• Published on Feb 23, 2019
  • Mystery spin the wheel higher or lowe nba 2k19 vs moochie!
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  • Ayo Squad
    Ayo Squad 10 days ago

    He said now i have to shower

  • somesdog123
    somesdog123 28 days ago

    What the for the hair

  • Althanks
    Althanks 3 months ago

    Jessers hair

  • Adrijus Gibauskas
    Adrijus Gibauskas 3 months ago +1


    How could you¿

  • GG Muon_
    GG Muon_ 3 months ago +1

    I'm dyeing he said I'm so scared bro 0.01 second later just straight up smacks his hand on it

  • GG Muon_
    GG Muon_ 3 months ago +1

    I watched this like a good thousand times it's too good

  • Slim Reaper
    Slim Reaper 3 months ago

    0:01 Jesser look like fucking goko super sayan

  • Trey Young
    Trey Young 3 months ago

    The dog in 4:44 😂

  • Azariah Perez
    Azariah Perez 3 months ago

    Jizzer’s mom: Jesse where’d you put the duster
    Jizzer: oh it’s on my head mom

  • Anthromorphic DJ Anomolists

    That's not Healthy 😂

    vDEEFIRE 4 months ago

    jesse’s hair looks like the blonde twist fade in 2k19

  • Nol Karski
    Nol Karski 4 months ago

    At 3:08 he says it spun around at least 4 times🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sadantonio Was awesome
    Sadantonio Was awesome 4 months ago

    Mitchell is my favorite beside jesser

  • Drew Thompson
    Drew Thompson 4 months ago

    0:04 boiiiiiiiiiiiii did you like what you saw jezzzzzzz

  • jeff roberts
    jeff roberts 4 months ago +1

    Why does it feel like jessers hair is dyed a different color every video

  • Tamer Haddadin
    Tamer Haddadin 4 months ago

    Mitchell gets 3 frees in a row

  • Dereck Pagan
    Dereck Pagan 4 months ago

    Lower that 82 Andrés you take 80 Andrés dont spin omg

  • Dominic Terrell
    Dominic Terrell 5 months ago

    Mitchell should have spun cuz jesse pulled 88 Jokic and moochie pulled 81markanen

  • Toast F
    Toast F 5 months ago

    why those packs soooooo trash

  • Zandey27
    Zandey27 5 months ago

    Did something die on your head?

  • Jake Barzakay
    Jake Barzakay 5 months ago +1

    Jesse brush your hair

  • Luke Summerhays
    Luke Summerhays 5 months ago

    Love your hat moochie!! Go Dodgers!!

  • john saunders
    john saunders 5 months ago

    Jsr wtf happened to your hair

  • Yakir Eylon
    Yakir Eylon 5 months ago


  • Van Hastie
    Van Hastie 5 months ago +1

    Mitchell is so freaking lucky

  • Dawson Livingston
    Dawson Livingston 6 months ago

    Stephen Curry’s real name is wardell

  • random stuff
    random stuff 6 months ago

    While I was watching this I got a galaxy opal d rose 😂😂

  • Adam Elsawaf
    Adam Elsawaf 6 months ago

    17:34 why mitchell be puffin his man tits

  • Jacob O'Connell
    Jacob O'Connell 7 months ago

    this challenge was unreal

  • Frapputino
    Frapputino 7 months ago

    Jesse how’s the baby doing.😂🤣😂🤣

  • Slay Mafia
    Slay Mafia 7 months ago

    The sound Mitchell made jumping into the pool tho

  • All Sports
    All Sports 8 months ago +1

    Ish Smith

  • James Archie
    James Archie 8 months ago

    Finish me

  • Josh Graham
    Josh Graham 8 months ago +1

    A new forfeit should be buy a hundred thousand vbucks?

  • Namar Nazer
    Namar Nazer 8 months ago

    play this again when there are better packs out , like with pink diamonds

  • MBruHboi Gaming
    MBruHboi Gaming 8 months ago

    Pls do a pack opening with featured packs

  • Funny Babytay
    Funny Babytay 8 months ago

    I'm cook with Chief jesser

  • Funny Babytay
    Funny Babytay 8 months ago

    You and lsk are mine favorite 2hype

  • Funny Babytay
    Funny Babytay 8 months ago


  • 720p Pax
    720p Pax 9 months ago


  • Vengeful Sinister
    Vengeful Sinister 9 months ago

    ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ . . ║

  • Colleen McIntyre-Gale
    Colleen McIntyre-Gale 9 months ago

    You look like a crackhead boner dude

  • Maddox Moorman
    Maddox Moorman 9 months ago


  • poweRKIll's
    poweRKIll's 9 months ago

    We just want some 2k myteam videos is that too much to ask ?

  • Garrett Yntema
    Garrett Yntema 9 months ago

    why cant face cam youtubers have a face cam that is actually in focus on their face

  • Drippy Fade
    Drippy Fade 9 months ago

    “Im a lucky jellybean” 🤣

  • Jay D
    Jay D 9 months ago

    Jessr is wolfin wolfin

  • Npick80
    Npick80 9 months ago

    2:56 Bro Jesse said the card before it even popped up yo no

  • Jessé Catiti
    Jessé Catiti 9 months ago

    Moochie gettin dat coochie

  • OC Trickshots
    OC Trickshots 9 months ago

    fix hair plz __

  • Teddy is a pig
    Teddy is a pig 9 months ago


  • Diamond Gonkarnue
    Diamond Gonkarnue 9 months ago +1

    3:23 what in the unseasoned chicken is this😂😂😂

  • Gamer_For_Life _4D
    Gamer_For_Life _4D 9 months ago

    Nba career mode?

  • Seviner- go away
    Seviner- go away 9 months ago

    Really must be getting desperate...

  • Zachary Sheinberg
    Zachary Sheinberg 9 months ago

    Why is spicy P only a 76 on MyTeam and DeAndre Jordan is better than Donavan Mitchell and the same as Kemba and Jonas is the same as D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randall is an80

  • Priscilla Guzman
    Priscilla Guzman 9 months ago

    What’s your hair

  • Max Heffner
    Max Heffner 9 months ago

    Can you please do one of these with a fan

  • Roya1ty
    Roya1ty 9 months ago

    These better butter finger ads are stupid but funny

  • [RNT] Xcel
    [RNT] Xcel 9 months ago +2

    Jesser: screams dirk nowitzki

  • GG Galaxy
    GG Galaxy 9 months ago

    I love how he gets made and just looks at the camera