Buying airpods max in first place would already make me feel scammed.

  • wright vcx
    wright vcx 3 months ago +11

    They are more like 30$ pods. For 100+ you can get really top notch audio devices.

    • wright vcx
      wright vcx 3 months ago +2

      @Zedrick Jaramillo (Zed Corps) Top notch is subjective. 😀😀. But I mean my experience has been amazing with Sennheiser. And they do not cost a lot. I had been using a simple wired earphone which costs less than 20 Euro and it has been the best of all the more expensive ones from the other brand. Sennheiser headset with noise isolation costs 80 Euro and its quality is superb.
      With active noise cancellation it costs 105 Euro and personally I do not seem to find any other brand providing as good quality as Sennheiser even for 180+ euro.
      They provide unmatchable long term warranty as well which proves that the company is confident of the quality of its products.

    • Zedrick Jaramillo (Zed Corps)
      Zedrick Jaramillo (Zed Corps) 3 months ago

      You won't get Hi-Fi quality for around $100; more closer to the $200 range at minimum, exception being vintage Hi-Fi headphones which can mostly be found online or specialized audio equipment stores.
      At best you'll get decent sound quality from $100 range but not top notch.

  • Cultured Crew
    Cultured Crew 3 months ago +2

    "I'd price it around 150"
    Me who barely have a dollar:ohh thats nice ye 150....

  • Kayhan Almir
    Kayhan Almir 3 months ago

    I bet you we all predicted Apple was going to create over-ear headphones, it was just going to take a while.

  • JT Bassmat
    JT Bassmat 3 months ago

    Sometimes, off brand items are better than the official ones due to the quality of it. It can range from "Why is this cheaper and better than the original?" to "Why did I buy this garbage?"

  • FeralDingers
    FeralDingers 3 months ago

    Even if they were real, $150 is about five times too expensive.

  • VanillaT
    VanillaT 3 months ago

    150$ for headphones that the ear pads come off super easily? More like 50$ 🤦‍♂️

  • Fizzy K
    Fizzy K 3 months ago

    Should've used Scarlet Fire for the sound test. 😂

  • H_Gordy
    H_Gordy 4 months ago +12

    thanks to people like you, people will never get scammed again. :)

  • family youtube
    family youtube 2 months ago

    I would have burst into laughter if it said (your Bluetooth is ready to pair)😂😂

  • Scorched
    Scorched 2 months ago +2

    Other people: looking at the fake Headphones
    Me:looking at his phone and finding out his name is Marley

  • Hamza F
    Hamza F 2 months ago

    There's no way that should cost 150, that stuff looks like it's $20-30

  • Kyla Fuller
    Kyla Fuller 2 months ago

    Didn't know apple even had headphones like this.

  • DarkGhost5036
    DarkGhost5036 21 day ago

    this thing actually worth it since a real one costs 550 dollars 🤣🤣🤣

  • NFS Legend
    NFS Legend 3 months ago

    Well the customs are gonna check every single box that is shipped from China, although that would be useless and would take forever.

  • Rocket XVG
    Rocket XVG 3 months ago

    "meh only worth 150"
    sure better than the 550 apple charges 💀

  • JacesWorld
    JacesWorld 3 months ago

    These kind of shorts make my day!

  • Ikouy Bolt
    Ikouy Bolt 3 months ago +151

    Tim Allen’s grunt never gets old.

    • niduoe stre
      niduoe stre 3 months ago

      I love how you're worried about getting scammed when you're literally purposely buying knock off products that are probably broken

  • Picachu Girl
    Picachu Girl 3 months ago

    He gonna regret a purchase? What did be expect? 😂

  • Mars Kapp
    Mars Kapp 2 months ago

    I would price them at $50… because I would rather pay apple my money for their legit head phones

  • ThatDudeNeon
    ThatDudeNeon 2 months ago

    You could have spend 200 on actual airpods or some quality over ear headphones. Many of those under the 200 price range

  • Lewis Ritchie
    Lewis Ritchie 2 months ago +1

    “I’d price them at about $150”
    I’d price them about a 10£, they’re snide

  • Cooper
    Cooper 3 months ago +8

    Usually high-quality counterfeit only sold in China they don't ship outside of the country. The one shown in the video I will probably get it for 10-15 dollars in the local Chinese market.

  • Yggdrasil
    Yggdrasil 3 months ago

    Well you gotta pay them for the extra box

  • that British gacha kid
    that British gacha kid 2 months ago +1

    Nothing like watching this while wearing fake AirPods 😩 💅

  • Michael oxlong
    Michael oxlong 2 months ago

    That first box came in my mail one day when we didn't by anything and it had the headphones on the fake box and it was LED wasn't bad for free randomly

  • GameCyborg
    GameCyborg 3 months ago

    probably just the factory that makes the legit ones selling the ones which had some kind of flaw

  • day
    day 3 months ago +1

    I would like to thank your for these shorts! 💚

  • Big pp boy
    Big pp boy 3 months ago

    $150 for headphones with sound quality probably worse than my $70 ones

  • Sils Wei
    Sils Wei 3 months ago

    Legit feel like these are the QC failed units that come from the actual assembly line.

  • Cya Nide
    Cya Nide 3 months ago

    I have the very same red headphones show at the beginning. I've been using them for about 5-6 years now... Best headphones I've ever had

  • mrhay2u
    mrhay2u 3 months ago

    And it just downloaded all your personal info and sent it to the seller...wait maybe its a real apple product 🤔

  • Altera
    Altera 3 months ago

    "150$" a studio headset with near perfect audio quality, wired and wireless hearing, noise canceling AND really nice ear muffs... costs 100$ your paying for a gray icon of an apple with a bite taken out of it, what a meme.

  • Jelly world
    Jelly world Month ago

    There’s some that are 5 Dollars and work pretty good

  • I'm Still The Same Guy.
    I'm Still The Same Guy. 3 months ago +4

    Him: The sound of this fake airpod is really good quality
    Him: listen
    me: heard some scratches of random sound, but I liked the video anyways... Lol.

  • Erina
    Erina 4 months ago +10

    The charger looks cheap but it doesn’t matter!
    Love your videos keep it up!

  • Harper👈𝓕**СК ME - Сheck 𝓜𝓨🔞Р𝓡0𝓕𝓘𝓛Е

    "we have fake apple products"
    "Did I get scammed?"

  • lito dat
    lito dat 3 months ago

    Damn they really look legit

  • ミIɳƚҽɾɠαʅαƈƚιƈ Sραƈҽ Kιƚƚҽɳ

    I like the light green "leather?" case that comes around it though

  • Randomness lives always

    These shorts make my day!!

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    Straight up though the airpods max have absolutely no reason to be anywhere near where they are priced, you can try to justify it, but there's legit not one reason to justify the price on these.

    • EnaLikesThis
      EnaLikesThis 3 months ago +1

      Y’all are replying to a sex bot lol

    • Levi Guyan
      Levi Guyan 3 months ago

      @Egors Deimos not with all the same features. If you’re talking wired then sure. But AirPods Max aren’t competing with wired headphones.

    • Egors Deimos
      Egors Deimos 3 months ago +1

      @Levi Guyan literally don’t care, you can find better for the price they sell them at.

    • Anguis Memes
      Anguis Memes 3 months ago

      @James LaBrie there are plenty of noise canceling options available.
      Also its not only the anc important more important it the fit in or over your ears

    • James LaBrie
      James LaBrie 3 months ago

      @Anguis Memes yes babe but do they block out all the noise of a airplane engine right next to me

  • Vincent feliciano bounty

    Samsung: *watching this video*
    Also Samsung: what a perfect way to destroy that Apple

  • KaosModzzzz_Insta
    KaosModzzzz_Insta 3 months ago +1

    knowing him he will prob fix the bad magnets lmao

  • luis cañas
    luis cañas 3 months ago

    If the chinese ones are 200 can't image how much are the originals hahahahha, not worth it, but at least better than the real ones

  • Aqua Bluerose
    Aqua Bluerose 3 months ago

    The real scam is the price of the real airpods max (and of the regular airpods too bc those look uncomfortable)

  • Kalynne Willis
    Kalynne Willis 2 months ago

    i would charge them 50$ 💀

  • Non-Fiction Media LK
    Non-Fiction Media LK 3 months ago

    You can buy them for $10 - $30 on wish and ebay

  • ZT7461
    ZT7461 3 months ago

    $150 is still way too much for those.

    MUERTO. PHARAOH 3 months ago

    i'd not even price them at $50

  • Laserz
    Laserz 3 months ago +36

    0:57 “this is a little bit of a flex”
    so isnt almost every apple product 😂

    • vliduu zeeb
      vliduu zeeb 3 months ago

      Not gonna lie, 130 sounds like a more reasonable price than 150

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago +1

    "This is a little bit of a flex...even though they're fake"

  • Ayshaaaaa
    Ayshaaaaa 2 months ago +3

    “ i got these fake airpods-“
    “Did i get scammed?”

  • Manoj Mudgal
    Manoj Mudgal 3 months ago

    200 $.. 😂 😂
    In India you will find it in 7-8 $ maximum

  • William Schmidt
    William Schmidt 3 months ago +1

    $200 for fakes?!?!??
    I’d never pay over $50 for anything counterfeit

  • Christopher G
    Christopher G 4 months ago +60

    Damn they look cool love the colors

  • Lava Gamer
    Lava Gamer 3 months ago

    You had the perfect opportunity to Rick roll us. But you didn’t. Mad respect ++

  • Random cat
    Random cat 3 months ago

    China: We are smart.
    Security: We have to check the box to make sure our x-ray machine is broken.
    China: ...

  • Zantan3486
    Zantan3486 3 months ago

    Personally I wouldn't buy something that expensive if it doesn't have a mic

  • yo._.itsveroo
    yo._.itsveroo 3 months ago

    you know it's a fake apple product when you find the charger inside the box

  • Pixel
    Pixel 3 months ago

    Imagine u wanted airpods but u got scammed but u got something much expensive than that and refused it 😂😂😂😂