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  • SuperRaeDizzle
    SuperRaeDizzle  8 days ago +3085

    If you would like to follow my TikTok: @Rae_Dizzle_
    👀 happy late 2019

  • Max and Thomas
    Max and Thomas 2 hours ago


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  • Sanna Øvrebø Koch
    Sanna Øvrebø Koch 4 hours ago +1

    Can you please do your makeup with artsupplies? Ly❤️❤️❤️

  • gymnasticts_ 22
    gymnasticts_ 22 4 hours ago

    Is it sad that I have that same exact makeup and the same shade in foundation and that same brands all from ulta

  • x̶o̶ωαтєямєlσи gαмєя_gιяl

    She used a sound wave of a planet

  • Red shift
    Red shift 5 hours ago

    Why does all of Rae's paintings look like she did them in prisma colors she just kinda works with them so often she uses the Same techniques

  • Disney Crew
    Disney Crew 5 hours ago

    I like how she said she was going to follow the rules by the T the she blobs paint on the canvas

  • Anya Winkelman V
    Anya Winkelman V 6 hours ago

    that potato reminds me of fancy squidward lmaoooo

  • Megan Jones
    Megan Jones 6 hours ago


  • *.Wushing.*
    *.Wushing.* 6 hours ago


  • arely miramontes
    arely miramontes 8 hours ago

    Do a part 2

  • Possible Aries
    Possible Aries 8 hours ago

    When a potato low-key looks better than you.

  • tae is fine
    tae is fine 8 hours ago

    I really just got tik tok for i can follow rae & see her videos lmao

  • gina331
    gina331 9 hours ago

    Does anyone else think she sounds like Jeanette McCurdy or just me

  • Bts lover #army4life
    Bts lover #army4life 9 hours ago


  • Kathryn McDermott
    Kathryn McDermott 9 hours ago

    OMG guys... that potato is bootifull no actually ur rlly good at dis XD it looks 3D with the contour ;-; I would follow u on tic Tok but I don't have it T^T anyways cya keep up the good work

  • Lelalee 360
    Lelalee 360 10 hours ago

    Joey- How you doin??

  • lalipop unicorn 123
    lalipop unicorn 123 10 hours ago

    Omg your a sister so am i

  • Natasha SerdonerVlogss
    Natasha SerdonerVlogss 10 hours ago

    They see called clocks 😂

  • Grace Hanna
    Grace Hanna 10 hours ago

    I just feel bad for her marble table

  • S0L0
    S0L0 10 hours ago

    You are dead Gorgeous.

  • RustBlox
    RustBlox 11 hours ago


  • The Savage Girl Gammer
    The Savage Girl Gammer 11 hours ago

    Loves you

    XD I hate my life

  • Reena Robert
    Reena Robert 12 hours ago

    Were called clocks

  • Lauren A.
    Lauren A. 12 hours ago

    MAstEr LEvEl UnLockEd

  • Treasure 871
    Treasure 871 13 hours ago

    You are One if those youtubers who deserve 1,000,000 subscribers. Love you Rae ❤️☺️

  • LucieLover1856
    LucieLover1856 14 hours ago

    It's called a tik-tok-er-thing-ma-jig. lol.

  • Angelina Lodhia
    Angelina Lodhia 15 hours ago

    My tik tok is just Angelinalodhia
    Pleeeez follow meeee

  • Alicia Scratcheard
    Alicia Scratcheard 16 hours ago

    My tik tok id @alicialovespugs123

  • naewwiuy24
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  • Jocke Thörngren
    Jocke Thörngren 17 hours ago

    I liked the mirror thing the most, mainly because you rarely see the "concentration face" of youtubers :D

  • AngelBoo
    AngelBoo 18 hours ago

    Can you check out my art please?

  • gvidozrful
    gvidozrful 18 hours ago

    I thought u said u were gonna follow to the 't'

  • Ava And roblox
    Ava And roblox 19 hours ago

    Now thats what I call a fancy Potato 🥔

  • Maya Coburn
    Maya Coburn 20 hours ago

    She didn’t follow it to the t ur not suppose to do a bunch of lines everywhere it straight line diagonally and the star should follow the line of white turned out great tho but didn’t follow directions to a t

  • 100 subs With nO vIdS
    100 subs With nO vIdS 22 hours ago

    6:25 ugh I stan

  • Mixonisse
    Mixonisse 23 hours ago

    Who has seen the potato trend before this video?

  • ItsJustMe Sarah
    ItsJustMe Sarah Day ago +1

    Rae being super artsy with a potato while I'm stuck here looking like a potato

  • Настроение: Бараш

    Бедная картошка...

  • KawiiFoxFace Gaming

    Rae should do Create This Book

  • The_Bowen _Arrow
    The_Bowen _Arrow Day ago +1

    Why won't anyone talk about the Windows remix she's playing in the background

  • Victoria Zhuravleva

    Your galaxy painting actually looks a lot better than hers lol

  • Isabella Dextersmith

    ok but you look like a beauty guru version of Elle Mills?

  • Once you jimin, you can’t jimout

    I like your hands.

  • Chloe Gossler
    Chloe Gossler Day ago

    Why does that potato have better eyebrows than me?

  • Kelsie.Plans
    Kelsie.Plans Day ago

    Did anyone else wonder what random computer in their house was turning on when the Windows remix song came on? No? Just me? Okay. Lol

  • yellow spray
    yellow spray Day ago

    the potato is pretier than me

  • Mila Burhanzai
    Mila Burhanzai Day ago

    ❤️😂 that potato is way better looking than me.

  • Leila Maki
    Leila Maki Day ago

    SuperRaeDizzle: dab it on the potato,

  • Hailey Nuck
    Hailey Nuck Day ago

    The patato looks better then me

  • Artist Warehouse

    Just to annoy you...

    First one you didn’t follow 100%

  • Nikolle Solis
    Nikolle Solis Day ago


  • Braydon McClellan

    When rae said she was following exact tutorial in the beginning. Really rae. No you didnt

  • Angelica Besa
    Angelica Besa Day ago

    I wish u did the leg painting... but I still LOVE ur channel

  • KawaiiAlex 9
    KawaiiAlex 9 Day ago

    I have any account on tick tock. I’m actually very active in fact before this I did one...!

  • Sophia Carbonell

    tik Tok user=clock

  • Aletha
    Aletha Day ago

    Purple brows???

  • Fox Brother and Sister

    Is it bad that i have a crush on that potato???

  • Roseblod94 XD
    Roseblod94 XD Day ago

    If you want to know what us tik tok users are called we are called clockers yeah I don't get it either

  • The Ace Family Army

    That potato 🥔 is to tall 📏

  • b g
    b g Day ago

    You didn't do it right

  • Miley Young
    Miley Young Day ago

    Your not doing it Right NWWEEH! You should have followed it better NNNEEWWHH

  • just an average potato

    Me : "she's expertly drawing... On the mirror... With lotion... Yeah

  • Ava Animations
    Ava Animations Day ago

    They are called tikers

  • Emma’s World Of Awesome

    When a potato looks better then you 😭🤣

  • ioana_lutsch
    ioana_lutsch Day ago

    "That moment when a potato looks better tha-" stfu, am i really the only one seeing that potato becoming Nicki Minaj's lost twin

  • Ima person Chillies

    pls do a part 2!!!!!!!

  • Lucy Bostic
    Lucy Bostic Day ago

    The last two were really good

  • Lilly Chan
    Lilly Chan Day ago

    Damn i cant even get 10 followers

  • Cara K.
    Cara K. Day ago

    Please do part 2

  • [ CNG ] Gaming
    [ CNG ] Gaming Day ago

    0:01 *that new yorker accent tho*

  • Jaelynn Walters
    Jaelynn Walters Day ago

    She used toothpaste

  • MayMayThe FoxLover

    Why do so many people hate tic tok?? It has dont nothing to you hating ppl... xD

  • MrTinyLlama
    MrTinyLlama Day ago

    Says shes going to follow it to a T, immediately doesn't follow directions. Welcome to TheXvid DIY.

  • Galaxy Kelly
    Galaxy Kelly Day ago +1

    “ *Hey* guys what’s up *How You Doing?* “
    Me: *Well, I’m doing just fine..*
    Me: *I lied, I’m dying inside*
    lol who else noticed

  • Alana Schirmer
    Alana Schirmer Day ago

    The 1st one looks like the nothern light

  • panic! at society


  • Emma Najm
    Emma Najm Day ago

    Rae pls get a chair! Ur back must be killing u!😂

  • Theslime_loverxx xxx

    Your account picture isn’t you!

  • Bailor Playz
    Bailor Playz Day ago


  • Titus Mexia
    Titus Mexia Day ago

    Please review art 101 colored Pencils!!!! i got a set and dont know what to think.

  • Reagan Kelley
    Reagan Kelley Day ago

    They used to be called musers

  • milly playz
    milly playz Day ago

    We are called clocks now

  • Squiddyyy273
    Squiddyyy273 Day ago +1

    Anyone get Sofia nagardia vibes from her?

  • kawaii pineapple MSP

    Her dog has the same name. As me. 🤔😂

  • Jazzy Lee-Yaw
    Jazzy Lee-Yaw Day ago

    the potato is creepily realistic

  • Jazzy Lee-Yaw
    Jazzy Lee-Yaw Day ago

    welcome to the clock community.

  • rayleigh peeples

    Just subed saw the beginning and I knew I wanted to sub

  • Klara Van Dorpe
    Klara Van Dorpe Day ago +1

    Can you do another digital art video

  • Anaj_ 440
    Anaj_ 440 Day ago


  • Mayan Timbrell
    Mayan Timbrell Day ago


  • Evie Life
    Evie Life Day ago

    For the first one I did the lines incorrect

    JIMIN_ POP Day ago +1

    That Potato literally looks better than me

    JIMIN_ POP Day ago +1

    I love how she's in the corner of the video just to show off her aesthetic background

  • Heart Shaped Kisses

    That potato looks better than me😔👊

  • ZabZab_
    ZabZab_ Day ago

    2:50 does anyone else see how black the black is?

  • Panda !
    Panda ! Day ago +1

    I would date that potato 💯

  • Katex8900
    Katex8900 Day ago

    Lmao this potato looks like drag queen

  • Cora Blah
    Cora Blah Day ago

    Tbh I wouldn't do a video involving tiktoc at all. It is a weird app that sexualizes kids to the extreme and its freaking SCARY. There are super, super sexual weird advertisements that target men over 20 on TheXvid and facebook.

  • kawaii Kitty
    kawaii Kitty Day ago

    Ok new challeng
    Step 1.Watch birdbox
    Step 2.draw something while doing the birdbox challenge