• Published on Jul 30, 2019
    This video is full of makeup ideas that will surprise you! We will show the easiest makeup tutorials that will help you to get prepared for themed parties. Learn how to make you look older. You will need school glue. Apply it on your skin and let dry. After that, cover your face with fixing powder. It gives an effect of the wrinkled face. And finally, cover the face with baby powder. Next tutorial will help you how to create Joker makeup. Watch the tutorial and create Joker’s smile using school glue, you will need to apply 3 layers.
    Watch the video till the end and find how to create fake cuts, scars, and even pimples. To create pimples, you will need a red eye shadow, eyelash glue, yellow eye shadow. Our tutorials are very easy!
    We share one more compilation of cool hacks that will teach you how to prank your friends. Edible pranks are very funny but always remember that pranks shouldn't be dangerous or too scary. Let’s start from edible lip balm. Take a bowl and add any chocolate beeswax and cacao butter, stir and melt it in hot water, then pour into empty balm container and let it freeze. One more cool idea is to make edible worms. To make edible worms you will need flexible straws, milk, cocoa powder, and gelatin. Mix together the ingredients and microwave. Fill up the glass with the straws, making sure the flexible part of the straw is closer to the bottom.
    As a bonus you will find super-easy magic tricks with banknotes!
    00:09 Fake pimples
    00:25 Fake scars
    01:03 Food pranks
    01:31 Joker makeup
    05:19 Magic tricks

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  • Syrup Gacha
    Syrup Gacha 8 hours ago

    8:09 if u never ate some of ur lip balm when u were a kid ur lying

  • Syrup Gacha
    Syrup Gacha 8 hours ago

    they really be out here telling people to put frckn glue all over their faces istg

  • sana studio
    sana studio 10 hours ago +1

    like hear👇👇👇👇🙏🙏🙏🖕🖕🖕🖕🙏🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🙏 please

  • Wozzle Wizzle
    Wozzle Wizzle Day ago

    8:09 the girl knows it's chocolate. she's just grossed out you are eating white chocolate. ew

  • Reece Burls
    Reece Burls Day ago

    This is cool

  • danifz beauty
    danifz beauty Day ago


  • Ian Jordan
    Ian Jordan 2 days ago

    This is so cool I wished I watched this a long time ago

  • Etel Bak
    Etel Bak 2 days ago

    6:47... are you ever going to finish that???

  • •honeyLuv •
    •honeyLuv • 2 days ago

    and why would we put a fricking pimple!?

  • Satya Prakash
    Satya Prakash 2 days ago


  • Sheila Del Real
    Sheila Del Real 3 days ago

    But what you going to do when the hot glue does not come of your phone

  • Chris Marshall
    Chris Marshall 3 days ago

    Didnt see them wash out the lip balm first

  • Ambert Mounia
    Ambert Mounia 3 days ago

    People don’t put glue on your face

  • Hj Hoddima Hasibuan
    Hj Hoddima Hasibuan 3 days ago

    itu yang kata gunting mulut keren banget caranya gimana tuhh

  • Skip Sawyer
    Skip Sawyer 3 days ago

    the part where they made a fake scar was so unrealistic because they used all of it!

  • Kauê Teixeira Corrêa

    Aí pai para to ipactada

  • Ellie Mertz
    Ellie Mertz 4 days ago

    6:10. Make sure you don’t make a fist with your hand

  • maryam chikhi
    maryam chikhi 4 days ago

    📲whatapps *00212.644.62.69.28*
    بــحــكــيــلــكــم💁‍♀️ يـا بـنـات عـن تــجــربــتــي الــفــريــدة🥳 فـي تـكـبـيـر الــثــدي👍 والـمـؤخـرة👍 جـربـت وصــفــة مـذهـلـة ونــتــايــجــهــا عــن جــد تــجــنــن
    👈تـواصـلـي مـعـي عـــشــان أشــرح لــك الــوصــفــة الـواتـس اب *00212644626928*📲

  • Nikola Toma
    Nikola Toma 4 days ago

    A fujjj

  • The GamerGirl
    The GamerGirl 4 days ago +2

    1:32 she is so pretty. Thats what i think

  • tnt yeeter
    tnt yeeter 4 days ago

    2:49 isnt a vampire bite suppose to be 2 fang marks

  • Bow Bow
    Bow Bow 5 days ago

    i know popping your pimpmes sounf weird, but wjen i saw the thumbnail i was like I NEED TO POP THAT PIMPLE

  • Furry Studiøs
    Furry Studiøs 5 days ago +2

    who else is watching on october?

  • Makayla Emmanuel
    Makayla Emmanuel 5 days ago

    Haha making fun of people that have acne😑

  • Jhony Animations
    Jhony Animations 6 days ago


  • Yasin Akyol
    Yasin Akyol 6 days ago

    Colles viedio

  • Δώρα Καραπαναγιωτίδου

    0:57 🤪🤪🤪🤪😬😬

  • Ruby Nichol
    Ruby Nichol 6 days ago +2

    Does anyone realize that Pepsi doesn’t have a yellow cap!!

  • Jesse Tiainen
    Jesse Tiainen 6 days ago


  • Santosh Kumari
    Santosh Kumari 6 days ago


  • 사랑스러운 Princess the Animator

    *vsco girls have left the chat*

  • Candy girl eating Candies

    Is it hurts if you take off the glue onto your face

  • WhyDidIMakeThis
    WhyDidIMakeThis 6 days ago

    Please explain what this “fixing powder” is

  • Rina Saha
    Rina Saha 7 days ago

    this is from crafty panda

  • Cute cat Gaming
    Cute cat Gaming 7 days ago

    Ahhhhhhhhh plastic straws are in the vid sksksksksksksk save the turtles

  • Banana The Joe
    Banana The Joe 7 days ago

    Cooler Kanal guckt euch auch meinen Kanal.Der BananaJoe

  • Ssr na
    Ssr na 7 days ago

    October 16 enemy butty

  • Ssr na
    Ssr na 7 days ago


  • Erica Pagan
    Erica Pagan 8 days ago


  • Foot Cream
    Foot Cream 8 days ago

    0:24 *yes, I too love rubbing glue on my forehead.*

  • R a D z
    R a D z 8 days ago

    6:20 *i think I found pennywise*

  • xd Enriched
    xd Enriched 8 days ago


  • Snow Wolfie
    Snow Wolfie 8 days ago

    1.06 talk about hygiene

  • simon gabe tappa
    simon gabe tappa 8 days ago

    looks like chicken poks

  • Marice Mendoza
    Marice Mendoza 8 days ago +1


  • ぉヴぇAkai_NekoJie

    6:09 is no one gonna talk about the picture of cat looks like it was shock 😂

  • Biker75 Yee yee
    Biker75 Yee yee 8 days ago

    7:00 well even if you did this one you still broke your phone by putting hot glue on it 😂 🤔

  • Cryptic _ Ninja
    Cryptic _ Ninja 9 days ago

    How do you have 61.4M subs, it only 7M veiws? SUBBOT

  • Rakhee Chitnis
    Rakhee Chitnis 9 days ago

    1:04 really looks real😊

  • Super ASMR
    Super ASMR 9 days ago +2

    like who from 2019

  • Tony WANG
    Tony WANG 9 days ago

    Oh yeah,5 mins to do that.(I would use 20 mins or more)

  • Michael Jayroe
    Michael Jayroe 9 days ago +1


  • Devi Thapa
    Devi Thapa 10 days ago

    Looks real

  • Maurice Young
    Maurice Young 10 days ago +1

    6:45 all the Vsco girls would at your not saving the turtles

  • Roland Garcia
    Roland Garcia 10 days ago


  • Dalia Martinez
    Dalia Martinez 10 days ago

    Why did y’all hot glue stuff on y’alls nail?

    Mr. TROLOLOLOLOL!!!! 10 days ago

    1:26 you better hope that dosen’t have some weird infection

  • shadow wolf
    shadow wolf 10 days ago

    Who else wanted to the tumbnail to be real so they could have the satisfaction of popping it 🤣ohoh just me ook Haha

  • Allan White
    Allan White 10 days ago +1

    I thought you was going to cut your LIPS

  • Lapis Lazuli
    Lapis Lazuli 10 days ago

    Why would you want to scare your human friend? I just squeeze them with my water fist until they stop annoying me.