Exploring TikTok's Art World...

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
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    🖤 My Highschool Sketchbook (from 2010)

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  • SuperRaeDizzle
    SuperRaeDizzle  2 months ago +4024

    If you would like to follow my TikTok: @Rae_Dizzle_
    👀 happy late 2019

    • Reem Ali
      Reem Ali 16 hours ago

      I love your videos


    • Rebecca Mason11
      Rebecca Mason11 24 days ago

      SuperRaeDizzle The 1st girl is my COUSIN Amber!!!!

    • Lah Le-Marquand
      Lah Le-Marquand Month ago

      Love the green eyeshadow 💚👁👁

    • Leila nicole22
      Leila nicole22 Month ago

      I saw the potato one

    • Devin Basaraba
      Devin Basaraba Month ago

      Tik tok tik tok tik tok

  • *wølfīē* *kåwåï*

    The app like duh but not too too it got boring¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯so what

  • *wølfīē* *kåwåï*

    Its better. Like ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯¯\_ʘ‿ʘ_/¯乁[ᓀ˵▾˵ᓂ]ㄏ

  • svunnie
    svunnie 2 hours ago

    Windows remix in the background

  • Pinguin Capra
    Pinguin Capra 4 hours ago

    When a potato looks better then you...

  • Michael E Lambert
    Michael E Lambert 6 hours ago

    There is nothing artistic about tiktok! It is pointless!

  • Legit Bettyy
    Legit Bettyy 14 hours ago +2

    The first one looked like northern lights!!!😍😍😍

  • celeryxoxo
    celeryxoxo 15 hours ago

    i got an art ad help

  • Sophie Skidmore
    Sophie Skidmore 16 hours ago

    Please do a Part2

  • Uma Devi
    Uma Devi 18 hours ago

    Got urself a sub

  • Uma Devi
    Uma Devi 18 hours ago

    Tiker-? Toker-?

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    AAS CRAZY 22 hours ago

    9:28 yo play Pokémon go?

  • P e a c h y
    P e a c h y Day ago

    You posted this on my birthday

  • Jessy Durham
    Jessy Durham Day ago

    Following it to a t?

  • Sylveon Gaming
    Sylveon Gaming Day ago

    They're called muscers because it used to be musically

  • MrHguyg
    MrHguyg Day ago

    Omg ur just like meh me mom u have the same sponge and makeup

  • sara & hola
    sara & hola Day ago +1

    First:I like it
    Second:I’m in love

  • Martyna Przybyla

    Can you see how smooth the black is at 2:58

  • Addison Baugh
    Addison Baugh Day ago +1

    You should paint or draw Percy Jackson characters! I bet people would love that! (Especially me!! Please draw Annabeth!)

  • Gabi Heist
    Gabi Heist Day ago


  • Brookes and Dallas

    4:35-48 it’s working ahh it’s on my phone chuckles

  • Ser Lok
    Ser Lok Day ago +1


  • AJ_ AJ_
    AJ_ AJ_ Day ago +4

    WHY DOESNT THIS GIRL HAVE 1million already 😭😭😭😭

  • Talitha Seccombe

    you actually suck at art

  • Gamer Galaxy
    Gamer Galaxy Day ago

    I seen that tiktok

  • Brookelin Isaacson
    Brookelin Isaacson 2 days ago

    mine is @thegamerdrawer0222222 i think im ganna be deleted but im also a artist i draw dragons and i draw dragons for people and my followers or any ill say any animal?

  • Ava Cocione
    Ava Cocione 2 days ago

    I don't like tik tok

  • mjpete27
    mjpete27 2 days ago

    Hello Rae, i have watched a few of your videos in the past but since I saw you with Alice Cole and Friends in Florida I wanted to see more of your Content. I may just be an "old" I just do not "get" the Tik Tok phenom. Thanks for giving it a go, but Yeah Not for me. Good Luck, I see your closing in on the 1 mil sub mark. I hope you get there and accomplish all you wish to do!

  • Kristen Milligan
    Kristen Milligan 2 days ago

    Omg why am I so happy with ur potato person ....😂😂🙈

  • It’s ya girl Emma
    It’s ya girl Emma 2 days ago

    4:38 I covered my iPad in paint when doing this technique, 👍

  • contortion xme
    contortion xme 2 days ago

    they were bootiful

  • Renee Chang
    Renee Chang 3 days ago

    They are called musers

  • CatLovers 211
    CatLovers 211 3 days ago

    Can u plz follow me I am yolytheamazin

  • Taylor West
    Taylor West 3 days ago

    Dam that potato looks better than me

  • Nightwolf13
    Nightwolf13 3 days ago

    Two Thousand Nineteen..... or Twenty Nineteen?????

  • Gacha lovers rock !
    Gacha lovers rock ! 4 days ago

    My mom ha almost the same drawers as you

  • ramengguk ``
    ramengguk `` 4 days ago

    when u said u will mess it up,,,
    u really did

  • Enoch Garcia
    Enoch Garcia 4 days ago

    I hate tiktok

  • Tem da Plushie
    Tem da Plushie 5 days ago


  • yepitsstill space
    yepitsstill space 5 days ago

    What did the librarian say to the kid?

  • Daniel
    Daniel 5 days ago

    **When a potato looks better than you**

  • mustangmagik
    mustangmagik 5 days ago

    (7:03) love the internet explorer music

  • Jin Mr. Worldwide Handsome

    *People who still complain that she's not doing it right still, are just stupid. It's her channel, not yours. It's her artwork, not yours. Therefore, she can make the artwork anyway she wants to. You guys are just way too judgmental and overkill. Leave the girl alone! You're being too hard on her. Let her enjoy herself. It's not that hard. If you can't do that, then please watch someone else, or make the artwork yourself.*

  • Whatever Channel
    Whatever Channel 6 days ago +2

    Ddddaaaammmmnnnnn that potato lips thikkkkkkkkk

    *where'd she get her plastic surgery?*

  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato 6 days ago

    So that’s where she is now.

  • Luna Tube
    Luna Tube 6 days ago

    When a potato looks better than you

  • BananaCrAKer BANANAcrackerX.O.X

    When a potato looks better than you...

  • Snowrina
    Snowrina 6 days ago

    I literally went on TikTok and the gem stone artist was on recommend 🤣

  • Indyia Osborne
    Indyia Osborne 6 days ago


  • Sierra Ficheroux
    Sierra Ficheroux 6 days ago

    It was tooth paste
    Plus I love you youtobe tunle

  • Bubsy Bear
    Bubsy Bear 6 days ago

    They are called musers!

  • best friends channel

    For the mirror art thing.you actuallly just need toothpaste

  • Alicia Solana
    Alicia Solana 6 days ago

    Are you Latin

  • Indigo Dande
    Indigo Dande 7 days ago

    You didn’t follow to a t. She had clear lines and no extra stuff 😂

  • Drama LLama
    Drama LLama 7 days ago

    5:39 this Potato is Beautiful 😂

  • Ottie Calderon
    Ottie Calderon 7 days ago

    James Charles in potato world

  • canisLuscinia
    canisLuscinia 7 days ago +16

    1919: We will have flying cars in the future."
    2019: lol i just contoured a potato

  • Ainsley Newell
    Ainsley Newell 7 days ago

    I can confirm her art skills are real... I was the potato-

  • iiMelos YT
    iiMelos YT 8 days ago +2

    Rae: Hey guys how ya doing
    Me: Hmmm that sounds familiar
    Me: *Hears Jeffree Stars intro*
    Jeffree: Hi how are ya!
    Me: Ohhh that’s who I thought of


  • XxPanda _PlayzxX
    XxPanda _PlayzxX 8 days ago

    You didn’t do the first one completely the same she said

  • arieanna lawrence
    arieanna lawrence 8 days ago


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  • arieanna lawrence
    arieanna lawrence 8 days ago

    I’m gonna do it EXACTLY
    Does everything differently like putting stars all around
    Using black (it would obviously darken)

  • Sarah Al-Ghonaim
    Sarah Al-Ghonaim 8 days ago


  • bumblekittyTV
    bumblekittyTV 8 days ago

    9:28 I see that Pokémon Go in your apps 😏

  • Thy Nguyen Anh Phan (Xuka)

    Happy New Years?? There's literally a Christmas tree in the background

  • KaylaGoodie
    KaylaGoodie 8 days ago

    Is it weird that as I’m watching this, there’s a tik tok ad on my screen?
    Edit: Or rather, ironic?

  • Shaheera Talks
    Shaheera Talks 8 days ago

    Damn! You are amazing artist. Just look at this potato. So amazing and realistic. Uhh! Obsessed

  • Weird Girl
    Weird Girl 8 days ago

    wow......this is the first video I have watched in 2019.....................

  • Lunar Wolf
    Lunar Wolf 9 days ago

    Who else heard the start of the song sweet but psycho

  • Weird Girl
    Weird Girl 9 days ago

    The thing that is odd that your phones quality is way more better then your cameras quality lol

  • Azka Amjad
    Azka Amjad 9 days ago +1

    8:54 ur welcome

  • Yettii
    Yettii 9 days ago +3

    Sees new Rae vid
    * *clicks* *
    Find out it’s about
    * *regrets but not really cuz it’s a rae vid* *

  • Jenny Haffenden
    Jenny Haffenden 10 days ago

    Why do I look fricking similar to this potato

  • Gacha Lover makes stories and maybe more

    Cut art yo good drwing

  • {Snow queen gacha}
    {Snow queen gacha} 10 days ago

    The last one is soooo cool😵😵😍😍

  • Rosi Msp
    Rosi Msp 10 days ago

    ''eyeball routine"

  • Joyful Girl
    Joyful Girl 10 days ago

    Nose is looking real

  • Katie Elle
    Katie Elle 10 days ago

    elle mills has left the chat

  • Erica Grace
    Erica Grace 11 days ago +1

    Ok but that potato is literally snatched

  • Vieve Van meer
    Vieve Van meer 11 days ago

    The first one kinda looks like the northern lights

  • XxxGachi-GummixxX 101
    XxxGachi-GummixxX 101 11 days ago +1

    *James Charles has approved*

  • XxxGachi-GummixxX 101
    XxxGachi-GummixxX 101 11 days ago +1

    Lol I got an art ad how does it know what I’m watching 😂

    ANIMATI0N LICK 11 days ago

    Please follow me I make very good drawings😭😭

  • Oofer Gaming
    Oofer Gaming 12 days ago

    You should’ve followed it better

  • Smile Forever
    Smile Forever 12 days ago


  • Arielys Alicea
    Arielys Alicea 13 days ago +1

    *me doing the last one*
    Mom: what the hell is you doin
    Me: nothing just cleaning the mirror
    Mom: sure just clean that shiz off

  • Todd Osment
    Todd Osment 13 days ago +1

    maaaaaaaaaaan, that potato be lookin fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine

    xSTARLIGHT.WOLFx T-T 13 days ago

    Um so this is..*looks at makeup and thinks, QUICKLY THINK OF A NAME FR THIS SORCERY* a random thing from ulta?

  • Potato Queen
    Potato Queen 13 days ago +1

    ummm, i think you did the galaxy tutorial very........ different

  • alexandra Meyer
    alexandra Meyer 13 days ago +1

    what did the teacher say to the boy that never read

    read more

  • Alanah Houston
    Alanah Houston 13 days ago +2

    Omg I watched the first video before! I liked it, it was so bootiful.
    Edit: um I’m sorry, but I couldn’t stop laughing at you on your first artwork when you were blending the colors 😂😅

  • creative mind
    creative mind 13 days ago +1

    Your potato is looking much better 👍👍

  • Maknae line BTS
    Maknae line BTS 13 days ago

    That’s the sexiest potato I’ve ever seen 😂😂😂

  • Lisa Bakker
    Lisa Bakker 14 days ago +2

    Since when is Tik Tok unexplored?

  • Gray Draws
    Gray Draws 14 days ago

    When a potato looks better than you

  • YourFantasy
    YourFantasy 14 days ago +1

    I dont think you were supposed to go in circles on the first one-

  • Marina Skrbina
    Marina Skrbina 14 days ago

    5:43 Ava Max has left the chat

  • Eilís Ní Mhealláin
    Eilís Ní Mhealláin 14 days ago +1

    Windows is loading

  • WillowxLPS
    WillowxLPS 14 days ago +1

    "Somewhere that is completely unexplored..." *pauses the vid* aNd iS aPpArEnTlY gEtTiNg sUeD

  • kelly
    kelly 15 days ago +1

    a toothbrush works even better for the stars on a Galaxy!