[4K] Who is a pretty baby orangutan?


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  • deenibeeniable
    deenibeeniable 3 hours ago

    What a horrible life for an orangutan. So far from nature, humans gawking. It's disgusting.

  • Kemal Soydere
    Kemal Soydere Day ago


  • tash tash
    tash tash 2 days ago

    The mom got this look like you touch my baby that's yo ass!!!

  • Lauri Gardner-Rhodes

    Such a beautiful sight!! It's such a shame that these animals are forced out of their habitats. People need to stop trying to change everything and just enjoy the moment of life the way it was meant to be.

  • k k
    k k 4 days ago +1

    My one-year-old son is now kicking me😜

  • Modi Namo
    Modi Namo 4 days ago +1

    I would love to kill her mom and take away baby

    • Modi Namo
      Modi Namo 3 days ago

      @Dwy Prabowo you are from which country ?

    • Dwy Prabowo
      Dwy Prabowo 3 days ago

      Modi Namo I would love to kill u n take ur mom away ;-)

  • Minakhi Sarangi
    Minakhi Sarangi 4 days ago


  • Minakhi Sarangi
    Minakhi Sarangi 4 days ago

    🌹Jay Ho Wonderful Creator 🌹

  • Justin Murphy
    Justin Murphy 5 days ago

    Like if it’s a good parent

  • Tien
    Tien 6 days ago

    Aw... a proud mom’s showing off her baby.

  • dharshan priya
    dharshan priya 6 days ago

    Don't disturb them.....

  • el papi
    el papi 6 days ago

    he looks like the grinch when he was in school looool

  • Owen Salisbury
    Owen Salisbury 7 days ago

    Shane she has people staring at her and behind bars.

  • A O G I M S T O R E
    A O G I M S T O R E 7 days ago


  • sarah sllawson
    sarah sllawson 8 days ago

    I ❤❤❤ his mohawk!

  • Carol O
    Carol O 8 days ago +1

    Baby orangutans are so cute with their little pot bellies, tiny heads and sparse hair.

  • Jen Hadar
    Jen Hadar 8 days ago

    Little Cutie💖💖💖

  • TheScreamers9
    TheScreamers9 9 days ago

    They are both adorable

  • God is Great
    God is Great 9 days ago +1

    Masha allah

    NAGA PRASANNA 10 days ago

    Not only human being Mother only all living animals also ❤love is awesome

  • nikolette 1212
    nikolette 1212 11 days ago +1

    For anyone who says these animals dont feel or have emotions, you watch this, trust you wont feel the same way. I never understood how people could think that is true??! That was most beautiful thing i have ever seen!!❤

  • Nita Idhar
    Nita Idhar 14 days ago

    That is one proud mama! Loves the video. Thanks for sharing

  • Dirce Nunes
    Dirce Nunes 15 days ago

    Que lindo filhotinho parece que tá sorrindo para o público e a mamãe mostrando ele para o mundo ele é muito lindo

  • Regina Célia Prates de Miranda

    A mãe se pergunta ,o que eu faço com esse moicano?? Crio né,fazer o que!!

  • Mary Zaletel
    Mary Zaletel 17 days ago

    So cute mama and baby❤❤❤

  • Opik Taopik
    Opik Taopik 21 day ago

    His baby ... mohawk hyer style..😁😁😁

  • Maura Ghirri
    Maura Ghirri 21 day ago

    Gli da i baci, proprio come facciamo noi! Troppo commovente

  • Maura Ghirri
    Maura Ghirri 21 day ago

    Meditare sullo sguardo dei loro occhi! L'amore di una mamma è uguale in ogni specie

  • LambWithoutSpot
    LambWithoutSpot 22 days ago

    You can so clearly see the humanity in both their eyes.

  • Eli
    Eli 23 days ago

    The way that mummy looks after her baby, so calm and concentrated. She tolerates the grips, even if it s her mouth. What a feeling it must be to cling to the warm hairy body of mum.

  • Rima Khatun
    Rima Khatun 27 days ago


  • A. Stab
    A. Stab 28 days ago

    Indonesia and Malaysia destroy their habitat!

  • Marie Harrison
    Marie Harrison Month ago +1

    You can tell mommas proud

  • Nilda Barbosa
    Nilda Barbosa Month ago +1

    Omg she looks so very proud of her baby.!! It is amazing the way they take cares the babies.!!

  • Ruth Korb
    Ruth Korb Month ago

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: why are people (and their children!) so freakin' NOISY! If you think this what the orangutans are used to as they fly through the treetops you are wrong.This is wrong in so many ways.

  • Joseph Argibay
    Joseph Argibay Month ago

    Not chumpanzee,ever

  • collapsingquantumwav

    Why the thumbs down for this video?

  • Z1Hellrider
    Z1Hellrider Month ago

    She looks at her baby like every 8 seconds, like 'I think I love you more than the last time I looked !!'

  • TheScreamers9
    TheScreamers9 Month ago +1

    Beautiful mama and baby. I like when mama kisses baby

  • P.G.
    P.G. Month ago

    poor things are cold! You can see from their skin, they have the chills, they should provide blankets in zoos.

  • Vanessa Shaw
    Vanessa Shaw Month ago +1

    This is beyond wonderful. I could swear the baby is smiling and mom is busting with love.

  • Bridgett Tubbs
    Bridgett Tubbs Month ago

    Yes she is beautiful and oh so so sweet. Both Mother and baby. I’m going to watch one more time!

  • MPSecare
    MPSecare 2 months ago

    that hair is fresh

  • Siddarao Shantham
    Siddarao Shantham 2 months ago

    (●´з`)♡(´ε` )♡Lllll"kiiukggCupbFYI 👊👊

  • Jacsuel Silva
    Jacsuel Silva 2 months ago


  • Preama Suresh
    Preama Suresh 2 months ago

    Hi baby what's a cute spike hairstyle. how many kissing, so Lucky

  • Zirve Bulud
    Zirve Bulud 2 months ago

    Ох какая любовь

  • Zirve Bulud
    Zirve Bulud 2 months ago

    Мама красавица и дитё тоже

  • Zirve Bulud
    Zirve Bulud 2 months ago

    От такой мамы у бежать нельзя .

  • Afagah Öz
    Afagah Öz 2 months ago


  • Agnaldo Lima da silva
    Agnaldo Lima da silva 2 months ago

    Essa mãe jamais terar coragem de pegar seu filho e jogar no lixa ingual faz as mãe humana

  • Deepak Vishwakarma A S
    Deepak Vishwakarma A S 2 months ago

    Love you😘❤️😘 everyone

  • Ingrid Rivas M.
    Ingrid Rivas M. 2 months ago


  • mmm123mm mmm123mm
    mmm123mm mmm123mm 2 months ago

    هل يوجد عرب😂

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 2 months ago

    Human eyes. Aaaaa

  • Ngat Nguyen
    Ngat Nguyen 2 months ago

    Đố ai mà bắt được con của nó?

  • Habibi Qolbi
    Habibi Qolbi 2 months ago

    So sweet

  • Rockie
    Rockie 2 months ago

    I'm sure people are curious but being put on exhibition this way somehow doesn't feel quite right. You can see much discomfort in both the mother and the baby. There must be a better way to respect these beautiful creatures without all the noise, the crowds etc.

  • Josep Sankhill
    Josep Sankhill 2 months ago

    Baby ape David Beckham version.

  • Any tag Channel
    Any tag Channel 2 months ago

    Wow very good