Restaurant Owner Buys Food from Supermarket - Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Nov 30, 2011
    Not only does Sandy not allow her Head Chef to come in early to prepare the food, but she doesn't even deliver the ingredients to him on time. Instead of getting them delivered from a wholesaler, she rushes out to the local supermarket an hour before service.
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  • John Sanabria
    John Sanabria 11 hours ago

    At least she gets it fresh

    DANEBLUEGNOME 6 days ago

    How not running up with business the restuarant could open the door... No foods service could less than foods, come on!

  • Mini Skinny Lion
    Mini Skinny Lion 9 days ago +1

    #brawlstars by #BigFat Lion

  • Twat Central
    Twat Central 15 days ago

    1:34 on today’s programme Gordon scares the shit out of an old man 😂

  • Paulo D. Candeias
    Paulo D. Candeias 21 day ago

    1:20 ramsay showing men are always gonna be kids lmao

  • MobileDecay
    MobileDecay 21 day ago

    That old man was so happy when Gordon touched him. Lol! 😂😂😂

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo 25 days ago

    who else comes for ramsay getting *_utterly upset mate_*

  • Michael Griffin
    Michael Griffin 26 days ago

    Mission is find comment from 2011

  • Kenny Dalgic
    Kenny Dalgic 26 days ago

    She’s a hottie and quite polite and pleasant

  • v montclair
    v montclair 29 days ago

    A young British lady told me that Americans were much ruder and verbally aggressive than they I completely forgot about Gordon if not I woulda laughed really hard Gordon can make an American seem like a pansy

  • riseuplight
    riseuplight 29 days ago

    What is that? Fucking dog shit.

  • Z3R0Z G4ming
    Z3R0Z G4ming 29 days ago

    Legends says that the old man is still smiling

  • Jenny Lee
    Jenny Lee 29 days ago

    Some businesses need to fail.

  • Firedudecod Gaming (PS4)

    I had a supermarket advert before watching this

  • brotherdactyl
    brotherdactyl Month ago

    They just need Uber eats lol

  • GilgameshAurora
    GilgameshAurora Month ago

    You need to smack woman to teach them respect

  • Marceli Tucker-Szudra

    1:21 funniest thing I've seen

  • Cody Diamond FEM
    Cody Diamond FEM Month ago

    The karts in that supermarket are weird I’m not sure if it’s normal for England but in Canada the karts don’t have swirling wheels on the back just the front

  • Travis Zananiri
    Travis Zananiri Month ago

    Where else are we supposed the buy food tho like do we go to a fresh farm and say give me your freshest everything sir then boom will you be happy then Gordon? WILL YOU!?!

  • brian appshole
    brian appshole Month ago

    bc pizza in michigan dose that shit all the time they run outa stuff and then have to run to the super market to get mushrooms and other shit retarded!

  • Doggo
    Doggo Month ago

    I love rewatching this 8 years later as it pops into my recommended

  • Little Toaster
    Little Toaster Month ago

    We're all a few seasons from being old. Treat your elders well. Good man Gordon Ramsey!

  • Luis Lugo
    Luis Lugo Month ago

    Atleast there's no rotten food in the fridge

  • weweko kowe
    weweko kowe Month ago

    Is that chef who had to declare bankruptcy, not the best teacher huh

  • S W
    S W Month ago

    The UK version of Kitchen Nightmares is SO much better. Gordon and the people he's working with are actually able to talk to each other like normal human beings. in the US version, Gordon has to restrain himself because Americans are such complete children that he has to be gentle with them or they will start to cry and need to go to their "safe space".

  • Marcus Green
    Marcus Green Month ago

    Why are these comments sucking Gordon’s dick so hard?

    LONE WOLF Month ago


  • HamNEggs
    HamNEggs Month ago

    I worked for a place like this. Worst job ever. Mad dashes to the grocery store whenever we ran out of shit

  • Marshy-y
    Marshy-y Month ago +3

    Why did TheXvid recommend me this today

    I needed this 83828 years ago

  • Alex w
    Alex w Month ago

    She got some tits

  • Edwin Rodriguez
    Edwin Rodriguez Month ago

    Gordon is such a prima donna!!

  • Da Fonse
    Da Fonse Month ago +1

    In Puerto Rico business owners use Sam's and cosco for their restaurant choppings.

    • Perfection
      Perfection Month ago

      Da Fonse *shopping

    • Arturo Hernandez
      Arturo Hernandez Month ago

      Yea bcuz politicians in Washington have that dumb US only trade which is killing the PR economy due to high prices

  • Nice Girl
    Nice Girl Month ago

    Gordon woke the old fellow up!

  • Justme_ 16
    Justme_ 16 Month ago +1

    Gordon just chilling in a supermarket is honestly iconic

  • Upupinthedownlife
    Upupinthedownlife Month ago

    Just buy a £3 meal deal

  • Neel's other account

    No I'm not a 115.

  • not important
    not important Month ago

    She can get it

    I AM TEXT Month ago

    Damn, a supermarket is so inappropriate to buy food at.

  • Chill Yo shit Slim
    Chill Yo shit Slim Month ago +2

    August 2019 anyone? No? Only me? Ok..

  • Vic
    Vic Month ago

    8 years old

  • illegit
    illegit Month ago

    Absolute spastics

  • SuperSteveGaming
    SuperSteveGaming Month ago

    Who remembers when Tesco and the bags looked like that

    YUNG BUCC Month ago

    The uk is really weird... makes me want to stay home this summer

    • PichDextro
      PichDextro Month ago

      @YUNG BUCC Ok, guess I understand. I don't really have that problem, because I'm German. When I'm on vacation I like to visit the UK or other countries where English is a native language, because it makes communication so much easier. For me there's not really a process of getting used to it. It's just a preference thing. I love the open seas so I don't have a problem with countries surrounded by it as long as it's not too hot there. I would probably not enjoy Australia, although it's in the middle of the ocean. The UK is also pretty easy to visit in comparison to the US, since it's not that far away from my homecountry.

      YUNG BUCC Month ago

      As an American it’s really hard to get used to other countries that speak English like the uk Australia and New Zealand especially because it’s in the middle of the sea and it’s not personal or anything but like water in general makes me really nauseous

    • PichDextro
      PichDextro Month ago

      @YUNG BUCC And then there's me who loves it because of that eery vibe xD
      But I also love rain, hate the summer and therefore dislike to be in sunny countries like spain or egypt during vacation.

      YUNG BUCC Month ago

      PichDextro I’ve been to England many times and every time got really sick from the atmosphere

      YUNG BUCC Month ago

      It just gives off a monotone creepy vibe like everyone is just like in the 1930’s in black and white

  • Grant Harvey
    Grant Harvey Month ago

    If we had a dinner party we wouldn’t be sitting here till fucking 4:00

  • Raider Nation95
    Raider Nation95 Month ago

    I'd hit it

  • Cryptid Four
    Cryptid Four Month ago

    Oh no a person buys something from a store a such an entertaining video

  • Stalins Dog
    Stalins Dog Month ago +1

    Do owners go fucking hunt for food

  • BlueFlameBird
    BlueFlameBird Month ago +5

    I always assumed restaurants ordered food in large quantities from supermarkets and got a business discount.
    If you can't tell I know nothing about restaurants

    • Awake and thinking
      Awake and thinking Month ago

      BlueFlameBird that’s what they’re supposed to do, literally only dumb owners shop for their supplies right before service

  • freakyflow
    freakyflow Month ago

    I never worked as a chef Or a restaurtant owner But i can tell you You look at every price of items and search out the quality And price of your product And you have a supplier bring it in to your needs per week This doesn't mean 1 supplier for all your goods 2 3 even 4 different suppliers Thus you get the best fresh supplies at the lowest prices Add in your costs and set the foods to the total with profit. And if they cant deliver on time then you ether work out something with them Or find another dealer Unless you can find a better offer at a wholesale store.
    Whole point of a chef is to tally up what sells And what does not That inturn heads to the manager and they both go over adjustments at the end of the day But the Manager in most cases does the ordering after him checking out the in house goods And find out why there is 2 week old fish in the fridge Prep looks after its items Sous-Chef looks over prep And his own Head head over sees all and reports to the Manager And reports to the owner on cost cutting and fresh ideas If the owner is the problem Then none of this works

  • Nick Kingston
    Nick Kingston Month ago

    One ugly dude with attitude

  • Bumpy
    Bumpy Month ago

    1 like= 1 pair of gloves for Gordon.

  • Wittski Whiskey
    Wittski Whiskey Month ago

    What type of woman doesnt know how to shop properly?

  • MeSoOP
    MeSoOP Month ago

    Where else do u buy food from?

    • TeamJella
      TeamJella Month ago

      Distributors? The farms and ranches that make the food themselves? Places restaurants normally buy food from?

  • The unknown rex
    The unknown rex Month ago


  • Mimi Arfaoui
    Mimi Arfaoui Month ago

    Where are they supposed to get their food from though?

  • Rustled Jimmies
    Rustled Jimmies Month ago

    What ep is this

  • Jollytapestry .C
    Jollytapestry .C Month ago

    And? So do I.

  • Mauricio José Osuna
    Mauricio José Osuna Month ago +2

    1:33 Old man almost having a heart attack after being shown some kindness

  • Ryan Arrecis
    Ryan Arrecis Month ago

    What episode?

  • Jelle Otter
    Jelle Otter Month ago

    How fucking many fucking times can you say fucking in one fucking sentence...fucking hell.