Fast food playgrounds

  • Published on Oct 4, 2019
  • burger king has the best playground dont @ me
    IAN DOKIE: cameraman
    I USE:
    ▶ ToonBoom Harmony Premium - to animate
    ▶ Adobe Photoshop CC
    ▶ Cintiq 16 Pro - screen tablet (but I recommend basic cheap pen tablets from Wacom)
    ▶ MERCH:
    - I'm sorry, I'm not available to do lines for videos anymore; I've gotten really busy :(
    - I am NOT looking for animation or video help! I appreciate your kindness. I'm not in a place where I need to hire people, not even for free.
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  • illymation
    illymation  2 months ago +2989

    ian and i ALSO found a SPIDER hole!

    • Noddles uwu
      Noddles uwu 19 hours ago

      illymation can you do block party at Redlands California

    • Elomementoplayz
      Elomementoplayz Day ago

      Where I live this could happen to me because a coyote could cross the street and a saw a chicken cross the street in Florida

    • samler pill
      samler pill 5 days ago

      Heck..where the bad kids go...

    • Noddles uwu
      Noddles uwu 6 days ago

      illymation I live in the west coast

    • Ian Fink
      Ian Fink 6 days ago

      Fellow Ian right hear!!!

  • Im not that popular// INTP

    anti what organisations

  • AC wolf
    AC wolf 10 hours ago

    I went to burger king today just for the playground! I'm 11

  • Fumdoo
    Fumdoo 16 hours ago

    Jollibee fight me imperials

  • Launa Michelle
    Launa Michelle 16 hours ago

    mc donels

  • dragonman playz
    dragonman playz 17 hours ago

    4:05 sounded like this: FNT

  • Cruel Summer Gacha
    Cruel Summer Gacha 18 hours ago

    I was watching this in the living room and when she said hello, my dad replied with "hi" and thought she was talking to him

  • Chemistry Coston
    Chemistry Coston 18 hours ago

    I'm 11 and TBH I still play on the fast-food playgrounds because I look like 7

  • 1-800-EW
    1-800-EW 21 hour ago


  • 1-800-EW
    1-800-EW 21 hour ago

    **yeets brother off slide**

  • Michael Marquez
    Michael Marquez Day ago

    WHAT! No Chicklifa! Like I know they donated to... stuff, but it’s so good! Maybe it’s just because I have good memories there. Who knows! Because I don’t!

  • kailynn cooper
    kailynn cooper Day ago


  • ViciTube 2.0
    ViciTube 2.0 Day ago


  • super lulu! s.
    super lulu! s. Day ago

    person: eww, why is the ball pit wet...

  • evil kawaii potatoes!!

    I’ve been to the Burger King one your talking about and I agree it is fun

  • Noah Snider
    Noah Snider Day ago

    I went to the Chick-fil-A playground and I didn't care about the size thing so I just went up there and also I just really didn't care so it doesn't matter anymore I just really don't care so I hope you can answer this but I don't know I just really don't care about rules.

  • Elomementoplayz
    Elomementoplayz Day ago

    I used to love the Burger King playgrounds and mine with is in Delaware county takes up like half of the restaurant

  • ;-; Marz Kun ;-;

    I got lost in a burger king playground for like 5 minutes when i was 5...oof XD

  • emw 16
    emw 16 2 days ago

    There was a Subway down the road from my dad's old house that had an indoor playground. It was fun.

  • d1lam ;-;b
    d1lam ;-;b 2 days ago

    Me and my sis played in a playground in a restaurant called "ragazzo" i dont now if yo guys have this in NA or EU but in brazil we have (at least in São Paulo)

  • terrablade n stuff
    terrablade n stuff 2 days ago

    Are you Australian

  • Else EJW
    Else EJW 2 days ago

    James the odd ones out gasp

  • Adilyn Stubbs
    Adilyn Stubbs 2 days ago

    Maybe a city that *doesnt have f***ing coyotes walking down the street*

  • Mr. Mam
    Mr. Mam 2 days ago

    i was always afraid of the strechie parts of the tunnles

  • Ben Mora
    Ben Mora 2 days ago

    I have a burger King INDOOR playground

  • F•R•I•E•N•D•S


  • RS - 06PC - Darcel Avenue Sr PS (1104)


  • peachybat
    peachybat 2 days ago

    Reonaction of long live the king = everyone in my lion king play when mufasa died in the play cuz everyone hated him idk what I'm sayinglolXD

  • Black Wolf
    Black Wolf 2 days ago

    Ay ya‘ll saw my coyote fam. Pretty sure that was uncle jerry

  • Lana Traisnel
    Lana Traisnel 2 days ago

    Hi ! In my country, there isn't and awesome fast food playgrounds but the only one that I remember was my favorite. It was a "Quick" Fast food playground (now replaced by Burger King) and there a chest in that playground and I LOVED that chest. Infortunately, now that the playground was replaced by Burger King, they TOOK AWAY the Holy-Chest ! I was really sad

  • Melkers Teknikhörna

    I have never played in a fast food resturant

  • CoolCookieFTW / CoolPandaFTW

    I’ve never been to a fast food playground before. :(
    Maybe thats why Im such a wimp. Huh.

  • xX_Phantastic Deity_Xx
    xX_Phantastic Deity_Xx 3 days ago +1

    Nostalgia anyone?

  • super toaster gachas
    super toaster gachas 3 days ago +1

    Burger King doesn't have a playground where I live

  • Annie P
    Annie P 3 days ago

    Illy:block party is so fun it's aweso-
    Coyote:LEts GeT iNTo ThE VidEo

  • Annie P
    Annie P 3 days ago

    I LOVED McDonald's and chickfila as a kid

  • a random person that you might know

    I remember this one indoor playground (at furniture store for some reason) but my mom took me there because she had to get some stuff or something but it was late so there was hardly anybody there, there was also a section in which you could play video games. It was heaven on Earth. I had the whole thing all to myself :)

  • Nevermore_Gamer
    Nevermore_Gamer 3 days ago

    Update: Chik-Fil-A is working on stopping donating to Anti-LGBT organizations! So I can eat there again!

  • maple gameing
    maple gameing 3 days ago

    illy can you please do something in Alberta, please I love you plssssssssssssss all so we have a lot of dangerous

  • Cason Hollandsworth
    Cason Hollandsworth 3 days ago

    Yeah you get it chick fila

  • Jetpilot 40
    Jetpilot 40 3 days ago +1

    I went to the huge McDonald’s one on Florida

  • Redder
    Redder 4 days ago

    The top tear indoor playground is a playground in McDonald’s in florida it has 5 floors and an arcade and its open 24/7

  • Sigma Cosplays
    Sigma Cosplays 4 days ago

    L 👏G 👏B 👏T 👏friendly 👏CONTENT👏

  • David Jimenez
    David Jimenez 4 days ago +1

    Is that a........ a plastic straw I see?!?!

  • Ge'khi Dent
    Ge'khi Dent 4 days ago

    The way she is drew throwing her brother though lmbo

  • Elizabeth Ramirez
    Elizabeth Ramirez 4 days ago


  • Lazy stop motion animator

    Ya know, I respect people's opines but even tho Chicfalay has done some shady stuff I would still go because I enjoy it. I don't know why i'm talking about this I just felt like sharing. Sorry if I misspell something or somethings my brain is tiny :\

  • Zenelly
    Zenelly 4 days ago

    My favorite fast food playground was a McDonald's in Orlando, FL which is actually the biggest McDonald's in the world. It had a 3 story high playground and an arcade

  • •Dark Haloz•
    •Dark Haloz• 4 days ago

    Me reading desc: *Bish there is no Burger King playplace this ain't McDonalds*
    This is a Canadian thing so yeah o_o

  • smol bean
    smol bean 4 days ago

    does anyone remember jungle java i always got stuck somewhere

  • shealtielconcept
    shealtielconcept 4 days ago +1

    *long live the king, PATHETIC BOOMER.*

  • fnaf kitty
    fnaf kitty 4 days ago

    I like hungry hippo

  • Yogurt Addictionz
    Yogurt Addictionz 4 days ago


  • GaChas siNd guT
    GaChas siNd guT 4 days ago

    I would not go in there last time I went in there I came out with pink eye

  • Just a girl Who loves books

    I'm 13 and still play on the McDonald's play ground

  • Lydia C.
    Lydia C. 4 days ago

    My mom told me Chick-Fil-A was closed....

    Same with Mac Donalds and Burger King

  • Murder King
    Murder King 4 days ago

    That scream tho.
    “Long love the king...”

  • Shwifty Lava
    Shwifty Lava 5 days ago

    OMG I remember the Burger King playground!

  • Evan Jones
    Evan Jones 5 days ago

    I personally loved the Chuck E. Cheese playground

  • KattChatt
    KattChatt 5 days ago

    So.. Supporting an organisation that helps millions of people a year, including those in the LGBTQA+ community, and whos stance on gay marriage having no effect on who they help... bothers you?