Doctor Who Series 12: Jodie Whittaker talks new villains + changes with Mandip Gill and Tonsin Cole

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
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    Doctor Who's series 12 cast - including Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill and Tonsin Cole - talk about biggest changes for this time around, guest actors who'll be appearing, plus talk of new and classic villains.

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Comments • 151

  • Red Catachu
    Red Catachu 9 days ago +1

    i really love jodies outfits.

  • Gabrielle Ritter
    Gabrielle Ritter 12 days ago

    Hi iam question my name is gabrielle Ritter iam new iam be the next up here the doctor 14th doctor who see you soon

  • Jeremy Duncan
    Jeremy Duncan 23 days ago

    Peter capaldi was my doctor, so it has been hard for me to let go, but I am EXTREMELY excited for the new season.

  • NeverEverFaceTheDark
    NeverEverFaceTheDark 23 days ago

    TOSIN Cole................

  • Xselsius 777
    Xselsius 777 27 days ago

    Where is Rain his left hand?😂 And why is he wearing a hat and jagge in the house?

  • cyberman dalek
    cyberman dalek 28 days ago

    Cancel the licence fee. Pc nonsense not only not my doctor she is a total utter fake. Her politics stink it infects the show. Heartbroken.

  • Frank Jaeger
    Frank Jaeger Month ago +5

    "Do you have a particular message for LGBTQ fans"?

    "Well Ah Ah think fur ooze..."

  • Kian Harvey
    Kian Harvey Month ago

    And I thought Whittaker was annoying in character but she’s just as obnoxious in real life

    • cyberman dalek
      cyberman dalek 28 days ago

      She's terrible an sjw crazy leftie. Just stay away.

    MART ARTS Month ago +3

    God this is so boring they don’t even gel together another disaster on its way this dose even feel like doctor who anymore

  • darren edwards
    darren edwards Month ago

    you ,,kill me ,,,LOL ,, some one pls tell me when jody/who gets killed off ,, i'll get a poster of that one to put up in my man cave ,,,yep ,,mmm,,, right beside my donald trump dart board ,, trailer sucks ,, mmmm,, reminds me of men in black [DUBBED] fast and furious {LEGO} annnd snake on plane movie ,eeeee '''' aarrrrr we'll these kids don't know any better ,,, shhhhh think they like MISS MARVEL TOO ,,,lol , sorry kids no punt intended

  • Prof. Evil Pictures
    Prof. Evil Pictures Month ago +8

    I hope that at least one Companion leaves by the end of the season!

    • Mc Fortnut2821
      Mc Fortnut2821 19 days ago

      Yeah I want atleast one or two to leave because there’s just so much stuff they’d need to cover for every companion to have a story. I imagine something happening to Ryan or Graham and then them being able to finally see Grace. That’d make for a really good viewing experience

    • Raven's eye
      Raven's eye 21 day ago +1

      I hope one leaves halfway through. Then the other two leave in the finale.

  • Time Lords
    Time Lords Month ago

    I'm breaking down physically and emotionally

  • Blind Jack
    Blind Jack Month ago +1

    This new season is gonna suck ass, just like the last 4 seasons. Last season was the worst in the show's history.

  • Schooling Diana
    Schooling Diana Month ago +5

    I loved seeing a return to the original intent, as with the 1st Doctor, to be a history show. The witch episode is something no other doctor could have done. It was far better than Capaldi’s first season (there were really only 2-3 good episodes in that one, versus all but one of Season 11). I’m super excited to see what’s in Season 12! (Of course, we all love the Daleks, etc, that Verity intuitively brought into the show to balance out the history episodes.)

    • NeverEverFaceTheDark
      NeverEverFaceTheDark 11 days ago

      @Schooling Diana oh we agree!! That's funny. Honestly I thought Kerblam was bad for its anti-worker rights politics - which totally ruined the story it had been setting up for 3/4ths of the episode. Like literally everything it had been setting up became irrelevant - I call that bad writing. Also didn't appreciate the millennial bashing, or the unintended 'terrorism works actually' message (at least I think it was unintended).

    • Schooling Diana
      Schooling Diana 11 days ago

      NeverEverFaceTheDark I’d say it’s the Kerblam episode. It was pretty underwhelming, but I wouldn’t call it bad.

    • NeverEverFaceTheDark
      NeverEverFaceTheDark 22 days ago

      @Schooling Diana I like how neither of us know which episode from s11 the other is referring to haha

    • Schooling Diana
      Schooling Diana 22 days ago

      NeverEverFaceTheDark Still, that one bad one (which I think was just more meh) wasn’t as bad as the 9 god awful ones out of Capaldi’s first season. His moon episode was both horrible and painful, the one where they climbed inside the Dalek was horrible, painful and cheesy, and he had THE worst debut episode of any Doctor in 39 years.

    • NeverEverFaceTheDark
      NeverEverFaceTheDark 23 days ago

      yeah but the bad one from season 11 was REAL FUCKIN BAD haha.

  • Benlivinonwheels
    Benlivinonwheels Month ago +2

    Doctor who sucks now. Thanks SJW

    • Benlivinonwheels
      Benlivinonwheels Month ago

      @Kat the Cat but it sounds like something you're into

    • Benlivinonwheels
      Benlivinonwheels Month ago +1

      @Kat the Cat idk what that is.

    • Kat the Cat
      Kat the Cat Month ago +7

      don't you have some hentai on deviantart to get back to

  • Hannah Pryde
    Hannah Pryde Month ago +31

    I hope they improved the writing. I love Jodie as the doctor so hope the writing does her justice.

  • bcjnk
    bcjnk Month ago +6

    have they listened to all the complaints about her first series and have they put them right

  • Squicx
    Squicx Month ago +3

    I really hope to see Jodie chase someone down and talk to herself (the 3rd Doctor) on when they can have an appropriate time to bust out the karate skills!

  • Héloïse Capaldwi
    Héloïse Capaldwi Month ago +3

    i love them

    • Héloïse Capaldwi
      Héloïse Capaldwi 16 days ago +1

      @Kamakaze then don't watch and don't spoil the fun everyone is having here.... you're more of a buzz kill than Buzz Killington, geez

  • Ken Lyall
    Ken Lyall Month ago +1

    Ill not be watching this femanist pc shite

  • Karl Clemmy
    Karl Clemmy Month ago +36

    Love Jodie's accent, really think this new series is gonna be so much better than last years, Can't wait

    • Zodiac Devil
      Zodiac Devil Month ago

      @MarvelDC girl 1255643 2354 I know I meant It to be read that way because I dont like the new doctor

    • MarvelDC girl 1255643 2354
      MarvelDC girl 1255643 2354 Month ago

      Zodiac Devil she is from Yorkshire you mean? Someone could read that the wrong way. Be careful.

    • Zodiac Devil
      Zodiac Devil Month ago +1

      @Karl Clemmy well...... they is.

    • Zodiac Devil
      Zodiac Devil Month ago +1

      @Paul Charles Morris that's because she is. Lol

    • Karl Clemmy
      Karl Clemmy Month ago +3

      @Paul Charles Morris no!!!!! She talks as if she's from Yorkshire, nothing wrong with that

  • Richard Ames
    Richard Ames Month ago +10

    I don't care. My favorite series has been ruined by Woke culture. I can't stand this cosplay Doctor! Oh, well, I'm going to break out my DVD classic Doctor Who collection and relive the good old days. (I'm crying 😭)

    • Medicus Temporis
      Medicus Temporis 11 days ago +1

      Richard Ames doesn’t mean it is right. Don’t add to suffering in the world. Why stop people because of race, you could lose a lot of talent. Surely you wouldn’t argue that Albert Einstein was not beneficial to the human race, he had to flee Germany due to his race, how far behind would we have been if he had been rounded up and slaughtered like many of others due to Nazi operations. When racism isn’t kept in check we focus our efforts to commit genocide in the most efficient way possible.

    • NathanIsPrettyAwesome
      NathanIsPrettyAwesome 16 days ago +1

      Richard Ames oh and what a lovely bit of transphobia in that comment there 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    • NathanIsPrettyAwesome
      NathanIsPrettyAwesome 16 days ago +1

      Richard Ames I mean, they haven’t but ok. suddenly become his own companion? oh mate, get with the times. it’s been known for a very long time that regeneration can cause one’s body to change its physical appearance, which includes sex and/or gender. if it really was your favourite show, surely you would know that! yes, the show is wonderfully unique, which is why it is the way it is today. it’s not changed since the 60s. it’s still as political as it was in the 60s. still as educational as it was in the 60s. it sounds like you’re the one who can’t change with the times... like i said, you don’t have to comment on these videos, no one wants your negativity here!
      “I bloody fucking hell don’t like that, no not one jot!!!!” who the frig are you trying to be? lord mountbatten? now i understand why you have your opinions, you seem to have been born in the late 19th/early 20th century to speak like that! well, welcome to the 21st century. the doctor’s a woman, they have companions that aren’t white and the master is also a member of the BAME community. if you don’t like it, then leave?? go live in nostalgialand idk, but your views are just VERY backwards. lots of love.

    • Richard Ames
      Richard Ames 16 days ago

      @NathanIsPrettyAwesome No! The Doctor has been a man throughout his 12 lives and suddenly, he becomes his own companion? That's rubbish! The original writers of the show wrote that there are timelords and time ladies, but for PC reasons the new producers and writers want to say that those lines are blurred and that timelords can be timeladies and vice versa? That's bullshit, and everyone knows it, okay. This is my favorite show in the world, I love it with my heart, but Johny come lately fan Joys, and dodgy producers with their own God complexes of grandeur are ruining a wonderfully unique programme. I bloody fucking hell don't like that, no not one jot. !!!!

    • NathanIsPrettyAwesome
      NathanIsPrettyAwesome 16 days ago +1

      Richard Ames ok, and?? tough shite, the doctor’s currently a woman! actually no, scratch that... the doctor is a time travelling alien who can regenerate their body into any shape or gender. so really, the doctor is gender-fluid. careful, don’t have a stroke thinking about that, Rich.
      if you don’t like it, don’t watch??? literally no one is forcing you to watch or to spread your vicious hate, sexism and racism onto doctor who videos. enjoy your evening, and do try to always be positive! it’s what they (the doctor) would want. not your vile mindset. kisses!

  • B. Fam!
    B. Fam! Month ago +7

    Love the Doctor and the fam!

    DALEK KING Month ago +11

    I wonder what this scary monster looks like.

    • Ken Lyall
      Ken Lyall 19 days ago

      DALEK KING a cyberman of course

  • Toffee Brain
    Toffee Brain Month ago +8

    Jodie is so sweet

  • Ana Torres
    Ana Torres Month ago +5

    love them so much!! can't wait for next season, bring it on

  • Elite Snowman king
    Elite Snowman king Month ago +8

    If they make the same abysmal crap as series 11 there's no coming back Dr who should be cancelled there's a lot riding on this season but bringing back the judoon & Cybermen is not creative at all

    • Schooling Diana
      Schooling Diana 22 days ago

      cyberman dalek My PBS station is currently running Tom Baker’s years as the Doctor on Saturday nights. They’re on 1975 right now. It’s very, very much like this first season of Whittaker’s. I think if you go back and watch a few of the classic ones, you’ll see that it’s more like them now than it has been since Chris Eccleston’s reboot season.

    • cyberman dalek
      cyberman dalek 28 days ago

      @Schooling Diana Yes but having been a life long fan of nearly 50 years at the end of the day I've never seen anything g like this the entire format is ruined So it's literally finished.

    • cyberman dalek
      cyberman dalek 28 days ago

      I've already made the decision

    • Schooling Diana
      Schooling Diana Month ago +1

      Elite Snowman king That sounds a bit convoluted. Bad headache. So when you buy the episodes individually, if it’s $1-5 extra to get them that way versus the whole season price, it’s worth it. Hope that makes sense.

    • Schooling Diana
      Schooling Diana Month ago +1

      Elite Snowman king Episode 3 (Robot of Sherwood) isn’t bad. Episode 4 (Listen) is very good and deals with the monster all kids are afraid are under the bed (better than any Tim Burton scary movie, IMO). Episode 10 (In the Forest of the Night) is super good.
      The rest is really hohum, even with the “reveal” on who the character of Missy actually is. Honestly, you could just watch Episode 12 and figure that bit all out.
      Even if it ends up being $5 or less more, I think it would be worth it to just buy those episodes. If you can only get it as a season package, it would be worth it for those 2-3 episodes. You can always ignore the rest.
      Think of it like the Matrix. Wouldn’t it be lovely if they made a sequel? 😉

  • Anna St
    Anna St Month ago +36

    All this talk of "past relationships" and "familiar faces" is driving me bonkers.

  • John Gurnhill
    John Gurnhill Month ago +15

    I love Jodie as The Doctor such a breath of fresh air to the role

  • Xtra Spice Mikey
    Xtra Spice Mikey Month ago +28


    • Xtra Spice Mikey
      Xtra Spice Mikey 19 days ago +1

      @Ken Lyall for me it was a mixed bag, I thought the pacing of the story had improved a lot. but my main problem is still the cringe 13th doctor, I just find her too annoying. both chibnalls and jodie's fault here.

    • Ken Lyall
      Ken Lyall 19 days ago +1

      Mc Fortnut2821 absolute rubbish, the new coloured master obvious from start, obviously a cyberman (cyberperson) story...lame and predictable

    • Mc Fortnut2821
      Mc Fortnut2821 19 days ago

      Honestly the premiere was so freaking good and the twist at the end omgomgomg

    • Ken Lyall
      Ken Lyall Month ago

      Fat chance

    • Elite Snowman king
      Elite Snowman king Month ago +2

      After season 11 they have some big freaking boots to fill they can't have 2 shit seasons in a row because in that situation just cancel it

  • Random Whovian
    Random Whovian Month ago +84

    Jodie Whittaker isnt my first Doctor, but she is my Doctor

  • Random Whovian
    Random Whovian Month ago +21

    I bet that Kate Stewart comes back in ep 1

    • Constant Geek
      Constant Geek 19 days ago

      His laugh was insane

    • Random Whovian
      Random Whovian 19 days ago +1

      @Mc Fortnut2821 😂🤣
      The spy... MASTER!!

    • Mc Fortnut2821
      Mc Fortnut2821 19 days ago +2

      Lol no but it’s better than that

    • Lizzie x7
      Lizzie x7 Month ago

      Random Whovian - I really hope so

    • Irrev77
      Irrev77 Month ago +2

      that's been a rumor for months lol

  • David Blyth
    David Blyth Month ago +30

    Bradders never does interviews...always making quiz shows that's why.

  • Tardis Central
    Tardis Central Month ago +12

    Can’t wait for series 12!

  • Blue Planet
    Blue Planet Month ago +19

    0:09 I'm also a huge fan of Doctor Who... just not the Chibnallian sh*t these three jokers are in.

    • Schooling Diana
      Schooling Diana 11 days ago

      So you thought “The Power of Three” (with the cubes) was sh*t? And Dinosaurs On A Spaceship, 42 (David Tennant, where the spaceship is falling into the sun), and the first 2 seasons of Torchwood? All crap?

    • Medicus Temporis
      Medicus Temporis 11 days ago

      Watch it now, lots of whovians have been let down including me but don’t leave now as it got better in Series 12. Last thing you want is a bad taste left after series 11. It needs to continue to redeem itself but at least it is a bit better now.

    • cyberman dalek
      cyberman dalek 28 days ago

      @Lucie Hájková good luck with that.

    • cyberman dalek
      cyberman dalek 28 days ago

      Second that. Not dr who utter rubbish

    • Prof. Evil Pictures
      Prof. Evil Pictures Month ago

      Schooling Diana that was a great episode until the last five minutes when it was just so completely rushed and underwhelming.

  • Jonathan Vlogs
    Jonathan Vlogs Month ago +38

    Love seeing interviews with these three but how come Bradley is not here 😭

    • Raven's eye
      Raven's eye 21 day ago +3

      @Ken Lyall ...okay. As if we didn't know that already.

    • Carlos Tapuera
      Carlos Tapuera Month ago

      @Storm Hawk why answer that ?

    • Storm Hawk
      Storm Hawk Month ago

      He’s told old for this shit that’s why

    • Ken Lyall
      Ken Lyall Month ago +1

      He is male and white

    • Mooam
      Mooam Month ago +9

      He's super busy with his other show, The Chase, among all of the other stuff he does. I read in an interview where he said that he filmed Doctor Who in Wales and then on his days off from Doctor Who he went to London to film the Chase, and then back to Cardiff again.

  • Isaac Green
    Isaac Green Month ago +69

    They are definitely talking about Rani from the Sarah Jane adventures in the Racnoss like creature. When they say Bradley Walsh has worked with her before, seen as he was a villain once in the show

    • Horrible Videos
      Horrible Videos Month ago +3

      Isaac Green BBC has confirmed that Anjli Mohindra is going to be in series 12 but they have said that she is going to be playing a new character

      DALEK KING Month ago

      @Velveteen sugarcoat yay you din't know.

    • Velveteen sugarcoat
      Velveteen sugarcoat Month ago

      Isaac Green omg

  • PikaCinema
    PikaCinema Month ago +10

    I love this group so much, shame on no bradders here though, can't wait for Series 12!

  • Charles Franze
    Charles Franze Month ago +22

    25 days to Doctor Who this is going to be awesome

  • Ben03
    Ben03 Month ago +15

    This looks like it’s gonna be great

  • PussnBoot2516
    PussnBoot2516 Month ago +3

    Thanks DS!