Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik appears in court appealing for early release - BBC News

  • Published on Jan 17, 2022
  • In 2011 Anders Breivik murdered 77 people, many of them young people attending a summer camp, and was sentenced to 21 years in prison - but has now appeared in court appealing for early release.
    The right-wing extremist argues he should be given the chance of parole after ten years behind bars.
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  • Jesse F
    Jesse F 4 months ago +2000

    Note 21 years is a bit misleading. He can be held indefinitely, under a part of Norwegian law called Containment, which means they just have to prove every 5 years that he remains a danger to society. The 21 years is the maximum penalty for his crime, but he can still be held beyond that.

    • John demtopics
      John demtopics 5 days ago +1

      @Denis Havlik but never release him though. Feed his brain with drugs and make him docile but keep him locked up.

    • John demtopics
      John demtopics 5 days ago +1

      Let's hope they never release this man. Unpredictable and highly dangerous. Killing 77 teenagers and getting released would be one of the most outrageous things to ever happen in my lifetime

    • With all due respect
      With all due respect Month ago

      @Mia M There’s no need for rehabilitation when he needs to be punished.

    • Qarmatian Warhorse
      Qarmatian Warhorse 2 months ago

      @Denis Havlik No, their methods are too humane. Think ussr.

  • Upenda Sana
    Upenda Sana 4 months ago +828

    He should not even be allowed to come out like this publicly in a suit like this with a sign..this is disgusting that he is given this publicity.
    Disgusting for all the victims and families..outrageous giving him this voice

    • Jens Berg Rosenkrans
      Jens Berg Rosenkrans Month ago

      @sukuvar ok. Yeah. It's Norway. Er du inder eller Norsk inder?

    • sukuvar
      sukuvar Month ago

      @Jens Berg Rosenkrans yes I am Indian.

    • Jens Berg Rosenkrans
      Jens Berg Rosenkrans Month ago

      @sukuvar he's right. You sound Indian. Are you?

    • sukuvar
      sukuvar Month ago

      Its Norway not India..

  • BeepBop Boop
    BeepBop Boop 4 months ago +803

    I love that he is showing exactly why he should never be let out.

    • Hunter White
      Hunter White 6 days ago

      He does not have a life sentence.So he will some day be a free man.

    • Max Hernandez
      Max Hernandez Month ago

      @Robert Page she won’t, you’ll be replace and you can only whine about it on the internet. L

    • Joon Bug
      Joon Bug 2 months ago

      @alwaysOPEN4business it’s not a lie though.

  • OsmanOsmanHan
    OsmanOsmanHan 4 months ago +1627

    He either has no shame. Or he doesn’t believe what he did was wrong. Both, probably.

  • M. Roman
    M. Roman 4 months ago +401

    No, no, no. This man can not be let out. The way he strutted in…the demeanor is chilling. Letting him out would be unleashing possibly worse acts and unforgivable. Twenty one years is too little, also.

      SHADOW OF FIRE 4 months ago

      If Taliban million times dangerous then him can rule a country and Norway held meeting for Taliban why can't this guy spend few days of parole outside of prison. Taliban can have a twitter presence but this guy can't?

  • Daniel Halvorsen
    Daniel Halvorsen 4 months ago +573

    Norwegian here.
    The law says the maximum sentence is 21 years. However, that is indefinitely extendable if the person is not deemed safe to release back into the public.
    I guess the best english word for it is "preventative detention" (forvaring). He will never get out.

    • TheFunkeyfish
      TheFunkeyfish 3 months ago

      @T R
      , from 2011 to 2016 he has sent and received a total of around 3000 letters, among these letters, he has sent a mass-copied letter to relatives and survivors.
      It is a repetition of the message from his manifesto that he wrote before he committed the killings

    • TheFunkeyfish
      TheFunkeyfish 3 months ago

      @roof pizza Yes, Norway and Canada basically have the same penalty laws and gun laws.

    • MKody
      MKody 4 months ago

      @aberdeenkiko I respect Norway
      Very welcoming 🙏 3 times I been there
      Norway does not need these types on the Street to ruin the stability it has
      That other countries does not have peace like Norway (personal experience)
      We can't watch 247 this anders guy
      People who take life after life after life 30 40 50 times ⏲
      Come on .......
      I pray he is never released
      This system 1 mistake go back inside
      It's okay for normal crime
      But I think this 1 case is special
      Very special ....not a everyday case
      I think it will test the justice system.
      Hope he does come free and say I want to leave Norway and come to where I am

  • Desktop Kitty
    Desktop Kitty 4 months ago +220

    Back when he was sentenced 21 years, my Norwegian friends explained that in all likely he'll never get out. As long as he's seen as a public danger.

      SHADOW OF FIRE 4 months ago

      If Taliban million times dangerous then him can rule a country and Norway held meeting for Taliban why can't this guy spend few days of parole outside of prison. Taliban can have a twitter presence but this guy can't?

    • Maximus Asauluk
      Maximus Asauluk 4 months ago +2

      @Don Roberto Did you really think the whole existance of this criminal is this little video? Not that it matters since he's literally a proud Nazi, but he has expressed the Nazi salute countless times in public.

  • E T
    E T 4 months ago +180

    What I absolutely loved about the Norwegian papers & social media platforms at the time, they give minimum airtime, front page haedlines & so in regards to they didn't want & said he did not deserve this publicity. Yes more attitudes like this is needed.

    • XDKnoori
      XDKnoori 25 days ago


    • Crow
      Crow 3 months ago

      @Zorro9129 it's not censorship. People can look it up if they want, it's just not headlines.

    • Massimo Riserbo
      Massimo Riserbo 4 months ago

      Are you sure about that?!?

    • Norwegian Traditionalist
      Norwegian Traditionalist 4 months ago

      @Mari B I mean you wrote this on day 2 or 3 of the trial, at that point all of Norway have seen it and it’s not breaking/headline news anymore.

  • Zack Collis
    Zack Collis 4 months ago +130

    Anyone who’s ever watched 22nd July would know how ruthlessly cold this killer is... I have no idea how parole is even questionable. This guy massacred a bunch of kids at a summer camp

    • XDKnoori
      XDKnoori 25 days ago

      @R H .

      STEVEMOBSLAYER Month ago

      @Feik Schteizman I'm pretty sure Norway is a country for EVERYONE, REGARDLESS OF RACE, GENDER, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, OR RELIGION.

    • Family Guy Network
      Family Guy Network 3 months ago


  • Ramon Yusuf de Bruijn
    Ramon Yusuf de Bruijn 3 months ago +53

    Parole for murdering 77 people?. Thats an insult to the victims. This man should never ever be let out.

    • Mikey Mike
      Mikey Mike 3 months ago

      @Crow just don’t respond, let him wallow in his own stupid

    • Jens Berg Rosenkrans
      Jens Berg Rosenkrans 3 months ago

      @Homegrown jones hey I'm Norwegian. No one ever felt that. And even if a small small miniscule portion of the population were to believe it, they would be wrong. As what you say is wrong. You litteraly can't say anything that is by definition more wrong than that. Again, what made you so angry you feel you need to come here and offend a whole nation, nei, a whole continent? Can you answer or are you unable to answer a simple question?

    • Homegrown jones
      Homegrown jones 3 months ago +1

      alot of people feel like he paid his debt and was never a threat to the good people of norway

  • David Radford
    David Radford 4 months ago +649

    If the Norwegians give him parole, it just means they don't care if another 77 people are killed (69 of them teenagers at summer camp) during another attack. I'm all for rehab and The Norwegians are quite good at it from I've read, but when your killing/shooting spree leaves 77 dead, you really don't need to breath free air again.

    • Muqri.
      Muqri. 2 months ago

      @Oceanside Affirmations He's right. Internet encouraged him to do it.

    • Shannon Todd
      Shannon Todd 3 months ago

      @Oak Beard Thanx! I'm now taking my leave to collect my cookie.

  • Ben Hawkes
    Ben Hawkes 4 months ago +113

    Someone who killed so many shouldn’t ever see outside of a prison again.

    • Crow
      Crow 3 months ago

      @SHADOW OF FIRE Taliban haven't killed Norwegian kids, that's the difference.

      SHADOW OF FIRE 4 months ago +1

      If Taliban million times dangerous then him can rule a country and Norway held meeting for Taliban why can't this guy spend few days of parole outside of prison. Taliban can have a twitter presence but this guy can't?

    • Gavin Gas
      Gavin Gas 4 months ago

      @Space Debris to dumb? Flagg? Lol. Very good.

  • David J
    David J 4 months ago +297

    He should be given another 21 years for even asking to be paroled.

  • Sardis
    Sardis 4 months ago +144

    Killed 77, and brought extreme grief, pain, anguish and suffering to many others.
    NO parole to this monster!

    • The Atheists
      The Atheists 3 months ago

      Is it very legal to devour him🤔.

  • roof pizza
    roof pizza 4 months ago +89

    What not to do at a parole hearing.

    • Filipino Rutherford
      Filipino Rutherford 2 months ago

      Yeagh fail lol.

    • Yolo Swaggins
      Yolo Swaggins 4 months ago

      He knows he's not getting out anyways, he's just using the opportunity to make an appearance.

    • M Palmer
      M Palmer 4 months ago

      @DawgHouse_tv Unfortunately you accept my comment as such.. it’s specifically to brevit.. no other human on this planet!!!

    • Norwegian Traditionalist
      Norwegian Traditionalist 4 months ago

      @Ausf Actually he can apply for parole every single year, so except to see him every year. His lawyer said he has already planned to do this.

  • Kenny Fenny
    Kenny Fenny 4 months ago +185

    Seriously, How could you set free someone who set off a massive truck bomb then went on to kill all those poor kids, ever! He wouldn't last long anyway. Must be a lot of very, very angry parents out there wanting to hand out some of their own proper justice. I would if i was them.

      SHADOW OF FIRE 4 months ago

      If Taliban million times dangerous then him can rule a country and Norway held meeting for Taliban why can't this guy spend few days of parole outside of prison. Taliban can have a twitter presence but this guy can't?

      SHADOW OF FIRE 4 months ago

      If Taliban million times dangerous then him can rule a country and Norway held meeting for Taliban why can't this guy spend few days of parole outside of prison. Taliban can have a twitter presence but this guy can't?

    • So Unsure
      So Unsure 4 months ago +1

      @STo123 it’s unlikely that yhe judge is elected in Norway, only in American

  • Silence
    Silence 4 months ago +139

    I appreciate the progressive legal system in Scandinavia, but there are instances where an individual should never be allowed into society again and this clearly is one.

    • Luredreier
      Luredreier 4 months ago

      @Space Debris Unnskyld?
      Hva i alle dager snakker du om?

    • Barbara Hamilton
      Barbara Hamilton 4 months ago

      @Space Debris .something new for me.!

    • Barbara Hamilton
      Barbara Hamilton 4 months ago +1

      @Space Debris There is a lot going on with the emigration. The native Scandinavian protection his own family and property.
      Many people are devastated what happened that day.!!! Tragic who lost someone.
      Nobody could believe that could happened in Norway 🇳🇴.! Such a shame .
      The same with long time Stats-minister Olof Palme .?
      democracy takes time.

  • Tenet
    Tenet 4 months ago +16

    I still remember the day of the first court hearing and how he step by step described what happened. Shivers.

  • Jäger
    Jäger 26 days ago +3

    Bless this man.

  • cday pacific group
    cday pacific group 4 months ago +27

    How can you even allow someone to be considered for parole after murdering that many people. What the ?

    • Bail
      Bail Day ago

      Don’t worry they can extend his five star hotel stay by five years if they deem him a threat.

    • LostJedi26
      LostJedi26 3 months ago

      In other comments, a few people explain that the maximum a person can get in prison is 21 years in Norway. After that time has elapsed, they can extend it, and keep doing this until the person's death. This hearing does not mean he'll get out.
      I agree with you--he should never be free in society again.

    • DynastySheep
      DynastySheep 3 months ago

      The families of affected watching this must be so upset. He doesn't deserve to see daylight, he should be locked in a cell without windows. Left on his own to rot. I don't understand on how such a mass killer gets to live like this with a friggin xbox in his cell.

    • MrPlayDay
      MrPlayDay 3 months ago +2

      They’re not allowing him, he just appealed, prisoners have the right to appeal, no matter the crime.

  • gmail account123
    gmail account123 4 months ago +25

    He actually said that he wants his attorney to also act as his PR agent. To him, this is not a parole hearing, it's a PR stunt where he gets a few hours every couple years to talk to the public.

  • molsky13
    molsky13 4 months ago +59

    This man is evil never let him out my thoughts are with his victims family's

    • Aleks Sandrz
      Aleks Sandrz 4 months ago

      @Talos 2kX nobody is gonna deal anything. He will chill in a secret location.

    • Talos 2kX
      Talos 2kX 4 months ago +1

      @Aleks Sandrz he will be dealt with soon. Watch and see.

  • blacksheep shepherd
    blacksheep shepherd 4 months ago +86

    Assuming the average lifespan per person he killed is 65 years old x 77 people; he should be jailed for 5,005 years.

    • Niara R
      Niara R Month ago


    • Zaros
      Zaros 4 months ago

      @Harry Smith "Governments can be stopped"
      You mean there's a change of faces but the story is still the same.
      I have a pseudonym.

    • Zaros
      Zaros 4 months ago

      @Harry Smith Oh, I've written many comments condemning both the UK & USA regarding their habitual preference for war. But I feel Breivik is an entirely separate issue altogether.
      He could have been your neighbour, your work colleague or your brother. You could have been one of his many victims. Your neighbour could. work colleague could have. Even your brother.
      Governments, it seems, can never be stopped whereas individuals can and we can ensure they never commit such acts of violent hatred again.

  • misty cloud
    misty cloud 4 months ago +54

    Dude looks healthy and well nurtured

    • Mish375 S
      Mish375 S 3 months ago +1

      @Ander P That's fair. That's why I said I only support it if it's 100% certain the suspect commited the crime. Any doubt for heinous crimes and the person should get life or the appropriate sentence.

    • Ander P
      Ander P 3 months ago

      @Mish375 S I don't support capital punishment because inevitably there are cases where false convictions lead to the execution of innocent people.
      I wouldn't mind at all if this guy was executed but because of the principle that false convictions are inevitable under any legal system I oppose the death penalty generally.

    • E H
      E H 4 months ago

      @Mish375 S you're saying mine is emotional after i used empirical data and facts. You're literally arguing with your feeling. Get an MRI bro jesus. My argument was literally the one in favor of the best outcome for everyone, but since you're such a petty child you want big scary man killed to soothe your *emotions*

    • Mish375 S
      Mish375 S 4 months ago +1

      @E H Not if CP is implemented shortly after sentencing. Then there's limited tax waste and society benefits from the lack of cost as well as having a dangerous person gone that they don't have to worry about. And no you didn't tell me anything. Your sense of morality isn't any better or worse than mine. We simply view the problem from different angles. Yours is emotional and mine is more pragmatic.

  • burnzy j
    burnzy j 4 months ago +4

    He deserves a parole hearing

  • Bashir Ahmed
    Bashir Ahmed 4 months ago +8

    If granted parole, he will definitely commit another such crime. Mark my words. Don’t let him go ever.

  • Prasanth Valsan
    Prasanth Valsan 4 months ago +7

    Wow! It has been 11 years since this happened.

  • Melissa Patey
    Melissa Patey 4 months ago +96

    Never release this monster.

    • Ifaz Khan
      Ifaz Khan 3 months ago

      @Joseph Stalin correction : *zero

    • Ifaz Khan
      Ifaz Khan 3 months ago

      @Hindutva must be eradicated why don't you take him in your home if you like him so much ?! Lol

  • AK NL
    AK NL 4 months ago +56

    Nobody is going to release him. Don't worry. He got 21 years with a possibility to prolong it for number of years, so, they'll hold him behind bars until the end of his life. He just entertains himself speaking in courts from time to time. Remember, he's in solitary confinement.

    • Buster B
      Buster B 4 months ago

      I hope they dont. He's too dangerous to be set free. Even if he won't do anything directly himself, he can still turn already angry kids into extremists.

  • fuferito
    fuferito 4 months ago +1

    I'll always disagree that American suspects appear before a judge wearing an orange jumper, when they are still innocent till proven guilty, but I also disagree that Breivik, a convicted mass murderer, can appear before a judge so sharply dressed, and holding block printed signs.

  • nigel smith
    nigel smith 4 months ago +19

    How can a mass murderer ever be allowed out of prison? It is beyond me. Seventy seven people are dead, they cannot get early release from death.

    • nigel smith
      nigel smith 3 months ago +1

      @alignwithsource He shouldn't have been let out of his cell.

    • alignwithsource
      alignwithsource 3 months ago +1

      This man wasn’t let out of prison.

    • giovanni giorgio
      giovanni giorgio 3 months ago

      @Geralt of Rivia yes like israel

    • veli
      veli 4 months ago

      @Luredreier I think its now some couple of years since the massacre. What did the experts conclude about his motivation?
      If in case the only motivation for him was evil-based, he needs to be severely punished as a safety measure to prevent other evil-nature based motivation acts to occur. the basic human right of every citizen in the country is to feel 100% safe when walking in the streets.

    • Luredreier
      Luredreier 4 months ago

      @nigel smith Excuse me, but I'm *not* a native English speaker, and I'm not quite sure what you mean with that.

  • David Phelps
    David Phelps 4 months ago +23

    12 years in prison, free food, a bed, and being treated with respect is no justice for a murderer. give him over to the families that lost loved ones, justice done!

    • Jon Blund
      Jon Blund 4 months ago +2

      @Matt Hummel The whole point of the system is to reduce risk of endangering anyone again and it has been proven to work. Treat a man like a dog and he becomes a dog, this is how the system in US work for example. You want a system where you create better neighbors not worse. You want a system where you release people who can support the economy of the country. It benefits everyone in the long run. Its the same thing with the social health system in Norway where if someone injures himself etc he gets the help he needs to get back in to the economy as fast as possible. Having as many people healthy, educated and safe is the goal.

    • Luredreier
      Luredreier 4 months ago +2

      @Matt Hummel Yet we have both lower recidivism rates *and* lower overall overall crime pr capita then most other countries out there.
      Our crime rate is lower then all but 11 countries in the world.
      There's hardly anywhere that's safer.
      I mean, sure, perhaps Iceland...
      If you don't mind living on top of a vulcanic hot spot...
      And they have pretty much the same approach anyway...
      And that's down from quite a *high* crime rate and recidivism in the eighties by the way...
      Back when we *did* have the old school justice system of countries like the US or UK...
      That said, our system isn't perfect.
      There *has* been cases of people being released from either jail or psychiatric hospital who have then commited murder.
      But at the same time, because we have our system that actually *tries* to help people the bar is also lower for seeking help, either for the person in question or for their next of kin.
      In the US for instance, if you suspect that a relative might be mentally ill, on drugs or have commited a crime and you *care* about them, then the treshold for actually reporting that to the authorities is pretty high as the consequences for the individual in question is pretty high.
      Here it's not nearly as severe to be reported to the authorities as they *genuinely* are trying to help.
      And our prison system and psychiatric hospitals are essentially extensions of our welfare system, that is *already* using many of the same techniques, except in a jail people don't have the freedom to actually comit a crime, so they might as well make use of the services made available.
      It's essentially a time out, a removal from society while people are getting ready to deal with society again.
      That said, there *are* individuals who end up sitting in jail or mental hospital for the rest of their lives...
      But by having laws that *defaults* to *never* giving up on people we avoid what we call "justismord" ("justice murder", I think it's something like "misscarriage of justice" in English).
      We have more people who actually contribute to society.
      We have more people *consenting* to getting help.
      We have more people reported in by next of kin etc.
      And we have *less* crimes overall.
      Less victims.
      And we're a better society because of it.

    • Luredreier
      Luredreier 4 months ago +1

      @Matt Hummel Possibly.
      It's true that you can't help *everyone*.
      But a society that doesn't give up on people and that *tries* to help *everyone* is still a better nation to live in.
      Even when it fails sometimes.

  • william johansson
    william johansson 4 months ago

    It makes him happy to get to make these public appearances every once in a while. I'm fine with that though, because I know he has to live in prison every day for the rest of his futile, pathetic life. It really makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside to think of this man's hopelessness. And for those of you saying "norweigan prisons" etc, yeah it isn't exactly an American prison, but I think his inability to leave and fulfil his goals is plenty of punishment. Imagine feeling that hopeless.

  • justwatch
    justwatch 4 months ago +6

    It's a crime to let him live. And he begs for an early release.

    • MrPlayDay
      MrPlayDay 3 months ago

      It isn’t a crime to let him live…?

  • Me D
    Me D Month ago +1

    As long as he’s alive and comes out like this he is an inspiration. The norwegians are clever to keep immigration at bay.

  • zawu zaarunen
    zawu zaarunen 2 months ago +2

    What an nice young lad!

  • Xensonar
    Xensonar 4 months ago +22

    He'll never get out of prison.

  • Ninja Kuma - Let's Plays, Reactions, Memes

    This is a publicity stunt, not an attempt at early release.
    He planned it out a while ago, just read his manifesto.

      BOREALUM 4 months ago

      @nadmanganianman shii iunno mag like you neva know man shii

  • Mosin Destolo
    Mosin Destolo 4 months ago +3

    This is not happen only in Norway, Every Scandinavia countries had a same law system like Norway... 🤗

  • m
    m 4 months ago +61

    The scariest thing about this is the fact that there are thousands of people who support him or have the same views as him

    • 1n$ane
      1n$ane 2 months ago

      @Harry Smith when the fuck did he say that lmfao

    • Robert Page
      Robert Page 3 months ago

      @Nane Adnan yes I'm sure the man naming himself SS Soldier is deeply concerned that you don't like his beliefs

  • Stephen Lediard
    Stephen Lediard 4 months ago +1

    Nobody has the right to take an innocent persons life never mind 77. Totally innocent people absolutely unable to defend themselves against an automatic weapon.......a crime against humanity, a very cowardly act by someone who must have an absolute antipathy for his fellow beings. He must NEVER be released.

    • joebeast15
      joebeast15 10 days ago

      @TheFunkeyfish yep. Seems like a nitpicks thing to say but there is a difference. People just flippantly throw around “automatic weapons” and they are dead wrong and should be corrected

    • TheFunkeyfish
      TheFunkeyfish 3 months ago +1

      Wasn`t automatic. *Semi-automatic hunting rifle and a handgun.

  • Hugh W
    Hugh W 4 months ago +49

    I'm not even from Norway but even I wouldn't feel safe outside knowing he could be released!

    • E H
      E H 3 months ago

      @daewoo lanos your name is my car what???

    • daewoo lanos
      daewoo lanos 3 months ago

      We should not be scared of him, just his influence, he cannot do anything now, for his first attacks he spent 400.000 Euros

    • Jayhoahu
      Jayhoahu 3 months ago

      @RM Their responses have generally been that he is not a special snowflake, and he should be treated like anyone else, no special laws just for him.
      There is a slight chance he might be released at some point in the distant future. Maybe at age 85 with a walking chair. Or perhaps at age 68 after 20 years of running an anti-radicalization charity from his prison cell, while doing daily interviews about how much he regrets his actions. On the flip side, our prisoner re-offender rate is one of the lowest in the world, and murder rate is *the* lowest in the world, beaten only by Japan, Luxembourg and Singapore. Something is working..

    • at
      at 4 months ago +1

      Fearmongering people. Put your shield on!

  • multiverser
    multiverser 4 months ago +25

    This couldn't be more absurd.

    • comban
      comban 4 months ago +2

      It's almost as if he's going up there and making an ass of himself for purposes of satire.

  • Gabriela
    Gabriela 4 months ago +7

    If he's proven guilty than he should've been given jail for life. Killing 77 people and he can get out?! Even after 20 years it is not correct towards the victims and their families. Also, killing 77 people is terrorism and he should've been sentenced for that.

    • Jo-Erlend Schinstad
      Jo-Erlend Schinstad 4 months ago +1

      @Gabriela: Death penalty is the prison sentence you get while waiting to be executed. I am against that. In his case, he should just have been euthanized. But that also necessitates assisted suicide, or otherwise, the most desperate could do horrible things in order to get the help they feel that they need.

    • Gabriela
      Gabriela 4 months ago

      @Jo-Erlend Schinstad if they are 100% sure he did it, maybe he confessed or they have a video tape of this crime than I think in such a situation the death penalty is deserved because people are working and paying taxes, basically the government has to pay for the food and living of such a horrible criminal.
      When people like that get away with an easy sentence, other criminals see that as encouragement, thinking "okay, I'll kill thousands and than just live the rest of my life in prison". Society has to offer a second chance but to people who really deserve it. This one will make the same thing again if he gets out. We, as society, determine ourselves how we want to be treated and when we tolerate injustice it sets a very dangerous pattern, basically giving the criminals hope to get out after mass killings or doing other disastrous things.

    • Jo-Erlend Schinstad
      Jo-Erlend Schinstad 4 months ago +3

      @Gabriela: You say that unlimited time in solitary confinement is lenient. What do you have in mind?

    • Gabriela
      Gabriela 4 months ago

      @Teilo Turnerwell, you are very nice towards someone who killed 70 people. I wonder if you were to be that nice if your family member was killed...He is not an ordinary case. There should be a punishment according to the crime he made. My opinion is very different on this matter.

  • Mohamad Saadi
    Mohamad Saadi 4 months ago

    The audacity’s of this man

  • Jens Berg Rosenkrans
    Jens Berg Rosenkrans 2 months ago

    His appeal after being denied release was denied a few days ago. To everyone not Norwegian, this is obvious to us. No one here thought he would be released.
    They are talking about changing the legislation so that he and people like him can't do this every year.

  • Dan W
    Dan W 4 months ago

    Regardless of whether he is a threat, regardless of anything else he still needs to be punished for the rest of his hateful days.

  • LunderShot
    LunderShot 3 months ago +6

    "Still committed to the far right cause"
    Judge should've just instantly closed his notebook and been like "yeah nah your staying in prison"

    • Max Wentworth
      Max Wentworth 3 months ago

      @Don't Hassel The Hoff The original comment clearly stated that the judge should have closed the case after he stated his political beliefs, nothing to do with the murders. Could you try to read things properly before embarrassing yourself next time.

    • Max Wentworth
      Max Wentworth 3 months ago +1

      People should be imprisoned because of their political beliefs? That's not very tolerant and democratic of you.

  • TheFunkeyfish
    TheFunkeyfish 3 months ago +4

    In the court, he believed that he was innocent of the 77 murders and believed that he was the one who suffered the most. After a Nazi greeting. He also mentioned that he was no longer violent and a danger to society.

    WRETCHED MUSIC SCHOOL 4 months ago

    A right to a parole board, but no right to be paraded on international media.

  • My View
    My View 4 months ago

    He only received 21 years for the loss of so many lives 😳 And now this mass murder wants to be released early 🤯
    demonstrating no victim remorse 😱 😤

  • stoufer2000
    stoufer2000 4 months ago +33

    How on earth is he allowed to display that message on his bag?

    • stoufer2000
      stoufer2000 3 months ago

      @ZayaMatzz88 flth like this guy should have no free speech. Like his victims don't. Do you support his acts?

    • ZayaMatzz88
      ZayaMatzz88 3 months ago +1

      Your opinion is irrelevent to the law of free speech.

    • stoufer2000
      stoufer2000 3 months ago

      @e en I mentioned it above in my other account comment. You can also just about make it out if you pause the video

    • e en
      e en 3 months ago

      What did it say???

    • Corrupt InternationalZionism
      Corrupt InternationalZionism 4 months ago +2

      @gmail account123 it's amazing. He's a convict, I wouldn't have thought that the authorities would allow that. It's a pity that 'rights' like that aren't curtailed as far as I'm concerned

  • El Kudos
    El Kudos 4 months ago

    No. He can’t prove he is not a danger and, frankly, he has put himself in such a position.

  • ApeWithNoBrakes
    ApeWithNoBrakes 2 months ago +6

    Legend is nearly out

  • Jupiter
    Jupiter 13 days ago +1

    It's interesting how news organisations have differing approaches to these types of events, for example from 1969 - 2000 the IRA murdered about 2000 people in Northern Ireland, yet certain media outlets such as the BBC sympathetically reported the IRA's demand for political status for IRA prisoners, and leftist politicians such as Jeremy Corbyn supported that idea. After 9/11 the BBC broadcast an episode of its "Question Time" program in which the typically left-wing panel members selected by the BBC essentially opined that the US deserved the attack and/or was fully responsible for it, and that Al Quaeda's position was a perfectly rational one. Breivik was clearly politically-motivated: his targets on the island were attending a left-wing camp; many were expected to go on to join the leftist political establishment Norway, the target of the Oslo bomb was the leftist Norwegian government; and of course Breivik blamed the leftist establishment in Norway and in Europe more generally for mass uncontrolled immigration and the elimination of indigenous Europeans in their homelands. Yet there's little consideration of these political motivations as they are at the opposite end of the scale to those of the BBC itself, and Breivik is represented only as a mentally-unstable individual, yet this was not a random killing spree, it had a political purpose, even if that purpose would not be accepted as a justification by most people, in the same way most people did not support the IRA. I can think of other examples of political violence receiving sympathetic reporting by the BBC and others, e.g. the ANC, PLO, etc. Naturally I would not support political violence of any sort yet the BBC seems somewhat equivocal when they agree with the aims if not the methods of the protagonists.

  • Vaughn Edwards
    Vaughn Edwards 4 months ago +63

    There are 77 reasons why this man should not be freed... love the amount of blue shirts watching the guy..

    • Punished Gloyper Stormtrooper
      Punished Gloyper Stormtrooper 4 months ago +1

      Everybody makes mistakes anders served his time

    • Luredreier
      Luredreier 4 months ago +2

      @Cascade Actually, I'm thinking that there's 319 reason to *reform* him.
      Punishing him isn't going to bring any of the dead back to life.
      It isn't going to heal those who where wounded.
      Or remove the mental scars.
      But if we can work out *why* he did this to begin with, *how* he started thinking this way and actually can manage to reform him, healing him from his mental illness.
      Then we can perhaps prevent future victims from happening due to future terrorists.
      Also, treating him differently from anyone else would entail letting him win, by treating him just the same way as everyone else we honor our dead.
      People who where in a political party that faught for a society where everyone are treated equally.
      That said...
      If he ever *is* genuinly reformed and released, I do hope he'll get some form of restraining order so he won't get close to any of the victims...
      They've had enough nightmares about him...
      I have a friend who's still mentally scared by that day...
      And I can't deny that if he *does* get reformed it would be challenging for us...
      And it would be *easier* for us if he doesn't get reformed...
      I honestly don't know what I'm hoping for the most of those two outcomes...
      Either way he has left a scar that will take a long time to heal...

  • Inkster147
    Inkster147 4 months ago +56

    Send this guy to those jails shown in Prison documentaries, preferably Madagascar jail! he doesn't deserve to be in such comfortable life after what he did!

    • Forastero
      Forastero 4 months ago

      @EL CID Too much? Not at all.

    • Christopher McDade
      Christopher McDade 4 months ago

      @EL CID Probably one of the reasons why they work. Keep in mind, the intention is that they won't go back to a life of crime once released. How are you going to achieve that by locking someone in a cage?
      Of course, if you don't care about rehabilitation or keeping them from commiting more crimes in the future (which means more innocent victims), and punishment is the only thing that matters, and not the would-be future victims... Then yes, Norwegian prisons are way too nice.

    • EL CID
      EL CID 4 months ago

      norway prisons are too college dorm-like

    • Christopher McDade
      Christopher McDade 4 months ago +1

      @EL CID We focus more on rehabilitation, but justice is definitely a part of it. He's in prison.
      But let me flip it around a little... Are you American? Because the US is a good example of a justice system that focuses on punishment. Most inmates will still be released some day, but the majority of the people released go on to commit more crimes. More crimes means more victims. In my country, Norway, we focus on rehabilitation. They may not spend as much time in prison, and they may get treated better in prison, but once they are released... It is unlikely there will be more victims. For the majority of them, when they get released, they have been successfully rehabilitated and go on to become valuable members of society, who stays out of trouble.
      You tell me which one is best. The one with more victims, but harsher punishment? Or the one with less severe punishments, but with fewer victims, since they become rehabilitated and don't commit more crimes?

    • EL CID
      EL CID 4 months ago

      @Christopher McDade healthy for who . the criminal. a man like this should be given capital punishment . but your country has no justice for the victims .

  • Kom Intern
    Kom Intern 4 months ago +35

    Брейвик: "Я больше не террорист и не опасен для общества, спросите у кого угодно, да хоть у моих адвокатов"

    • Luredreier
      Luredreier 4 months ago +3

      Сомневаюсь, что это кого-то убеждает...
      Он определенно все еще представляет угрозу для общества.
      И он останется за решеткой, пока это можно доказать.
      Или, другими словами, вероятно, на всю оставшуюся жизнь.
      Тем не менее, если он действительно изменится, у него все еще будут права в нашей системе, и он будет освобожден.
      Кстати, если гугл переводчик ошибся, извините.

    • Chiang Kai Shrek
      Chiang Kai Shrek 4 months ago +1

      It’s like if Ted kazynski said he no longer hated industrial society

    • Ognjen Nikolić
      Ognjen Nikolić 4 months ago +1

      Ђавоља работа

  • Hugh W
    Hugh W 4 months ago +36

    I don't care if he changed his ways and is sorry for what he's done, A KILLER IS A KILLER!

    • Amy Walker
      Amy Walker 4 months ago +5

      He didn't change his ways. He should get 77 consecutive 21 year sentences. How do you reform someone who thinks like he does? It was all premeditated.

    • Mayor Hardin
      Mayor Hardin 4 months ago +2

      He's not remotely sorry.

  • McN
    McN 4 months ago +16

    He won't get let out - his confinement will be forever extended. Same as with the British legal system, even when some people (you know who they are/were) have completed their initial sentence, early release would have led to such riots the establishment would never risk it.

  • Izzys Earthmoving
    Izzys Earthmoving 4 months ago +7

    I feel sorry for those who died in World War 2.only to see people like this man still around 😪😪😪

    • at
      at 4 months ago

      More of these like him around us

    • 李君泽
      李君泽 4 months ago +1

      Ironically he works for the small hats if you’d be willing to believe that 😂

  • Backu
    Backu 4 months ago +2

    He clearly knows that there's no chance for him to get out of prison so he just trying to send he's message as he's shown in main media again.

  • cookie
    cookie 4 months ago +1

    Imagine if the judge just extended the sentence. What a legend he/she would be

    • Niko Christian Wallenberg
      Niko Christian Wallenberg 4 months ago +1

      That's what will happen - he is not being seriously considered for release and even Breivik knows this: he can try and appeal on a technicality, but it's just that - a technicality. 21 years is the maximum anyone can be sentenced to at once, but Norway does have legal provision for holding someone in life imprisonment: the law stipulates that someone who has shown himself to still be dangerous can be sentenced to further 5 years after he has served his 21 years, which can be repeated again and again until the end of his life. Having not expressed regret for his terrorist acts - let alone acknowledge them as such (in his delusional mind he sees himself as some “knight”) - Breivik definitely fits the bill.

    • gmail account123
      gmail account123 4 months ago

      That was expected to happen from the start

  • Paul Booth
    Paul Booth 4 months ago +38

    He clearly hasn't reformed.

    • yupyupwassup
      yupyupwassup 4 months ago +7

      @Harry Smith How are US and UK actions in Iraq and Afghanistan an argument for or against the notion that some guy in Norway has reformed or not? What's the relevance?

    • Harry Smith
      Harry Smith 4 months ago

      @yupyupwassup Yes, that's right.

    • yupyupwassup
      yupyupwassup 4 months ago +6

      @Harry Smith Kind of random... Is this in response to "He clearly hasn't reformed."?? Is it an argument against that statement? 🤔

  • Sohil Ronagh
    Sohil Ronagh 4 months ago +1

    It makes me sick to watch this video, as this man walk out with no shame, remorse, or remorse for the acts he committed. He is sick in the head he will never rehibilitate, 21year maximum prison sentance is no way enough thats 3months per person) This is Not JUSTICE!

    • MrPlayDay
      MrPlayDay 3 months ago

      Read the top comment, he isn’t going to be released after 21 years, he will just have another hearing in court and they’ll probably give another 21 years, and then another, and then another until he dies. They only give him 21 years cause that’s the maximum sentence (legally)

  • S
    S 4 months ago +2

    21 years!?!!? WOW! Great job on that one, Norway! If not execution, then his crimes should have netted him life in prison. Amazing... Do anything you want in Norway and the most you'll serve is two decades.

    • doobie
      doobie 3 months ago

      He wont be released.

    • NimbuX
      NimbuX 4 months ago

      Nope. He'll likely stay locked up forever.

  • bambam. yong
    bambam. yong 4 months ago +5

    Keep him locked up for life! Those children’s he killed never had a chance at life

    • Amarson 232
      Amarson 232 4 months ago

      @Real Aiglon ?? his comment was clear as day. Those poor kids never had chance of living because this murderer took that

    • Real Aiglon
      Real Aiglon 4 months ago +2

      Those children’s what?

  • Thomas
    Thomas 3 months ago

    Great job, BBC. Making it seem like they will release him in 10 years. Not even that tad of information could be reported right.

  • Bipin Shahi
    Bipin Shahi 3 months ago

    We can speak with his very deep multi-innerself to have conscious information why he actually did so.

    ALIKN 4 months ago +5

    He killed 77 person
    ......most of them young people who had fear and pain as last memories 🥺😢

    • ALIKN
      ALIKN 4 months ago +1

      @skyhouses I come from Iraq and we are white , brown and black .....we are Muslims، Christians and others we all lost thousands killed by devils like him...... I feel bad for them because they didn't expect it while us we had war since ages

  • Grumble Woof
    Grumble Woof 4 months ago +2

    Someone who killed 77 young people with hatred should never be released. A 21 year maximum sentence for such heinous act is ridiculous. It is clear that even when he is released from jail at the end of 21 years he will return to far right white extremist activism and still pose a threat to citizens of the world, either directly or by inspiring others to commit atrocities by following his cause. Norway should refer his case to the International Court in the Hague for crimes against humanity and he should get a life sentence there.

    • MrLegendra
      MrLegendra 4 months ago

      Its misleading, he will get resentenced after the 21 years indefinitely

  • Apollo Creed
    Apollo Creed 4 months ago +3

    My hero

  • mdlyonn 00
    mdlyonn 00 4 months ago +6

    Pretty ridiculous how they didn’t make an exception on their penalties for someone like this.

  • W J
    W J 4 months ago +20

    I'm just surprised he's survived in prison to date. What a sad little man.

    • Mr E
      Mr E 4 months ago +2

      @Jon Blund wrong, 2 years later post coronavirus

    • Jon Blund
      Jon Blund 4 months ago +3

      @Mr E Dude, I bet you couldn't even last two weeks in your own room

    • McN
      McN 4 months ago +6

      @Mr E You've obviously never been made walk around IKEA

    • Mr E
      Mr E 4 months ago +10

      Prison in Scandinavia is like serving time in IKEA. It’s not that brutal unless you’re allergic to catered living.

  • Lavette Gray
    Lavette Gray 21 day ago

    It's bad enough he was only given 21 years for 77 lives and numerous pain to others but to think you have served enough time in 11 years is ludicrous. I pray that in 10 more years his sentence is extended. This person should never be amongst the public again. Preach your rheteric behind bars.

  • Robert Telford
    Robert Telford 4 months ago +22

    Ironically if he was in power there would be no such thing as a parole hearing

  • F1 etc.
    F1 etc. 3 months ago +2

    He deserves second chance. I forgive him some of acts bcs he probably changed himself. RIP to all the victims BTW

    • F1 etc.
      F1 etc. 3 months ago +1

      @Sujay95 okay, I just said what I'm thinking

    • Sujay95
      Sujay95 3 months ago +1

      Fuck no.

  • Jahno Lee
    Jahno Lee 4 months ago +4

    Thank you god for this man

  • meril a
    meril a 4 months ago +2

    by the way he walks into court and his body language, you know what's up

  • Kaizer
    Kaizer 4 months ago +36

    They seriously need to reevaluate their manslaughter laws in Norwegian 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • David Green
      David Green 4 months ago

      @henafoo Depends on how you interpret that quote.

    • Sohil Ronagh
      Sohil Ronagh 4 months ago

      @Sanamana _ Sometimes it is not about rehibiatation it is about Justice. How can you Justify saying receiving a (approx. 3 month) imprisonment for person killed. How can you justify one persons life equating to 3 months of easy detention in a relaxed prison. Just the thought of it makes me sick. I agree and belive in rehabilitation for matters of larceny, selling drugs, and vandalism and such offences. When it come to such serious crimes and large mass murder, rehabilitation is not what is required, JUSTICE. 21 years is no way enough. They need to make example of him that such racist political statements is not acceptable. You can tell the way he pranced into the court room he still does not get it, Rude, unremorseful, no sympathy, and no shame.

    • Christopher McDade
      Christopher McDade 4 months ago +2

      @Cat Goddess and you know this how? Are you an experienced psychiatrist or something? Or is this your TheXvid degree in psychology speaking?

    • henafoo
      henafoo 4 months ago +2

      @David Green As a person from Nordics I'll add a quote from an author Fyodor Dostoyevsky “A society should be judged not by how it treats its outstanding citizens but by how it treats its criminals.” That is something you should think about.

  • Brooklynn Graves
    Brooklynn Graves 4 months ago +13

    This was so horribly traumatizing when it first occurred, I cannot imagine that a man who is still committed to the poisonous ideology of racial supremacy will remain peaceful.

    • ZayaMatzz88
      ZayaMatzz88 3 months ago

      Wrong, he is an activist for the safety and rights of native euopean people in th their own countries. He never mentioned anything in relation to racial supremacy. Please stop spreading misinformation and dishonesty.

    • Luredreier
      Luredreier 4 months ago

      No, he most likely won't remain peaceful.
      That's why he most likely will remain in jail till he *genuinly* reforms.
      But I'm proud of our society that's meeting his hatred with love.

    • Osama Farooq
      Osama Farooq 4 months ago

      Yeah after he has already killed 77 people. The irony my enemy

  • smonyboy
    smonyboy 4 months ago

    He served part of his sentence and clearly hasnt shown any signs rehabilitation which is the whole point of prison, especially Norwegian prisons..

  • mr starfire
    mr starfire 4 months ago

    Release him!!! you never know he might have an "accident"

  • Noshy
    Noshy 4 months ago +1

    Give him fifty more for pleading. God I’d love to see his reaction if that happened.

  • The Blurred Crusade.
    The Blurred Crusade. 4 months ago

    He will stay in prison till the day he dies, he will never be released, he's exactly the same person he was when he committed his crimes, yes he has a right to appeal, an appeal that will never be granted 🖕

  • Dave Bayliss
    Dave Bayliss 4 months ago

    He knows he’s NEVER getting out , he’s treating this as a day out of prison 🤷‍♂️

  • Jens Berg Rosenkrans
    Jens Berg Rosenkrans 4 months ago +12

    He's going to sit rest of his life. 21 years is misleading in this particular case. BUT, it's the only one in Norway, maybe now also Manshaus and another mass killer from 2021 will serve longer. But the strongest penalty is not 21 years, it's 21 years AND then indefinite incarceration. But as I say, we really just got three candidates to serve longer at the moment. Don't get me wrong, it's not the lack of brutal murders, it's just the law. And stats show it is the best way to do it.

    • Jens Berg Rosenkrans
      Jens Berg Rosenkrans 2 months ago

      @MIGHTY MQB nope.

      MIGHTY MQB 2 months ago

      @Jens Berg Rosenkrans he won't ever be put back into society there's no way

    • Jens Berg Rosenkrans
      Jens Berg Rosenkrans 2 months ago

      @MIGHTY MQB his appeal to the release denial was also tossed a few days ago.

    • Jens Berg Rosenkrans
      Jens Berg Rosenkrans 3 months ago +1

      @MIGHTY MQB verdict in today. He's obviously not being paroled.

    • Jens Berg Rosenkrans
      Jens Berg Rosenkrans 4 months ago +1

      @MIGHTY MQB ok. No of course not. Maybe when he's at death's door just too make Norway look progressive. But not before that. I don't even think he really want out. It would be a weeeeeery stupid move from him. They should release him just for fun. In ten years time. So he get the best of both worlds. If you catch my drift.

  • Mr. Grumpy
    Mr. Grumpy 4 months ago

    I'm not a lawyer but I would think that presenting his appeal of it not really being his fault because he was radicalized online and performing the way he did in court is really giving out mixed messages.
    Extremist, irrelevant of the colour of the flag they claim to wave are equally as abhorrent. The extreme right and the extreme left are as deluded and self serving as each other although they would never be courageous enough to admit it to themselves.
    I have no issues with this idiot appearing in court if that's what the law dictates there but I do really question whether we any of us should really be rewarding him with publicity by filming his appearances. Certainly mention that he's appearing in court and the result of his hearing when it's all over but this almost seems like it's a reward to him.

  • Ramso
    Ramso 2 months ago

    I was very curious what it looks like after a few years from the last recording, now you can say that not much has changed.

  • Chuck Martin
    Chuck Martin 4 months ago +2

    omg, do you still let him consume valuable oxygen in our planet? Shame on you Norway!

  • Future Millionaire
    Future Millionaire 4 months ago +2

    I remember i had was scared to death at night when i heard about him. I was 10 years old and couldn’t sleep even though i didn’t live in norway haha

  • hdw
    hdw 3 months ago

    As insane as Norwegian laws are .. they will never release him, they can’t because of public pressure and safety concerns.

  • Adrian Drott
    Adrian Drott 4 months ago

    1:20 ew, keep that man in prison. He obviously hasn't learned a single thing and most likely never will.

  • Crimson Halo
    Crimson Halo 4 months ago +3

    The court's response: *politely extends middle finger to Anders*

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez 4 months ago +9

    “I’m crazy, let me out!” 🤪

  • Insert username
    Insert username 4 months ago +1

    And his prison cell are way better than most people home even. I can’t understand how such human being can live his life after killing 77 peoples who mostly were schoolchildren.

  • Carla Broderick
    Carla Broderick 4 months ago +1

    The country needs a different law for hate crimes of this magnitude. Unless he demonstrates remorse for white supremacist ideology, he should not be released.

  • Corby LAD
    Corby LAD 4 months ago +1

    I'm all for a more progressive prison system, but this guy should be behind bars for life.

  • Hhk
    Hhk 4 months ago

    wait what? are these people for real! is parole even an option for such a devil?

  • Bullet 1
    Bullet 1 4 months ago +42

    Murdered all of those people and walked in the court with a suit, signs and no hand cuffs....🙄